Dragonfly Dream Meaning – Top 10 Dreams Of Dragonflies And Their Meanings

The dragonfly isn’t a common dream symbol, but it does have interesting things to tell you when it appears in your dream.

The dragonfly is one of the most beautiful insects on earth and also one of the most fascinating. It has been around for millions of years and can be found all over the world.

These curious insects (see also article titled ‘What Do Bees In Dreams Mean? Bee Dream Interpretation‘) 
have captured our imagination for an unthinkable amount of time, where we’ve illustrated them on rock paintings, pottery, statues, jewelry, and other forms of art.

In some parts of the world, dragonflies are regarded as good luck, symbols of strength and bravery, and in others, they are harbingers of misfortune.

But what do dragonflies mean in dreams?

Common Dreams Of Dragonflies And What They Mean

Dragonflies in dreams typically symbolize change, a shift in circumstances, a period of transformation or renewal. 

They can also symbolize never settling in one place for long, good intentions, reassurance, and good fortune.

Let’s take a look at a few common dragonfly dreams and their symbolism, which will help you understand your own dragonfly dream.

Dragonflies Flying

A dream where a dragonfly flies over water such as a pond, a lake, or a swimming pool suggests a spiritual journey, experience, or new goal in waking life. 

This journey will provide you with a lot of experience, purpose, and satisfaction.

If you dream of a dragonfly that seems to be flying (see also article about dreaming of birds) without a purpose, this reflects your restlessness or lack of purpose in waking life.

This dream warns against making impulsive or reckless decisions, and urges you to put your excess energy into a project that will give you some direction.

Catching A Dragonfly

Dreaming of catching a dragonfly with your bare hands in a dream points to your own skill. You have everything you need to get ahead.

Catching a dragonfly with a net in your dream suggests that you’re searching for a deeper level of understanding in terms of your own soul or emotions. 

Searching For A Dragonfly

A dream where you search for a dragonfly mirrors how you are looking for purpose, or a new motivation to move forward in life.

A Dead Dragonfly

Seeing a dead dragonfly in your dream points to emotional hurt. You are still reeling from a horrible situation or someone’s choice to hurt you.

A Dragonfly Tattoo

Seeing a dragonfly tattoo in your dream suggests a new personal journey, and a large shift in your routine or way of life. 

In the near future, you may feel the need to show someone how you have changed, and you’ll move through life with a more open and honest heart, without limitations or expectations.

Eating A Dragonfly

A dream of eating a dragonfly suggests that your perception of life is skewed. In the pursuit of a single goal, you’re acting selfishly and hurting someone you love.

Different Dragonfly Types In Dreams And Symbolism

A Huge Dragonfly

A very large dragonfly appearing in your dreams represents your sensitive and passionate nature.

You feel things very deeply, and these emotions will serve you as a compass through life, provided that you keep them in balance with your logical mind.

Dragonfly Wings

Dreaming of dragonfly wings imply that your idea of the future is a very intricate, fragile thing just like the wings of a dragonfly. This dream also denotes fear, where you are afraid that if you open up to someone, you’ll only get hurt.

Two Or More Dragonflies

Seeing two or more dragonflies in a dream suggests an uptick in your social life soon. You’ll enjoy a more profound connection with other people, and they will also help you on your path going forward.

Different Dragonfly Colors In Dreams And Their Meanings

A White Dragonfly

A white dragonfly appearing in your dreams indicates it’s time to be honest with yourself, or the people around you. Admit what isn’t working, express your thoughts, and tell people how you feel.

A Black Dragonfly

Dreaming of a black dragonfly encourages you to look closer. Something in waking life isn’t what you might think, and you’d do well to explore what this might be.

A Gold Dragonfly

A good dragonfly is a sign of very good luck, especially in your professional life.

A Multicolored Dragonfly

A dragonfly that features many colors is a sign of prosperity and good fortune. If you’ve been deliberating on a new career path, it’s time to start something new.

A Blue Dragonfly

A blue dragonfly in your dream indicates a new-found curiosity for the world and its mysteries.

A Red Dragonfly

Red dragonflies usually appear in dreams as a warning. Be careful who you trust, and make sure a certain drive or passion does not consume your life.

A Green Dragonfly

Green dragonflies denote your ability to adapt to change. Make sure you don’t fight it.

A Brown Dragonfly

Brown dragonflies indicate your strong skills and strength of will. If you apply both, there’s nothing you cannot achieve.

A Pink Dragonfly

Pink dragonflies suggest that you need to be more watchful of your surroundings.

Final Thoughts

Dragonfly dreams can vary in their meaning, so make sure to pay attention to the other details of your dream, such as the context in which the insect (see also article about butterflies in dreams) appeared, if any harm came to the dragonfly, and your own reaction to it.

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