Dreaming Of Birds: 124 Dream Scenarios And Meanings

Your dream can be a very odd experience. It may feature impossible things that can never exist in our world, demonstrating the scope of our imaginations.

Sometimes, the most ordinary of objects have the most significance in our dreams, and animals that we see everyday can have a lot to tell us.

In the past, birds were revered as the connection between the divine and the world, able to fly to heaven and back, and act as messengers.

As there is an almost uncountable number of bird species on the planet – considering there are probably quite a few we haven’t discovered yet – this means that there are a lot of dreams to cover!

But every dream must start somewhere, even if you don’t remember the beginning. Let’s get started.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Birds?

Birds appearing in your dream are usually a positive sign. They symbolize tranquility, the freedom to choose your path, harmony with the universe, and prosperity.

However, not all bird dreams are positive. It depends on the way the bird appeared to you in the dream, the species of the bird, and what it did when you saw it.

Some bird dreams can come as warnings of difficult times or a prediction of a death in your life.

Most bird dreams signify freedom, where you don’t feel constrained by your responsibilities or your fears. You are free to choose your path. 

These birds also represent great progress along your spiritual journey, as well as a way of taking stock of your wellbeing.

If you dream of birds flying so high that you can barely see them, this represents your aspirations in life, and how you’re closer to succeeding than you might imagine.

A dream of rare birds mirrors your individuality, and what makes you tick.

In dreams, the weather is closely connected to your subconscious thoughts, not unlike water.

As birds are spirits of the air, the act of them flying represents these thoughts, ideas, and memories coming to the surface. This dream is a way of acknowledging what lies in your subconscious.

The Bird Dream Symbol


Sometimes, birds appear to us in a dream when we feel trapped or suffocated by problems in waking life. 

These birds represent what we want most: the freedom to choose our path in life, without being held back by external factors.

This dream is a reminder that you need to take time for yourself because you’ll achieve more when you are rested. The time that you take will not delay you in the way you might think.

Dreaming of a robin when you feel trapped by waking life’s problems and complications is a sign of encouragement.

This bird in particular – although it’s known for its temper and aggressiveness! – represents wisdom, and knowing when you should wait for things to play out.

This dream’s message is to avoid making any rash decisions. The right solution is there, and you just need to find it.


More often than not, dreams of birds represent the freedom to choose your path, or the desire to. 

Dreams of birds often occur when you’ve managed to free yourself from something, such as a toxic relationship, sources of negativity, stress, or a career that no longer suited you.

This is especially true if you dream of being a bird, flying through the sky, or you watch a bird flying in your dream.

You Have High Hopes For The Future

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘the sky’s the limit’, and when it comes to dreaming of birds, this can symbolize your lofty ambitions.

Birds see sights that we can only imagine from planes and thick windows, a view we can never quite mimic.

To dream of eagles, in particular, draws your attention to your own long-term goals and aspirations. In some mythologies, eagles are regarded as the messenger of the gods, with this predator able to reach incredible heights.

Dreaming of birds suggests that you’re not far off seeing your hard work pay off. Birds in dreams can act as the final bit of motivation that you need to realize your greatest goals.

Deep Insecurities

Just as bird dreams can represent your aspirations, they can also embody your deepest fears and insecurities.

In particular, recurring dreams of birds acting aggressively or attacking you is a call to do something about your fear.

If you dream of being attacked by birds, then you may be feeling threatened by someone close to you, or you feel you cannot move past your fears to the good things that wait beyond.

Maybe you’ve gotten too settled within a certain routine that just happens to sit nicely in your comfort zone. While it feels safe, this dream reminds you that you won’t move forward in this way.

Perhaps the anxiety about what other people think of you has started to take over your life, and you are afraid to live the life that you want.

The dream could be telling you that you need to start taking control of your destiny. You can make changes, but you must first acknowledge that you need to take opportunities for something to happen.

Prosperity And Success

Birds appearing in your dream are a good sign for the future.

They suggest that you will enjoy success and prosperity soon, whether you are working towards a goal or you might stumble upon something that will change your life.

If you’ve been working toward a goal or a promotion, a bird of prey in your dream is especially lucky, signifying that you will get what you want.

Maybe you’re not working towards anything right now, and you’re trying to focus on the present, shedding bad habits and toxic relationships. In which case, this dream is also a good sign.

Happiness And Love

Dreaming of birds points to a great balance between all the different facets of your life, where you feel at peace with everything life has to offer you.

If this doesn’t sound right, expect things to turn around soon, where you’ll soon enjoy a period of tranquility and rest.

