Dog Attack Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a dog attack is nearly as bad as being unlucky enough to be the victim of one in waking life. 

It’s not something anyone wants a part in. No matter if that’s being bitten by a dog, being chased by many dogs, or fighting with a dog in your dream.

A dream like this is especially painful if you are a dog lover, or even if you’re frightened of dogs.

But what is your subconscious trying to tell you?

Why Am I Dreaming Of A Dog Attack?

Essentially, any kind of nightmare is your subconscious trying to get your attention. A single aspect of waking life is causing you so much pain and stress that you’re not paying attention to something that desperately needs your focus. 

You’re likely to dream of being attacked by a dog when you feel emotionally vulnerable in waking life, no matter your thoughts about dogs. 

Something has come along to make you feel exposed, or you can’t feel you can depend on something that should be a constant in your life.

A dream like this often mirrors a situation that you thought would turn out to be great but reveals itself to be the opposite. 

Think of it this way: an adorable dog, which was wagging its tail and looking happy to see you suddenly turns into a dog impression of a chainsaw, with snapping teeth and crazy eyes.

Some dog attack dreams (see also article on dreams of snake attacks) reflect a very fine line between positivity and negativity, loyalty and betrayal, happiness and fear.  These dreams reflect the uncertainty and chaos that life can cause us, and how we struggle emotionally.

Dog attack dreams are especially common when we feel emotionally overwhelmed. Your dream gives you a way of confronting your emotions, even if this seems too much within the dream scenario.

They can also occur when you feel conflicted and refuse to face a problem in waking life, but change will come to your door regardless of how you feel about it. 

The Dog Dream Symbol

It’s worth noting that when dogs appear in dreams, they usually denote happiness and unquestionable loyalty. 

If we turn this on its head when a dog attacks us in a dream, this points to a disruption in your happiness, and someone close to you betraying you in some way.

If you keep having dreams of being attacked by dogs, this can point to a relationship that’s turned toxic, or how waking life has utterly decimated your belief that things can still be good. You’re going through a difficult time.

Dreaming of a dog attack points to conflict, whether that’s with someone you know, yourself, or a horrible situation. 

It’s worth remembering that dogs do not attack people without a reason. The majority of dogs are not inherently aggressive, and this applies to wolves, too. 

Dogs usually learn to be aggressive through their environment and interactions with others, or by people teaching them to be that way. It’s always worth holding onto this thought when you have a dream of a dog attacking you. 

How Likely Is It To Be Attacked By A Dog?

You’d be surprised at how many people are afraid of dogs or being attacked by dogs, but how often does it happen? 

The biggest factor you have to consider is where you live. Some countries have a problem with stray and feral dogs, where people have learned to keep away from them and sometimes have to fend off a dog attack.

Other places have no stray or feral dogs in the streets, where the only likelihood of being attacked by a dog is when a pet dog is terrified or the owner isn’t responsible. 

But what does all of this mean when it comes to dreaming of a dog attack? If you’ve been attacked by a dog at some point in your waking life, you’re more likely to dream of this scenario, as it’s your subconscious replaying this event.

You should reflect on the context of the dream for more information. If, for example, you are attacked by an ill dog in your dream, this suggests you’re self-sabotaging your life in some aspect, and there are a lot of conflicts you’re trying to ignore.

But a dream like this may also mean that your pet requires some sort of medical attention. We can subconsciously pick up on cues that something isn’t right. After all, you know your pet better than anyone. 

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Dog Teeth?

Dog teeth in a dream are symbolic of a warning or an attack in waking life. If there is an emphasis on dog teeth in your dream – maybe you didn’t see the actual dog at all, but the snap of the teeth – you feel vulnerable.

Seeing a dog’s teeth in a dream is considered a bad sign for the future, as they are linked to pain, conflict, and struggle. 

This might be an inner conflict, or it could be something more obvious, such as arguing with someone you care about or feeling threatened by someone in your waking life.

It could be that you’re dreaming of dog teeth as a way of your subconscious drawing your attention to your own wilder impulses. These thoughts and instincts are intrusive and always occur a split second before your conscience can catch up. 

In this way, dog teeth usually refer to aggression, anger, frustration, or even feeling protective of someone. Your dream urges you to explore where these emotions are coming from.

Dreaming Of Being Bitten By A Dog

A dream where you are bitten by a dog is the most common form of dog attack dreams. But every dream is different, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all interpretation. There are still a few things to look for. 

One of the most common areas that dogs will bite is on the leg. Dreaming of being bitten on the leg suggests your ‘standing’ in life is being threatened, or there’s a great imbalance causing you a lot of emotional suffering. 

Your dream urges you to find new stability that you can work from, and move toward what you want out of life.

If you see someone get bitten on the leg, this reveals the potential for someone to betray you or damage your relationship in some way. If this person was a stranger, you could be risking self-sabotage in an area of your life, if you’re not careful.

Attacked By A Pack Of Dogs In A Dream

What a frightening dream. It reflects how you feel in waking life, where everything seems to be ‘attacking’ you at once. Something in your home has broken, your work life is stressful, and your relationship is growing increasingly distant.

These events pile up, leaving you feeling suffocated. When one thing goes wrong, more misfortune tends to follow. 

However, a dream like this isn’t completely negative. While a pack of dogs is a terrifying image, they are by no means invulnerable. It’s the fear that’s the worst thing in your waking life right now.

As soon as you can recognize this, things will get much easier. You’ll feel more ready to deal with the things plaguing your life, and they will be over before you know it.

Being Chased By A Dog In A Dream

A dream where you are running from a dog that’s chasing you focuses on your relationships with others. 

As the dream symbol of a dog refers to loyalty, you might be nervous about committing to someone, or you don’t feel they are very loyal to you if push comes to shove.

The dog might be chasing you in your dream as a reminder to look after the people you love and cherish the most. 

Killing A Dog In A Dream

This dream is an uncomfortable thought. Unfortunately, the meaning behind it is pretty negative, too.

A dream where you kill a dog is not a very common scenario, but it denotes the end of loyalty or a profound connection with someone coming to an end. 

The dog in your dream represents a friendship or someone you deeply care about, and as you kill the dog, likely, you or the other person is about to damage your relationship, potentially beyond repair. 

The Dream Psychologist’s Interpretation Of Pet Dreams

It’s worth looking at some dream psychology when you want to interpret your dream, as it can offer some incredible insights. Not all of it will apply to your dream, after all, your dream is tailored to you and you alone.

According to Sigmund Freud, your dream is a way of looking at the state of your subconscious mind. Dream symbols such as dogs can represent many things in waking life, and these of course vary depending on your associations and memories of that particular symbol.

Try to consider what the dog in your dream means to you, and why it attacked you in the dream. It could represent part of your personality – perhaps the shadow part, which holds all of your repressed thoughts and memories.

It can denote a desire to let your wilder side loose in waking life, where you feel utterly trapped by your responsibilities, and you just want to forget your problems for a little while.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming of a dog attack reflects part of waking life where you feel attacked, exposed, or otherwise less secure than you normally would. 

This can be any aspect of life, maybe that’s within your professional life, where a deal has gone south, or in your family life, where you’re experiencing a lot of arguments.

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