Dreaming Of A House You Used To Live In – True Meaning Revealed

Dreams are collections of the bizarre, our fears and hopes, and our own experiences all smashed together into one surreal experience. 

Your subconscious mind uses your memories and the past as a canvas, and when you see something as familiar as a house you lived in once, you may wonder why this made an appearance in your dream.

Let’s take a look at what your dream of a house you once lived in is trying to tell you.

What Does An Old House Mean In A Dream?

Your subconscious may choose an old house to feature in your dream for different reasons. It might just reflect your reality, and your experiences that have shaped you into who you are.

Dreams of old houses refer to the past, in one way or another. Just as you don’t live in the old house anymore, the dream reminds you of things that have been and gone.

Maybe something in waking life has reminded you of this time in your life. Perhaps you saw it in waking life, visited an old friend who was part of this period of your life, or felt nostalgic for the past.

It could be that a situation in waking life is very similar to an experience you went through while you lived there. Your subconscious might be providing you with the solution you need to move on. 

Dreaming of a house you used to live in can draw your attention to any unresolved feelings or issues caused by past events, as well as any repeating behaviors you’re falling back into. 

If you dream of an old house that you have no association with, this can refer to the old ideals you based your decisions on, and hopes for what the future would look like. 

You’re reflecting on how far you’ve come, and what has changed.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why you might be dreaming of a house you used to live in.

The Meaning Behind A Dream Of A House You Lived In

Your Opinion Of Yourself

Houses in dreams refer to your innermost thoughts and feelings. As home is where you really let everything go, so you can rest, your subconscious fills this dream setting with your most honest thoughts, where you feel the safest.

The state of this house within your dream refers to your honest opinion about yourself. If it’s absolutely immaculate, you’re in a great place in life right now. You get a lot of joy out of the present.

However, if you see your old home in an awful state, where the roof is off and water is dripping through the walls, or it has been burned in a fire (see also article titled ‘8 Different Meanings When You Dream Of A House On Fire‘), this suggests a lack of control over your life.

You feel you cannot change your situation and who you are, or you’re unhappy with the way things are going, and how they reflect on you.

Reflecting On Things As They Stand

Dreaming of a house (see also article on dreaming of a new house) you used to live in can, strangely enough, demonstrate your thoughts on your present situation or circumstances. 

You might be reflecting on how things used to be easier, where you want to go back to a time when you had no responsibilities and very little worry. 

Maybe you’re wondering how a loved one who has passed would say of your current situation, so your subconscious has returned you to the place that you lived with them, in order to better connect to their memory.

Unresolved Disappointment

If things aren’t turning out the way you hope in waking life, your dream of an old house urges you to move past disappointment to the things ahead.

Disappointment can be a huge distraction, or even an excuse not to go after the things you want in the future. You may wonder what the point of trying is, since things didn’t work out when you worked so hard and nothing good came of it. 

This dream can call on you to pick your battles more carefully, or not to get hung up on the things that don’t work out. After all, you still learned something, didn’t you?

Past Ways Of Thinking And Habits

Recurring dreams of your old home suggests you are stuck in the past. You cling onto old habits and ways of thinking, instead of keeping an open mind and adapting to change.

Dreaming of your previous home being in ruins indicates that it’s time to move on, while your old home being pristine implies that these ways still work for you and your current situation.

Remember The Past

Your old home appearing in your dream is a reminder of the past, of how far you’ve come. 

Maybe a present situation needs you to remember a lesson from your past, or to draw upon an experience that you had while you lived in the house you are dreaming of.

It might also suggest that you’re about to reconcile with someone in your past, or to remind you of happy times, pointing to more in the future.

Where You Need To Adjust Your Path

Dreams are a great way to take stock of your current situation and the path ahead. It can reveal things that need your attention that you’re not consciously aware of, or things you might be ignoring.

Dreaming of your old house – especially a nightmare – can show you where you’re going wrong in life, or what you need to do in order to be happier. 

As the building is a symbol of the past, it reminds you of what’s changed, and encourages you to see what you have the power to change in order to lead a more fulfilling life.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming of a house you used to live in can have many meanings, but it is always related to the past and how things change.

It can simply be a token of nostalgia, but a dream like this can also show you where you’re going wrong, too.

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