Dreams Of Zombies And What They Mean

Dreaming of zombies can be an odd experience to say the least. Sometimes, they can appear in nightmares, or just add a strange and surreal aspect to our dreams.

They can also offer insight into different facets of your life, including the state of your life currently, how you feel, your choices, your relationships with others, and your professional life, too.

If you dream of zombies out of nowhere, and it turns into a nightmare, it helps to try and find the meaning behind your dream, where you can take the sting out of it.

Not only for that reason, but zombies usually appear in dreams with a specific purpose.

Let’s get started.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Zombies?

Dreaming of zombies can be a difficult thing to unravel, as there are different ways they appear in dreams, but there are some themes which are common across many zombie dreams.

Zombies generally appear in dreams to signal that you need to spend some time working on yourself, sharpening or gaining new skills, avoiding negativity, bad habits, and distraction.

It’s worth noting that zombies mean different things in different countries.

The word itself originates from Haitian folklore and Hoodoo, where a zombie is a deceased person who has been reanimated, not for a positive reason.

While dreaming of zombies can be downright terrifying, they usually mirror the anxiety of a fresh start somewhere in life, and the uncertainty that this can introduce.

Zombies in dreams also reveal that negative forces are influencing your choices, such as people who don’t have the best intentions, or reverting to bad habits.

These creatures may also reflect the state of your mind, especially if you feel numb, stressed, or worried. It’s a reminder to look after your health, and not to let other people make your decisions for you.

Why Zombies Appear In Dreams

In dreams, zombies may appear as a roadmap on what needs adjusting in your life, where they represent a facet of yourself that needs your attention.

They may point to a period of transformation, detachment, a loss of power, and creativity.

Of course, your dream is also influenced by your actions and decisions in waking life.

For example, if you watch zombie movies or play games which feature zombies, your dream is a reflection of your waking life experiences.

Your dream may be a run-of-the-mill way of categorizing your memories, but in some cases, zombies have vital things to tell us in dreams.

Here are just a few of the reasons why zombies appear in dreams.

Transition Or Transformation

While zombie dreams can be terrifying, sometimes they are a good sign for the future. 

You may associate zombies with death, but in this case, it is a spiritual death, which allows for a period of change, where you’ll be a different version of yourself soon, a more knowledgeable person where you’ll use this new-found knowledge to your advantage.

Dreaming of zombies reveals a new twist in your life path, where the most random thing will change your life forever. 

This is also true when you dream of the end of the world. This end, whatever end it may represent in waking life, allows room for new experiences.

Numbness Or Detachment

Zombies can embody what we fear the most, where we feel detached from our emotions, numb to our environment, or far away from the people that love us and what drives us forward.

Dreaming of zombies can represent this fear, or reflect waking life where you feel completely detached from life and everything around you. 

Detachment in waking life is a symptom of a bigger issue, such as tremendous stress, anxiety, despair, or even depression.

It’s worth taking a step back and looking at things as a whole, and seeing what in your life needs fixing, and how you can go about it.

If you dream of zombies, it’s also worth looking at your relationships, and if there are any cracks appearing in them.

Maybe you’ve been having a lot of arguments recently, or you’re feeling completely ignored or left out of your usual social circle.


Zombies in dreams suggest that anxiety has gotten the best of you, to the point where you are running on empty energy-wise. 

You’re on the road to burnout, and every facet of your life seems to be spinning out of your control. Maybe you’re pushing yourself too hard, and need to adjust your expectations. 

If you have recurring dreams of zombies and feel anxious or scared to the point where this is familiar, you need to take some time out for yourself and recharge.

Feeling Powerless In Waking Life

Dreaming of zombies, especially those that concern zombie apocalypses, outbreaks, and disasters speak of a loss of control in your life, and being under a great strain.

You may have lost your sense of drive or purpose, and now you feel less grounded, or completely listless and unsure of what to do next.

Seek advice from others by all means, but listen to your gut above all else.

This dream can also signal the end of something which will mean a lack of meaning for a while, or it can suggest that you need to give up a certain goal in order to keep moving forward.


Dreaming of zombies also refers to personal and spiritual growth, creativity, new sources of inspiration, art, and new opportunities to use your creativity in other areas of your life.