A dream of birds flying high above you reflects the happiness in waking life.

Explore Old Hobbies And Passions

Often, birds in dreams are linked to what drives you, and where you get purpose and meaning in waking life.

In particular, these birds refer to your hobbies, and those things that you love, or have loved.

But sometimes, we can’t hold onto those things. Sometimes we must drop them to fulfill our responsibilities, or there’s no room for them anymore.

However, there is always a chance that you can return to them if you want them badly enough.

Consider the bird in your dream. In particular, very aggressive birds such as robins signify that if you were to pick up something you loved again, this would ignite in you a fire. And this one won’t be as easy to let go of.

Or maybe you’ve never dropped your hobbies or passions, but you’re finding it increasingly difficult in your working life to concentrate or motivate yourself.

In which case, this dream is urging you to question whether you can be more creative in your working life or pursue a career within a hobby.

Trust That Things Will Work Out

Dreaming of birds can suggest that you are on the path to success, but you’re not at the end of the road yet, no matter how much you want to be. 

Sometimes, you have to trust the process, and exactly how much work you’re putting into something, and carry on.

Things may not turn out the way that you predict, but they might be much better in the long run.

Bad Luck Or Death

Bird dreams are usually very positive. However, if you dream of a bird disappearing suddenly, or falling out of the sky, this points to bad luck in the future.

It may also suggest there’s some emotional turmoil in the future, where you’ll mourn the end of something.

Remember that an end to something allows for a new beginning, so keep an open mind where you can.

How Different Birds Have Different Meanings In Dreams

Seeing A Blackbird In Your Dream

 Blackbirds in dreams can refer to your adaptability, or your loss of drive, motivation, and passion for life, depending on how you felt when you saw the blackbird.

If you feel happy when you dream of a blackbird, this dream is drawing your attention to how well you adapt to changing circumstances.

Feeling anxious, angry, or sad when you dream of a blackbird reflects your despair, lack of motivation, and listlessness. It can point to future misfortune or even a period of grief.

If the blackbird lands on you, this is a very good sign for the future. You may rekindle an old friendship, romantic relationship, or old hobby, which will give you a new purpose.

The blackbird is also a sign that your current relationships with others will get stronger.

Dreaming Of A Chickadee

Seeing a chickadee in your dream implies that you need to look closer at the aspects of your life.

Part of your life needs your attention, whether that’s remembering your original motivation for a goal, or making sure that your relationships are healthy.

Dreaming of a chickadee hopping or walking on the ground suggests an unexpected situation that will help you move forward.

A Blue Jay In Your Dream

A blue jay appearing in your dreams refers to the ‘loudest’ and most prominent part of your personality, which affects everything you do, whether this is good or bad.

Seeing A Hummingbird In Your Dream

A hummingbird appearing in your dreams is a great sign. This delicate bird is associated with joy, happiness, and success, despite the odds being stacked against you, and despite any worry or complications.

A Parrot In Your Dream

As parrots are effective at communicating with us, their appearance in our dreams indicates an epiphany or discovering a secret.

Dreaming Of A Parakeet

Dreaming of a parakeet reminds you to see the good in life where you can, and to take opportunities to enjoy yourself. Try not to take life as seriously as you might be tempted to.

A Budgie In Your Dream

A budgie appearing in your dream is an interesting one. Usually, it comes as a warning not to take people at face value, especially if they appear to be an expert at something.

There’s always something new to learn, and someone who pretends to know everything is not someone you should go to for advice.

If you need guidance in waking life, and you dream of a budgie, seek advice from several people that you trust and figure out what your gut feeling is.

Seeing A Canary In Your Dream

A canary in your dreams has equally positive and negative associations.

It can imply that you have a great balance between all aspects of your life right now. 

Alternatively, you’re ‘singing’ about your successes, and this in itself is hurting someone. Somewhere in waking life, you’re being insensitive to someone you love, and this action may ripple further than you might think.

If you dream of a dead canary or a canary lying at the bottom of a cage, this reveals misfortune soon.

Dreaming Of An Albatross

Dreaming of an albatross refers to the dominant facet of your psyche that usually has the final say in your decisions. This may be good or bad.

An Owl In Your Dream

Owls in dreams can be positive or negative. In some dreams, they represent wisdom, knowledge, transformation, and abundance.

In others, owls signify misfortune, a vicious circle, bad habits, weakness, or death.

A Crow In Your Dream

Dreaming of crows represents the need to change, or the fact that change is just around the corner.

The crow in your dream points to the initial panic and uncertainty that change can bring, but as the crow is an extremely clever creature, it also represents wisdom, and spiritual growth.

