Demon Dream Meaning And Symbolism

Are demons real? Can they visit you in your dreams? Do these dreams have any power over us?

A dream involving a demon can cause a lot of confusion, fear, and worry. Why they appear in our dreams is hotly debated, and has been for hundreds of years, all around the world. 

As every single dream you have is tailored to you and only you, only you get to decide what your dream means. 

But first, here’s everything you need to know about demons appearing in your dreams, from why we dream of demons, common demon dreams, and how to interpret your dream of a demon. 

Why Do We Dream Of Demons?

A dream which features demons is unsettling, to say the least. Some dreams of demons can be incredibly vivid, and it may take a couple of minutes to remember what your reality is, where demons are not real.

 But they are incredibly powerful symbols, carrying equally potent messages and emotions. They are usually a signal that negativity is an overpowering force in your life, whether that’s consciously or subconsciously. 

They are a sign that something isn’t right, whether that’s something you’re internally struggling with, or something more obvious and concrete.

If you look at the mythology of demons – who are twisted, evil, corrupted creatures, this symbolism makes a lot of sense. After all, in many cultures, demons are what you get when angels are corrupted.

Common Dreams Of Demons And What They Mean

You might be surprised to learn that dreams of demons are one of the most common dreams you can have. Not many people admit to having dreams of demons, in case other people think they are crazy or even possessed by demons themselves!

You only have to look at the sheer amount of symbolism concerning demon dreams, and the claims throughout history of people being visited by demons to see this.

Essentially, demons in dreams symbolize two different ideas. The most obvious one is temptation, where your deeply-buried desires and impulses come to the surface.

The second is that you feel deeply vulnerable, conflicted, or you’re reeling from a horrible and utterly wrong situation in waking life. Things haven’t gone the way they should have. 

The good news is that when a dream symbol represents a problem in waking life, it can also offer you a solution, too. It’s always worth paying attention to as much of the dream’s detail as possible and trying to decode each aspect as much as you can.

Dreaming Of Being Surrounded By Demons

If you dream of being surrounded by hordes of demons, this reflects how you feel cornered and unable to breathe in waking life. Something is restricting your sense of freedom, and you feel the urgency of time pressing in.

Maybe you need to make a decision, but you don’t feel you have a clear enough head to do so. This dream reflects how the confusion and the urgency are making things much worse than they need to be. Take a breath.

Dancing With A Demon In Your Dream

A dream of dancing with a demon implies that you have a lot of sway when it comes to influencing others. You should be very careful how you use this. Don’t let power corrupt.

Or, a dream where you dance with a demon implies that you’re flirting with disaster. Maybe you’ve made a decision that won’t turn out well, or you’ve met someone who won’t be a good influence in your life.

Alternatively, a dream of dancing with a demon denotes that things are going very well for you right now, everything’s falling into place, but you should still be careful what decisions you make. Good fortune never lasts forever. 

Dreaming Of A Demon In Your Home

Seeing a demon in your home in a dream denotes a situation that has cut you to the core. You feel completely unsteady, reeling from this event, and it will take a while to get back on your proverbial feet.

Dreaming of a demon trying to break into your home implies that time is limited in a situation you don’t want to face. You’ll need to make sure you’re ready for it.

Dreaming Of Being Possessed By A Demon

A dream of being possessed by a demon suggests that conflict, strife, or stress is all coming from you. You are your source of conflict. You don’t need to look for an external enemy to pit yourself against – it’s coming from within.

You are listening to all of your desires and acting on them, instead of paying attention to your conscience and experience.

Maybe you can’t rid yourself of a vicious cycle of self-sabotage, or habits that are distracting you from the real things you need to focus on.

Alternatively, dreaming of being possessed by a demon indicates that a problem in your life is too big for you to handle alone. You should seek the help of your closest friends or family.

Feeding A Demon In Your Dream

A dream where you feed a demon mirrors your actions in waking life. You’re making things worse for yourself, and where there is some negativity, you’re stoking the fire and making it more difficult.

Demons represent stress and discord, and while you might be trying to ignore a situation, you are making things worse. Learn to let go of what you don’t have a say in, and better control the stuff that you do.

Battling A Demon In Your Dream

A dream where you battle a demon implies that you need to take control of a situation in waking life. Something needs your attention, your input, and it might not turn out well without it. 

Dreaming of fighting a demon can also reveal future strife and trouble, where you’ll need to be strong to get through it. You may face some emotional turmoil soon, where you clash with someone you love, and the conflict lies within how your opinions can be so different. 

Making A Deal With A Demon In Your Dream

A dream where you make a deal with a demon denotes powerlessness in waking life. You feel you cannot get what you want or need by yourself, so you’re looking for other ways to get it.

Your subconscious warns you to be patient, and to try and get things under your power, not someone else’s.

The Demon Dream Symbol Meaning

There are multiple layers of meaning behind a demon dream symbol, and it’s worth taking your time to look through them all before you decide which one matches up with your dream of a demon.

Impulses And Temptation

This is probably the most common. Throughout many cultures, stories, religions, and cautionary tales embedded into our histories, demons act as the tipping point for greed, temptation, and acting on your most base of impulses.

While the demon gives you a shove, these impulses and desires were already in you, though they are often blamed for creating conflicts from nothing.

Within dreams, demons serve as the sounding board for some of our worst impulses. Because we are so familiar with the demons acting as temptation, this is one of the most common manifestations of demons in dreams.

The demons represent what you’re tempted to do the most. Regardless of whether that behavior scares you or not, they represent your base impulses, and through them, your subconscious explores whether you’re willing to act on them or not.

Demons symbolize those desires that go directly against your morals and your conscience, but the temptation is strong enough that you still want to listen.

Dreams are a way of exploring your behavior, and what you would or wouldn’t do when the chips are down. It gives you a better understanding of your nature, and when you’d be less likely to listen to your conscience, allowing you to avoid these impulses.

Stress, Conflict, And Arguments

Demons in dreams serve to antagonize us, to stir up stress, arguments, and conflicts. When we are conflicted, frustrated, or annoyed, we are more likely to give in to our desires. 

They can symbolize an awful event in waking life that you cannot get past or something which you have no say in or influence over, but it affects you greatly. 

Whatever is causing you so much stress, it doesn’t seem as though it’s going to change anytime soon.

A demon may also represent an internal conflict, where you’re completely torn between two decisions or paths in life. 

How To Find The Meaning Behind Your Dream Of A Demon

The best way to start is to look at the emotions the dream provoked, as this greatly affects the meaning behind your dream.

In a dream, your feelings are at their most intrinsic, powerful form, and serve as a great signpost to what your dream is trying to tell you.

If you feel very angry when you see the demon, this particular demon represents your anger, outrage, frustration, or annoyance that you’ve yet to deal with.

Feeling scared when you discover a demon in your dream is natural. More often than not, the demon represents something unnatural in waking life, where things have turned out completely different from what you expected or wanted to happen.

Dreaming of feeling relieved when you see the demon, or when it coaxes you into doing something you wouldn’t in waking life, implies that you feel trapped by your responsibilities. Or, you’re trying to control every aspect of waking life, and things just don’t work like that. 

The demon in your dream may be signaling that you need to let go of the impulse to try and control everything and let some things fall where they may. Sometimes the best things happen when you stop trying to control a situation. 

Maybe you need to consider what you want out of life. Don’t focus on what you think others want for you, or what you feel you should be doing.

Final Thoughts 

Dreams of demons can be a worrying experience where you fear for your sanity, but they are often incredibly useful. They can reveal where things are going wrong in life, and how you might fix them. 

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