Dreaming Of Having Twins

A dream where you have twins is not hugely common. It does tend to happen more frequently if you’re expecting a new life in your family.

But you’ll be pleased to know that whatever your circumstances in waking life, a dream of having twins is nearly always a good sign for the future, where you’ll soon have a new start to experience.

But there are times when a dream of having twins is a bad thing. So how do you tell what your dream of having twins is trying to tell you?

Let’s take a look.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Having Twins?

You can expect to have a dream of having twins when there’s a new beginning coming in waking life. This might be in terms of a hobby, career move, your family getting bigger, or something else.

The point is that this change is just as life-changing as having twins, so be prepared.

Twins in dreams also symbolize two very similar paths, or how you’re trying to balance different aspects of your life, such as your personal goals and your career.

As the act of giving birth is so difficult on the mind and the body, this can reflect how you feel drained. Giving birth to twins in your dream represents even though you’re exhausted, you will soon recover.

You’ll even enjoy a hectic period in your life where you feel you can’t get a minute to yourself, but it will be worth it in the end. 

There are some spiritual elements to a dream of having twins, too. Twins signify the duality of a situation, where difficult circumstances will be awful, but there will always be moments of light, too. 

You’re much more likely to have this dream if you are pregnant in waking life, too. 

Dreaming of adult twins denotes that you’re about to discover something isn’t as stable as you think. 

This could be something that you take for granted in waking life, whether that’s your way of life, your partner, or something else entirely.

It’s interesting to note that twins feature throughout myth and legend, so it’s worth exploring some of these when you have a dream of twins.

This level of detail can add another dimension to the message behind your dream, even if you’re not familiar with many myths of twins. You’d be surprised.

Common Dream Scenarios About Having Twins And What They Mean

To get a better understanding of what a dream of having twins is trying to tell you, it’s worth looking into a few different scenarios.

A Dream Where You Discover You’re Having Twins

Finding out you’re having twins in a dream denotes an increase in your fortune or wealth soon. This may be an unexpected windfall, or an investment paying off.

Dreaming of expecting twins is a very good sign for the future, too. It suggests a period of happiness and optimism.

Giving Birth To Twins In Your Dream

A dream where you give birth to twins points to new beginnings in waking life. Sometimes it can even be a sign that you’re pregnant before you know yourself.

Maybe you want to have a baby in waking life, in which case this is quite a common dream.

If you dream of giving birth to twins very quickly, this suggests that you’re going to gain a lot of valuable experience or information soon in waking life.

An older interpretation of giving birth to twins is that you’re about to enjoy a very positive period in waking life. If the twins don’t look the same, you are about to be bewildered by a strange situation. 

The act of giving birth in a dream is a very positive omen, and suggests that you’ll soon have something to look forward to in waking life.

Dreaming Of Your Own Twins

Your own twin babies appearing in your dreams represent your subconscious mind, and how you might be torn between two choices in waking life.

Consider also your interactions with your twins in a dream. Having a conversation with them is not representative of themselves, but they are a projection of your own subconscious.

In this case, it’s valuable to try and remember what your dream might be trying to tell you, as the conversation can offer important insights into your psyche or living situation as it is now.

In older dream interpretation, dreaming of being with twins is a very positive sign for the future. However, if you have a sinking feeling during a dream like this, it denotes that someone will ask something of you that you’ll be very reluctant to give. 

Having Conjoined Twins In A Dream

Dreaming of having conjoined twins suggests that something you’ve worked for will not pay off in the way you expect. You’ll need to start again in some aspect of your life.

Maybe a close connection with someone is at an end, or you’re about to be made redundant. A dream like this urges you to take control of your life and decide its direction.

If you dream of being a conjoined twin, this relates to your current success, and how you will keep achieving. 

Breastfeeding Twins In A Dream

A dream where you are breastfeeding twins implies that you want to show someone you care. You want to look after them. This could be anyone, not necessarily a member of your family, but someone you are greatly attached to.

A dream like this also suggests that if you’ve been deliberating on a decision or longing for something, now is the perfect time to go after it. This might be having a baby, picking up an old hobby, or changing your life in some way.