But this dream also depends on your associations with the crow. If you think that crows are scary, disgusting, or cruel, the crow in your dream may be a warning of misfortune, betrayal, or anxiety. 

Seeing A Raven In Your Dream

A raven in your dream represents something important in waking life, something that you’ve missed and need to recognize.

Usually, a raven will appear in your dream when you’re ignoring something because it’s not the outcome you want. This dream urges you to pay attention and leave any bias behind.

If you dream of a raven dive-bombing or attacking you, you’re heading in a direction that is not meant for you. This route will not go where you hope it might lead you.

However, raven dreams aren’t all bad. If you dream of a raven hopping towards you, this suggests an uptick in social situations you’ll enjoy.

Dreaming of a raven landing on you implies a change in your fortunes, for the better.

Dreaming Of A White Dove

If you dream of a white dove, this reveals peace, grace, loyalty, finding joy in simple things, and love. 

White doves are also connected to spirituality, referring to growth, and a better sense of purpose or meaning in your life. 

They can also act as spiritual messengers, too.

If your waking life is full of turmoil or negative feelings, this dream is urging you to shed your negativity, and trust that the good things will come.

Sometimes, you can only see the positive once you shake off the negative things plaguing you.

If you dream of two white doves, this points to happiness, harmony, and comfort in your home life.

Swallows In Your Dream

Swallows appearing in your dream is a positive sign for the future. These beautiful birds are often regarded as spiritual messengers of peace, and the end of a period of turmoil.

Bluebirds In Your Dream

Dreaming of bluebirds is a positive omen. Bluebirds in dreams represent positivity, where you can’t see anything killing your good mood.

Perhaps you’ve accomplished a long-term goal or overcome a huge hurdle. 

Maybe challenges have come up where you’ve been tempted to revert to old habits of self-sabotage, and you’ve managed to push through them without losing your way.

Bluebirds may also come into your dreams when you’re determined to reach a goal, even if it doesn’t measure up to people’s expectations of you.

Dreaming Of Pigeons

If you live in a city, you probably think of pigeons as flying rats (see also article titled ‘Squirrel Dream Meaning: Top 30 Dream Meanings Of Squirrels‘). In dreams, pigeons denote gossip, lies, and hearsay. 

Regardless of how many pigeons appear in your dreams, your subconscious is urging you not to take everything at face value. 

Look for the motivations behind people’s words, and you’ll soon notice if someone is telling you the truth, or not. 

Alternatively, pigeons in your dream imply that you should be careful about the way you talk about other people. Don’t spread gossip, and focus on your own life instead of comparing yourself to others.

Seeing An Eagle In Your Dream

An eagle is a very common bird dream and happens to be a very good sign for the future.

One thing to consider is where you are when you have this dream. If you have a dream of an eagle while you’re in the US, this dream has a message of reassurance and protection.

Eagles in dreams denote success, knowledge, a keen eye for detail, and harmony in waking life.

If you’ve been feeling low lately, the eagle is a sign of encouragement. Things won’t be this bad forever.

Dreaming Of Aquatic Birds

Dreaming of water birds, such as swans or ducks refers to the handle you have on your emotions.

You listen to them, but you don’t let them rule your decisions, and this puts you in a powerful position to achieve your hopes and dreams.

Birds Of Prey In Your Dream

Dreaming of birds of prey, in general, has two overall meanings. The first is that you’re in complete control of where your life is going right now, and the other is misfortune.

If you feel happy when you dream of birds of prey, you don’t let the little things bother you or get in the way of achieving your dreams.

Feeling sad, nervous, or angry when you dream of these powerful creatures suggests there is great trouble or turmoil in your future.

Negativity will take hold of you, and you’ll struggle to push through it. However, if you drive away the birds of prey or kill them, you’ll get through these difficult circumstances, but only if you try your best.

If you simply watch them fly away, this denotes a missed opportunity in the future.

Exotic Birds In Your Dream

Dreaming of exotic birds speaks of new adventures in life. You long to be free of your comfort zone, so you’ll make an effort to step out of it for a while.

This will trigger a period of transformation, where you will be better and brighter than you have previously. 

You may go on an extended trip or journey, so be prepared to keep an open mind, and enjoy yourself!

They can also mean that you’re looking forward to something exciting, like traveling abroad.

However, they could also signify that you’re getting too involved with work, and need to cut back on the hours you put in.

Consider what kind of exotic bird you saw in your dream, and what this might mean to you.

Birds Migrating In Your Dream

Dreaming of birds migrating indicates that it’s time you move away from what’s comfortable, to enjoy the world and the experiences it can offer you.

