Dreaming About Cockroaches And What It Means

Why can’t my dream be about nice insects, like butterflies or dragonflies? This is probably something you’ve asked yourself when you dream of something horrible like cockroaches. 

Not only do their appearance frighten many people, but they also carry several nasty diseases that anyone would rather avoid. Even these creepy crawlies appearing in your dreams can be a bit much for a lot of people!

Luckily, dreams about cockroaches aren’t always as negative as you might assume. Surprisingly, they have a lot of spiritual associations, too.

Let’s explore what your cockroach dream or nightmare is trying to tell you.

What Does A Cockroach Mean In A Dream?

Dreams involving cockroaches can make your skin crawl and itch, especially if you’ve just had a nightmare about cockroaches.

The good news is that they’re not usually a bad sign. A cockroach in a dream usually relates to a new opportunity or a new chapter in your life, as well as longevity and experience.

Even nightmares about cockroaches can carry positive symbolism. As you probably know, cockroaches are incredibly difficult to kill or get rid of, and while this may signify tricky circumstances you’re going through, it also represents your resilience and inner strength.

A dream demonstrating the resilience of cockroaches is a call to stay on your current path, and you’ll soon see things improve.

As cockroaches are associated with dirt, illness, and mess, in dreams they can be an encouragement to get rid of things in life that no longer serve you.

Cockroaches have existed for thousands of years, and remain a horrifying nuisance. In dreams, they can symbolize a conflict between you and a friend or loved one, where your competitive nature aims to win.

If you dream of a large cockroach, or a small group of normal-sized roaches, this is generally taken as a positive sign. No matter how things seem now, you will push past any problems and make your way to victory.

Be wary if you dream of an overwhelming amount of cockroaches. This can indicate you’re neglecting your responsibilities, or your promises to others. Hold yourself accountable, and make sure you can be reliable.

Dreaming of a sea of cockroaches headed towards you mirrors anxieties and doubts about your ability to cope with problems in waking life. This is only a reflection of how you feel, and it isn’t a demonstration of how you can’t cope with problems.

Some times are harder than others, and the more you face up to your problems, the easier things will become. Roaches in dreams are often a sign to keep going, to not get discouraged just because something is harder than you thought.

It’s common to feel disgusted or afraid when you dream of a cockroach, and this repulsion isn’t a sign of bad things to come. Instead, it’s just mirroring the reaction you’d have if you saw one of these bugs scuttling across your floor!

However, if you dream that you get sick (see also article about dreaming of vomiting) because of cockroaches, this implies a potential health problem because you’re not looking after yourself properly. Make sure to eat the right foods, get enough sleep and exercise, and make sure your place is clean!

If you’re unlucky enough to dream about a cockroach being in your bed (urgh!), this reveals future problems which will come to challenge your sense of security and eat up all of your time, so you feel you have no time to rest.

Dreaming of dead cockroaches can point to despair. Maybe circumstances in waking life are tough right now, or you lack the motivation to go further. 

A dream like this implies that you’ve lost your direction in life, or the fire that motivates you. Keep an open mind in the present, and try something new. See where life takes you.

If you dream of being terrified of cockroaches, this points to anxiety or fear overwhelming you in waking life. You don’t take opportunities that seem made for you because you’re worried they won’t turn out well, or you won’t be good enough.

Cockroaches In Dream Psychology

When we picture cockroaches, we don’t exactly imagine a spotless house or a place filled with light. No, usually we think of the opposite, where cockroaches like to hide in the dark, and filthy surroundings.

In dream psychology, there are a couple of interpretations worth exploring:

Subconscious Thoughts And Ideas

To some, cockroaches in dreams represent the thoughts, feelings, and ideas which are deeply buried in your subconscious mind. Some dreams allow these to surface, where you can then explore these within your dream.

Just imagine finding a cockroach. More often than not, it’ll scuttle away to the smallest and darkest of places where you can’t reach it, and sometimes you won’t even know they are there, to begin with.

Renewal And Rebirth

The majority of cockroach species have oval bodies. In Latin, the word for oval is ovum, which describes an egg, which is where this particular association comes from.

Seeing a single roach in your dream reveals a change in your future, where your whole lifestyle will become completely different. You may find yourself working towards a goal you never expected, on a wildly different path than you might have dreamed of.

Dreams of cockroaches can imply a life-changing decision or event, such as a new life partner, getting married, changing career, or relocating to a different country.

Strength Of Mind

As these creepy crawlies are so tough, seeing roaches in your dream is a message of reassurance. You can handle anything. Maybe life is getting you down right now, and the list of problems is just getting heavier.

Dreaming of cockroaches is your subconscious encouraging you to keep going. Though that will be difficult, it may be more tricky to stop and have to restart from the beginning, so keep this in mind.

It’s rumored that cockroaches can survive nuclear war, so seeing them in your dreams is a sign to carry on, and go after what you want.

