Dreams about Alligators – 40 Types and Interpretation

Alligators can be unsettling at the best of times, and this disquiet seems primal, older than we’ll ever be, passed down from our ancestors.

So seeing an alligator in your dream is rarely a pleasant experience, and can turn the most pleasant of dreams into a complete nightmare. 

It doesn’t help that these dreams can be so vivid, ensuring that your whole day is just covered in the unease of your dream. 

Well, one thing you can do to shake off the dream hangover is to find out what it means.

When it comes to alligator dreams, they are fairly simple to unpack. Alligators in dreams are symbolic of uncertainty, your deepest fears, or something that’s been niggling at you for a while.

Similar to snakes (see also article on black snakes in dreams) in dreams, there’s a little more to it, however. Alligators appearing in your dream may be symbolic of someone untrustworthy, or someone close to you that has betrayed you completely.

Let’s take a look.

Why Am I Dreaming Of Alligators?

Alligator dreams may seem overly negative, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any positive symbolism.

When representing parts of yourself, alligators point to your individuality, your bravery, knowledge, and how fierce you are when it comes to protecting what you love.

Alligators are also symbolic of tapping into your intuition and using it to manifest the life that you want.

It’s worth noting that alligator dreams are pretty similar to crocodile (see also article titled ‘What Is The Dream Interpretation Of A Crocodile?‘) dreams, even though they are completely different animals. Both speak of danger, knowledge, and listening to your instincts.

Let’s take a closer look at why you might be dreaming of alligators.

You Have All The Freedom You Want

If you don’t have alligators where you live, you’ll probably associate these animals with exotic places, adventure, and different ways of life.

Alligators in dreams symbolize the freedom to choose your path, and how each choice you make carves this life path out for you. 

If you’ve been feeling stuck in a routine or trapped in a certain way of life, this dream is a way of reminding you that you have the power to shape your life into what you want. 

If you feel completely stuck, it’s time to do something different, even if that is something small, and you can work up to the rest later.

These large reptiles embody the need for change, excitement, and maybe even a bit of risk.

You long to take a chance on something, and to experience the ups and downs that a challenge would have in store for you.

This dream urges you to stop ignoring the rut that you feel you’re stuck in. Only then can you see the walls and climb out.

Tackling Your Anxiety Or Fear Head-On

Alligators appearing in your dreams embody negative emotions. More often than not they are a manifestation of the fear or anxiety you’re suffering from in waking life. 

Something in waking life has come along and rocked your confidence or sense of security that you build everything else on, and now you are on shaky ground.

This is especially true if your dream focuses on the cold eyes or the large teeth of this effective predator. 

You might be tempted to try and ignore it entirely, but this will just make things worse in the long run, and the alligator in your dream is a testament to this.

Avoiding your problems may even cause recurring nightmares, so it’s best if you can find a way to face these issues as early as possible when you see them appear. 

Persistence And Endurance

But alligators don’t always represent fear in dreams.

For instance, these tough animals can embody your capacity to endure whatever life throws at you, and seeing an alligator in your dream points to the need to carry on.

Just think of the hide of an alligator – thick as hell, rough to the touch, protecting the alligator from harm. 

A dream like this urges you to keep your mental resilience, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore how you feel. Keep your intuition as your compass through life, but maintain a thick skin.

Remember that you can handle anything you put your mind to. Just having a go – no matter your misgivings – and having an open attitude will get you much further in life than only taking on tasks you know you can complete to perfection, for example.

It’s common to have dreams of alligators when you’ve faced some cutting criticism, or someone’s honesty has hurt you deeply. This dream reminds you to adjust as necessary, but not to give up. 

An Insincere Approach Or Attitude

Consider the phrase ‘crocodile tears’ for this dream meaning. Seeing an alligator in your dream may point to your insincerity in waking life, or someone’s words that don’t exactly match up with their actions. 

If you’ve been pretending in some way or another, the alligator in your dream is encouraging you to face the truth you’re avoiding.

Maybe you’re concerned with how other people see your reactions, but you have enough on your plate that you don’t feel as though you have the right reaction, so you fake it instead.