This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. The worst part is the first step.

How Different Colored Birds Have Different Dream Meanings

It’s worth pointing out that different colored birds also have an impact on the meaning of the dream. Let’s take a look.

A Red Bird Appearing In Your Dream

Seeing a red bird in your dream points to your heightened awareness in waking life. You’re well aware of the risks that a situation in waking life has, but your dream is drawing attention to them anyway.

There might be several reasons for this. You might have weighed up your chances and taken a risk anyway, and this dream may be a warning that you haven’t made the right decision.

Or, a recent decision you’ve made has the potential to harm others, or even yourself in the long run. Perhaps you’re doing something for the wrong reasons.

If you feel happy or relieved seeing a red bird in your dream, this points to a renewed love or a new relationship that will fill your life with color.

Dreaming Of A Green Bird

Green birds in dreams are associated with prosperity, abundance, and good fortune.

However, these dreams also carry a warning to treat what you have with respect and gratitude, and if you come into a windfall, use it wisely.

It may mean the difference between struggle and success.

A Yellow Bird In Your Dream

Dreaming of a yellow bird refers to the connections you have with other people, specifically your support network, and your friends. 

If you keep dreaming of a yellow bird, this refers to a path of transformation in life, where you’ll be a better version of yourself at the end of it.

If you dream of a yellow bird landing on you, this implies there are more than a few problems in store for you in waking life.

These issues will stand in the way of your goals, so make sure you deal with them as best you can.

Seeing A Blue Bird In Your Dream

Dreaming of a blue bird refers to knowledge, wisdom, and intuition, and is usually regarded as a good sign.

Despite any difficult circumstances you may be facing in waking life that could otherwise blind you, you know what you need to focus on, and how to get there.

You don’t dwell on what you can’t change, and the negative aspects of life are nothing compared to the positives.

This approach to life will come in handy very soon, where you’ll be able to move past any current issues and focus on what you want out of life, and move towards attaining it.

A blue bird appearing in your dream may also point to a period of transformation and change. Blue birds in dreams denote an increased sense of freedom or intuition.

If you dream of flying near blue birds, this mirrors how you are always aiming to move forward in waking life.

Dreaming Of A White Bird

White birds appearing in your dream refer to your spiritual journey, but also an improved sense of purpose and where you fit in the world.

It symbolizes a greater understanding, which will bring you a better sense of tranquility and peace, as well as balance.

If you dream that you see a white bird, and you’re finding things difficult in waking life, they will soon be over, as long as you keep moving towards your goals.

If you dream about a white bird attacking you, this mirrors uncertainty, a loss of purpose, and problems in waking life.

Dreaming of chasing a white bird implies that the path you’ve chosen will not be easy.

If you dream about seeing a white bird land on you, this is a very good sign for the future. This image suggests a greater spiritual connection and progress along your spiritual journey.

Consider the species of the bird for a more in-depth meaning.

Dreaming Of A Black Bird

A single black bird in your dream is usually a warning of change, despair, bad habits, and bad luck.

Some people regard black birds in dreams as messengers of bad news, so be prepared to receive some in waking life.

But these dreams are not a bad thing, overall. They allow us to be better prepared for what comes.

In some cases, these dreams are an embodiment of your fears, rather than a prediction of bad news.

Multicolored Birds In Your Dream

If you dream of multicolored birds, try to recall the exact colors you saw on the bird, and which was more prominent.

In color symbolism, typically if there’s more than one color, the meaning takes into account all the colors shown.

For example, to see a black and white bird, such as a magpie, implies a complex situation that will bring forth both good luck and misfortune in your life.

Consider the breed of the bird as well as the colors to find the meaning behind this dream symbol.

Brightly Colored Birds In Your Dream

Brightly colored birds appearing in your dream are a good omen for the future. Their presence in your dream indicates that the future will be full of joy, tranquility, and an uptick in your social life.

A dream like this may even suggest that your family is about to get bigger in one way or another, and it also points to success and reaching goals in your professional life, too.

Dark-Colored Birds In Your Dream

Seeing dark-colored birds in your dream can indicate that you have been neglecting parts of your life, and you need to take care of yourself.

This dream could mean that you need to make changes in your life, as well as put more time into your relationships.

Typically, in dreams, the darker the bird, the more negativity surrounding you in waking life.

If you dream of these birds flying away, this is a positive dream, as it represents negative energy leaving your life.

Dreaming of a flock of dark birds heading towards you has a less positive meaning. It implies that misfortune is heading your way.

Why Am I Dreaming Of Birds?