Zombie dreams can also speak of success in waking life. 

Zombies As A Dream Symbol

Zombies in dreams are symbolic of power and influence in relationships. It can point to an imbalance in waking life, where you are being manipulated, or you are starting to manipulate someone else.

You may be feeling pressured into a decision you wouldn’t normally make, and while your morals might go against it, you feel you have no other option. 

It’s always worth reassessing a situation and looking at all your options. If you feel a decision goes against every bone in your body, find a different way.

Zombies in dreams may also represent anxiety, fear of the unknown, and envy.

The Spiritual Meaning Behind Zombie Dreams

Spiritually speaking, a dream of zombies suggests that you feel your decisions are not your own, as other people seem to be making your choices for you. 

You may also be filled with jealousy at how other people’s lives are turning out. They seem to be moving on, but you feel you are still the same as you were.

If you keep seeing zombies in your dream, from a spiritual point of view you are following someone else’s vision for how you should lead your life.

Maybe you’re constantly comparing your life to others, to the point where you feel you’ve lost your way, and don’t know where to look anymore. 

You may even have lost your sense of self as a result, and the zombies in your dream represent your aimless and similarly lost approach.

This behavior also reveals deep insecurities, where you are easily influenced by others, which inevitably affects your decision-making. This dream urges you to find yourself again, and act accordingly as your nature dictates.

The Psychological Interpretation Of Zombie Dreams

Psychologically speaking, a dream of zombies often occurs when you feel you are making no headway towards your long-term goals or dreams.

They can also manifest in your dreams when you are worried about your own mortality, and for some reason, you don’t want to succeed. 

Zombies feature in your dreams when you feel a lack of control or direction in your life, too. If zombies feature regularly in your dreams, it may be time to have a look at your choices, and reassert control over your life.

The Biblical Interpretation Behind Zombie Dreams

The biblical interpretation of zombie dreams is that the uncertainty of what happens after we die has been ‘eating’ at you lately. 

Alternatively, zombies appearing in your dream represent your impulse to escape from reality and find joy and purpose in fiction and dreams.

Common Zombie Dreams And What They Mean

Dreaming Of The Undead 

In general, dreaming of the undead embodies bad habits, those of which are harmful to your physical or mental wellbeing, such as drinking, smoking, or repeating the same vicious cycles over and over.

But maybe it isn’t that obvious. Perhaps you’re surrounded by negative people who seem nice enough on the surface, or someone who seems to be making all of your decisions for you.

Not being able to exercise your power over your own life can cause its own set of problems, the very least of which sapping your energy and motivation.

Some zombie dreams aren’t all bad, however. If you feel relieved or upbeat when you see zombies in your dreams, this points to a good support network that you have around you.

Being Afraid Of Zombies In Your Dream

If you dream of being afraid of zombies, this directly reflects the fear that is controlling your thoughts and actions in waking life.

You’re allowing your fear to get in the way of living the best life that you are capable of. Try to adjust your thoughts and put a positive spin on everything.

Yes, things might turn out badly, but what if they don’t?

Dreaming of being frightened of zombies also points to a loss of power or control over your own life.

You are putting off decisions that need to be made, or you’re letting circumstances and other people decide for you.

Dreaming Of Many Zombies

If you dream of many zombies, this is a good dream, believe it or not. This dream points to having a wealth of inspiration at your fingertips, as well as all the knowledge you need to succeed.

It can be a representation of your emotions, and if you’ve been finding things tough lately, things will start to level off soon.

Many zombies appearing in your dream also embody parts of you which you’ve yet to explore, including hidden talents.

You may need to change your approach or perspective in order to discover what these might be.

This dream can suggest that you have the necessary traits in order to manipulate situations to your advantage. Just be careful how you use this talent.

Being Surrounded By Zombies In A Dream

From a Jungian perspective, this dream mirrors waking life, where you feel cornered in some way. Perhaps a problem has gotten bigger than you can handle by yourself, but you don’t want to admit that you need help.

It also points to stress getting the better of you, and being under an immense amount of pressure. Don’t forget to take breaks while you work through problems.

A Dream Where Zombies Take Over The World

Dreaming of zombies overrunning humanity is not a positive dream, as you can guess.

This dream points to hopelessness and despair, but it’s not all bad.