Or, someone’s actions or sentiments don’t quite seem to be what they appear on the surface. Something about them feels off, and your dream is telling you to explore this further. 

Transformation And Changes

Alligators in dreams can be a reminder to adapt to changing situations in waking life but to rely on your resilience and hold your ground when you need to.

Knowing when you should adapt and when you should keep going along a certain path even when everything is determined to make you turn back is most of the battle.

An alligator indicates that you should trust your intuition, as they are an animal of both land and water, and in dreams, these respectively signify being grounded, listening to your intuition, and staying in tune with your emotions. 

A New Discovery

Part of why an alligator is such a powerful image is the way that it can camouflage itself so effectively that you would never know it was there.

In dreams, this is an equally significant image. Dreaming of an alligator points to something hidden coming to the surface.

Like an alligator, this might be an explosive and unwelcome discovery, but it can equally be something hugely positive.

Dreams like these may represent repressed emotions, unrealized dreams, ignored needs, or hidden intentions, all of which may be yours, or someone close to you.

Alligator dreams like this are especially common if you feel someone is not being honest with you, or you feel you cannot be honest with someone or with yourself.

This dream can also signify something in your past that you haven’t resolved or come to terms with, and it draws your attention to the need to confront and move past these things.


Alligators are fierce predators which survive on land and water and hunt equally well on both. 

Occasionally, alligators appearing in your dream are not a good sign or a bad one, they’re a signifier of both.

There may be something bad on the horizon, but it could be great for you in the long run, though you might only see this in hindsight. 

An example of duality may be a harrowing situation that turns out for the best eventually, forcing you out of a rut, or breaking you free from a routine you’d come to hate.

Alligators in dreams signify the need for balance, harmony, and experiencing the best of what life has to offer, accepting that there will be some bad, too.

A Warning Of Danger, Risk, Or Threat

If you see an alligator in your dream, this can reflect waking life, where something is threatening the harmony in your life.

Alligators imply that something potentially dangerous is on the horizon. This could even be something brought about by your own choices, or taking a risk without properly thinking about the potential fallout.

If you dream of an alligator and feel only fear when you see it, this is a warning dream, telling you to be careful.

Deception, Evil Intentions, And Stealth

Some alligator dreams indicate that a person or a situation cannot be taken at face value. 

Negative forces may be surrounding you, which have the potential to affect how you see your abilities and your power. 

These dreams can also come about after a betrayal from someone you love.

Emotional Upheaval, Turmoil, And Stress

Some alligator dreams are linked to stress, turmoil, and emotional suffering.

These dreams are ways of dealing with the worst life can throw at us, and they also serve as a way of playing out your worst fears safely.

If you dream of an alligator biting you, this indicates you’ll suffer from misfortune, upheaval, or stress soon.

The Alligator As A Dream Symbol

Alligators in your dreams can represent different things, depending on your associations with alligators, the state of your waking life, and the context in which the alligator appeared in your dream.

As with many dream symbols, the alligator is both a harbinger of positivity and negativity, depending on how it appeared to you, and what you felt when you saw it.

Negative Meanings Of Alligator Dreams:

  • Anxieties
  • Insincerity
  • Lies and betrayal
  • Your ego ruling you
  • Greed 
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Bad luck and misfortune
  • Aggression and poor anger management

Positive Meanings Of Alligator Dreams:

  • Resilience and adaptability
  • Bravery
  • Independence and resilience
  • Strength of will
  • Listening to your intuition
  • Respect and authority

The Spiritual Meaning Of Alligator Dreams

From a spiritual perspective, alligator dreams allude to the importance of keeping a watchful eye around you.

Alligators in dreams can represent negativity, dangerous situations, trust issues, and people who mean you harm. They also symbolize a desire to run from your problems.

Spiritually speaking, alligators usually represent fear or anxiety in waking life, but there are a few different interpretations to go through.

Trust Issues

Alligator dreams reveal how you are reluctant at best to trust others.

You may have been trusting to a fault before, where someone took advantage of your good nature, and you’re reluctant to repeat the experience.