More than one cockroach in your dream refers to your resilient nature, and how you should chase after your dreams as hard as you can.

Alternatively, dreaming of roaches suggests there’s something in waking life that is stopping you from progressing. You need to have the strength to be honest with yourself about it, and actively do something about it. 

Spiritual Renewal Or Cleansing

Dreaming of cockroaches can be a call to clear your energies, cleanse your chakras, and look to the future with a fresh mindset. Maybe you’re still carrying around old problems, issues, or difficulties that are no longer relevant, holding you back from reaching what you want.

Perhaps a horrible situation has left you questioning your spiritual journey. Your subconscious urges you to find a renewed purpose.

The Spiritual Interpretation Of Cockroach Dreams

It might surprise you to learn that there are a lot of spiritual associations connected to cockroach dreams. 

Cockroaches in your dreams are a mixed sign. Many dream interpreters regard cockroaches as carriers of evil, not just because they creep people out and carry disease, but because they love very dark, damp places where they can hide from predators.

Cockroaches can also be a representation of your shadow self. Your shadow self is the suppressed part of your psyche that you feel society would judge you for. It also contains your repressed memories, urges, and deepest wishes.

If you see a cockroach in your dream, this may be a call to accept the parts of you which make up your shadow self. No one is perfect, and trying to be will only bring misery. 

A dream involving your shadow self may indicate that you need to do some spiritual cleansing, as you’re holding onto too much negativity, and this is starting to affect you in waking life.

But cockroaches in dreams also have some positive spiritual associations, too. As they are very robust creatures, able to adapt to many challenging environments and climates, they can remind you of your resilience.

The dream reminds you that you can overcome any obstacle as long as you believe you can, and put in the hard work to get there.

Why Do I Keep Dreaming Of Cockroaches?

The cockroach dream symbol isn’t exactly the most pleasant, and it can be annoying if it keeps cropping up in your dreams. But these dreams do carry an important message, especially when they keep repeating themselves.

Recurring dreams of cockroaches are all about the deepest corners of your mind. Maybe you long for change, but you’re refusing to accept it or move towards something new because what you’re used to is safe.

Sometimes, repeating dreams of cockroaches suggests that you need to take some time to undergo a period of healing or transformation. 

You may need to have a good look at how your life feels right now. Do you feel your problems are getting too heavy? What about your physical health? Could you be taking care of yourself better?

It’s worth taking an honest look at your life, and seeing if there’s anything you can do to enjoy each day a little more. This might be spending more time with those you care about, sinking more time into a hobby, or just switching off now and then.

Cockroach dreams that keep repeating are also linked to upcoming difficulties or goals which require a lot of work, but they will be worth it. These goals or problems are all about the end game, so don’t expect to see results straight away. You’ll need to pace yourself to get there.

Older Dream Interpretations Of Cockroaches

It’s worth looking at older dream symbolism, as while some interpretations can be strikingly similar (even a hundred years on), some are wildly different from their original meanings.

This can also depend on the dream symbol. In terms of cockroaches, older dream symbolism tells us that to see a cockroach in a dream reveals new and useful connections in high places.

You might meet someone famous or influential, and this relationship may come to mean more to you than you might realize at first glance. They may also be able to help you with something in life, too.

Dreaming of killing or trying to kill cockroaches implies one of two things. Either you’re about to receive an unexpected windfall, where you will get a pay rise, win on a scratchcard for example, or something else entirely.

The second dream interpretation of trying to kill roaches is that you need other people to succeed. While we tend to admire people who are ‘self-made’, more often than not many people who have enjoyed success would not have been able to get where they are without the help of others.

Yes, their incredible motivation and hard work are admirable, but without allowing other people to help you, you might try the hardest you can, and you might not get very far. 

That’s not to say that you don’t have a lot of control or power over your life without the help of others. However, life is much more enjoyable when you have a community to lean on and share knowledge with, and you might find yourself getting successful a bit faster, too.

The symbolism behind dreaming of many cockroaches in your home is not as horrifying as the modern interpretation. It’s a positive dream and indicates that you’ll soon accumulate some money (see also article on dreaming of finding money) which will help a great deal in providing you with some security. 

Common Cockroach Dreams And What They Mean

It’s worth taking a look at how cockroaches can appear in dreams, as the context within the dream can affect the meaning behind your specific dream.

Dead Cockroaches In Your Dream

A dead cockroach points to tricky circumstances in the present, or shortly. 

Something that you’ve desperately wanted for a long time won’t be as easy as it should be, such as your romantic relationship becoming serious, gaining a promotion, or getting someone to trust you.

Things will seem completely impossible for a while, but don’t let this put you off. Trying rarely leads to regret while giving up early often leads to the distraction of wishful thinking.

As some cockroaches in dreams can represent uncertainty or confusion, seeing dead ones in your dreams points to clarity, a new perspective, or a fresh purpose in your life.