It also suggests that part of your life is going to change dramatically, and this will mean a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle for you soon.

But in order to get to the good stuff, you’ll first suffer some bad stuff, which will then allow for the positive change to happen.

This dream can also reveal how well or how badly you handle your problems, and your approach to unexpected issues.

It may indicate that you need to learn more about yourself and what really drives you, and what you want your life to look like.

Dreaming Of A Zombie Apocalypse

A zombie apocalypse in your dream points to a fresh start in waking life.

The zombies can reflect where you feel stuck somewhere, lacking the motivation or the will to change something, but this will soon shift into something positive.

Similarly to the above dream, it’s likely that you’ll soon go through a difficult period, but after this, you’ll be able to make room for more good in your life, where things will only be positive for a time.

It may be that you’ll change career, or end a relationship that feels like it’s going nowhere. 

This dream calls on you to adapt to change and rapidly shifting situations, and you’ll come out of the experience a better and more settled person.

Dreaming Of A Zombie Illness Or Virus

A zombie virus or illness points to change, which in itself is neither good nor bad, except that this dream suggests that you will try to fight this change.

You will want to hold onto the way that things are, but this will stand in the way of achieving your dreams and generally making progress through life.

Alternatively, dreaming of a zombie virus reflects your own health worries.

Recurring Dreams Of Zombies

If you have recurring dreams of zombies, this refers to your stubborn nature, and unfortunately, how you’ve turned away from the truth of something.

Because you’d prefer something to be a lie, you’re pretending that’s what it is. This will not help you in the long run.

Maybe you feel as though you don’t have enough time in the day for all of your tasks or responsibilities.

These dreams might be telling you to manage your time better, or focus on one thing to start with. There is potential for your personal beliefs getting in the way of your creative output. 

Maybe you feel too anxious or too busy to be able to find the outlet that you need. 

Recurring zombie dreams can point to relationships which are evolving in your waking life. Maybe it’s time to stop worrying about what other people think, and start living your life how you want.

Dreaming Of Zombies While Pregnant

A dream like this points to an unexpected twist in your life’s path, where your career will take a different turn entirely.

It might not be what you originally had in mind, but it will turn out better than your original dream for the future.

But it won’t happen magically. In order to see this opportunity for what it could be, you’ll need to work through any current issues, and anything unresolved from the past that is affecting your present.

This dream also refers to the need for attention and respect. Perhaps you aren’t treating people the way you should be treating them.

Talking To Zombies In Your Dream

Talking to zombies is one of the most surreal on this list!

Unfortunately, it’s a negative dream meaning, revealing future conflicts in your family or social circle, where there will be a few heated arguments.

Hiding From Zombies In Your Dream

Hiding from zombies in a dream points to negativity, specifically a running commentary in your head. You’re talking yourself down, and this is getting in the way of making progress in your life, and growing spiritually.

Hiding from zombies in a dream also points to how you want to achieve a better balance in life, where you manage to take care of all of your needs and move towards your goals without sacrificing anything.

Unfortunately, hiding from the zombies in your dreams points to a futility in the way you are managing things. Your approach isn’t working, and you need to stop talking yourself out of letting go of bad habits. 

Zombies Chasing You In A Dream

Dreaming of zombies chasing you mirrors waking life, where you want to avoid your problems at all costs.

This impulse may be costing you more than you are aware of, and this attitude could be affecting those around you, too. Try to face your problems head on where you can, and this will take a lot of the stress out of your everyday life.

The zombies chasing you in a dream reflect your state of mind, deep down, which you may not be acknowledging. This is deeply linked to your relationships, and deep emotional connections.

This dream also reveals some financial issues in your near future.

If you have a recurring dream of zombies chasing you, this can point to potential illness (see also article titled ‘Cancer In Dreams‘) which may be something more long term.

Other interpretations of this dream include being manipulated by someone close to you, betrayal, and receiving unexpected news.

Running After Zombies In Your Dream

Dreaming of running after zombies demonstrates how far you have come in life.

It also suggests that you should take some time to reflect on what you’ve overcome, which will give you the motivation and inspiration you need to tackle any current problems.

If you dream of running after zombies, this reflects a fear of committing to your goals or dreams, and how you might be in danger of using your responsibilities as an excuse to not go after what you want.