Dreaming Of Holding Twins After Giving Birth

Dreaming of holding twins after giving birth to them reveals that an upcoming event in waking life will shape your life significantly. 

If you see only one twin in your dream, this points to the need to focus on your responsibilities. Maybe you’ve been neglecting them lately. 

If you have a dream of twins sharing an umbilical cord (which is extremely rare in waking life), this indicates that you’ve been presented with a unique opportunity in waking life. Make the most of it.

Holding Newborn Twins In A Dream

A dream of holding newborn twins is a very positive sign for waking life. It signifies a period of peace and tranquility, followed by uncertainty and utter chaos – but you will be happier for it, as unlikely as that may sound.

Newborn twins appearing in your dream also denotes a new chapter in your life. While something will end, life will give you something else in return.

If you’ve met someone new recently, and you dream of holding newborn twins, this is your subconscious telling you what it’s picked up on. 

The new person in your life has some odd quirks, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be good for your life.

A Dream Where You Have A Twin Of Each Sex

Dreaming of having one of each is an interesting thought. If you feel stressed or overwhelmed in this dream, it implies that you don’t feel much like yourself. 

Things have gotten too different, too weird, and you’re struggling to gain a balance between all the aspects of your life.

A dream like this can also point to arguments, especially if the twins were screaming. As twins have a close bond, this will be someone you see very often, or you’re very close to. 

A dream of having boy and girl twins can imply that you’re at a spiritual crossroads, and it’s time to commit to something. Make your choice and stick to it.

Having Non-Identical Twins In A Dream

Dreaming of having non-identical twins implies that you’ll soon enjoy a great experience with your family and a few old friends. 

But there will be some people who you won’t get on with, even though you might have in the past. 

They might even cause you a few problems that will take you a while to sort through in your mind before you even think about trying to deal with them in waking life. Maybe they’ll try and out-do you in a very irritating way, or they’ll criticize something you thought you did very well with. 

The non-identical twins point to the stark difference between the people you’ll love to see, and those you won’t. 

Dreaming of someone giving birth to non-identical twins implies that while you feel you’re repeating the same day over and over, this will soon change to something much better.

The world will soon open up to you again, and you’ll have the opportunity to start many new things in life. This rut won’t be forever.

If you see other people’s twins in a dream, this refers to how you can do absolutely anything you put your mind to. You don’t have to worry about other people’s expectations or what the world ‘sets’ for you. You can choose your own path.

Being Pregnant And Dreaming Of Twins

Pregnancy (see also article titled ‘24 Dreams Of Miscarriages And Their Symbolism‘) disrupts absolutely everything, including your hormones and emotions. You may find yourself crying with absolutely no reason for it, or for the most ridiculous of reasons. 

As your pregnancy goes on, you’ll find everything a bit more complicated than it was before, even those things that should be simple. 

Dreaming of twins is a natural thing when you’re pregnant, regardless of whether you’re having twins or not in waking life. Of course, if you are expecting twins, you’re more likely to dream of this.

If you’re having your first child, it’s interesting to note that a dream of twins is actually fairly common. This is because you know your life is about to drastically change, and it will never be the same.

It’s a terrifying thought, to say the least. In order to help you cope, your subconscious provides you with an equally unsettling scenario: not one, but two helpless babies to look after, at the same time.

Often, your dreams will feature the same emotions you’re struggling to quieten in waking life, just with a different reason within your dream. 

If you dream of having twin boys, this implies that you are listening to your intuition in waking life, and you want to protect others.

Dreaming of twin girls suggests that you want to look after someone, and have that concrete sense of purpose, as well as a profound sense of connection.

A dream featuring twins and your family being around you denotes your excitement and love for this soon-to-be arrival. 

Does Dreaming Of Having Twins Mean You’ll Physically Have Twins?

Well, it is possible. If there are sets of twins in your family, if you’re a twin, you might be wondering if you’ll have two.

But that’s not always the case. Sometimes a dream of twins can occur when you have an incredibly close relationship with someone in waking life. This doesn’t have to be someone you’re related to, but it is someone you count among your family.

You feel your life wouldn’t be complete without this person. They always know exactly what is on your mind, and how to bring you back when you’re down.