Maybe someone’s words cut you too deeply in the past, taking advantage of everything they knew about you, making their jibes sting more.

You’re reluctant to let your guard down around those you’re not fully sure of, and that’s not a bad way to be.

However, when this lack of trust stops you from making meaningful connections with others, it gets to a point where you need to rethink your stance to some extent.

Alligators in dreams can appear as a manifestation of your suspicion of others, rather than an actual signal that someone cannot be trusted.

Therefore you need to look at all the details of this dream carefully before you act.


As a spirit animal, the alligator can manifest itself in dreams when you feel at your most vulnerable.

This serves to remind you of your power, and its presence can both illustrate when you feel threatened and how you can rectify that.

In dreams, if you see an alligator, this can point to being overwhelmed by events in waking life, where you feel you cannot move forward or risk moving from your comfort zone right now.

These dreams can also suggest that someone who has a lot of influence over you or your life cannot be trusted right now.

Sometimes these dreams are just a way of expressing your feelings that you are reluctant to acknowledge in waking life, such as conflict and fear.

Trying For A Deeper Understanding

An alligator dream can reflect how you are moving toward a deeper understanding of yourself or a situation in waking life, and how you’re connecting to your intuition to find guidance.

Seeing an alligator in your dream can point to how you have all the tools you need to move ahead, but you’re not using them to your full advantage.

Surrounded By Negativity Or Dishonesty

Alligators can appear in dreams when you feel someone isn’t telling the truth, or you’re surrounded by so much negative energy right now that you cannot recognize the good things when they appear.

Your emotional wellbeing may feel threatened, too. Perhaps someone you love and trust has done something to make you question your trust in them.

An alligator in your dream can represent someone who is lying to you, either by omission or in a more direct way. Your dream calls on you to trust your gut instincts, but don’t be ruled by fear or paranoia.

Uncertainty Of The Future

As alligators can signify change, they can also represent your fear or uncertainty regarding the future.

Perhaps you hate change and run away from it every time that you can. An alligator in a dream can embody the need for change, no matter how terrifying it can be.

Change can be equally good or bad, and how you react to it is more important than your fear. 

Authority And Conflict

As alligators can represent duality in dreams, they can also symbolize a power struggle and inner conflict.

Perhaps someone who has some authority is causing problems for you, or you’re struggling to fill a new role in which you should be settled by now.

This dream may also point to someone’s words or actions that have caused an inner struggle, where you’re trying to diffuse the power of their words but they have already hurt you anyway.

An alligator in a dream like this calls on you to know when to take some time to stand up for yourself, and to push past certain obstacles, and when you should let things slide.

The Biblical Interpretation Of Alligator Dreams

It’s worth looking at the alligator dream symbol from a biblical point of view, as this can offer further insight into your dream.

In the Bible, the alligator symbolizes something which could bring destruction or turmoil to your life.

This may be a person, a temptation, or a waking life situation that has the potential to cause disaster.

In nature, alligators are fierce predators which don’t worry themselves about kindness or mercy, and in dreams, they symbolize power and instincts which come before rationality.

The Bible compares alligators to demons, evil, strength, and wild nature, so these animals in dreams represent betrayal, treachery, fear, and your deepest instincts.

From a more positive point of view, they represent your resilience, wisdom, judgment, and standing up for yourself.

The Psychological Interpretation Of Alligator Dreams

Carl Jung theorized that wild or predatory animals (see also article titled ‘16 Meanings When You Dream Of Gorillas‘) in your dreams represent things in waking life that are difficult or seem impossible to deal with, so they appear in your dreams as monstrous threats or forces of nature you cannot overcome easily.

In dreams, alligators can represent people who mean you harm but you cannot act against them directly for one reason or another. 

Similar to dreams about spiders (see also article titled ‘Tarantula Dream Meaning and Symbolism‘), alligators can be symbolic of your shadow self, which consists of all the parts you don’t want to recognize in waking life. 

Dreams that feature your shadow self often call on you to recognize these suppressed parts of yourself, understand yourself better, and resolve anything that needs to be solved so that you can move on.

