24 Dreams Of Miscarriages And Their Symbolism

Ah, what a horrible nightmare. The very thought of having a miscarriage is bad enough, but living it through your dream is something else entirely. 

It’s almost as harrowing, painful, and as traumatic as the real thing, and a nightmare like this is bound to ruin the rest of your day, even if it has no likelihood of happening in waking life.

It might help to know that a traumatic dream is usually a way of getting your attention, especially if you’ve not had a similar experience in waking life.

But what is your subconscious trying to tell you when you have a nightmare about a miscarriage?

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Miscarriage?

Dreams of miscarrying a child denote extreme fear, stress, and anxiety. They often happen when you feel you’ve lost something incredibly important to you in waking life, something you don’t know who you are without. 

A dream like this is also likely to happen when you face huge changes in your life, and you have no idea how you’re going to adapt. Circumstances may also make you feel like a complete failure, where you’re suffering due to a setback or crisis, and struggling to find a way through.

Dreaming of losing a baby represents a horrible situation that you have zero control over. You cannot influence, persuade, or alter your course. Some bad things just happen, and you can only control how you deal with them.

If you dream of a miscarriage and nothing bad seems to be going on in waking life, this dream foretells of potential disaster. A relationship might break down completely, you could lose your job, or not make any progress in your life. 

Maybe you’ll lose out on an opportunity that you pinned your hopes on, and you don’t have a backup plan.

Whatever the misfortune is, it will come with feelings of loss, misguided feelings of guilt in a blameless situation, and despair. 

It will be something that you’ll greatly struggle to reconcile yourself with, which could even be the death of someone you love or a hope you have for the future. You’ll find it difficult to regain a sense of equilibrium.

It’s very important to know that a dream of having a miscarriage does not mean you will have one in your waking life. 

In dreams, your subconscious chooses a horrible event (usually one you have not been through) to mirror your emotions, whether those are present or future.

Just as a baby in a dream symbolizes a positive life-changing event, the loss of one denotes a negative change in your life, that stands in the way of you making progress. This can refer to elaborate plans or something that you take for granted in the present.

Reasons Why You Might Dream Of A Miscarriage


One reason why you might dream of a miscarriage is that something has forced you to let go of your dreams. You realize now that what you want is impossible at the moment.

This may be something like a lack of motivation or the will to do what you know you need to, or something that’s never fallen into place. 

You feel you can’t return to your dream or long-held goal. It’s just not realistic right now.


A miscarriage in a dream may refer to a complete breakdown of something. This might be in terms of your motivation, your plans for the future, or something you thought was in reach. 

This dream reflects how this is not the case, and you’re the farthest away from your goal than you’ve ever been. 

But this doesn’t have to be so literal. You might worry that something crucial in your life hinges on your job performance, or salvaging a certain relationship. This dream reflects the immense pressure you are under.

Take a look at what’s going on in your life right now, as this is key to determining the meaning.

Regret And Mistakes

Miscarriages happen when things don’t work as they are designed to. Similarly, in dreams, a miscarriage represents things that are currently going wrong in waking life, but the good news is that these are still salvageable, as long as you’re paying attention. 

These mistakes might be anywhere in your waking life. Maybe you are short-changing yourself, where you don’t believe you’re capable of the things you can actually do, or you feel you don’t deserve success.

It could be that you are stubbornly refusing to study and prepare for something you’re scarily under prepared for. You’ve winged things in the past, and they’ve gone fine. But a dream like this denotes a negative outcome.

Emotional Turmoil

As you might imagine, miscarriages in dreams are connected to a huge emotional struggle. Something is about to come along and metaphorically flip the tables of your life, and afterward, you won’t know which way is up for a while.

You might find yourself prone to fits of excitement and equal terror, rage and frustration, despair and grief.

Something Blocking Your Way To Success

Miscarrying a baby in a dream implies that you’ve encountered a problem you cannot solve. You’ve gotten to the midpoint of the journey of your goal, and unfortunately, your dream is telling you that you can’t go any further.

Something in waking life poses a risk to you, or to everything you’ve worked hard for. 

Bad Luck

A miscarriage in waking life is no one’s fault, regardless of your emotions in this sad event. Similarly, in dreams, a miscarriage signifies misfortune with no chance of recovering a situation.

A terrible time like this is emotionally and physically traumatic, and in your dream, the miscarriage represents a situation that is completely out of your hands. Unfortunately, it is the potential for the worst-case scenario.