Alternatively, dreaming of dead cockroaches implies that you’ve fallen into despair or depression. Your self-confidence, hope, and optimism have taken a nose-dive.

This may be a direct result of someone lying to you, where you don’t know where you stand with this person anymore. Or maybe an investment opportunity or something you’ve sunk a lot of time and effort into has failed.

Whatever the reason, you should turn your attention to something you can change and improve, and leave what you can’t behind.

Black Cockroaches Dream Meaning

Black cockroaches in your dream may be oriental cockroaches, which grow to nearly 2 inches large. There are several meanings behind a dream of an oriental cockroach, but usually, they are concerned with secrets and hidden meanings.

Maybe someone you know has been a little cryptic lately, and you’re wondering what on earth is on their mind, or what their words meant. 

A black cockroach implies that you’re wary about someone’s intentions or expectations. Something remains unclear, and you’re wondering how things will turn out.

It may be that you’re keeping secrets – your own or someone else’s, and things are getting more complicated than you would like. Or someone’s keeping secrets from you, and you’ve noticed some very odd behavior.

There’s an element of the unknown creeping into your life, and you’re not sure what to do with it. This uncertainty has the potential to distract you from what’s going on around you and tempt you to focus your attention inward.

You might also see a black cockroach in your dream when you feel like you’re making no progress in life, though you’re trying as hard as you possibly can to see some signs of progress. 

Again, the undercurrent of this dream is why. Your dream is encouraging you to look deeper and try to find answers to the questions niggling away at you. Until you do, you won’t be able to move on.

A dream which focuses heavily on the oriental cockroach implies that you’re doing a lot of introspection on your own life, but not specifically what’s stopping you from achieving your dreams.

There might be something that you haven’t considered at all that is stopping your progress in life, so make sure you look deeper.

As cockroaches can carry many diseases, and the oriental cockroach is no exception, dreaming of one (especially in a dirty environment) can point to potential health issues or discord in your spiritual path.

Dreams of killing a black cockroach are regarded as lucky, as these roaches can represent problems and spiritual roadblocks in your life. So the act of killing them in a dream reveals the end of an ongoing problem or tough situation, even if there’s no sign of it letting up now.

Being attacked by a black roach in your dream indicates problems are ahead of you, perhaps a major change or a loss of surety somewhere in your life. If you drive it away or kill it, these issues will be short-lived.

Dreaming Of A White Cockroach

A white cockroach in a dream has some spiritual implications. It denotes that you shouldn’t regard anything as absolute, as there are always multiple layers to any situation or decision you make.

A dream like this also serves as encouragement. If you suspect you’re not making any progress in waking life, perhaps there’s something you should do differently. 

A dream where a white cockroach attacks you implies that someone is going to destroy your trust in them soon. It may be a colleague who you’ve worked with for years or someone you love dearly. 

This person might completely knock your confidence in people for a while, where you’ll find it difficult to open up to others.

Dreaming Of A Cockroach On Its Back

Seeing a cockroach lying on its back in a dream is an interesting image. These insects don’t find it difficult to turn themselves the right way around, and it reflects a temporary setback in waking life.

While you feel discouraged because of a problematic time in waking life, this dream is a reassurance that things will soon work out, especially if you put your mind to it.

If you dream of a dead cockroach lying on its back, this refers to a lengthy journey. This could be a spiritual one, where you undergo a period of self-discovery and find a new purpose or meaning in your life.

It can denote that you have a long way to go before you see any sign of reaching a long-term dream or goal.

It may reveal a more literal journey, where you could go on an unexpected trip that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. The experiences you gain will be very valuable.

Cockroaches In Your Home Dream Symbolism

Dreaming of your house crawling with roaches reflects your unhappiness in your home life. Maybe your place itself has more than a few problems, and you don’t have the time or the money to fix them.

Perhaps you’re not getting on with the people you live with, or you don’t like where you live.

Maybe you’re overwhelmed with too much stuff and while it’s bothering you, you have a lot of sentimental objects that you feel you can’t part with.

Dreaming of cockroaches in your home can imply that you feel you have no room to breathe with all the stuff lying around the place. This is not necessarily a mess, but clutter. 

Do you have cupboards and drawers full of stuff you never actually use? Are there boxes of things you just never look at? Maybe you should ask yourself while you are keeping stuff you don’t actually need or use.

It’s worth going through things one box at a time, seeing what you want to keep, and what no longer adds any value to your life.

This isn’t something you need to rush, but you will feel much better when you’ve done a drawer or a box or two. 

You might be surprised at how much this can help you spiritually, too. Sometimes a small change here or there can be just the adjustment you need to move forward.

Dreaming Of Cockroaches On Your Carpet, Floor, Or Wall

Seeing cockroaches on your carpet, floor, or wall in a dream implies that you are worried about losing your comfortable position in life. 