Maybe you’re running on empty, especially if you can’t catch the zombies, or you get tired too quickly. This dream suggests that it may be time to take a break, or seek advice from someone you trust.

Escaping Zombies In Your Dream

Dreaming of managing to run and escape from zombies represents a relationship that’s turned sour, one you want to rid yourself of.

Successfully escaping the zombies in your dream reveals that you will find the best way to do this, with the least amount of hurt feelings possible.

This dream can also point to being envious of someone to the point where comparing your life to theirs is overriding your motivation to move forward.

Alternatively, dreaming of escaping zombies indicates that you’re worried someone will take over your role somewhere in life.

This may be in your professional life, where someone new is picking up your role much quicker than you did, or in your social circle, where the dynamic seems to have completely shifted now there is someone new.

Shooting Zombies In Your Dream

Dreaming of shooting (see also article on dreaming about getting shot) zombies refers to the dreams and goals you’ve molded your life to. If you were able to shoot (see also article on dreams about shooting) the zombies with no problem, this points to success in these goals.

However, if you had trouble hitting the zombies, or you didn’t manage to shoot (see also article on dreams about guns) them at all, you will not hit your goal with your current approach. 

You may need to find a different tactic, or break it down into more manageable chunks. Perhaps this goal just isn’t achievable right now.

Dreaming Of Killing Zombies

If you dream of killing zombies, this is a very good sign for the future.

It reveals that any current problems will soon be a thing of the past, and you’ll also be able to shake off any negative influences or doubts worrying you.

Killing zombies in a dream points to seeking out new and fantastic opportunities which will seem as though they were made for you.

This dream also speaks of success in your professional life, where you’ll gain a promotion, secure a business deal, or another kind of victory entirely.

However, a dream of killing zombies isn’t always that positive. Dreams of killing zombies may point to how you are socially isolating yourself in one aspect or another. 

What method you used to kill the zombies can further determine the meaning of the dream. For example, shooting zombies implies that you need to stand up for yourself in your personal or professional life.

If you dream of killing zombies with fire (see also article about dreaming of a house fire), you’re not using your creative side to its full advantage, and you may even be missing out on perfect opportunities without realizing it.

Cutting Off Zombie Heads In Your Dream

Dreaming of beheading zombies indicates that bad habits you’ve turned to in times of stress are affecting your relationships, and will create a lot of miscommunication soon.

Fighting Zombies In Your Dream

Dreaming of grappling or otherwise fighting zombies reflects a struggle in waking life, where you are trying to clear any problems from your life, standing up for yourself, and resolving arguments.

Consider the methods you used to fight off the zombies. If you improvised and used what you had around you, this dream’s message is to be adaptable to changing situations.

If you used a classic zombie-killing weapon such as an ax or a gun, this points to the need of being prepared in waking life.

This may be in an aspect where you consider all that could go wrong in terms of achieving a goal, and planning for every eventuality you can.

Zombies Attacking You In A Dream

Dreaming of a zombie attack is an outlet for any stress, fear, or anxiety you’re currently experiencing.

This dream also stresses that if you don’t change something, it’s likely that you’ll burn out or be overwhelmed by problems.

Dreams of zombies attacking you reveal the potential of repeating a vicious cycle or past mistakes. If you have this dream, it’s worth taking some time to figure out where you’re going in life, and what you can do to improve it.

Alternatively, dreaming of a zombie attack points to resurrecting an old hobby or renewing a friendship or relationship long past.

Zombies Trying To Kill You In A Dream

A dream where zombies try to kill you reflects waking life, where something is stopping you from moving forward. 

You may feel stuck somewhere, and no matter how much hard work you put in, you’re not gaining any traction.

This dream urges you to look deeper for the reason why your progress is so slow. Whatever it is, it will start to affect the rest of your life if you let it.

Dreams of zombies trying to kill you also represent inner conflict, as well as despair, grief, and loss.

A dream like this warns you to take one day at a time, and celebrate small victories. Let the rest fall away for now.

Dreaming Of Flesh-Eating Zombies

Dreaming of zombies eating flesh is a grisly image. And unfortunately, its symbolism is just as unpleasant.