As part of a manifestation of one of the deepest parts of your subconscious, a dream like this may also bring negative emotions to the surface, such as:

  • Deep-seated rage
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Self-sabotage and vicious circles
  • Depression or despair
  • Addictions
  • Dishonesty
  • Insecurity

While these dreams can bring the negative emotion to the surface, they are not negative dreams in themselves. This is because they help you recognize what you need to resolve or accept about yourself.

You’d be surprised at how much your life might change after accepting your shadow self, and might trigger a period of healing and transformation.

How The Appearance Of The Alligator Can Affect Your Dream’s Meaning

As with any dream symbol, the color of the alligator in your dream can completely change the meaning.

Here are some of the most common interpretations of different colored alligators in your dream:

  • A white alligator points to grace, forgiving someone, practicing humility, and being generous towards others.
  • A black alligator is a sign of fear, lies, betrayal, and treachery.
  • Yellow alligators in dreams represent negativity, turmoil, pain, and ill-health.
  • A green alligator in a dream refers to your ego, your reputation, and your social circle.
  • Gray alligators in dreams symbolize your power, intuition, and resilience moving forward.

Common Dreams Of Alligators And What They Mean

It’s worth looking at the most common alligators and their interpretations, which will serve as a guideline to finding the meaning behind your alligator dream.

A Baby Alligator In Your Dream

Baby alligators appearing in your dream have two distinct meanings: they can represent the part of you that’s the most child-like, or that you feel protected in waking life.

Let’s start with the first one. In dreams, a baby alligator can represent the part of you that is too trusting of others, an aspect of your personality that’s under-developed, or even a talent you’ve yet to discover.

It can even suggest a fear of change and embody your deepest insecurities.

Baby alligators may also represent how you feel protected in life, where you have a great support system, ready to spring into action if and when you need them. 

They may also refer to your need to protect others, or uphold your sense of morality, giving you purpose in life.

Baby alligators can also represent the minor issues and bumps in the road along your life’s path or the problems you’ll encounter on your way to chasing one of your dreams.

Dreaming Of A Large Alligator

A large alligator in your dream represents one long-standing problem or a cluster of events that will keep you busy for a good long while.

After having this dream, don’t expect your problems to go away easily or quickly. This dream suggests that it will be a long time before you manage to clear these issues from your plate.

Alternatively, a very big alligator in your dream symbolizes your impulsive behavior and reckless attitude.

You may think that nothing bad will come of your actions or behavior, but this dream is warning you to be careful, especially of any problems or responsibilities you may be shying away from.

Running From Alligators In Your Dream

Alligators chasing you in a dream indicate that on some level, you are worried about achieving success.

As strange as that might sound, you’re anxious about accepting the full scope of your potential and utilizing your inner power.

This may come from a fear of change. You’re worried that if you try for a change and the hope of something better, you may end up in a situation where you’re worse off. 

This dream is drawing your attention to the importance of trying. You’ll always wonder if you don’t.

If you’re chased by a crocodile within your dreams, this refers to how you’re running from responsibility or difficulty in waking life. 

Maybe a relationship has deteriorated and you’re not sure exactly what you should do about it, so you’re pretending that everything is normal.

These dreams are common when you are under a lot of stress in waking life and serve as a way of facing these feelings.

You may be tempted to pretend that a problem doesn’t exist, or that you didn’t see an opportunity so that nothing can change, but things will always change whether you want them to or not. 

Dreaming Of Being Surrounded By Alligators

Dreaming of being surrounded by alligators implies that you’re about to be overwhelmed by a series of small problems, and though they are small by themselves, it would be very easy for you to become overwhelmed.

This dream calls on you to be vigilant. Keep an eye on what’s going on around you, and how your loved ones are doing. Don’t get caught up in failure, theorizing what you otherwise might have tried.

Find a way to keep going.

Dreaming Of An Alligator Biting You

An alligator biting you in a dream points to karma, and the ripple effect that each of your actions has on the world around you and your life as a whole.

Dreaming of an alligator bite implies that you need to sift through your worries and find if there’s any genuine reason for them, or whether you just need to move past them.

The action of an alligator biting you implies that someone unexpected will hurt you, either through their words or actions.