If you are a twin in waking life, and you dream of having twins, this can signal that you’re worried about a tricky relationship or something else in waking life. Is it time to go to your twin for some advice?

A Dream Where You Have Twins When You’re Not Pregnant

This one can be a little unsettling. Dreaming of having twins when you know you’re not even pregnant can refer to a specific, tight-knit group that you want to belong to, but the way you’re trying to fit in doesn’t feel right.

You might be pretending you are something you’re not, or they’re not accepting you for who you are. It could be that they aren’t interested in what you have to say, but they want you to agree with everything they say and do.

If you dream of having identical twins when you’re not pregnant, this is a reassurance that you know what you want from life, and how to move forward to get there. You don’t feel as though you’re repeating the same day over and over, which is great.

Dreaming of twins when you’re not pregnant can also reveal that you’re about to meet someone who is nearly exactly the same as you in personality. This may or may not be your future partner, but they will be a significant part of your life going forward.

If you dream of the twins being separated from you or each other at birth, this is a bad omen for the future. You’re about to lose something that you value. It may make room for something even better in the long run, so don’t despair just yet.

Dreaming Of Having Twins When You’re Single

A dream of having twins when you’re single in waking life can be an odd one to decipher, especially if you have no desire to get pregnant, or if you can’t physically have children. 

This dream indicates a period of change, transformation, and transition. There will be some uncertainty at first, while you try to find your feet in this situation. There’s no doubt that it will be difficult to start with, but once you’re there, things will be better than ever.

A dream like this is common when you feel something is lacking in your life, but you don’t exactly know what that something is. 

This dream doesn’t suggest that having a baby is the answer, instead it implies that you do need to embark on a similarly life-changing journey, which will give your life more dimension and purpose.

After all, not everyone wants to have a family, and your dream can reflect your own choices, too. A dream like this can reference your job, where you’re looking to make your life better in every way. 

Maybe you’re aiming for a promotion or an entirely new path.

Nightmares About Stillborn Twins

What a nasty nightmare. Well, the good news is that this dream doesn’t suggest you’re going to have a stillborn baby in your waking life. You’re about to receive good news or a gift.

This might be monetary, or it could be spiritual, where you feel a better sense of purpose, or feel you’re being guided through life. 

A Dream Where Someone Else Has Twins

The meaning of this dream hinges on who was having the twins in your dream. For example, your sister having twins in your dream implies that she is putting her attention and her advice where it’s not wanted.

You want to do something specific by yourself. Maybe you feel it’s an invasion of your privacy, or that she’s trying to control your life in some way. Ask yourself if this is coming from a good place or not.

If you dream of your partner having twins, this refers to a new beginning in waking life. This might be something as simple and as relieving as breaking a cycle of a rut or a boring routine.

A dream of a member of your family having twins suggests that you want your family to be larger, or it can refer to the love you have for your family already.

Your Mother Having Twins In A Dream

The dream symbol of a mother is significant and usually denotes good luck in the future. Your mother appearing in your dream refers to safety, kindness, and generosity, even if you don’t have a good relationship with your mother.

Dreaming of your mother having twins reveals the need to be more sure of your ability to handle anything life throws at you. Welcome the challenge of change, and avoid turning away opportunities just because they sound difficult or worrying.

Your mother struggling to have twins in a dream points to an uptick in your creativity soon. If you feel you’re not a creative person, you’ll find an unconventional solution to a problem that’s been bugging you for a while.

Another dream like this is when you dream of your mother having twins, and you’re a child within the dream. While this is an odd dream experience, it doesn’t denote anything bad unless you feel jealous.

If you do feel jealous in this dream scenario, it denotes that you need to work on your self-confidence. If not, you are in a secure place in waking life right now, and your belief in yourself will take you much further than you might imagine.

A Dream Of Lots Of Twins

Dreaming of many twins refers to productivity, fertility, and birth. This may not mean childbirth, but a long-term project finally being realized, or something else that you’ve longed for.

If you want a baby, and you dream of many twins, this denotes your intense desire to become a parent, as well as a potential sign of that dream being realized soon.

