8 Characteristics Of Visitation Dreams

Dreams are one of the most magical elements of life. Sometimes they can feel completely random, with odd events and no link between them besides they happened one after another.

Other dreams are so realistic, so real, that we have to stop and question them. Especially those that feature someone who has died. 

But how do you know the difference between a visitation dream and a dream that’s just very vivid? Let’s find out.

Can Your Dead Loved One Visit You In A Dream?

Really, this one is up to you. There are so many unexplored avenues when it comes to dreams that there are a lot of questions that go unanswered. 

No one is really sure what dreams mean, but the interpretations that have survived over hundreds of years can give you a little nudge in the right direction. 

What also helps is your belief system. If you feel there is an afterlife, you are more likely to have a dream where you sense a loved one visits you after they have passed on.

These are called visitation dreams. Maybe you’re skeptical about this, but there are so many accounts of visitation dreams that there must be something to these dreams. 

Many people believe that spirits can enter our dreams, as it’s an easy way to communicate with us. 

This doesn’t just apply to your loved ones who have died, but also to spirit guides, angels, and anything else that might be supernaturally sentient and things we can sense but have no rational explanation for. 

Why might this be? In dreams, we are in a more vulnerable state than in waking life. You could consider this being more ‘receptive’ without the worries, distractions, and thoughts of our everyday life. 

Your rational mind takes some time off, and so does your sense of pride. This leaves room for those things that we otherwise would not be able to pick up on when waking life is so ‘loud’. In waking life, your mind will dismiss these events.

Just picture a dream where everything feels real. You don’t stop to think that some parts of it seem surreal or unlikely until the dream is over. 

In the case of a dream where a deceased loved one appears, you might not think that it’s unnatural for them to visit you from beyond the grave. 

But one of the main points of visitation dreams is that you do remember that they have died in waking life. You just don’t question their presence in your dream.

Can Every Dream Be A Visitation Dream?

Unfortunately, no. Think about when you’ve had a fantastic dream. Sometimes these experiences follow in sequence, but after two or three days, they will always revert to something neither good nor bad, but a mixture of the two.

It would be great if every time you dream of your loved one, this counted as a visitation dream. Sadly, most dreams are not visitation dreams, which can be rare.

This goes for recurring dreams (see also article titled ‘8 Meanings When You Keep Dreaming About The Same Person‘), too. A visitation dream will rarely repeat more than once. 

Instead, your subconscious uses the image of your loved one as a projection. That might represent something other than this person. It could be a trait you knew them for or a specific time in your life.

8 Things To Recognize A Visitation Dream:

The good news is that it’s simple to identify visitation dreams. They stand out from normal ones. Here are eight things to think about when considering if your dream is a visitation dream or not. 

It Feels Real

This is probably the most obvious one. It’s also most crucial. If your dream doesn’t pass this one, it’s not a visitation.

For a dream to be a visitation, it needs to feel as close to reality as possible. 

You might be able to recall the exact words your loved one said to you, the light in which you saw them, the exact color of their clothes, their expression, and so on.

Your Heart Tells You It’s Real

It’s natural for you to question whether or not a dream was a visitation. However, this will be a short period of consideration. Your heart, gut, and soul will insist that it happened.

The Memory Of The Dream Doesn’t Fade

Because visitation dreams are so vivid and so unique, the memory of this experience won’t fade with time. You’ll be able to recall it hours, weeks, and years later. It will stay with you, maybe forever.

Your Loved One Appears Healthy And Whole

One thing about visitation dreams is that your loved one will nearly always appear healthy, happy, and maybe more whole than they ever looked in waking life.

They will always react positively to your presence, too. If you dream of your loved one being angry or worried, this is not a visitation.

They Come With A Clear Message

It doesn’t matter if they use words or not, but it will be easy to understand the message.

The Message Is Important

They haven’t come to talk about the weather. A visitation dream means your loved one needs you to listen to the message they bring you. Visitation dreams carry important messages, so make sure you consider their meaning.

They Come To Reassure You

Most visitation dreams act as reassurance. Your loved one is fine, and they don’t want you to be full of grief forever.

They will rarely come to warn you about something, but you will still feel supported.

A Sense Of Peace

Visitation dreams usually have a great sense of peace, which often carries over into waking life.

Is It Possible To Ask For A Visitation Dream?

Yes. It may take a while to filter through, and sometimes these wishes don’t translate at all, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

Final Thoughts

While visitation dreams are possible, it’s worth remembering that they are different from ordinary dreams and don’t occur very frequently. If you use the list above, you’ll soon be able to tell the difference.

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