Dreams About Being Killed – Meanings And Interpretations You Should Know

Dreams about being murdered are up there with dreams of being kidnapped or raped as very disturbing dreams. You might wake up screaming, reminding yourself that your thundering heartbeat means your dream wasn’t real after all.

Or maybe you were strangely calm, accepting your dream fate in a way you never would in waking life.

But what does it mean to dream of being killed? What if you have recurring dreams of being murdered (see also article titled ‘The Hidden Meaning Behind Dreams Of Murder‘)? Are these dreams warnings, or something else entirely? 

Read on to discover what your dream of being killed is trying to tell you.

Can Dreams About Murder Be Premonitions?

We know that our subconscious mind creates dreams, but the reasons for what you might experience within those dreams are less clear.

Your dreams have to be filled with things for you to explore them – a landscape, people, objects, and seemingly random circumstances all thrown together. 

We know that we often dream of things that are already on our minds, but what does it mean when you dream of murder? 

Dreams of being killed do not mean you have a subconscious desire to die, especially that way, nor do these dreams suggest you want to become a murderer. Equally unlikely is the thought that dreaming of murder means that you’ll be murdered in waking life.

Instead, there are a few less worrying interpretations to look at. Symbolic death, such as that in dreams, or even in tarot, points to great change in waking life. Something must end or ‘die’ before something else must begin.

Maybe you’ve been deliberating on a life-changing move or decision. This might be an entirely new career, lifestyle, meeting a new life partner, or taking the next step in your relationship.

This change can also seemingly come out of nowhere, something which is out of your hands but will have a profound impact on your life.

Dreams of murder and being killed can also be a sign that you’re holding onto a lot of anger and frustration for someone, and this is especially true if that person is someone you deeply love.

Dreams of murder can also reveal your guilt or regret in waking life. You might have hurt someone or made a situation much worse by trying to help, or a choice you made affected someone badly. 

These kinds of dreams show you what is stopping you from moving on in life, revealing the emotional hang-ups that may make you hesitate in waking life. After a dream like this, it’s worth doing some introspection to see what is still hanging over you, and how you might change that.

Why Am I Dreaming About Murder?

Any sort of death in dreams is connected to new beginnings, change, new life, and moving on. Of course, death implies that something has to end for these things to happen, and this might suggest an end to a chapter in your life, old habits, or relationships that no longer work.

No matter how death happens in your dream, you should take it as a good sign. The emotional trauma that you experience within the dream is a reflection of the uncertainty that change brings with it, and how rocky things can be to start with.

However, there is another thing worth mentioning. If you dream about murder on a regular basis, this reveals unresolved emotions that you really need to process. 

Some dreams are a reflection of the state of your mind, amplifying any feelings that you’re holding onto.

Common Dreams Of Being Killed And What They Mean

Dreaming Of Being Murdered

Dreams of being killed or murdered point to a significant change or shift in your priorities in waking life. Something will end, such as your long-held beliefs, worldview, or habits, causing you to rethink everything.

The good news is that the thing that’s coming to a close is holding you back from everything you want. 

Any horror or terror within this dream is a reaction to the impending change and transformation. If you tried to fight off your murderer, this reflects your tendency to fight change.

A Dream Where You Are Strangely Calm Before You Are Murdered

Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Feeling calm before you are murdered in a dream indicates that you’re ready for a big shake-up in your life. 

You’re sick of the way things have been lately, and you welcome anything that might kill the boredom or end something difficult in waking life.

A Dream Where Someone Else Was Murdered

Consider the person who died in your dream. You might harbor some resentment or jealousy towards them, in which case your dream is telling you to let this go before you can move on.

The victim in your dream may also signify an aspect of yourself that you hate. To dream that they are murdered reflects your desire to be done with this part of yourself.

Witnessing Murder In Your Dream

Dreaming of trying to stay quiet and hoping that a murderer doesn’t see you after they finish off their victim is a disturbing scenario, to say the least. 

A dream like this mirrors waking life, where you are trying to withdraw from this person. Maybe you’ve realized that you’re not compatible with them, or you don’t agree with something they say or do. Perhaps you’ve outgrown each other.

This dream emphasizes the thought that you just don’t want to be in their life anymore. 

Recurring Dreams Of Murder Or Being Killed

Recurring dreams of being killed or murdered reveal a desire for great change in waking life. Maybe you don’t feel brave enough to bring about this change yourself, or you have no idea where you should start. 

Instead, you’re looking for fate or something else to do this for you.

Repeating dreams of being murdered can suggest that you feel stuck in some part of your waking life. 

Maybe you feel as though you’re repeating the same day over and over, or you’ve made a long-term decision, or finally achieved a dream, and you’ve realized it’s not what you really want after all.

Final Thoughts

Dreams of being killed are frightening, but they are actually useful once you get past the intense emotions that these dreams create. 

They can act as a signpost to your feelings that need to be confronted or processed in waking life, where you’re holding onto anger, frustration, or you’re bored with your current situation.

Dreams like this can also point to huge changes in your life, where you will rethink everything you thought you knew.

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