There are a few reasons why birds may feature in your dreams. Perhaps the first, and the most obvious, is that it’s the clearest representation of your mindset or current situation, the ways of which are outlined above.

Sometimes, birds can appear in dreams to urge you to step outside your rigid routine or comfort zone, especially if you’ve been feeling trapped or that you’re going nowhere.

Seeing birds in dreams can represent your unwillingness to deal with issues or problems currently plaguing you. They may also signify your ambitions, depending on the context of the dream, and your reaction to the dream symbol.

Birds in dreams may be much simpler. Perhaps you’ve seen lots of birds in waking life lately, by going to the zoo or being in a nature reserve.

In which case, your dream is simply reflective of your waking life experiences, rather than signifying something to come.

How The Dreamer Can Influence Their Dream Of Birds

It’s interesting to note that your circumstances can influence your dream of a bird, and can change its meaning.

While this seems obvious – dreams, after all, come from your associations, they are experiences created by you and tailored for you – your circumstances have a bigger impact than you might think.

Dreaming Of Birds When You Have A Lot Of Money

If you are someone who has a lot of money, dreams of birds are believed to be a bad sign. Typically, a bird in your dream points to discord in your spiritual journey.

It may suggest that you have lost sight of the original reasons why you started something, or things have spiraled into something beyond your control.

Dreaming Of Birds When You Have No Money

Dreaming of birds when you have no money is an interesting one. Birds in this case represent your hopes for the future, as well as an increase in your wealth, whether that’s monetary, or another type of prosperity.

Dreaming Of Birds When You’re Single

If you dream of two birds when you are single, this can embody your desire to find someone to share your life with, but it can also suggest that meeting your life partner is not far away.

Bird Dreams When You Have A Family

Dreaming of birds when you have a family in waking life reflects your relationship with your family and your wishes for a good life for them.

A dream of birds flying away is associated with a change in the dynamics within your family, or how the individuals within your family will start on their own paths.

Common Bird Dreams And Their Symbolism

A Single Bird In Your Dream

Dreaming of a single bird is an interesting one. If you have a dream like this, expect a message from someone soon.

Consider the color of the bird. If you can’t make it out, some news will come to you, and it will be a while before you can see whether it’s good or bad.

If the bird was all dark, this wouldn’t be good news. If the bird was white, or brightly colored, this is a good sign.

Dreaming Of Night Birds

Night birds in your dream point to change and upheaval.

A Large Bird In Your Dream

Large birds in your dreams are a lucky omen, suggesting that you’re about to achieve a dream. 

Dreaming Of A Bird With A Large Beak

Birds with large beaks imply that you should watch your words soon. Stay away from gossip, and those that like to cultivate it.

Dreaming Of A Bird Without Feathers

A bird without feathers in your dream suggests someone in waking life will soon try to make your decisions for you. This may be good or bad.

Talking To A Bird In Your Dream

In a dream, talking to a bird signifies an experience you won’t forget. This may be good or bad.

Taking Pictures Of Birds In Your Dream

Dreaming of taking pictures of birds suggests a brand-new direction in waking life, which means that any current problems will fall away.

Two Birds In Your Dream

Two birds in your dream suggest that your family is about to grow bigger. This may be a new life partner, a child, a pet, or someone you love might get married.

A Flock Of Birds In Your Dream

This dream symbol can be taken in several ways. To some people, a whole flock of birds indicates a new journey, personal growth, and transformation. It’s a sign of positive change.

To others, a flock of birds suggests that someone in your life needs your help.

Dreaming of a flock of birds represents a period of freedom and happiness, as long as you felt happy when you saw them in your dream.

If you feel afraid while seeing a flock of birds in your dream, this symbolizes your fear of change.

Dreaming Of Birds Migrating

Birds migrating in your dream refer to people you love who you haven’t seen in a while. It may be time to reach out to them.

Alternatively, dreaming of birds migrating represent your desire for change. Think about how you might shape your life into more of what you want. 

Dreaming Of Birds Flying

Dreaming of birds flying is an interesting one, and its meaning hinges on whether the birds were flying toward you, around you, or away from you.

Birds flying away from you is not a positive dream image, as this represents lost opportunities and bad luck.

Birds flying around you is a very good sign. They reveal future success, prosperity, and achieving your dreams. Dreams like this also speak of freedom, and a great weight lifted from your mind.

Dreaming of a single bird flying is also a good omen. It reflects your ability to choose your path in life, and if there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, now is the time.

Dreams of birds flying according to their own will indicate that you should seize the day, and live how you want to, not how you feel you ought to.