If you dream of zombies eating flesh, this is a warning. It foretells future insults, where someone’s words or actions will cut you deeply.

This dream warns you not to take it personally – even though it will be personal – and focus on your own decisions and goals.

This dream may also urge you to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, but not to waste time on defending against petty words and actions. 

Learn to be more secure about your own capabilities and choices, and let go of the bad stuff.

Dreaming Of Being Bitten By A Zombie

Watching yourself be bitten by zombies implies that something will force your hand in waking life.

While you won’t want to do something initially, it will help your progress in waking life.

Being Eaten By Zombies In Your Dream

Dreaming of being eaten by zombies is not a pleasant experience to say the least, but nevertheless, this dream is a positive sign.

Spiritually speaking, dreaming of being eaten by zombies shows how you are growing as a person, and how you’re gaining new spiritual knowledge that will help guide you in the future.

Or, being eaten by zombies in your dreams point to indecision. There are too many factors for you to consider, and you don’t know which path to take. 

Responsibilities may also be on your mind when you have a dream like this, and they may be the only thing you can focus on. 

Watching Someone Else Being Eaten By Zombies In A Dream

Someone else being eaten by zombies in your dream refers to a greatly rewarding task in the near future. What you’ll achieve or will do for someone else will have a big ripple effect on your life.

It also points to the way you juggle different aspects of your life, and how you can quickly adapt to changing situations, while staying true to your intuition and morality.

Dreaming of someone else being eaten by zombies indicates that someone in waking life needs your advice or protection soon.

They may approach you for your help or advice, or you might have to keep an eye out to see if anyone you know is struggling in some way.

They may not come to you at all.

Alternatively, if you dream of someone you know being eaten by zombies, this suggests that you are envious of this person in some way.

Perhaps you should work on your own talents instead of comparing yourself to others.

Dreaming Of Saving Someone From Zombies

Saving someone from zombies in your dream suggests that you need to be honest with someone in waking life. 

For whatever reason, you’ve delayed telling them the truth so far, but the zombies in your dream are creating a sense of urgency. It’s time to come clean, before a situation reveals the truth before you can.

Watching Your Parent Turn Into A Zombie

Watching a parent turn into a zombie in your dream relates to a loss of security in waking life, or feeling jealous of other people.

You’re not focused on the right things.

Dreaming Of A Relative As A Zombie

A relative becoming a zombie in your dream reveals possible arguments you may have with this person in the future, which could risk the peace in your family life.

Dreaming Of An Ex Turning Into A Zombie

An ex becoming a zombie in your dream can suggest that you’re finally free of your feelings for your ex, and you can now leave the situation behind. 

However, if you dream of being sad or angry at your ex turning into one of the undead, this reveals that you’re not fully over the relationship and how it ended.

Dreaming Of Someone Who Has Died As A Zombie

This dream indicates a tricky or emotionally traumatic event in the future, where you may have to plead with someone to get them to help you.

Your Friend Turning Into A Zombie

A friend turning into a zombie reveals that someone in your life is affecting you emotionally, and this emotion is coloring all of your decisions.

Consider the friend (see also article titled ‘What Does It Mean To Dream Of An Old Friend?‘) you saw in your dream. This may point to trouble and future arguments with this person, so tread carefully.

Dreaming Of Someone Else You Know Being A Zombie

Dreaming of someone you know turning into a zombie is an interesting one. Your dream draws your focus to your relationship with this person.

Usually, dreaming of someone you know as a zombie points to a discord in your relationship, something which you need to fix, and quickly.

Alternatively, dreaming of someone you know as a zombie suggests that you know how to recognize the potential in others, and this is the perfect skill to have in your professional life right now.

A Baby Zombie In Your Dream

A baby zombie appearing in your dream implies that you’ve left something important unfinished, which you really need to box off. 

It can also indicate that a project or goal you’ve just started is a non-starter, and won’t lead you where you hope to go.

Harmless Zombies In Your Dream

Harmless zombies in your dream signifies that you’re worrying about nothing in some aspect of your life.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a good dream, as it means that you’ll find more problems by worrying than if you let things be.

Dressing As A Zombie In Your Dream

Pretending to be a zombie in your dream mirrors walking life to an extent, where you are pretending to be something you’re not, or you’re trying to fit in with people you’re not very compatible with.