Dreaming of twins crawling all over you implies a new beginning, but only if you take action now. This dream urges you to rid yourself of any negativity plaguing your life, making way for better times ahead.

If you dream of twins surrounding you, this implies that you want your family to grow bigger. A dream like this refers to fertility and birth. It may also point to a future arrival – not necessarily yours, but it could even be a new relative.

But a dream like this doesn’t always have to relate to having children. It can also reveal that you’re in a good place financially, and you will soon have very little to worry about money-wise.

If you’ve been thinking of putting some money somewhere to invest, or in a savings account, this dream urges you to be cautious but optimistic. Expect success in your waking life, and use this good luck to resolve any problems you have.

Dreaming Of Twin Men

The meaning of this one depends on whether you know the men in your dream or not. If you do, you’re asserting your power over your life, and shaping it into something you want.

It can also mean that you’re learning to juggle two different aspects of yourself to your best advantage. What you thought were weaknesses, are actually proving to be your strengths.

Dreaming of twin men that you don’t know suggests that an issue in waking life has two possible solutions, and it will be extremely difficult to decide between them. Perhaps there’s actually a third you haven’t considered.

A Dream Of Twin Girls

A dream of twin girls suggests that you’re about to get some brilliant news. This could apply in any area of your life, but you’ll be greatly relieved, and it’ll spark a period of optimism, where you’ll get everything done as you should. 

Alternatively, having twin girls in a dream is a positive sign, and shows your current optimism, too. This dream usually reflects how you’re excited about a family event.

This won’t just be your immediate family, but also those relatives you haven’t seen in a very long while. Maybe this will be a milestone birthday, an anniversary, a christening, a wedding, a graduation, or another happy event. 

Whatever it might be, you will feel settled in that you’ll have everyone you love all in one place at the same time. It will be a great chance to reconnect with those you’ve lost touch with. 

Dreaming Of Sick Twins

If you’re pregnant, and you know you’re having twins, you probably know that there is more risk involved with having two babies. 

But having a dream of twin babies being sick is not a premonition, and usually reflects your worries of your babies being unhealthy.

Dreaming about having twins that are ill when you are not pregnant also mirrors worry in waking life. You’re concerned that a chance you’ve taken won’t pay off, especially if you’ve just made a big career change, or you’ve moved house (see also article titled ‘What Does It Mean To Dream Of A New House?‘), perhaps to a different state or country.

A Dream Of Giving Birth To Twin Animals Or Aliens

What an odd dream! This one is likely to cause you some worry. You’ll be glad to know that a dream like this isn’t a bad sign. In fact, it’s a very good sign for the future.

It can point to a new beginning where life will never be the same, but it will ultimately be a good thing. Things will turn out much better than when they started, although they will be uncertain for a little while. 

If you dream of identical twins (no matter the species), this suggests a run of very good luck in the future. Maybe it’s time to consider what you want out of life and go after it while luck is on your side.

A dream of giving birth to twin animals (see also article on squirrel dream meanings) refers to your kind nature. Helping others will only come back to you in some way further down the line.

Dreaming of giving birth to twin aliens implies a new start in waking life.

Dreaming Of Having Twins At Your Workplace

Dreaming of having twins at your workplace implies that most of your waking thoughts are on your job. You’ve been working through a lot of problems lately, pushing through as much as you can in order to get things done on time. 

A dream of having twins at work also means that you feel you’re due for a pay rise shortly, or you want more recognition than you’ve been given. Maybe you think that someone else has done less, but they’ve still been recognized more than you.

The point is that you feel underappreciated for what you’ve done for your work life, even if this is your own business. Perhaps you’re not seeing the results you’d expect considering you’re working so hard.

A Dream Where You Give Birth To Twins In Hospital

Dreaming of giving birth to twins in a hospital is a good sign. As nurses and doctors are there with all their equipment to make sure that you and your babies are safe, this dream refers to your support network.

You have everything you need to enjoy life, and you can lean on the people you trust the most when you need to. 

If you feel nervous during a dream like this, it means that you’re worrying too much about what could go wrong, instead of enjoying everything for what it is now. 