Dreaming Of Feeding Birds

Dreaming of feeding birds in your dream is usually a good sign. It means you’re putting the work in to achieve a better sense of freedom in your own life, and the ability to make your own choices.

It can also indicate you’re paving the way for other people to succeed, too. Take this dream as a reassurance that you are doing the right thing, and good things will come back to you.

However, if you dream of feeding crows, vultures, or blackbirds, this dream calls on you to reduce sources of negativity in your life.

Seeing Birds Approach You In A Dream

Birds approaching you in a dream suggest that the universe is going to give you something soon, and this may be something that you’ve wanted for a good while.

Being Surrounded By Birds In Your Dream

This dream image may provoke some anxiety, and it usually comes when you feel life has spun out of your control. Try to take some small steps to get some control back in your life.

A Bird Following You In A Dream

A dream where a bird follows you represents someone in waking life.

This may be someone who helps guide you through life, shielding you from the worst of trouble, or it may be someone who is looking to take advantage of you.

Dreaming Of Birds Singing Or Chirping

Dreaming of birds singing is a positive sign, implying that any current problems will soon be over, leaving you free to decide your course in life.

Birds chirping in your dream signify that there are new opportunities just waiting for you to take them, and it may take some work so that you’re able to recognize these opportunities when they come.

A Bird Landing On Your Head In A Dream

This dream refers to problems that are taking up all of your attention. Your dream urges you to make sure your emotions don’t make your decisions for you.

Dreaming Of A Bird Landing On Your Arm

A bird landing on your arm in a dream implies that you need to take some areas of your life more seriously.

A Bird Landing On Your Palm Or Hand

A bird landing on your hand refers to your generous nature, and how you are capable of manifesting anything you want if you work hard enough.

A bird sitting on your palm is a good sign for the future, and implies a period of rest or tranquility.

Dreaming Of A Bird Landing On Your Body

A bird landing elsewhere on your body suggests that you are headed in the right direction. You’ll soon achieve your dreams, if you stay focused.

A Bird Landing At Your Feet In A Dream

Unfortunately, a bird landing on your feet is not a good sign. It suggests that you’ll soon experience some trust issues, or problems in your family or work life.

Dreaming Of A Bird Landing On The Ground Near You 

A bird landing on the ground, fairly near to you suggests that great opportunities are in reach, if you manage to see them for what they are.

A Bird Landing On You And Then Someone Else

This is an odd dream. If you dream of a bird landing on you, then on someone else, a loved one needs your attention or help. 

Maybe things have been so hectic that you haven’t had a chance to check in with someone lately. This dream is telling you that now is the right time.

A Bird Landing On You And Annoying You

A bird landing on you and then annoying you in a dream suggests that a past regret will resurface.

Seeing A Bird With A Twig In Its Beak In Your Dream

A bird holding a twig in its beak refers to your desire to help others. This dream suggests that as the bird hasn’t done anything with the twig, you’ve yet to decide how you will do this. 

A dream like this calls on you to act on your generous nature and start helping others.

Seeing A Bird’s Nest In Your Dream

A bird’s nest in your dream refers to how well you can trust yourself to handle changing situations without any help. It may be a call to become more self-reliant.

A bird’s nest in a dream may also represent the state of your home life. Consider the state of the nest. Was it falling apart? Was it completely whole?

A Bird’s Nest With Eggs In Your Dream

Dreaming of a bird’s nest full of eggs reveals prosperity and good luck, as well as achieving your goals.

An Empty Bird’s Nest In Your Dream

An empty bird’s nest in your dream suggests financial problems that you’ll need to overcome. Otherwise, this dream denotes the anxiety which is threatening to control your life.

Destroying A Bird’s Nest In Your Dream

The act of destroying a nest in your dream suggests arguments within your family life. It can even suggest a relationship that’s no longer worth it.

Bird Eggs In Your Dream

Bird eggs appearing in your dream suggest that your efforts are starting to manifest your goals, and you’ll need to keep at it in order to get where you want to be.

Eggs Hatching In Your Dream

Eggs hatching in your dream suggest that you’re on your way to success, but it will take longer than you think to get there.

Dreaming Of Baby Birds

Newborn or baby birds can refer to your childhood, your past self, or the potential to expand on certain areas of your life.

Seeing Birds Eat Your Food In Dreams

Birds eating your food in a dream points to your wellbeing suffering, whether that’s your emotional, physical, or spiritual health.

Watching A Bird Build A Nest In Your Dream

Dreaming of a bird building a nest refers to your efforts in planning for the future. Any current issues or problems will fade away soon.

