17 Meanings When You Dream About Getting Shot

Dreaming of being shot is an interesting one. It suggests that, somewhere, your trust has been broken, and you’re reluctant to hand over that kind of power to anyone again.

But that’s the overall interpretation behind these dreams. There’s a lot more nuance when you dig a little deeper, and it all hinges on the details in your dream.

Read on to discover what your dream of getting shot is trying to tell you.

Common Dreams Of Getting Shot And What They Mean

As with any dream, it’s always worth looking at the most common dreams and their interpretations in order to discover what your particular dream is trying to tell you.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll find an exact match – dreams are very specific to you, after all – you’re bound to find one that is along the same lines, giving you a good starting point.

Let’s take a look.

A Stranger Shoots You In A Dream

A stranger shooting (see also article titled ‘9 Meanings When You Dream About Shooting‘) you in a dream points to any reservations you have about trusting people.

This dream is common when you meet new people, and you feel reluctant to trust them. You’ve been burned before, and you have no desire to repeat the experience.

Trust your gut.

This dream can even be a warning that someone is moving against you in waking life.

Maybe you’ve been too free with your ideas, or someone wants to bring you down because they are jealous of what you have.

This dream can be urging you to be careful what you say around other people, as boasting breeds resentment, even if you don’t regard yourself as showing off.

Dreaming Of Your Partner Shooting You

Dreaming of your partner shooting (see also article titled ‘What Do Dreams Of Guns Mean?‘) you, perhaps unsurprisingly, suggests there are problems in your relationship.

If not now, then soon. Specifically, these are emotional problems, where you may feel that your love cannot or does not give you the support you need to push forward in life.

Maybe their or your words aren’t inspiring the trust and love that they once did, and you feel emotionally removed from your relationship. 

In short: you feel uninvested in it. 

This dream can also point to trust issues, which are created from emotional hurt or betrayal.

A dream of your partner shooting you indicates that your relationship is suffering, and you need to move to fix it now, before it becomes too late to do so.

A Friend Shoots You In A Dream

You may notice a common theme here: someone shooting you in a dream points to negative energy running through your relationship.

In the case of a friend shooting you in a dream, there is an undercurrent of conflict, coming from a misunderstanding, argument, or a betrayal of trust.

This dream urges you to talk to your friend openly, and from this conversation you’ll know if your friendship is worth salvaging or not.

Dreaming Of Being Shot From A Distance

Dreaming of being shot from a distance reveals that you’re hesitating in life. You don’t want to commit to a decision, or move toward a goal, because the fear of failure is paralytic.

This points to a low level of self-confidence, and your opinion of your abilities isn’t exactly healthy.

Despite what you’ve been through and how far you’ve come, you still doubt yourself, even, and especially when you work so hard.

This dream is telling you that in order to move forward, you must confront these self-esteem problems, and remember what you are capable of. Your potential is limitless.

Alternatively, dreaming of being shot from a distance mirrors an unexpected event or complication in waking life, which was impossible to predict.

This event or complication has knocked your confidence, and you’re struggling to adjust.

Dreaming Of Someone Shooting You From Above

Dreaming of someone shooting you from above suggests that you’ll soon meet someone new.

At first, this will seem like a good connection, and a great relationship to have, but they will stir up some tricky situations, and be a source of negativity in your life.

This dream warns you not to trust new people at face value. Make sure that their actions line up with their words, and don’t ignore your gut feeling.

A Dream Where You Get Shot At Home

In dreams, your home is your place of security, where your dream fills it with the most vulnerable or core parts of your psyche. 

It’s what you build your life on, directed by your deepest values and drives, a stability that allows you to take chances in waking life, and to believe that things will work.

Dreaming of being shot in your home is a negative sign, as you might guess.

It mirrors trouble in waking life, where you feel extremely vulnerable, downtrodden, and everything you’ve taken to be a constant in your life looks rocky at best.

This may be a troubling event that’s happened to you in the past, or something which will trip you up in the future. 

Regardless, it will leave an imprint on you which will take a lot of time and willpower to overcome.

Make sure that you avoid any sources of negativity that remind you of this trauma, as much as you are able to.

If, given time, you still feel haunted by this experience, seek outside help in order to heal properly.

Dreaming Of Being Shot In A War Or Battle

Sometimes, our emotions war with our thoughts and priorities, and experiences clash against our instincts, knowledge against hope.

Dreaming of being shot during a war or a battle draws your attention to an inner conflict you’re struggling with right now. 

It also points to a past trauma, and while the experience is long over, you haven’t managed to resolve the emotions that it stirred. 

Dreaming Of Being Robbed And Then Shot

There are several meanings behind a dream like this, but they all have one thing in common: you feel powerless to change something.

The meaning of this particular dream hinges on your actions within it. 

If you fought against the thief, this is largely a good sign. It indicates that when a situation calls for it, you can stand up and defend your position without any hesitation.