Worrying About The Health Of Your Unborn Child

Dreaming about having a miscarriage when you are pregnant, or your partner is pregnant, is extremely common. Remember, it’s not a prediction.

These worries are completely natural, and it’s only right that you hope this baby is completely healthy, and you worry that they might not be.

If you’ve gone through the trauma of a miscarriage before, and you dream of miscarrying while you are pregnant in waking life, this simply mirrors your terror of it happening again.

It may be worth seeking professional help to put your mind at rest, so that you can enjoy the journey.

Plans Not Going The Way You Hope

A miscarriage happening in your dream can signify an elaborate plan going completely sideways in waking life. You know now that this hope or goal is not possible, and your dream reflects your disappointment and despair.


Dreaming of a miscarriage can reveal a life-changing moment or event. This might not be a bad thing, but to begin with it will be unsettling, worrying, and it will create a great deal of uncertainty.

It’s not something that you’ll be able to do anything about, either. You’ll have to learn to reconcile yourself with this transformation, and make the best of what you have. 

Miscarriage Dream Scenarios And What They Mean

A Nightmare About A Miscarriage

Nightmares about miscarriages reveal mental or physical anguish in your near future. The negativity brought with it will nearly drown you, and you’ll struggle to keep afloat. 

You may also have a nightmare about miscarrying a baby when you’re pregnant in waking life, or you’re worried a crucial event or project will fail.

Dreaming Of Having A Miscarriage When You’re Not Pregnant

A dream where you have a miscarriage, but you’re not pregnant in waking life denotes terrible circumstances in waking life. 

You’re desperately tired of the way things are, but you’re not sure exactly what will help, what might happen, or who to turn to.

You want the difficulty to end, but the worry and fear keeps hanging over you, and there’s no sign that it will stop soon.

If this dream came completely out of nowhere, this is a representation of your worst fears and how they will affect you deeply. You are scared of having little control over your life and your emotions.

A more positive note is that a dream like this represents moving on from a traumatic event or period in life. It has been plaguing all of your waking hours, but the worst is over, and things can only get better from here.

A Dream Where You Have A Miscarriage When You Are Pregnant In Waking Life

Pregnancy is an emotional, physical, and hormonal roller coaster. You’re full of joy, excitement, and probably the worst nerves you’ve ever felt. This is compounded when you have a dream of a miscarriage, making everything worse.

This dream comes from the hope that your baby will be healthy and safe when it finally comes, and your subconscious plays out your worst fears. It does not mean you will have a miscarriage, it’s just a way of your unconscious mind voicing its anxiety.

Dreaming Of Miscarriage When You’re A Man

Like most dreams of having a miscarriage, this one has a negative interpretation. You’re constantly worrying about aspects of your waking life, maybe all your thoughts are taken up by a worry for others.

A dream like this also points to issues that you won’t see coming, halting your progress completely somewhere in waking life, such as your career or romantic relationship.

It also represents one of your worst case scenarios being realized. You’ll struggle to come to terms with this event, and after a dream like this it pays to look at your options and your approach to your goals very carefully.

It’s worth looking at the finer details of any ongoing project, making sure that you can fix what you can to stop any further deterioration. 

A Nightmare Of Blood And A Miscarriage

If your subconscious throws you into a nightmare of blood and terror where you lose your baby, this horrible dream experience is likely to stay with you for a good while.

It can hang over you for weeks afterward, souring your mood and making you jumpy. It was just a dream, you insist. But why then is it still affecting you? Some nightmares just stay with you.

It’s worth noting that dreams filled with blood are a sign of stress and depression, where all of your spiritual energy feels like it’s draining away. You might even suspect you’re about to lose something important to you.

A nightmare like this is powerful enough to derail any motivation you still have, surrounding you with worry. These dreams are common when you feel you are giving up in waking life, or there isn’t a solution to something.

If you’re pregnant, and you have this nightmare, this is likely your worst fear, but try not to worry. Yes, it’s a horrible nightmare, but it’s unlikely to happen. If you are very worried, speak to your doctor. You might be surprised at how common these nightmares are.

No One Helping You During A Miscarriage In A Dream

Dreaming of having a miscarriage when you’re alone reveals loneliness in your waking life. You feel cut off from other people, and you don’t expect anyone to help you out when you are in the middle of a difficult situation.