Birds Swimming In Your Dream

Birds swimming in your dream suggest an emotional situation in the near future.

Birds Fighting In A Dream

Birds fighting in your dream indicate future conflict. This may be between your responsibilities and your life goals, or a fight with someone you love.

This dream urges you not to act on your emotions, but to take a step back and approach the situation calmly.

Dreaming Of Birds Attacking You

Dreaming of birds attacking you is a call to recognize what’s not going right in waking life. Up to now, you may have been ignoring things, and this dream is drawing your attention to how this won’t work for long.

Birds attacking you can suggest that you’re worried about future responsibilities, not only for the pressure and the stress they may cause, but also how you might have to put a dream on hold.

As birds are spiritual animals in your dream, the act of them attacking you points to a discord in your spiritual well being. Perhaps you’ve strayed from your path.

Birds Chasing You In A Dream

Birds chasing after you suggest that a situation won’t turn out how you hope. This might be something life-changing, but it can equally be something very small.

Dreaming Of Someone You Know Turning Into A Bird And Attacking You

This can be a disturbing dream! If you dream of someone you know turning into a bird, and then attacking you, this suggests that you feel this person is holding you back in some way.

This dream usually comes as a warning. Be certain of the people you trust, and exactly how far you trust them. It may also represent past hurts that you are struggling to move past.

Dreaming Of Being Injured By A Bird

A dream where a bird injures you points to feeling frustrated in waking life. Things aren’t going the way you hoped.

Birds Trying To Get Inside Your House In A Dream

This dream denotes how you feel other people are the source of your problems, and how they are getting in the way of your dreams.

Seeing Birds Flying In Your House In A Dream

This is a sign of misfortune and a loss of security in your life. Someone close to you may betray you.

A Single Bird In Your Home In A Dream

A single bird appearing in your home implies that a relationship will soon come to an end, or it will transform completely. 

If you dream of a bird panicking inside your home, this reflects confusion in waking life.

A Bird Tearing You Apart In A Dream

As you might imagine, this is a negative dream. It suggests that jealousy, or comparing your life to others has taken over your life.

Alternatively, someone is jealous of you, and they may do anything to see you fail.

Chasing After Birds In A Dream

A dream where you chase birds refers to how you’re trying to make your life better, and how you’re moving towards your goals.

As long as you keep making progress, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t achieve what you want.

Catching A Bird In Your Dream

Catching a bird in your dream is a sign of good fortune. You’re not far away from achieving a dream.

Consider the context of the dream. Catching a bird inside your home suggests that an old relationship will be rekindled.

If you catch a bird by the tail, this points to prosperity in your professional life. 

Dreaming of catching a bird with only your hands implies that you have everything you need to succeed.

Seeing A Bird In A Cage In Your Dream

Consider the species and appearance of the bird. If it was a bird of prey, you may feel suffocated somewhere in waking life, or out of control.

A pet bird in a cage in your dream refers to tranquility and joy in waking life.

However, some people interpret a bird in a cage in your dream as a misfortune in waking life, where you may suffer some financial loss if you’re not careful.

Releasing A Bird From A Cage In Your Dream

Dreaming of setting a bird free from a cage reflects waking life, where you are trying to free yourself from the obstacles in your path.

Letting A Bird Go In A Dream

Dreaming of letting a bird go reflects how you’re releasing negativity from your life.

Hunting Birds In A Dream

Dreaming of hunting birds reveals financial problems in the near future. Be careful of what you do with your money, and be even more wary of who you trust with it.

This dream can also suggest you’re about to come into some money. While this is a good thing, your dream indicates that you should be careful what you do with it, as you may need it shortly.

Dreaming Of Shooting A Bird With A Pistol 

This dream is a sign of bad luck. There are obstacles in your way.

The dream’s message is this: don’t let your misfortune dishearten you. Instead, look for the ways you might limit it, and how you might move forward.

An Injured Bird In Your Dream

An injured bird suggests that you feel powerless in waking life. Maybe things aren’t going your way at all, or you never seem to have the right words for a situation. 

Seeing A Bird With A Broken Wing In A Dream

The broken wing in your dream implies a fear of commitment in your love life, either yours or your partner’s.

Killing A Bird In A Dream

Dreaming of killing a bird refers to a loss of freedom, control, or discipline.

Someone may be blaming you for something, and you don’t know how to turn the situation around.

Eating A Bird In Your Dream

This dream suggests that you have unresolved desires somewhere in your life.

A Dead Bird In Your Dream

A dead bird in your dream suggests that you need to think something through properly before you act. There will be more obstacles than you think. 