However, if you fought against the thief for an obscure or worthless object, you may be focusing on the wrong things in waking life.

You’re holding onto something which will not serve you in the future, and this stubbornness of yours will hold you back from opportunities that would be perfect for you.

Try to remember what the object was, and what it might represent in your waking life.

If you handed over your belongings to the thief without a fight, and this still resulted in you getting shot, it points to a problem in a waking life relationship.

It reflects how someone is holding something against you. Whatever the reason is, they know it is petty, but they cannot stop themselves, and it will end up hurting one or both of you in the end.

Dreaming Of Being Shot And Injured

If you dream of being shot and injured, perhaps seeing yourself curling around your gunshot wound, this isn’t a great sign.

It indicates that you’ll soon be reminded that life isn’t fair. It may be that you’ll work as hard as you possibly can to get somewhere, but for whatever reason, you’ll be unable to take the opportunity that you’ve been dreaming of.

It may turn out that someone will betray you in some way. Someone close to you will take advantage of your generosity or trusting nature, and you will feel like a fool.

You might be tempted to withdraw from trusting people ever again, but this would be a mistake, as it would isolate you, so be wary about this.

Dreaming Of Dying After A Gun Wound

Dreaming of dying (see also article titled ‘Dreams About Being Killed – Meanings And Interpretations You Should Know‘) can be a traumatic or strangely relieving dream. You might worry that it foretells injury, sickness (see also article titled ‘What Does Sickness Mean In A Dream?‘) or death in the future, but this is actually a positive dream.

Dying in a dream (see also article on dreaming of husband dying) points to change in the future, more specifically, something ending and coming to a close, so that something new can take its place.

Dreaming Of Avoiding A Bullet

Dreaming of dodging a bullet is a very positive sign for waking life, as you might imagine. 

There’s a reason why we have the phrase ‘dodging a bullet’, to indicate swerving disaster, and escaping unharmed.

Having a dream of dodging a bullet indicates that you have everything you need to avoid potential disaster.

You are capable and knowledgeable, and you know when you need to step back and look at the bigger picture.

Alternatively, dreaming of avoiding a bullet points to feelings of guilt that arise when someone you love is going through a tough time, and you’re secretly glad that it isn’t you. 

Dreaming Of Being Shot In The Back

If you dream of being shot in the back, this points to doubting someone’s intentions or their supposed feelings towards you. 

You fear you’re going to pay for trusting them or turning your back on them.

This might not even be about other people, and more about life itself.

You know that when you get comfortable, when you feel as though you have everything sorted, problems will crop up just at the wrong time to make you stumble again.

This dream is a reminder to take nothing for granted.

Someone Shooting You In The Chest In A Dream

If you dream of being shot in the chest, there is something in waking life that has the potential to destroy everything you’ve built. 

If you turn your back on this situation or complication, it could have disastrous consequences.

Dreaming of being shot in the heart can reflect grief, or great emotional pain, or heartbreak. 

This dream may also draw your attention to how lonely you are, and how you’re longing for a connection that means something.

Dreaming Of Being Shot In The Neck

Dreaming of being shot in the neck indicates a struggle between your wisdom and your hope. 

Your head and heart are warring with each other, and you feel you are so torn that you cannot possibly make a decision. 

Sometimes, your dream can offer you the solution. Think back to the shooter within your dream, and what they might represent, and how this might help you in waking life.

A Bullet Hits You In The Gut In A Dream

If you dream of being shot in the gut, this reveals that you need to do some introspection. You’re not utilizing your skills to your full advantage, or you’re ignoring your gut.

You may be pouring all of your time and effort into something that you’ll get nothing out of. 

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Being Shot With An Arrow?

A dream where you get shot by an arrow indicates that you need to pay attention to the relationships in your life, especially your love life.

This dream suggests that you may be in for some heartbreak or turmoil if you don’t adjust your course, or pay attention to things that you’ve been ignoring.

Give your closest relationships all the attention and love you can, is this dream’s message.

Dreaming Of Being Shot With Many Arrows

If you dream of being shot with many arrows, your subconscious is drawing your attention to your emotional needs. 

You may have been ignoring them lately, and they are bound to rise up like a tide when you refuse to deal with them.

You are at risk of being overwhelmed by the emotions warring within you, and you need to sort through them and find a healthy outlet.

This will ensure that you’ll be able to make the best decisions possible, rather than approaching your choices with your emotions the only consideration.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming of being shot can be a horrible experience. You might wake up terrified, with your heart trying to beat its way out of your chest. 

Many dreams of being shot have negative symbolism, but they also serve a purpose.

These dreams may warn you of bad things to come, so you can be prepared and act appropriately when they meet you.

They also serve to help you adjust course when things are going wrong in your life, to avoid disaster, so really, these dreams are nothing but good, no matter how you might feel when you wake up from one.

It may be that circumstances have you blind to something going awry, but trust that the universe has your back. Trust in your own abilities, and you will be fine.

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