This might stem from the past, when all you wanted was someone to support you, but it just wasn’t to be. Your dream may be encouraging you to do something alone, and you will come out the other side as a much better version of yourself than if you had help.

You’ll find that you’re more confident in your abilities, and things will faze you much less than they used to. 

Alternatively, dreaming of having a miscarriage when you’re completely alone reflects your subconscious anxiety that no one will be there for you when you need them the most. 

You’re afraid of being betrayed or lied to by the closest people to you, or that they just don’t care.

A Dream Where You Know You Are About To Have A Miscarriage

This dream relates to waking life, where you’re fully aware of the troubles you’re currently facing, but you feel you can’t make any headway with getting through them.

Your dream suggests that a disaster in your future is something you can avoid, as long as you take action now. Take a good look at things and how they stand. Is a relationship suffering? Is your job performance continuing to nose-dive? 

Break your problems into the smallest chunks possible, and work your way through them.

Miscarrying Early Into A Pregnancy In Your Dream

Dreaming of a miscarriage in a very early pregnancy suggests the ‘death’ of a new path you’ve started on. This might be a new hobby, career change or relationship that will end badly. 

It won’t be what you want, but it will mark another new start in your life, so be prepared to adapt. Just don’t forget to allow yourself to mourn for this lost path. 

Dreaming Of Miscarrying Twins

A dream when you miscarry twins (see also article titled ‘Dreaming Of Having Twins‘) implies that two huge problems or conflicting points of view are about to become irrelevant. 

This is one of the few positive miscarriage dreams you can have, as it also signifies peace, overcoming problems, good luck, increased wealth, and strengthening relationships.

Something unbearable in waking life will soon lessen to the point where you’ll be able to handle things and breathe a little easier.

A Stillbirth In Your Dream

As you can imagine, dreaming of a stillbirth is a negative omen. It reveals grief, pain, and despair in your waking life.

Something will come to an abrupt end, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. It will seem impossible to move on from this figurative death, as you’ll want to overanalyze every aspect and see if there was anything you could do.

Your dream urges you to find a way to heal, and move on. There isn’t always a rhyme or a reason for something traumatic happening to you, or someone you love. Sometimes it’s just the way things are.

Dreaming Of Having A Baby After A Miscarriage

Dreaming of having a baby after a miscarriage represents your wish to have a child safely. It also represents your trauma, fear, and sadness after a previous miscarriage.

It’s also a message of hope.

If you dream of having a baby after a miscarriage in your dream, and you have no plans to get pregnant, this dream is urging you to move past your old traumas and terrible experiences. Find a way to heal, and focus on the good things in your life. 

Dreaming Of Having A Miscarriage At Home

A dream of having a miscarriage in your own home implies that your family are about to go through a rough time. Maybe several of the people closest to you are arguing with each other. 

Not in petty squabbles, but explosive arguments that always seem to be boiling under the surface, and you’re just waiting for another thing to set them off.

The emotional stakes are high here, and you’re hoping that things will calm down by themselves, but you know this is unlikely. You might worry that these relationships will be beyond repair soon.

A miscarriage reveals a complete collapse, and in your dream, this relates to how your tight-knit family might come apart at the seams.

Having A Miscarriage In A Hospital In Your Dream

Dreaming of having a miscarriage in a hospital can point to potential health issues, arising from prolonged stress, worry, and not being able to take a break.

Your subconscious urges you to look after yourself physically, and try to find some time for a real break, even if that’s a stolen five minutes here and there. 

A dream like this usually happens when you feel you’re at your absolute limit of what you can deal with. 

Life has you overstretched in all corners of your life, you have no time for yourself, and nothing is letting up. You know that you don’t have time for a break, and you feel you just have to keep going as best you can.

A dream like this is a warning, urging you to take care of yourself. If you’re too burned out, you will not be able to think clearly, or make the choices that are required of you. Nothing is that important that it should cost you your physical and mental health.

The good news is that a dream of having a miscarriage in a hospital is more optimistic than having one in your home. It denotes that you have the right support around you to get through your problems and stress, so it may be time to reach out to someone you love for help. 

A Dream Where You Have A Miscarriage On The Street

Having a miscarriage on the street in a dream denotes uncertainty and not knowing what direction your life is about to take in waking life. 

You’re someone who prides themselves on getting things done, and knowing that you’ve done the best you can. But in a situation where you can’t find your feet, where there are so many unknowns that you don’t know how you will react, you struggle.

