Cancer In Dreams

One of the things that most of us fear is getting cancer. It’s a horrific disease that destroys so many families, and while we are finding better and better treatments for cancer, it’s not something that any of us want to go through, or see our loved ones go through.

The first thing to point out about cancer dreams is that dreaming of it is not a prediction that you will get cancer. However, having a dream about cancer suggests that you aren’t taking care of yourself in some way. 

Dreaming of someone close to you having cancer implies that you should take some time to be with them. You miss them, or you haven’t spent enough time with them lately.

But there’s a little more to cancer dreams than that. Let’s take a closer look, and put any worries you might have to bed.

Is Having A Dream About Cancer A Good Thing Or Not?

Some dream interpreters suggest that a dream of cancer is a sign of good luck. The more modern interpretation is that cancer dreams are a reflection of negative forces outweighing the positive in your life.

While you might not have suffered from cancer in waking life, these dreams suggest that something is dominating every thought that you have in the same way that cancer does.

Worries might be taking over your life, or one specific concern is hogging your attention completely. This could be concerns about where you think your life is going, your current choices, career path, or something else entirely.

Dreams like this encourage you to take some time away from whatever is stealing your attention so readily, and make some time to turn off for a while.

However, not all dreams of cancer are negative. Equally, something that is occupying your thoughts so much can be something positive, like a new romantic relationship, absorbing job, or satisfying hobby.

What Do Dreams Of Cancer Mean?

Dreaming of having cancer when you don’t in waking life suggests that you aren’t taking care of yourself in some aspect, and you should take steps to fix this. 

Maybe you’re more focused on the wellbeing of others at the cost of your own, but health is one of the true wealth we are given, so make sure you take care of yourself.

Dreaming of someone you know and love having cancer when they are well in waking life is a call to reach out to them. One or both of you have been neglecting your relationship, and it’s time you fixed that.

A dream of strangers having cancer refers to your generous nature. You want to help everyone you can, but this isn’t always possible. Make sure you take care of your own needs in order to have the motivation and energy to offer your help to others, too.

Some dreams of cancer are common when you are concerned about your own health in some way. This is not necessarily related to cancer itself, but if the fear is big enough to seep into your dreams, it’s worth getting checked out.

Nightmares about cancer when you’re awaiting test results in waking life are very common, and shouldn’t be taken as a prediction. This is your subconscious playing out your fears.

Dreaming Of Smoking And Its Connection To Cancer

This is an anxiety dream. We know now that smoking will harm our lungs significantly, and can often cause cancer.

If you smoke in waking life, it’s a common experience to dream of lung cancer now we know of the connection between the two. Maybe you are worried that you might get cancer, but you know you’re unlikely to stop smoking.

This may cause horrible anxiety and so much tension that you take this out on other people. If smoking is something you can’t give up, and this fear is eating away at you, it might be time to seek help from your doctor. 

If you’ve smoked in the past and you dream of getting cancer, it’s a reflection of how you regret this habit. By no means is it a concrete sign that you will get cancer.

Dreams like this can also reveal other harmful addictions or habits that could wreak havoc with your health. In this case, your subconscious may be urging you to give them up before the effects are irreversible.

Can A Dream Of Cancer Mean That You Actually Have Cancer?

When you’re worried about getting cancer, after finding something worrying in your own health, you are more likely to dream about having cancer. 

This is not a self-fulfilling prophecy, but worrying so much about it certainly won’t help. The only way to find out for sure and to put your mind at ease is to get a health check.

Recurring dreams of having cancer can be frightening. They may even be a warning about your health, especially if you’ve had health scares in the past, or someone you love has died from cancer. 

Dreams like this can be a signal that fear is taking over your life, and  you need to take back control of your thoughts and decisions. 

Just because a dream of cancer isn’t a prediction does not mean that it’s a positive dream. 

In some cases, a dream of cancer reflects part of your life which is breaking down. Money worries, relationship problems, and generalized uncertainty and anxiety can all cause these types of dreams.

A Dream Where You Seek A Medical Opinion

A dream where you visit a doctor because you are scared you might have cancer reflects the worry of health problems. If you have dreams like this often, it’s worth getting checked out just so you can stop worrying about it.

Or, this dream might be caused by a lingering anxiety somewhere else in waking life. You wish your fears were that easy to alleviate or confront, but the situation is more complicated than that. Maybe it’s time to look for a creative solution instead.

Why Do We Dream About Cancer?

Sigmund Freud had some wild theories about why we dream, but one of the most plausible is that dreams draw on our experiences in waking life, which are then stored in our subconscious mind.

A dream about having cancer can stem from something you watched, read, or heard about, for example. It’s only natural that the things we experience in waking life appear in our dreams, and a dream of cancer might just reflect something in waking life.

Some theorize that a dream about cancer is often caused by worrying about someone else’s health. Maybe they’re fine now, but you worry about something bad happening to them, especially if they have any health damaging habits.

What To Take From A Dream About Cancer

A dream of having cancer suggests that you need a break from waking life problems. It can also be the encouragement that you need in order to get checked in waking life, or to make time to enjoy the company of those you love.

