15 Meanings Of Dreams About Witches

Witches are deeply entrenched in mystery, fables, myths, and legends across the world. These stories have endured for countless centuries, depicted as saviors, agents of the devil, something to be feared, something to be worshiped.

So what does it mean to dream about witches? Can they be a message from the universe or something else? Or is it your subconscious trying to tell you something?

Let’s take a look at what witches mean in a dream.

Why Am I Dreaming Of Witches?

You probably know by now that your subconscious can use certain dream symbols as a way of trying to get through to you. Perhaps you’re aware of something unconsciously, but your waking mind is not. 

But what does the dream symbol of a witch mean? In many cultures, witches have magical powers or knowledge that ordinary people do not possess, and this is something you should consider when trying to understand your dream.

These shared beliefs across the world are instilled in us from a young age, reading and listening to stories, fables, TV, and other kinds of media. So no matter how your opinions of these things might change, they still leave an impression for your subconscious mind to draw upon.

To some people, a dream of witches is a nightmare, where witches are nothing but bad luck and misfortune. To others, it’s a reassurance that everything will be fine, as the witch is a wise and authoritative presence. 

You might dream of a witch when you’re unsure of circumstances in waking life, and you feel you need guidance. In this case, your dream is fulfilling your wish. 

Maybe you feel stressed by waking life, and your subconscious is letting you play out your fears in a safe space, where the witch represents the stress and anxiety. 

Overcoming this witch in your dream will lead to empowerment in waking life, where you will feel a little more ready for things to go wrong.

To find the meaning behind your dream of a witch, you need to consider your own beliefs, and those you were raised with, as both can factor into your dream.

Consider also the feelings that this dream created, as this will give you a better understanding of whether the witch dream symbol is a good thing or a bad thing.

Let’s take a look at several dream scenarios involving witches, as the meaning of your dream can depend on the context, too. 

Common Dreams About Witches And Their Symbolism

Seeing A Witch In Your Dream

Dreaming of a witch that doesn’t interact with you is an interesting one. As the witch didn’t attack you, threaten you, or make you feel uncomfortable, you should take it as a positive omen.

A dream like this is common when you are stressed in your waking hours. Maybe you’re worried a relationship with someone you love is failing, a chance you’ve taken might not pay off, or something at work doesn’t seem to be going right.

This dream suggests that not everything is as bad as it might seem. You may just be trying to predict things too much, and you’re immediately settling on the bad that could go wrong, instead of the good that could equally happen.

It’s worth considering your feelings in a dream like this. If you feel relieved when you see the witch, it’s a good sign for the future. Things will turn out just fine.

The witch may even symbolize good luck, where things will soon improve. Your connection with someone you love will strengthen, you’ll close a brilliant business deal, or your situation will just get less stressful. 

If you see or hear a laughing witch in your dream, this can be positive or negative. If the laugh felt good, it is a great sign for the future. If not, it suggests a future mistake or regret. 

Dreaming Of Seeing A Witch In The Distance

A dream where you see a witch in the distance points to significant change ahead, and exactly whether this will be positive or negative is up to you. 

If you tread carefully while remaining hopefully, you are more likely to get somewhere than if you charge ahead without thinking things through.

Being A Witch In A Dream

If you dream of being a witch, your subconscious is urging you to accept your power and assume your sense of control over a situation. 

You may feel as though you can’t change things, but you’d be surprised at how much you can alter your own life if you just try. 

But being a witch in a dream isn’t always a good sign. Occasionally, a dream like this can imply that you’re unsettled by an aspect of your personality. 

Being A Witch Hunter In Your Dream

Dreaming of hunting a witch or being a witch hunter implies you’re being too dismissive or harsh in a situation that requires a softer approach. You may want to take another look at your reasons, and your priorities. 

A Witch Attacking You In Your Dream

A dream where a witch attacks you mirrors vulnerability in waking life. Something is affecting your confidence, sense of security, or stability. 

Consider how the witch attacked you in a dream. Was it through spells? A potion? Or did the witch physically attack you?

A physical attack implies that you feel someone in waking life is a danger or a risk to you in some way. 

The appearance of the witch can give you other clues, too. If the witch was covered in boils, sores, or she was green, this points to a fear of becoming ill.

Think about where you were attacked by a witch, as this can highlight problems in waking life. If you dream of a witch attacking you at home, your family life is suffering. 

A witch attacking you on transport such as a train, in a car, or on a bus implies that you’re having difficulty moving on from something. 

Dreaming of a witch attacking you in your work implies that you feel your job isn’t as secure as you first thought, or you’re in competition with someone else, and you’re worried you won’t succeed.

Killing A Witch In A Dream

A dream where you kill a witch implies that you’ll overcome a terrible problem or make sure that someone can’t get the better of you in some way. You’ll see their terrible plan long before they have a chance to act on it.