Maybe you’re in the middle of a long-term project, and despite working as hard as you can, there is nothing hinting that you will be successful. You’re worried that all your efforts will come to nothing.

As a street is a very public place, this dream also denotes social anxiety, not knowing where you stand with other people, and the fear of finding out that you’re not as capable or as caring as you think you are.

You are worried about being judged for your choices and who you are, and being blamed for something you haven’t done, even if a situation makes you look guilty.

Having A Miscarriage In A Car Dream Meaning

Dreaming of having a miscarriage in a car (see also article titled ‘Car Accident Dream Meaning And Interpretation‘)  implies you feel beaten down by waking life, and you know that the only way to make it through is to focus on your goals. 

You don’t feel that you’re in the driver’s seat of your life, where circumstances are dictating your choices for you, but you’re on the road anyway, and you might as well do the best you can.

A miscarriage happening in a car in your dream suggests a complete breakdown in terms of your goal or dream. You might need to adjust your approach, mindset, or habits in order to move forward.

You may need to entirely move away from things that have worked in the past and try something completely different, or adjust your goals entirely.

Dreaming Of Several Miscarriages

A dream of having several miscarriages points to more than one breakdown or failure in waking life. You’re in the midst of some very bad luck, disappointments, problems and complications.

These may be in one area of your life, or many. Maybe you’re struggling with arguments in your family life, while work is just getting worse, and you feel the pressure of too many responsibilities piling up. 

All of these worries, along with making no headway, cause you to have a traumatic dream like this. Your ability to concentrate has been diminished, along with your belief in your abilities. The negativity is starting to spread through every area of your life, and you’re not sure what is going to stop it.

Having A Painless Miscarriage In Your Dream

Dreaming of having a miscarriage with no pain still has no positive meaning. It denotes problems in your love life, where your relationship is slowly decaying. 

Maybe you’ve not had time for each other lately, where you’re spending the little time you have arguing instead of enjoying each other’s company.

A painless miscarriage is unexpected to say the least, and denotes similar unforeseen issues appearing in your relationship, where you will feel completely out of your depth.

Dreaming Of A Violent Miscarriage

What a horrible experience. A dream of a violent, painful miscarriage reflects the great stress and pain you’re going through in waking life. 

You’ve encountered failure in the middle of a long-term project or relationship, and you’re struggling to reconcile yourself with this fact.

Someone Having A Miscarriage In Your Dream

Dreaming of someone else having a miscarriage points to potential disaster hitting those you love hard. You will struggle to watch their pain.

But this is not a promise. It could also be your fear of bad things happening to those you love, and being unable to stop it.

Or, a dream of someone having a miscarriage is a projection of a failed dream in waking life. Despite your best efforts, you’ve not been able to manifest a great desire. 

You feel stuck in waking life, and you wonder if you’ve failed this one, what you might be able to achieve otherwise.

Your Partner Having A Miscarriage In Your Dream

Dreaming of your partner having a miscarriage signifies the underlying worry you have for your partner. You want her to be healthy, and if she’s pregnant in waking life, you’re also worried about the health of the baby, too. 

If your partner is not pregnant, and you have this dream, it suggests a breakdown in a business relationship, your career, or in a long-held dream. 

Your Sister Having A Miscarriage In Your Dream

A dream where your sister miscarries during pregnancy refers to how you want her to have the best life, but you’re worried that things won’t turn out well, as they sometimes don’t.

If your sister is pregnant in waking life, and you have a dream like this, it denotes your anxiety about her health as well as the health of her baby. 

A dream like this can imply a strange turn in your relationship, which is permanent. Or, it can reveal impulsive or dumb behavior which risks your wellbeing.

Your Mother Having A Miscarriage In A Dream

A dream where your mother has a miscarriage represents problems plaguing her in waking life. This may be physical illness (see also article on sickness in dreams), or mental troubles where the stress of waking life is getting too much.

Alternatively, a dream of your mother having a miscarriage signifies a problem with a matriarchal figure in waking life. You’re convinced that she is wrong, or she just doesn’t want to see you for who you are.

Dreaming Of A Miscarriage Of Justice

A dream of a miscarriage of justice implies that ignoring a problem has made a situation a thousand times worse than it needed to be. 

If you dream of being sent to prison when you are innocent in your dream, you’re worried about people thinking the worst of you. 