This might be in terms of your money, possessions, career, relationships, or anything else that makes your life more enjoyable or easier. Maybe you’re concerned about work drying up or someone stealing something from you.

If you dream of many cockroaches climbing walls, an unexpected opportunity will make itself known soon. Someone may come to you with an offer of some kind, but you must look at the details, as well as the intention behind the offer very carefully.

Dreaming of a single cockroach climbing a wall implies that there’s a very tricky situation ahead of you. You will need to be careful that you take the time to take care of yourself, as well as your loved ones. 

Cockroaches In Your Kitchen Dream Meaning

Dreaming of cockroaches being in your kitchen is especially horrible when this is where you want everything to be clean. 

Seeing cockroaches in your kitchen in a dream signifies that you are incredibly anxious about someone, but you don’t feel you can vocalize this fear, maybe in case it makes it more real.

A dream like this is big enough to intensify your fears, at least to bring them to the forefront, so you might want to get things off your chest where you can.

Or, dreaming of cockroaches crawling around your kitchen points to problems in your family life, or what ‘feeds’ your soul. It points to discord that you need to resolve.

Seeing Cockroaches On Leftover Food

This might put you off your breakfast. Dreaming of cockroaches making the most of a leftover meal reveals a flaw in your spirit or current outlook. You may be zeroing in on problems and potential issues and not noticing the good things around you.

This dream draws your attention to a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you leave out leftovers, of course, insects will be attracted to them. If you only focus on the negative in life, that is all you will find, especially if you believe in the law of attraction.

A dream like this can also reveal a fear of having no say in something, so you prefer to leave uncertain situations alone completely. You find it difficult to move out of your comfort zone, but you may find that you’ll be unhappy staying in it for too long.

Cockroaches Coming Out Of A Hole

You might not know that you have cockroaches in your home until you see a dead one. As they like to hide in the dark, away from predators. 

They can be difficult to spot, especially if you’re not home at night, or you’re a heavy sleeper. These clever little critters can also live aboard ships and spread to other countries without being detected.

A dream where you see a cockroach emerging from a hole implies something secret or otherwise unnoticed in waking life. Maybe you’ll discover a secret or hidden development in part of your life. 

As the hole represents the unknown, or uncertainty, the cockroach symbolizes a problem that will take you by surprise. This might throw many things you’ve taken for granted into doubt and worry. 

Or, a dream where a cockroach crawls out of a hole implies that you’re waiting for someone to make a decision that should be yours. If you need or want someone else to convince you, is it the right thing to do?

Alternatively, this dream indicates that you’re looking back on past regrets, and how you might avoid making the same mistakes in the future. This dream may imply that by not focusing on the here and now, you might be in danger of missing something incredibly important.

Catching A Cockroach

Dreaming of catching a cockroach implies a struggle to deal with change, usually in your professional life. 

You’re used to a certain way of doing things and being good at what you do, but perhaps your role is changing, or the methods are changing to something wildly different.

You might just be anxious about the change itself, or there could be an undercurrent of doubt that you feel things are changing for the worse, or this change demonstrates just how far things aren’t in your control.

It might be worth changing your perspective. Change keeps us on our toes. The anxiety that you are feeling might be a good thing, and you can use it as a marker to avoid getting things wrong.

A Cockroach Falling On You

Lovely. Dreaming of a cockroach falling on you reveals that you should free yourself from anything that no longer serves you, whether that’s a relationship, some possessions, or an old way of thinking or feeling.

Allowing things to come to a close instead of trying to prolong them is a good thing, and it’s necessary to let new opportunities in.

Another interpretation is that if a cockroach falls on your head, this is a sign of good luck. You will use your wits to get out of a tricky situation. 

Killing A Cockroach In A Dream

Dreaming of killing roaches has several interpretations, depending on what happens in your dream, and what emotions it caused. 

Usually, it’s a positive sign, if the cockroach represents a problem or fear. But it can also be an unlucky omen, depending on the context of the dream.

One of the toughest insects to kill, the cockroach is famous for being able to live without its head for a week! Some species can survive without any food for about a month and can survive on the most surprising of things.

If a cockroach dies, other roaches will eat the body, and in a dream, this points to survival instincts and resilience.

Dreaming of killing a cockroach implies that you need to reorder your life, and ‘clean’ it up in some way. This may be in the form of bad habits or tidying your life to the point where things are no longer hanging over your head, stopping you from being in the moment.

This could even signal problems in how you treat others. Maybe you don’t consider other people’s emotions and actions as deeply as you might your own, or you don’t treat others the way you want to be treated.

Dreaming of killing a roach with a shoe is a good sign. It symbolizes the removal of problems and worries from your life, but only if you take action. As you’re the one removing the ‘problem’ in the dream, you need to do the same in waking life.

Exterminating Cockroaches In Your Dream

A dream where you exterminate cockroaches indicates the desire to be done with something in your life. You might want to box off the end of a romantic relationship, where there’s nothing left to sort out, and you can leave this part of your life behind.