Talking To A Witch In Your Dream

A dream where you talk to a witch can be your subconscious letting you know that something’s up. You’ve picked up on the smallest of signs of something important in waking life, but you’re not yet aware of the knowledge.

This dream is a bridge to that information. The witch in your dream is telling you to pay attention to your intuition, as it has something significant to tell you. This might be a situation that’s not quite feeling right or someone who isn’t who they seem. 

Maybe an opportunity in waking life looks perfect on paper, but you’re not entirely convinced it is everything it seems. Trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. 

While remembering the conversation with the witch helps determine what your dream means, it’s not essential. If you can remember the sentiment behind it, that is usually enough to figure out what your subconscious is trying to tell you. 

It’s also worth noting that sometimes the meaning behind a dream isn’t immediately obvious. It can take some time to let things become clear.

Watching A Witch Make Potions In Your Dream

A dream of a witch making potions refers to your creativity, productivity, and making something out of nothing. 

Consider the reason why the witch was making a potion in your dream. Was it to help you, or someone else? Was it meant to hurt someone? 

If you feel worried while watching a witch make a potion in a dream, you may not trust your instincts or a situation to come true in some way. There might also be someone that you don’t have any trust in at all.

Feeling relieved or hopeful while watching a witch brew potions reveals your creativity, coming up with solutions, and feeling optimistic about the future.

It’s also worth remembering what the witch looked like. Was the witch someone you know, or a stranger? Strangers in dreams tend to be projections of yourself, so if you don’t trust the witch in your dream, likely, you don’t trust yourself in some way. 

If the witch was someone you know, consider what traits this person embodies. Maybe you need to adopt some of them to become more productive or creative in waking life. 

A Witch Casting A Spell On You

This one depends on the nature of the spell in your dream. If the witch was casting a spell because you asked her to, something you’re longing for will come to you soon.

It may be that waking life’s troubles have you stretched too thin, and your subconscious is giving you what you want. You long for a sign that things will get easier. That when you call, someone will be there to make things much easier for you.

The witch in your dream is a reassurance that you have what you need to get through anything, and if you need anyone, you have all the support you could ever need.

However, if a witch curses you, or puts a spell on you without you asking, this represents someone’s negativity towards you. This could even be your own if you’re holding onto guilt or anger.

Maybe you regret something you’ve done, and you’ve yet to forgive yourself for it.

Perhaps you’re picking up on someone’s malicious intentions towards you. They might say that they mean well, but if their actions don’t seem to match, there’s a problem. 

It could be that you’ve sensed a discrepancy between how they treat you, and how they treat other people. 

Maybe they treat you well, but when it comes to other people or people they view as ‘beneath’ them, they are quite horrible.

You could be worried that they’re acting against you in some way. Maybe you feel you’ve annoyed them, and now you’re expecting them to exact their revenge in some way. It could be that you’ve seen what they’ve done to others, or their power to control people.

Dreaming Of A Witch In Your House

A dream of seeing a witch in your home is an interesting one. As your home is your safe place, your security, and where you go to relax, this can be a good thing or a bad one.

It depends on the witch, and how you feel when you see them in your home. If the witch was ‘good’, you feel that things are getting better than they’ve been in a long time. You feel more secure in yourself, and you’re ready to go after what you want in life. 

If you feel scared when you see the witch in your dream, this points to discord in your self-image, a disruption in your identity, and problems within your family life. You feel as though you’re backed into a corner by these problems. 

Sometimes dreams can feel like premonitions. If you feel your dream was set in the future, the witch can be a sign that things are going to get complicated pretty quickly. 

You might want to avoid taking any risks for a little while and keep your plate as clear as you can for now.

Seeing A Coven In A Dream

A dream involving a coven of witches implies that there are different paths ahead of you. It will be difficult to know which one to take. 

A Witch Offers You An Apple In A Dream

Dreaming of a witch offering you an apple suggests that someone is trying to manipulate you in some way, or you’re in danger of giving in to some risky impulses that could cause a lot of regrets. 

Dreaming Of A Witch Riding A Broomstick

What a classic image. If you dream of a witch riding a broomstick, this could just be your brain completing the image, making sure that you get the idea that this person is absolutely a witch.

But that’s not the only possibility. As a witch riding a broom is usually an image of a ‘bad’ witch, someone who causes havoc and chaos, it can be a negative omen for the future. 

Maybe you’ll have to take over someone’s workload or add to your already busy schedule in your home life.

As the broom symbolizes magic, specifically transport, you may long for a new start if you dream of a witch on a broomstick. Maybe you feel the need to escape, or you want to be free of your current responsibilities. 

Final Thoughts

Dreams of witches are not positive or negative in themselves. You need to consider all aspects of your dream to find meaning, and one of the best ways of doing this is to consider your own emotions during the dream. 

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