The Spiritual Interpretation Of Miscarriage Dreams

There is a lot of spiritual symbolism behind dreams of miscarrying a baby. It refers to a loss in your spirit, where events have not gone how you planned them, or you looked up one day and realized that you’ve given up on something without ever meaning to.

It may be that you never decided to give up on a certain dream or path, but it fizzled out on its own. 

Most times, this is much worse than concretely choosing to give up a long-held dream, as it denotes apathy, distraction, and despair.

Your goals and plans for the future have fallen away, and spiritually, you’re not sure who you are without them. 

They’ve been a defining part of your spirit for so long that it is going to take a long time before you regain your footing.

A dream of a miscarriage suggests that you need to take some time out to grief for a lost cause or dream. 

Don’t hold onto it, but let yourself feel each emotion and accept it for what it is. There is no wrong way to grieve, as long as you don’t repress your feelings. 

Some believe that dreams pave the way to a collective unconscious, where you can tap into humanity’s shared experiences. This might bring up old fears or repressed issues when it reflects back at you, so make sure you find a way to reconcile with yourself.

A spiritual dream of any kind – no matter how horrible – reminds you that you can transform your life and yourself at any time you want, as long as you try. 

It’s up to you to decide what to do with your life, and who you hold yourself accountable to. Sometimes, these awful dreams are a way of reminding you to let go of past trauma and negativity, so that you can move forward.

Try not to think too much about what you can’t change, and place your trust in yourself.

The Biblical Interpretation Of Dreaming Of A Miscarriage

The Biblical interpretation of miscarriage dreams reflect great sadness and grief in your waking life. Your heart is heavy in its misery, and there is overwhelming negativity in your life right now.

A dream of a miscarriage is common when your waking life is full of troubles and there isn’t room for anything good, nice, or anything that can help you take a break. You are begging for relief, but none has come so far.

Dreaming of a miscarriage implies that you have been given so many gifts through life, but you’ve been unable to keep them, or enjoy the time you’ve had with them. 

You know that grief, terrible pain, and despair are all part of being human, and without these awful aspects of life, there would be nothing that we’d enjoy in contrast. We’d have nothing to measure happiness or peace against, so the good times would simply go to waste. 

A dream like this also signifies your resilience and faith that things will not always be this terrible. They can’t always be this terrible. 

Miscarriages are no one’s fault, and if you believe in destiny, this was long decided by fate or God that it would happen, well before you walked the Earth. Similarly, trouble will find you no matter what, but it is up to you how you respond to it.

How To Interpret Your Miscarriage Dream

Miscarriage dreams tend to occur when you need to understand a message, and so far, it hasn’t got through. Something in waking life isn’t moving forward, and there may be a complete breakdown within a situation.

If you’ve been working towards a long-term goal, your efforts will not pay off as much as you hope they would. Things might have already turned sour, and the dream of a miscarriage means you suspect that nothing you have done is salvageable.

But that’s not everything. Dreams are uniquely tailored to the dreamer, and it’s worth exploring the details that are specific to your dream in order to find the answer. 

Here are some thoughts to consider, to help you get started.

  • Is there anything stressful happening in your waking life? Does this dream reflect your worry?
  • Are you pregnant, or expecting a new arrival in your family? Are you concerned about their health?
  • Have you suffered any loss or grief recently?
  • When did the miscarriage happen in your dream? Where did it happen?
  • Was there anyone to help you?

A Miscarriage Dream Meaning Summary

  • Dreaming of a miscarriage when you’re not pregnant: emotional turmoil and maybe physical risk
  • Dreaming of a miscarriage while pregnant: reflecting on worries about your baby’s health
  • Blood and a miscarriage in a dream: emotional trauma and loss
  • Someone else has a miscarriage: unable to see opportunities in waking life
  • Dreaming of a miscarriage when you’re a man: delays in achieving your dreams, loss of motivation
  • A miscarriage on a road: lack of direction in waking life
  • Great pain and a miscarriage in a dream: severe anxiety
  • Dreaming of having a baby after a miscarriage: turn your attention to the good things in life

Final Thoughts

Dreams involving miscarriages are horrible and traumatic, and unfortunately, the vast majority of these dreams also denote terrible luck and problems in waking life.

They can also reflect your terror of failure, of a pregnancy going wrong, or life not turning out the way you hope. 

The only good aspect to a nasty nightmare like this is that it can warn you of things going wrong, before they actually happen, so you are better prepared when disaster strikes in waking life.

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