16 Meanings When You Dream Of Gorillas

Gorilla dream symbols aren’t the most common, and unless you think of these powerful animals often, there’s a lot that they can tell you in your dreams, and they are a useful dream symbol which rarely reflect your own emotions, but help to show you the path ahead.

They can point to good things or bad things coming your way, and also help to reveal the state of your waking relationships, and even your financial health.

There are many ways gorillas can appear in our dreams, and these also change how they can be interpreted, too. 

Let’s get started.

What Does It Mean To See A Gorilla in Your Dreams?

Seeing A Gorilla In A Tree In Your Dream

If you dream of a gorilla in a tree, this suggests that you’ll suffer from embarrassment in the near future.

While you might be tempted to dread this situation, don’t forget that embarrassment has a lot to tell us about our own actions, emotions, and morals.

Trees in your dream often refer to how grounded you feel in waking life, and how well-connected you are to your surroundings and the present.

If you dream of seeing a gorilla in a tree, it indicates that your perspective is somewhat warped or skewed, meaning that you are unable to see the full picture for what it is. 

This may be where you’ll find your source of embarrassment. Maybe you’ll miss something that’s obvious to everyone else, but because your attention is focused elsewhere, you’ll feel awkward about it.

This dream can even predict a relationship that will be detrimental to your wellbeing. When you look back, you may ask yourself what on earth you saw in this person, or how you didn’t see any warning signs beforehand, though they were in front of you.

Seeing A Sleeping Gorilla In Your Dream

Dreaming of a sleeping gorilla is a very good sign. Gorillas are very alert animals (see also article about dreams of horses), and to see them sleeping in your dream, this reveals a period of tranquility, ease, or time which you’ll enjoy on your own.

If you dream of more than one gorilla sleeping, this has a less positive meaning.

It indicates that you’re very competitive, but what drives you isn’t enjoying the result of your hard work, it’s the anxiety of not achieving enough, of not feeling good enough.

There is a world of difference between the two, and your dream is drawing attention to this. You need to work on your self-confidence.

Look at what you have achieved so far, and the potential you hold in your hands. You have the potential to reach much further than you can imagine, but only if you work on your outlook, and your perspective.

Dreaming Of A Giant Gorilla

A giant gorilla is an imposing image in a dream, which can quickly turn into a nightmare.

However, the giant gorilla in your dream isn’t a negative sign, not by itself. 

A giant gorilla appearing in your dream is a call to know yourself better, down to the deepest facets of your personality, and what drives you.

This is beneficial in so many ways, from making the best decisions you can under pressure, and spotting someone who is controlling or manipulative in some ways from a mile off.

It will make you more resilient, stronger-willed, and you’ll ultimately have more confidence in yourself.

This dream also tells you to let go of any past regrets, but keep the lessons you’ve learned. You can go no further with them.

Dreaming Of A White Gorilla

A white gorilla appearing in your dream can be a positive or a negative, depending on your own reaction when you notice this animal in the dream.

If you felt nervous, scared, or sad, a white gorilla represents uncertainty in your relationships.

You may be wondering who you can trust, or a situation calls on you to trust someone, and you’ve been burned before.

This dream can represent the panic that comes with such a situation, but try not to rush into trusting someone if you can help it.

However, if you felt joyful or relieved when you noticed the white gorilla in your dream, this represents how you are able to trust people, and those that you do trust may need some help or guidance soon.

Dreaming Of A Baby Gorilla

Dreaming of a baby gorilla is a warning dream. It cautions you against becoming hypocritical in social situations, and to remember that you cannot see all sides of a situation.

Avoid creating gossip as this will only lead to problems in the future. 

Seeing Many Gorillas In Your Dream

Seeing a troop of gorillas can suggest that you’re surrounded by negativity somewhere in your life. Perhaps you work in a toxic environment, where people don’t like you for doing your job.

Maybe you have a lot of disagreements in your family life.

This dream draws your attention to those in life who don’t have the best intentions towards you. If you’re not vigilant, they may even try to sabotage you in some way and attempt to destroy what you’ve built.

Be careful how you treat these people, and always watch for signs of malicious behavior.