Dreaming Of An Undead Animal

An undead animal appearing in your dream can reveal different things, but it depends on the type of animal you saw.

For example, a zombie dog represents your loyalty, but you’re placing it in the wrong people, or putting faith in the wrong project or situation.

Eating Zombies In Your Dream

Dreaming of eating zombies is a strange one! This dream suggests that you are too focused on the past and what is ‘dead’. 

You need to find a way to stop reliving the past, and process any leftover feelings associated with it. 

Only then will you be able to see and appreciate what you have presently.

It could even be that reliving the past in this way is stopping you from experiencing the present at its best, where you avoid people you don’t know at all costs.

While this helps you avoid your fears for a time, it will only serve to feed them in the long run. 

Being A Zombie In Your Dream

Dreaming of being a zombie points to isolation, detachment, or not caring about what happens in your life or what happens to those around you.

This may come from a period of burnout, where you are simply too tired to notice or care what’s going on.

Or, this dream can reveal a discord in how you show your feelings. Perhaps you feel you cannot afford to let them out right now, or you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities and problems.

Alternatively, dreaming of being a zombie can be a positive sign, where it shows that your hard work is finally paying off.

Seeing Zombies In Your House In A Dream

Dreaming of zombies in your own house (see also article on dreaming about a haunted house) is a mixed sign.

A negative interpretation of this dream is that you’re warring with yourself in some way.

Perhaps your goals are getting in the way of your responsibilities, or vice versa, and you find achieving a balance is very difficult. 

On a more positive note, dreaming of zombies in your house represents your wealth of creativity that helps you in different aspects of waking life.

It also embodies your generosity, and perceptive nature. However, the zombie in your dream warns against pleasing people for the sake of it, as this can get in the way of your own goals and long term dreams. 

This dream also points to future success and the strengthening of one or more relationships in waking life, and how looking after the connections in your life can help with every facet of life.

Fighting Zombies At A Bus Station In Your Dream

Fighting zombies at a bus station in your dream points to ways you are self-sabotaging. Reflect on the dream to discover where, and adjust your approach as necessary.

Dreaming Of Zombies In A Church

Dreaming of zombies in a church suggests that you need to use some self-discipline over an area of your life, before it spins out of your control.

Dreaming Of Directing A Zombie Movie

Dreaming of directing a zombie movie suggests that you’ll put your creativity to great use soon.

How To Interpret Your Dream Of Zombies

There’s no doubt that dreaming of zombies can be a terrifying experience, but once you work past the fear, it’s worthwhile trying to find why you are having these dreams.

Here are a few questions to get you started on finding the meaning behind your zombie dream.

Did you see one zombie, or more than one? 

Were the zombies made from human remains, or animals?

What was your reaction to the zombies?

What were the zombies doing in your dream? Did the zombies see you, or try to attack you?

How did you feel when you woke up?

Are you under a lot of stress right now?

Do you feel your decisions are your own? Or is someone else making them for you?

Are you facing a new challenge or life milestone?

Think of your own associations with zombies. Are they terrifying, or something to aim at in a video game?

Have you played or watched anything zombie-related lately?

Dreaming Of Zombies: A Summary

Dreaming of zombies reflects your circumstances in waking life, reflecting detachment, creativity, new opportunities, or feeling stuck.

  • A zombie apocalypse – new opportunities or lifestyle on the horizon
  • Contracting a zombie illness – potential health problems and spiritual issues
  • Killing zombies – overcoming problems and defeating ‘enemies’ (people or impulses)
  • Eating Zombies – holding onto the past or nostalgia
  • Beheading zombies – bad habits resurfacing, miscommunication
  • Animal zombies – adjust your approach, and watch out for jealousy
  • Your ex becoming a zombie – feeling free or happy, old ties falling away
  • A baby zombie – a loss of innocence or purpose
  • Good zombies – keep your distance (physical or emotional) from someone or a situation

Final Thoughts

While this article serves as a guide to help you figure out the meaning behind your zombie dream, only you can say for sure what your dream means, as these experiences are very individual.

When trying to find the meaning behind your zombie dream, pay attention to the details, which could help inform the meaning, and your own feelings, which serve as a compass for the symbolism in your dream.

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