A dead bird may mean a loss of freedom, or an impossible goal or relationship. You need to learn to let these go.

If you dream of holding a dead bird in your hands, this indicates that your efforts will not pay off. It will be the worst case scenario, but it might be a blessing in disguise.

Dreaming Of A Dead Bird Of Prey

A dead bird of prey indicates despair, a loss of power, control, or tranquility in your life.

Dreaming Of A Whole Flock Of Dead Birds

A whole flock of birds lying dead is a negative omen for the future. It suggests that you’ll soon have a lot to deal with, and you won’t have any breathing room to process things.

Dreaming Of Cutting A Bird’s Wings

This is one of the most negative bird-related dreams you can have. It suggests that you’re deliberately sabotaging yourself, or someone else. 

You may want to look at your choices, and why you might be doing this. How can you make things right?

Birds Pooping On You In A Dream

A bird pooping on you, even in a dream, is a positive sign. It suggests good luck is coming your way.

Bird Urine In A Dream

What an odd thing to dream of! Dreaming of birds urinating (see also article titled ‘What Does It Mean To Dream Of Urine Or Peeing?‘) suggests that you need to make a better effort to connect with others. 

You long for the company of others, and it’s time you did something about it.

Dreaming Of Learning To Fly In Your Dream

Dreaming of learning to fly suggests you’re on the path to success, but you need to double down and try harder to reach your goal.

This dream may also be telling you that something is preventing you from achieving your goals. You’ll need to resolve it before you can enjoy success.

Dreaming Of Flying Like A Bird

Flying like a bird in your dream does not point to success, as you might imagine. Instead, this dream suggests that you are avoiding your problems.

Dreaming Of Flying With Birds In Your Dream

This dream is a very good sign. It implies an uptick in your finances, or a better sense of freedom in waking life.

The Spiritual Interpretation Of Bird Dreams

Spiritually speaking, dreams of birds refer to your spiritual experiences, growth, and the way you move through life and shed negativity.

Birds in dreams represent spiritual freedom, as long as they move freely within your dream.

The Biblical Interpretation Of Bird Dreams

In the Bible, birds have both positive and negative symbolism to consider.

Perhaps the most famous bird in the Bible is the dove, typically depicted as a symbol of hope, rebirth, and peace.

When the great flood happened, Noah sent a dove from the ark to see if the water had receded anywhere. He tried again a week later, and the dove returned to him with an olive leaf.

The bird’s journey represents a spiritual rejuvenation, renewal, and fresh opportunities. Before he sent the dove out on her second journey, he released a raven to search for land, too.

The raven didn’t return. Instead, it kept flying until all the floodwater had receded, eating dead things, so it wouldn’t have to go back to Noah.

In this way, the raven represents deceit, rebellion, betrayal,  and someone untrustworthy.

Bird Dream Symbolism In Buddhism

Similar to Aesop’s fable of the goose with the golden eggs, in the Suvannahamsa Jataka, there is a cautionary tale about birds and wealth.

In this tale, a father dies and is reborn as a swan with the most beautiful golden feathers.

He returns to his family, who are very poor, and tells them to take a single feather so that they don’t have to struggle quite so much.

The father returns occasionally, so they may take another feather, but the mother of the family has different ideas.

She takes all the golden feathers at once, and because of her greed, the feathers return to white, and when the feathers grow back, that’s how they stay.

How To Interpret Your Dream Of Birds

To help make interpreting your dream easier, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to help shortcut the process.

  • What was the bird doing in your dream? Was it flying heights above you? Did this inspire happiness or jealousy?
  • Did the bird interact with other birds or anyone else in the dream?
  • Did its behavior change when it saw you?
  • If the bird in your dream came to you, did it bring anything with it? An object? A creature? Advice?
  • How did you feel when you saw the bird?
  • What kind of bird was it? Remember the species, if there was one, and its appearance. Was there more than one bird? How large was it?
  • Think back to your dream. Was there anyone else involved, or was it just you?
  • Do you have a totem animal? 

Dreaming Of Birds: A Summary

In dreams, birds embody independence, ultimate freedom, peace, prosperity, and victory.

  • Baby birds: a new opportunity or chapter in life
  • Birds flying above you: success, defeating enemies and obstacles
  • Birds swimming: risk or potential danger soon
  • Eagles in your dream: positive times ahead, freedom
  • Parrots in your dream: discovering a secret
  • Night predators such as owls: great change ahead of you
  • Birds stealing your food: coming illness
  • A bird pooping on you: good news ahead
  • Dying birds: moving past obstacles

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