It will take time for you to regain your footing in life, and to decide whether you should trust them again or not.

If you dream of a crocodile biting you, this points to emotional turmoil or emotionally charged situations which will have a detrimental effect on how you make your decisions.

If the alligator snaps at you and doesn’t manage to bite you, something in waking life needs your attention, and it needs it now.

This action in a dream also serves as an outlet for your frustration, anger, jealousy, or regret.

Dreaming Of Alligator Teeth

Dreaming of alligator teeth is a sign that you’re feeling defensive. Something in waking life has you on edge, and you may lash out if you’re not careful with your words or actions.

This dream may also point to an overly protective or guarded nature, which has the potential to stop you from making meaningful connections with others soon.

Fighting With An Alligator In Your Dream

Dreaming of fighting with an alligator points to struggling with the emotions that come with betrayal, dishonesty, and treachery. 

Someone will betray you in some way, and you’ll have a long way to go before you finish processing all of the emotion that they’ll cause.

This dream can come as a warning, but it can also indicate that the betrayal has already happened, too.

The alligator attacking (see also article titled ‘Dog Attack Dream Meaning‘) you in a dream points to someone’s negative intentions and how they will affect you deeply.

If you manage to fight the alligator off, you’ll see this betrayal coming from a long way off.

Saving Someone From An Alligator In Your Dream

If you dream of an alligator attacking someone and you manage to fight it off, this signifies your protective and caring nature, where you long to shield those you love from the problems life can bring.

It could be that you’ve realized that someone close to a loved one has bad intentions, and you seek to separate them. You don’t want your loved one to get hurt.

An Alligator Attacking A Child In Your Dream

An alligator in your dream targeting a child reveals your hangups about your most vulnerable self. You feel you are too weak to go after what you want, or you’re not strong enough for the path ahead.

Alternatively, this dream suggests that you haven’t gained enough wisdom or experience to get where you want, and a kind of immaturity is holding you back from the life you want.

This is blocking you from manifesting your deepest desires, and it’s time you did something about it.

This dream is also common when you feel trapped in the same routine.

Dreaming Of An Alligator Attacking Your Pet

What a horrible dream. An alligator attacking your pet in a dream embodies your fear of something bad happening to them, such as illness, accidents, and death.

If you don’t have a pet, this dream reveals a similar fear of you losing what you value the most in life. You’re afraid of a close connection with someone deteriorating beyond repair.

A dream like this can suggest that someone is trying to undercut you or steal your thunder in waking life. Maybe they’ll take the credit for your hard work, or they’ll steal an opportunity that should have been yours.

This can also manifest when you’re frustrated that someone keeps questioning your authority in waking life or doubting your knowledge in a subject you’re extremely familiar with.

If you dream of keeping an alligator as a pet, however, this has a very positive meaning. It implies that you have a wealth of strength and power to draw from in waking life.

An Alligator Eating Someone In Your Dream

Dreaming of an alligator eating someone is a worrying experience, and you might be anxious to know why on earth you would dream of this.

Well, similarly, this dream is all about anxiety. Specifically, the anxiety that comes with unexpected change. Your circumstances are changing, and this shift is something completely out of your control, and you want a sign that this change is definitely for the better.

Unfortunately, this isn’t what your subconscious has presented you with. Instead, this is a manifestation of your worries and uncertainty, rather than giving you a clear picture of how the future might play out.

An Alligator Eating An Animal In Your Dream

Seeing an alligator eat its prey in a dream is a positive sign.

It reveals your power in carving your path, where you’re unafraid of obstacles or daring to be different.

Sometimes, though, this dream is less positive. It can represent your vulnerabilities and a tendency to let life drag you down at the slightest hiccup. 

Catching An Alligator In Your Dream

Dreaming of catching or hunting an alligator isn’t a great sign.

It represents the part that always wants to cave into other people’s expectations or demands of you, and you may even do this without noticing until it’s too late.

Hunting crocodiles in dreams has a similarly negative meaning. These dreams draw your focus towards your insecurities, and how you’re tempted to give in to what you think your life should look like, rather than what you want it to look like.