A Dream Where You’re Told You Have Cancer

Dreaming of being told you have cancer is a nightmare for anyone, and it’s bound to cause some anxiety. You’ll wonder exactly why you’ve dreamed of this, and whether it’s a prediction or something else entirely. 

Dreams involving something that’s so part of many people’s lives can be a huge stress. Especially if you compare it to nightmares that have no chance of happening, because there’s not the comfort of reality to fall back on, telling yourself that it isn’t possible.

Getting cancer is very possible, after all, and as we’re developing better methods to detect it, it’s likely that most of us will get it at some point in our lives.

A dream like this might scare you so much that your brain pulls the plug and wakes you up. This in itself can be horrible, leaving you a confused mixture of groggy and terrified. 

Different Cancers Dream Meaning

It’s worth looking at what type of cancer was in your dream, as this can affect the meaning.

Dreaming Of Having Breast Cancer Symbolism

A dream of breast cancer is a horrible experience, but it doesn’t denote cancer in waking life. Instead, it points to how you interact with others, and how easy or difficult it is to form connections with others.

Normally, a dream like this suggests that you’re keeping people at arms length, or your worries are making it difficult to empathize with others. 

A dream of having breast cancer can also suggest that you should take advantage of the little joys in life, whether that’s trying a new hobby, immersing yourself in the learning curve, or letting go and just have some fun with the people you love.

A dream like this encourages you to lower some of your boundaries and enjoy yourself more.

Dreaming Of Having Stomach Cancer Meaning

Older dream interpretations suggest that a dream of stomach cancer points to problems in your home life. Maybe there’s a rift forming between you and someone you care for, or two people within your family.

An alternative meaning is that you’re not listening to your intuition in waking life, and this can cause you more problems in the future than you might think. This dream indicates that you need to listen to your instincts. Maybe it’s time to rethink a decision. 

Or, a dream where you have stomach cancer implies that your diet in waking life needs to improve. Maybe it’s time to include more gut-friendly foods, and cut down on the sugar and the fast food.

A Dream Where You Have Brain Cancer Meaning

Dreaming of brain cancer means that a particular pattern of thought or a vicious cycle has taken over your life. 

You might be overwhelmed with problems, or you’re only seeing the negative side of things. Maybe everything feels like a problem you have to solve, and they just keep stacking up.

Your subconscious is telling you that you need to improve your mentality. The solutions and good things are there, but only if you can recognize them to take them.

If you dream of having a brain tumor, this indicates a health concern that’s taking over your waking thoughts. Is it time to confront it?

Dreaming Of Colon Or Bowel Cancer Symbolism

A dream where you have bowel cancer or colon cancer implies that you’re not being honest about how you feel. You’ve pushed your emotions down so much that they are threatening to explode, and you need to find a healthy outlet before things get out of control.

Trust other people to accept you as you accept them, and you’ll live much happier for it.

Alternatively, dreaming of having a type of cancer in your digestive system suggests inner conflict or overwhelming negativity. It’s difficult to find any motivation, or do anything remotely productive. 

Blood Cancer Dream Meaning

A dream of blood cancer reveals something that is draining your energy or motivation. Your dream calls on you to change something in waking life in order to feel more well.

If you dream of being told you have leukemia, this implies that you feel downtrodden in an area of your life. Is it time to do something about it?

Dreaming Of Cervical Cancer Meaning

A dream of being diagnosed with cervical cancer reflects worries about your physical well being. Something isn’t as you want it. It can also point to body-image insecurities which you need to accept or do something about.

Alternatively, a dream involving cervical cancer implies other people’s expectations that you should start a family. No one else gets to decide that but you.

Lung Cancer Dream Meaning

While dreaming of lung cancer is more common in those that smoke or have smoked in the past, it’s not a requirement. A dream like this may also reflect worries of pollution, where you feel the air isn’t clean or your lifestyle could be better elsewhere.

It can also suggest that you feel stuck in the place or routine that you’ve had for a while. Ask yourself if this is still what you want, or if it’s time for a change.

Dreaming Of Skin Cancer Meaning

Dreaming of skin cancer implies that you’re not taking care of yourself in the way you know you should. Maybe you feel as though you’re too busy and you don’t have enough time, but you might come to regret this choice later.

Alternatively, dreaming of having skin cancer suggests that you’re being singled out for something, or you’re not getting the same level of respect as other people in some area of your life. 

Throat And Mouth Cancer Meaning In A Dream

Dreams involving throat or mouth cancer have the same symbolism. Your dream reflects waking life, where there’s a great miscommunication because you’re not letting other people get close to you. 

You’re creating the wrong impression by not being honest about how you feel, or your reasons for doing something. Maybe someone is getting on your nerves. 

They might be trying to help you but you feel it’s not the right decision, but you don’t know how to tell them. Best to be honest now rather than let them down later.

A Dream Where You Have Liver Cancer Symbolism

One of the rarer cancer dreams, a dream where you have liver cancer is not one to ignore. As the liver helps get rid of harmful chemicals from the bloodstream, and as such, your dream suggests a harmful imbalance in waking life.