Maybe it’s a friendship you’ve grown out of, a coworker you are completely done with, or an ongoing situation that simply won’t end. 

If you dream of exterminating cockroaches and more just keep appearing, this reflects that while you want to be done with a situation, this situation might not be done with you. 

There’s potential for a completely separate part of your life needing your attention before you’re done with whatever’s getting you down. You might get overwhelmed by trying to stretch your attention to so many different things at once.

Dreaming of hiring an exterminator to get rid of roaches implies a change in your career. You might change paths completely, or start a new venture yourself. 

Dreaming Of Many Cockroaches

Did you know a group of cockroaches is called an intrusion? Fitting, isn’t it? The image of hundreds or thousands of cockroaches in your dreams brings up similar feelings! 

You might dream of cockroaches crawling around you, or climbing up your body, yuck. The meaning behind a dream like this is that you’re uncomfortable. 

A problem in waking life is making you question everything, perhaps even what morals you live by, or someone’s invading your space or your privacy. 

The sheer number of cockroaches in your dream points to the danger of being overwhelmed when this is the time to stand your ground and take control.

Or, dreaming of many cockroaches implies that you’ve realized the value of what you have, and now you treasure it, you are terrified something is going to come along and ruin everything for you.

Maybe you’re worried your job has no long-term prospects, or you’re worried about losing your partner or a close friend. Maybe you’re anxious about the material things you own and have worked hard for.

A dream like this urges you to take some time and figure out why you’re so anxious. Is what your brain insists might happen, likely to happen? If so, how can you hold onto these things?

If not, why are you so concerned? Is there something more positive that you could channel this energy into? 

An older dream interpretation of many cockroaches points to a careful and considered approach to life. You try to save where you can and create a steady baseline that you can build on.

A Red Cockroach In A Dream

A red roach in your dream is a positive omen. It implies a lot of joy that will stem from receiving something in waking life. This might be coming into some money, whether that’s as a gift, winning a competition, or something else entirely.

Maybe someone you love has been paying attention, and something you cannot get for yourself will soon be in your hands.

Dreaming of more than one red cockroach is an even better sign, as the larger the number, the greater the impact this gift will have on your life going forward.

Dreaming Of Cockroaches Running In Many Directions

In modern dream interpretation, an image of cockroaches heading in different directions denotes that you’re focusing too much on your feelings. 

They might be making your decisions for you before your reason and logic have time to catch up, or you’re not considering how your choices affect others. 

In older dream books, this dream reveals the need to purge some of the overwhelming negativity in your waking life. 

Someone might be bringing you down entirely, or you’ve fallen into a vicious cycle of bad habits and boring routines, and your dream is telling you to dig yourself out before you get in any deeper.

Cockroaches Laying Eggs Dream Meaning

Cockroaches are known for laying lots of eggs, and this is one of the reasons why seeing one cockroach in your home means you need to call the exterminator, quickly. 

Dreaming of cockroach eggs implies that life has been getting you down. All you’ve been seeing lately are potential problems and things you have to add to your to-do list. 

You seem to only have periods of bad luck, or you can’t seem to grab opportunities that seem right for you. 

Dreaming of cockroaches laying eggs reveals a period of transformation and renewal, where there’s an opportunity to become the best version of yourself.

Cockroaches Pooping Dream Meaning

Despite the squeamishness that a dream like this can create, this dream is not a negative one in itself. In dreams, poop symbolizes how you might tidy up your life in some way.

Dreaming of cockroaches pooping implies that you’ll profit from a situation that is slowly unfolding right now in waking life. It can also denote that you will forge connections with someone influential who will help you along your path.

Whatever you take from this dream, the bottom line is it is a positive sign of things to come. If you do ask for help, or someone approaches you with their advice, be wary of what they might want from you in return.

Nightmares About Cockroaches

While you might argue that all dreams of cockroaches are nightmares, it’s worth putting the more horrible ones into one symbolic basket. Here are some of the most common and revolting cockroach dreams, and what they mean.

Nightmares About Cockroach Infestations

What a horrible one. At least the meaning behind this dream is relatively straightforward. Your subconscious is telling you to clean up your act. 

This may be literal if you feel you haven’t had any time to devote to cleaning your home or your lifestyle, or even yourself.

More often than not, a nightmare focusing on a cockroach infestation points to problems in your relationships. One or more of these connections are suffering, whether that’s due to a lack of time, attention, or meaningful time together.

Seeing one cockroach in life is almost a guarantee that there are more nearby, and similarly, dreaming of an infestation implies that there’s more than one problem in your future, especially if you ignore any potential ones now.

You have gotten lazy, or you’re feeling downtrodden in life, and your dream urges you to do something about it.