A Friendly Gorilla Appearing In Your Dream

Dreaming of a friendly gorilla is a very good sign for the future. It reflects the positive relationships you have in your life right now, and the ones you’ll enjoy in the near future.

It also emphasizes the importance of these relationships – of how these people will help you when you call, and especially when you don’t.

Dreams of friendly gorillas point to your support network, and how vital they can be in terms of success, both in overcoming unforeseen obstacles and moving toward your goals.

Dreaming Of A Gorilla Talking

If you dream of a gorilla talking to you, you’ll soon seek advice from many people in your life.

But this dream draws your focus to who you ask advice from. Some people will not be able to see things from your point of view, and some are better at giving advice than others, no matter their intention.

Once you’ve sought advice from several people, recall what your gut tells you, and the combination of both will give you enough information to make an informed decision.

Buying A Gorilla In A Dream

Dreaming of buying a gorilla indicates that you’ll soon go on a trip somewhere. This may be work-related as a business trip, or it may be time to let your hair down. 

A dream like this usually indicates a trip to somewhere completely new, where you’ll be at peace with any uncertainty, and you’ll be happy to let fate guide you.

An Aggressive Gorilla In Your Dream

An angry gorilla in your dream points to someone who is moving against you. This person is trying to hurt you, or make sure that you don’t succeed in some aspect of life.

If the gorilla doesn’t move to attack, and only stares at you from a distance, this indicates that there’s still time to rectify their best efforts at hurting you.

Being Bitten By A Gorilla In Your Dream

Being bitten by a gorilla in your dream reveals misfortune in the near future. You may make a hasty decision without thinking it through, or something you could have prevented normally will become a problem.

This may spiral into a cluster of problems or unfortunate events. However, now your dream has served you this warning, you can take steps in order to prevent the worst of it. 

Running From A Gorilla In Your Dream

If you dream of running from a gorilla, something in waking life is preventing you from realizing your dreams, and you know you’re not trying as hard as you can in order to get where you want to be.

If this is a recurring dream, something is constantly stopping you from progressing in waking life, and you need to find a way to move forward.

It could be that someone is accidentally or deliberately halting your progress, or a fear of success is stopping you from manifesting the life that you want. 

Instead of ignoring the blockade in your way, this dream urges you to find a way to dismantle it so that you can move on.

Dreaming Of A Gorilla In A Cage

If you see a gorilla in a cage in your dream, this is a warning. Your curiosity and wonder at new situations and far-off promises is bound to lead you into trouble, soon.

This dream warns you against involving yourself in other people’s business, and focus on your own path instead. 

Alternatively, dreaming of a gorilla in a cage suggests that you should only pay attention to the problems of others when you can help them in some way, and the importance of not finding joy in other people’s misfortunes.

A gorilla in a cage within your dream also reveals that while there are problems in your future, you will be spared from the worst of them.

Feeding A Gorilla In Your Dream

If you dream of feeding a gorilla, this is a call to pay attention to your financial situation, especially if it hasn’t been looking too healthy lately. 

This dream emphasizes the importance of looking after yourself financially, making sure that you manage things carefully, and don’t trust others when it comes to money.

Killing A Gorilla In Your Dream

Picture a gorilla, and think about how huge these animals are, and how powerful they can be.

If you dream of killing a gorilla, it implies that there’s a good chance of making a mistake that will bring a whole cluster of problems with it.

A Dead Gorilla

Unfortunately, although some gorilla dreams are negative in themselves, killing a gorilla in a dream does not mean overcoming problems.

Dreaming of killing a gorilla signals that someone important in your life – perhaps the person you are closest to – won’t be there to support you in some way in the near future.

This will inevitably come when you need their wise words the most -and this disconnection can occur for any reason at all, such as an important trip, suffering an argument with them, or something else entirely.

But this dream isn’t all bad. It reveals the importance of being able to rely on yourself, and to trust your inner strength to carry you through turbulent times. 

Final Thoughts

Dreaming of a gorilla can have many meanings, depending on how the gorilla appeared, what it was doing, and your own emotions and choices within the dream.

It may be worth keeping a dream journal to help you remember the particular details of your dream, as these small aspects are what the meaning hinges on.

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