This might be between your work life and your personal life, where you focus too much of your energy on one and not enough of the other.

Maybe you’ve developed a harmful habit or you’ve gotten close to someone who will have a detrimental impact on your life. You might be surrounded by negativity or toxic people.

A Dream Where You Find Tumors

Dreaming of finding tumors points to a loss of purpose, motivation, or perspective. You might be reeling from a bad situation or a failure, which is affecting your outlook as a whole. Or, you’re having trouble getting any problems scratched off your list, and you’re not sure what to do.

However, dreaming of tumors isn’t always a bad sign. It can suggest that you’re finally looking for the difficult problems or resolving any long-standing issues so that you can move on with your life. It indicates a period of healing.

Dreaming Of Being Treated For Cancer

Despite what you might think, a dream of being treated for cancer is actually a good sign. Whether you dream of receiving chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or a different treatment altogether, this dream suggests a positive outcome soon.

It can indicate that there is a huge change on the horizon for you, where you’ll adopt an entirely different perspective or lifestyle. Maybe a chapter of your life will close, allowing room for a new life stage.

A dream of being treated for cancer hints at a life milestone, such as moving to a new place, getting promoted or a better job, and a deepening relationship.

If you dream of having surgery to remove a tumor, this implies a fresh start somewhere in life, with a host of new opportunities just waiting for you to take them. 

This might be a different career path, a shift in your priorities, a new relationship, or your family getting bigger.

A Dream Where You’re Cured Of Cancer

As you might guess, dreaming of being cured of cancer is a very positive sign. Expect good luck to come your way in waking life, whether that’s your problems going away entirely, a promotion, or simply enjoying yourself for a while.

Dreaming Of Someone You Know Having Cancer

While this is a disturbing dream, it isn’t necessarily a bad one. Dreams like this encourage you to look at circumstances differently, with a more positive approach.

If you’re quite worried about the person you’re dreaming of, it is always worth spending more time with them. Especially if you’ve had an argument recently, where you do nothing but replay all the insults and jibes thrown around.

This dream indicates that you shouldn’t waste your energy and time on grudges, or on negativity in general. 

Dreaming Of Family Having Cancer

Dreaming of someone in your family having cancer is unlikely to be a prediction. Instead, it might reflect your worry of something bad happening to them, or they’re going through many problems and will turn to you for help soon.

A Dream Where Someone Close To You Dies Of Cancer

What a nightmare. Dreams like this represent your terror of losing someone you love, which doesn’t always mean the person in your dream.

Alternatively, a dream where someone you love dies of cancer urges you to spend more time with them. Your relationship isn’t what it was, and you should make a conscious effort to improve it. 

Dreams of this nature are especially common when you’ve had a lot of arguments recently, or circumstances have created a rift in your relationship. They reflect your desire to reconcile, even if this is only a subconscious wish.

Dreaming Of Giving Cigarettes To Someone Who Died Of Cancer

This is an odd one. Dreaming of giving cigarettes or something else harmful to someone who died of cancer points to guilt and unresolved issues. 

Perhaps you didn’t do something they desperately wanted, or helping them was beyond your power. Maybe you had too many problems to see what was going on with them.

Regardless of the reason, your subconscious is giving you a way to process these feelings in a way that you can’t reconcile with in waking life. This is a way of starting the healing process.

A Stranger Having Cancer In Your Dream

Dreaming of a stranger living with cancer implies that you’re stagnating somewhere in waking life, when you have so many goals and wishes to work towards. Make the most of each day that you have.

Dreaming Of People Dying Of Cancer

A dream where several people die from cancer reflects your own anxieties about getting sick (see also article titled ‘What Does Your Dream Of Vomiting Mean? Dream Interpretation And Symbolism’). Maybe your family has a history of cancer, and you’re worried about it yourself.

It can also demonstrate a fear of any illness, such as a cold or a particularly nasty virus going around.

Dreaming of many people getting cancer and dying (see also article on dreaming about parents dying) from it implies you’re spiraling into despair. You’re overwhelmed by negativity and bad luck in waking life, and you can’t see a way forward.

Alternatively, a dream like this reveals a stubbornness which won’t help you. You are refusing to listen to other people’s advice, or let them help you in some way. Things will only take longer and become more difficult when you refuse the help of others.

It may be that you’re forced to come around to their way of thinking anyway.

A Dream About The Zodiac Cancer Sign

Dreaming of the zodiac sign cancer implies that you have a lot of power and influence in waking life. You also form strong attachments to people, and these aren’t easily broken.

A dream like this also reveals your sensitivity when it comes to other people’s emotions or opinions. You care a great deal about what other people think of you.

Dreaming Of Cancer Is A Good Thing If:

As you have discovered, cancer dreams don’t always carry negative symbolism, even if they were nightmares. For example, these dreams can avert disaster by encouraging you to spend time with a specific person who you dreamed had cancer.

It might urge you to resolve a long-standing conflict which you both refused to let go of. It might also be the encouragement you need to face a certain fear, like the fear of getting ill (see also article titled ‘What Does Sickness Mean In A Dream?‘), allowing you to finally move forward.

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