Nightmares of cockroach infestations can also reveal a loss of security or a lack of certainty in waking life. This might mean a change in your professional life, money worries, a relationship breakdown, or something else entirely.

But as this is an ‘infestation’, it also implies that these problems can be fixed, especially with some outside help. 

Consider where you saw the cockroaches in your dream, as this can add additional insight. Dreaming of cockroaches in your workplace, for example, suggests a cluster of issues at work that you’ll have to sift through one by one. 

Cockroaches In Your Food 

Dreaming of finding cockroaches in the food you are eating is pretty horrible. This dream is very common and tends to happen when you’re anxious, or you’re facing an uncertain time in your life.

You may be about to start a fresh chapter in your life, and you’re worried about what this will look like. Maybe you’re scared that things will turn out worse than they are now, or something won’t pay off.

Whatever is causing you this uncertainty, your dream might be urging you to push past your fears, or not to take on anything else unknown right now. 

It might be worth finding your feet before you start new things, provided that you don’t get into the habit of saying no to everything. 

Or, a dream of discovering cockroaches in your meal suggests that there’s a plot against you. Are you in competition against someone? Is there a way they might try to ensure that they win?

Consider the food you were eating in this dream, as this can have further insight into your dream.

If you dream of a perfect meal being spoiled by finding cockroaches, this reveals that a long-term goal or dream will be completely different from what you pictured. You might find that you don’t like the reality, or you were more in love with the journey and not the end goal.

Maybe you were dreaming about cake, as another example. Cake in dreams has some interesting dream interpretations, all involving romantic love and affection.

An elaborately decorated cake denotes the great love you have for your partner or the idea of having one.

If the cake is ruined in some way, maybe it’s burned, stale, or raw, this implies that you’re not seeing the full picture of the reality of the situation. Maybe the person you love isn’t who you think they are, or you have unrealistic expectations of what love should be.

Dreaming of a cockroach making itself at home on the icing or somewhere visible denotes a problem that you’ll see from a long way off, and unfortunately, the source of the problem is your partner or your relationship in general. 

If you try to catch the cockroach and miss, you feel you aren’t in your partner’s league, or you just don’t match up in some way. Maybe they’re enjoying a lot of success right now while you can’t seem to catch a break or vice versa.

Repeating dreams of this kind is a call to manage your expectations, and make sure that you make yourself clear to others. 

A Nightmare Where You’re Forced To Eat Cockroaches

The thought of this is enough to make anyone feel sick. Some dreams can be so powerful that they make you physically throw up, and this is certainly one of them!

A dream where someone or something forces you to eat cockroaches reveals the need to take a look at what you’re consuming. This could be literally in terms of your diet, where you might be causing yourself future health problems, and you’re not looking after yourself.

Equally, it can suggest that you’re being ‘fed’ lies, problems, or conclusions that you wouldn’t come to on your own. Are you accepting everything that someone tells you is true? Maybe someone is manipulating you, and they’re doing a frighteningly good job.

It may be time to question what you think you know. 

Alternatively, a nightmare where you’re forced to eat roaches implies that you should cut down on something in your life. Maybe something is eating up all of your valuable time and effort, or you’re holding onto possessions or relationships that don’t bring you joy or meaning.

Eating A Cockroach In A Dream

This is probably not in your top ten dreams you want to experience again. Dreaming of eating a cockroach implies that you’re coming to the wrong conclusions,  or you’re not in the right headspace for something important right now.

A dream like this warns you against acting on impulse, or to try and fix a situation you’ve landed in because of a rash decision.

Alternatively, eating a cockroach in your dream points to the need to play the long game. You need to work out what you want from life, or a complicated goal is taking longer to manifest than you thought. Give it time. 

Dreaming Of A Giant Cockroach Attacking You

If you dream of a cockroach being much bigger than it has any business being, and worse, it attacks you in a dream, you’re overstretched in an area of waking life.

Maybe you’re trying to move too quickly to progress toward a goal or problem in waking life, and you haven’t considered all the possibilities. 

Or you’ve underestimated the sheer scope and complexity of an issue or project you’ve taken on, and you’re starting to flag, both physically and mentally.

If you have a dream of a cockroach that is the same size as you, and it goes for you, this isn’t exactly a good sign. Dreams like these are a warning. 

Something you’ve taken on is bigger than you can handle alone. You’re tempted to cut corners to make up time or feel that you can then move on to the next thing on your list, but your subconscious is warning you against this.

Dreaming of a monster-sized cockroach that attacks you implies that you need to clean an area of your life. Maybe you’re struggling with a lot of negativity, or this dream may be more literal, where some of your chores need doing desperately.

Cockroaches Attacking You In A Dream

Dreaming of cockroaches attacking you is, as you might imagine, isn’t a sign of good things to come. Instead, it warns you of unfairness, of working hard and not getting anywhere, of being taken advantage of.

Maybe you’ll face redundancy, though you know you’re one of the ones who’s been putting in the most work, or the department can’t run without you.