Hunting something in a dream represents how you feel stuck in a rut somewhere in your life, and you may resort to impulsive or destructive behavior to relieve this feeling.

Seeing Alligators Hunt In Your Dream

Alligators hunting in your dreams represent part of you that is on guard.

Something has you on edge, and the alligator in your dream is not just an outlet for your worry or insecurity, but it’s also a warning.

This dream warns you not to get paranoid, focusing so much on your worries that you forget what you’re capable of, or you lose sight of who you are and what you want from life.

Dreaming Of A Caged Alligator

Seeing an alligator in a cage in your dream suggests that you feel completely stuck in waking life.

It may be that you’ve come across a problem that simply cannot be solved in the way that you’re trying.

Perhaps it’s not the right time. Or, you may be sick of the way that things are, and you are desperate for something to change.

Alternatively, dreaming of a caged alligator suggests that you’re not listening to your emotions, or you’re in a large conflict with someone you love, but you can’t seem to find a way to stop it.

Killing An Alligator In Your Dream

Killing alligators or crocodiles in your dreams indicates that while you’ve physically moved on from a bad situation, you’ve yet to move on emotionally. 

You’re still holding onto the negative feelings that this situation created, and you haven’t yet found a way to let them go.

This dream is a way of starting that process off, as you subconsciously recognize how you should be moving on, and this will help it feel much easier to do so in waking life.

Seeing A Dead Alligator In Your Dream

A dead alligator in your dream is an indicator of change in waking life. While you might think that this is a bad sign, this is actually very positive.

An alligator lying dead in your dream indicates a new chapter in life, where you will almost feel that you’ve been reborn, in a time when everything seems possible, and not just that, but your dreams are in reach.

A Calm Or Friendly Alligator In Your Dream

A friendly alligator represents the handle you have on your impulsive nature or temper.

You’ve overcome your emotional drive to act out in a situation, and you’ve saved yourself from more than a few problems by doing so.

A dream like this also represents current satisfaction, harmony, and achieving your goals in life. You’re enjoying the hell out of life right now.

Dreaming Of An Aggressive Alligator

An alligator acting aggressively in your dream represents suppressed emotions lurking in your subconscious mind.

This dream acts as a way to bring these to the surface and to help you acknowledge them.

An aggressive alligator in your dream can also embody a stressful situation that’s caused you some emotional turmoil, frustration, and a loss of purpose or your life’s direction.

Seeing An Alligator Laze Around

An alligator just lazing around and doing nothing might seem like a good picture as it’s not attacking you. Unfortunately, it’s a bad sign.

An alligator lazing or dozing in your dream represents someone who is lying in wait to hurt you. They’re just waiting for the right time to do so.

Dreaming Of Alligators On Land

Alligators on land in dreams represent the need to face the truth about yourself, where you have deep insecurities.

You’ve accepted them as part of your life instead of working to change what you can, where you can. This won’t serve you in the long run.

Walking On An Alligator In Your Dream

Dreaming of walking on an alligator’s back is an interesting image. It symbolizes the things that are standing in the way of the life you want.

You may make some progress towards them for a while, but you continue to hit problems that seem to take you back to the beginning again.

The action of walking on an alligator signifies a time in life when everything threatens to overwhelm you.

The longer you wait before you clear the problems from your plate, the worse these issues are likely to get.

Seeing An Alligator Or Crocodile In Water

Dreaming of seeing a crocodile or an alligator in water refers to your own emotions threatening to overwhelm you.

These feelings may not be on the surface, but rather lurking in your subconscious, where they can still have a surprising impact on the rest of your life and your decision-making skills.

Your dream is drawing your attention to the unresolved things that are still plaguing you and calls on you to resolve them so you can truly move on.

Swimming With Alligators In Your Dream

Dreaming of swimming with an alligator implies that you are in dangerous territory in waking life.

You feel like you’re on unstable ground, where emotionally-charged situations are playing havoc with your perception.

Water in dreams is connected to emotion, and dreaming of swimming with an alligator implies that because you’re refusing to acknowledge your emotions, they will soon get the better of you.