Dreaming Of Giving Birth To Twins At Home

A dream where you give birth to twins in your own home suggests prosperity in your family life. You and the members of your family will soon enjoy a period of great luck and wealth, but not necessarily in terms of money.

Life will be devoid of stress and problems for a little while, and your relationships will get stronger.

Or, this dream can denote that you feel nothing is going wrong right now. Everything is falling into place in the way that you hope, and you feel secure in where you are at and how far you’ve come. 

There’s a lot of love in your life, and a dream like this can also imply that you want something better for those you love, or yourself. A dream like this is a great sign – although it’s a surreal one – suggesting that you will soon get what you want. 

Giving Birth To Twins While On A Walk

Dreaming of having twins whilst you’re out on a walk is your subconscious warning you. Maybe you’re trying to avoid confrontation at all costs, and it’s come to your door anyway.

A dream like this is more common when you feel you cannot escape your problems, or you feel that life is too difficult lately. While you want to pretend any pressing issues don’t exist, this will not help you face them.

Things will only get worse if you ignore your problems, letting them stack up and stressing you out even further. 

When you wake from a dream like this, it’s important to take a look at what you’ve been avoiding, and how you can start fixing things. The sooner you do, the better you will feel. 

Dreaming Of Having Twins In Public

How unsettling. In an ideal scenario (even a dream scenario) giving birth needs the help of at least one medical professional and a clean place, not that this is always possible if you dream of having twins in public.

But this dream isn’t a bad sign. It does denote your desire to make some visible, tangible progress, however. Something has gone sour in waking life, or you’re bored by it. A way of coping is to turn your attention to something you can improve and change, and go from there.

Alternatively, a dream of having twins in public suggests that you feel underappreciated by those you love. This has taken you off-guard, especially if you’re in a difficult situation and no one seems to be sympathetic.

Dreaming Of Having Twins At Your Childhood Home

Dreaming of having twins at your parent’s house suggests that a problem in waking life has been plaguing you for some time, but you don’t know exactly what to do about it. 

This dream denotes that you will feel as though you’ve turned a corner with it, but it isn’t over yet. You’ll still have this problem for a while, and it may seem as though you’ve gone backward, but keep going. 

A Dream Where You See Twins In Your Home

Dreaming of twins at your home suggests that life is a little more chaotic or challenging than you perhaps thought it would be at this point, but you wouldn’t change it for anything. 

It can also imply that you’re being too hard on yourself in an area of your life. Take a look at what you’ve been through, and just how far you’ve come. Things are better than you think.

The Spiritual Interpretation Of Twin Dreams

As we’ve touched on already, a dream featuring twins usually has some spiritual connotations. It can represent the duality of life, and of opposites that are inextricably linked. 

Usually, a dream of twins reflects how you are equally torn between two wildly opposite paths in life. Your spirit knows that you need to choose between them, though it seems like the most difficult thing in the world.

It also reveals that while you’ll get a great sense of security from one area of your life, another will be affected. It may be that your career is threatened, but your family or support system will be there to make sure you get through it.

Freud theorized that twins appearing in dreams suggest that you’re finding it difficult to choose between listening to your rational side and your feelings. 

Non-identical twins in a dream mean that your feelings aren’t the best thing to follow right now, as they’ll lead you down the wrong path.

Identical twins in a dream reflect how you’ve reconciled with yourself in some way. You are comfortable showing people who you are, without the fear of being rejected by someone you care about.

Alternatively, a dream of twins implies that one of your relationships is insincere if you feel bad when you see them in your dreams. Twins tend to be very close and to have a negative dream involving them implies discord in your relationships.

Final Thoughts

A dream featuring twins is usually a very positive dream, pointing to good luck, prosperity, and happiness ahead of you. 

This meaning is the same even if you don’t plan on having children or the thought of it gives you the shivers.

As having twins is a life-changing event, expect that your life will soon change, too. Maybe something will have to end before it can begin, but things will work out better than you might expect, especially if these changes are stressful, to begin with. 

A dream of giving birth to twins also has some spiritual links, too. It implies that you’ll find a great deal of purpose soon, through an unexpected situation that will come to shape who you are.

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