Perhaps you’ve been accused of something you’d never consider doing, like stealing or cheating, and the thought that someone might believe it, especially someone you love, stings worse than anything. 

Whatever this problem might be, there will be a positive element to it, although it will be difficult to see this when the issue first appears. It may be that you wanted change to start with, and this is the breaking point that ends up motivating you to change your life.

You might start a wholly different career, or realize that you’re incompatible with someone. 

This dream can also reveal a period of transformation, not necessarily because of bad luck or problems, but through your own motivation to do better, and be better. 

A Cockroach Inside You Dream Meaning

Could these dreams get any worse? Unfortunately, the answer is always yes. Dreaming of a cockroach crawling under your skin implies that negative thoughts have gotten you in a vice-grip, and you’re struggling.

This dream encourages you to find a way to ease your way out. Things cannot be terrible forever, and you may need to work on your perspective and approach to life, but you will get there as long as you’re willing to try.

Or, dreaming of a cockroach inside your body implies someone going against you. You may find yourself in competition with someone in some aspect of your life. 

Dreaming of cockroaches laying eggs under your skin is equally a sickening nightmare, and unfortunately, it’s also a bad sign.

It reveals an explosive argument about money or your home life. You might have been single-handedly keeping your department afloat at work, and you’ve been denied a raise.

Maybe someone in your family isn’t pulling their weight or putting their fair share of money into the pot. Whatever this conflict is, it will determine a new point in your relationship with someone, whether it transforms it or breaks it apart completely.

Dreaming Of Cockroaches In Your Mouth

Oh, how horrible. A dream where you have a cockroach in your mouth is horrifying, made worse by the fact that these creepy crawlies carry serious diseases. Similar to flies (see also article titled ‘Dragonfly Dream Meaning – Top 10 Dreams Of Dragonflies And Their Meanings‘), they also throw up on their food to digest it easier.

As cockroaches symbolize problems, these insects (see also article about tarantula dream meaning) being inside your mouth in a dream suggests a miscommunication problem. You might be finding it difficult to be honest with someone, or your words have been more cutting than you may mean them to be.

This dream suggests that there are arguments in your future. Be careful of how your emotions may affect your words, and how other people might not mean what they say as much as you might think.

These problems may be beyond your power completely, and you might not become aware of them until it’s too late. 

Cockroaches Crawling On The Lower Half Of Your Body

Dreaming of cockroaches crawling on you is usually a warning sign, as cockroaches in dreams tend to signal a problem of some kind.

Where on your body can reveal where this problem might come from. In the case of your lower body, it implies that you have become self-sabotaging in some way. 

Bad habits, ways of thinking, or sinking your time into things that bring you no joy or meaning can all spiral out of control if you’re not careful. Maybe you’re eating the wrong things, drinking too much, or doing something else that you know is bad for you.

Try to think about the long-term. Maybe you’re only doing something because things feel bad right now, but they won’t forever, while there still might be some lasting consequences for your unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Seeing A Cockroach In Your Vagina Or Penis

This dream reflects a loss you’re reeling from. This could be anything, from someone you’re close to, a sentimental object, your dreams for the future, or a lifestyle you loved.

Dreaming of a cockroach being on your penis (see also article titled ‘Penis Dream Meaning And Interpretation‘) implies difficulties being emotionally or physically vulnerable to someone. 

This will stop any romantic relationships from deepening, and you may lose your partner if you’re not willing to be honest with them, or if they’re not willing to see things from your perspective.

Dreaming of a cockroach in your vagina suggests that you are worried about placing your trust in someone. 

You’re anxious about making yourself vulnerable and trusting your partner to do the same, and not getting anything but heartbreak in return. 

Dreaming Of Seeing Cockroaches When Having Sex

These two themes seem pretty unrelated, but a dream like this is bizarre enough for you to take notice. There is something that you shouldn’t ignore.

Consider the location your dream was set in. If you dream of having sex in your home, and you see cockroaches, things aren’t going well in your family life, but you’re unwilling to admit to this.

Dreaming of having sex in a car and seeing cockroaches implies that something is about to disrupt your control over your life or your ‘drive’ for success. You might already know what this is, but you’re pretending this possibility is impossible.

Your dream urges you to confront whatever you might be avoiding. Cockroaches represent risky choices, ill health, and habits that can harm you, so a dream like this can reveal self-sabotaging behavior and act on impulse.

Your subconscious urges you to put things right, whatever that means to you.

Turning Into A Cockroach Dream Meaning

Dreaming of being turned into a cockroach implies that you have too many things pulling at your attention. You’re overstretched, and that’s an understatement.

Maybe this is a pivotal moment in your life, and you need to work as hard as possible to try and guarantee that the future is the best it can be. 

Your responsibilities might be engulfing your life, swallowing your energy so much that you feel you don’t have the time or the energy to devote to personal goals, projects, or hobbies. 