Dreaming Of An Alligator While Pregnant

An alligator dream during pregnancy (see also article titled ‘Dreaming Of Having Twins‘) isn’t a bad sign. It can represent your feelings of protection towards your child, as well as your hopes that they will be healthy and strong in life.

Dreaming Of An Alligator In Your Home

In dreams, your home is your place of security and comfort. Alligators invading this space represent those things in life that threaten your sense of security and normality.

It can also point to problems in your family life. A discord may thread its way between you and a member of your family, causing a rift that will be hard, but not impossible to heal.

It may also reveal a lack of patience or empathy towards a close one’s problems, a certain restlessness you cannot explain, or how your emotions are ruling you.

Seeing An Alligator In A Zoo In Your Dream

Dreaming of an alligator in a zoo indicates that you long for a stronger sense of freedom in one or more aspects of your life.

In waking life, you may feel trapped in a cycle of negativity, or you feel compounded by responsibility, where you don’t feel as though you have a real choice to make.

Seeing A Snake And An Alligator Fighting In Your Dream

Dreaming of a snake and an alligator fighting implies a conflict between your spiritual intuition and your gut instinct.

Snakes in dreams typically symbolize inner wisdom, while the alligator represents the aggressive side of your instincts.

Somewhere, in waking life, you’re going to have to choose which one to listen to.

If you dream of the alligator eating a snake, you may be sabotaging your own progress somewhere in life. You’re letting fear get in your own way.

Dreaming that the alligator overpowers the snake implies that you’re tempted to lash out against someone or take control of a situation that isn’t really yours to do so.

You may find it difficult to separate your worries from the reality of a situation.

Dreaming Of Fighting Alligators Or Crocodiles

Dreaming of two crocodiles or alligators fighting implies that danger or a great deal of risk is coming into your life soon.

You may have to decide between two conflicting sides, where a decision will have a knock-on effect going forward.

This dream can reveal a time in the future when someone will take advantage of you, or they will tempt you to stray from your moral code.

Recurring Dreams Of Alligators

In dream interpretation, a repeated dream symbol is something that you should not ignore. 

Dreaming of alligators over and over indicates your emotions are building like a tidal wave, and they will soon knock you off your feet if you don’t do something about it.

This sort of dream implies that a lot is going on in your subconscious mind that you need to recognize and resolve.

If you keep dreaming of tiny alligators or crocodiles, this implies that you’re hoping to atone for your past mistakes, or trying to make sure you don’t repeat them in the future.

You’re at the start of a period of transformation – if you continue to do the work you need to get there, that is. Learn to let go of the negativity surrounding you, and shake off old habits and impulses.

How To Find The Meaning Behind Your Own Alligator Dream

Alligator dreams can be difficult to decipher, but there are some questions you can ask yourself to find the meaning behind your dream.

  • Have you dreamed about alligators before? Do you remember what happened in these past dreams? 
  • How did you feel when you saw the alligator? Did this emotion change when you woke up?
  • What did the alligator look like? 
  • Was there more than one alligator?
  • What was the alligator doing in your dream? Did it react to you?
  • Think about your waking life. Are you going through something important or tough right now?
  • What else was in your dream? Where were you?

Alligator Dreams: A Summary

Dreams about alligators refer to your bravery and your last reserves of determination and strength. Negative alligator dreams suggest danger soon, lies, betrayal, and conflict eating away at you.

  • A baby alligator: your inner child, immaturity, or innocence
  • A large alligator: acting impulsively or dangerously, large obstacles
  • Being chased by alligators: avoidance, a desire to escape
  • An alligator biting you: karma has come for you, and you’ll find it difficult to escape it
  • Fighting an alligator: facing your fears
  • Killing an alligator: overcoming all obstacles
  • A dead alligator: a time of transition, change, and rebirth
  • An alligator in a cage: feeling trapped in problems you can’t unravel
  • Walking on an alligator: encountering lots of obstacles

Final Thoughts

Alligator dreams usually represent change to a degree in waking life, but they can also symbolize someone dishonest or untrustworthy, and while these are the main interpretations behind these dreams, they are not the only ones.

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