Maybe you’ve been working overtime and other parts of your life have fallen to the wayside. 

Whatever your waking life situation, this dream urges you to take time out. Otherwise, you become your own biggest problem, and this is a difficult situation to be in.

Try not to brush off other people’s attempts to see you. Yes, you’re busy, but try to make some effort to reschedule if you really can’t spare the time, otherwise you may find that they stop asking altogether.

Seeing People Turn Into Cockroaches Dream Meaning

By itself, the dream image of someone turning into a cockroach is not a good or a bad sign of things to come. 

This image relies on the context of your dream and the emotions created to determine the outcome.

If, for example, you dream of a family member panicking and turning into a cockroach, this reveals a conflict with them due to changing circumstances. Maybe they will make a rash decision, and you’ll have to bail them out. 

If the person changes into a cockroach at will (and that’s an odd sentence), this implies a long and happy connection with this person.

If you have a nightmare where a lot of people turn into cockroaches and attack you, this reveals how you find it difficult to trust people at the best of times. 

Your subconscious might draw your attention to your insecurities when they are especially relevant in waking life. 

Maybe a situation calls on you to trust someone when you normally wouldn’t when you’ve been burned before and your anxiety is insisting that things won’t turn out well. 

But something is still telling you to do so. Maybe things will be different this time, or it will push you into changing your life in some form.

Alternatively, dreaming of people turning into roaches implies that a solution lies in coming up with creative and wildly different solutions. Maybe it’s time to indulge your creativity and go for something.

Dreaming Of Cockroaches On A Dead Body

Dreaming of seeing a single cockroach sitting on a body implies an influential person entering your life soon, and this person will be instrumental in achieving your dreams.

A cockroach crawling over a body, or eating the flesh implies someone will try to take advantage of you, so be careful.

A dream involving a cockroach and a dead body is a warning not to get too wrapped up in your achievements. Make sure you don’t become arrogant, alienating those that you love, or that you forget how hard it was in the beginning.

Can A Cockroach Dream Be A Good Sign?

While cockroach dreams essentially point to problems in your life and where you should focus your attention, they can also denote positive things in the future.

Some scenarios reveal an uptick in your finances, such as an unexpected windfall or enjoying some success. It can also mean a new life path, career choice, or lifestyle that suits you better than you might dare to dream.

But it also depends on your associations with cockroaches. If you find them fascinating, for example, you’re more likely to have a good dream about cockroaches than you are to have a nightmare.

Cockroach Facts

As pests go, these creatures are one of the last things you want shacking up in your home. They carry a lot of dangerous diseases, they’re difficult to kill, and the thought of them being in your home is a shuddering thought.

In most cases, you’ll need professional help to get rid of them. Trying to deal with them on your own is probably not a problem you even want to think about, so always turn to the professionals if you’re unlucky enough to see these creatures in your home!

If you do decide to deal with them by yourself, it’s worth mentioning that they’re difficult to catch. They’re fast and can scale walls, squeeze through the smallest of gaps, and most species fly, too.

If your first instinct is to drown any pests you come across by throwing them into the toilet, this is not an approach you want to take with roaches. Unfortunately, they can hold their breath for up to forty minutes, and can adapt to different situations without any problems!

These guys can survive nuclear war, so don’t think the toilet will stop them.

Your Cockroach Dream Is A Good Sign, If:

  • You kill a cockroach
  • You escape from a giant cockroach
  • You see a red cockroach
  • You’re attacked by a black cockroach
  • A cockroach falls on your head in a dream
  • You have a conversation with a talking cockroach
  • You get rid of the cockroaches in your dream
  • You discover cockroaches in your food before you take a bite

Final Thoughts

One of the more unsettling dream symbols is the cockroach for many people, often turning a dream into a nightmare. Dreams of roaches can make your skin crawl, but this dream symbol is incredibly useful in some cases.

It may point to a situation where you will come into some money, receive a promotion, meet your life partner, or change your life for the better in some way. 

While the cockroach in your dream can be unsettling, it can reflect great change coming into waking life.

Even negative dreams involving cockroaches can be useful, even if they’re frightening nightmares that leave you sweating. They can point to where you’re going wrong in waking life and give you an idea of how you might fix it. 

They can also denote how things might turn out completely differently from your original plans or expectations, or where someone might be working against you in some way, preparing you for the otherwise disarming circumstances ahead of you.

A cockroach might denote some subliminal messages that you’ve picked up on, and this dream is a way of you exploring your subconscious thoughts.

As cockroaches have multiple layers of interpretation, you’ll need to look at your thoughts and memories associated with cockroaches, as well as pay close attention to the detail in your dream.

You can’t treat the cockroach in your dream as the only piece of information, as it’s only a snapshot of your dream, and you need to fill in the rest of the blanks to find the nuanced symbolism behind your dream. 

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