Eggs Dream Meaning And Interpretation

We tend to think of eggs as symbols of the future, possibility, new beginnings, and responsibilities. 

Just think of Easter, for example. Eggs represent new life and rebirth and are associated with spring and all the wealth it brings.

But what does it mean when eggs appear in dreams? Well, there’s a little more to it.

What Do Eggs Mean In A Dream?

Eggs in dreams are closely linked to your potential, hopes for the future, optimism, happiness, and misfortune, depending on the context. 

A dream like this is also guided by your feelings in the dream. Positive or negative feelings will match up with the dream’s meaning.

The meaning also depends on what kind of egg you dream of, which is covered a little further down.

Let’s take a look at the most common dream meanings of eggs, which will help guide you to your dream meaning.

Bad Luck

While most dreams of eggs tend to be positive, there happens to be a handful worth mentioning which aren’t. For example, if you accidentally dropped eggs, or you see eggs hatch into adult snakes, this is a bad sign.

A dream of this type is a warning. Something won’t be the solution you hope for, or someone will let you down soon. Maybe you’ll have a minor accident, or a problem you never imagined would happen will land at your door.

It could be that you’ll have a complete bust-up with someone you deeply care for, and it will take a long time to repair your relationship.

A Fresh Start

As eggs are a symbol of new life, it only makes sense that in dreams, they symbolize a beginning in life. 

If you dream of a whole clutch or nest of eggs, this suggests that there’s a large spiritual crossroads in front of you, and you’ll find it difficult to choose what path to take.

If you see the eggs move, but you don’t see them hatch, this reveals that a choice you must make is time-sensitive. 

Optimism And Joy

If you feel positive when you see the eggs, this signifies how your effort is paying off, and you’ll soon get to enjoy the results. 

Common Dreams Of Eggs And Their Symbolism

It’s worth looking at the most common scenarios where eggs can appear in dreams, as the context does change the meaning. 

Seeing A Nest Of Eggs

Dreaming of a nest full of eggs represents comfort, home, and security. You have everything you need to get through any difficult times you can imagine, and the ones you can’t.

Stealing Eggs From A Nest

A dream where you steal eggs embodies your morally-questionable thoughts and impulses. You may or may not listen to them. 

Dreaming of a bird (see also article titled ‘Dreaming Of Birds: 124 Dream Scenarios And Meanings‘) or another animal attacking you because you steal from the nest suggests that things will go badly if you do act on your impulses.

Seeing Broken Eggs

Broken eggs in a dream are not a good sign. Something important to you in waking life is in pieces. This could be your ability to connect with others, your energy levels, or your motivation.

If you have a dream like this, it’s a good idea to take some time out to recharge. 

Laying An Egg

Dreaming of laying an egg does sound like it should be a positive dream. Unfortunately, it denotes a failure to commit to something important, or a struggle to focus. 

Seeing Eggs Hatch

Dreaming of eggs hatching suggests that a situation in waking life is the best you could hope for, or even better.

If that doesn’t sound right, it only means that positive things are around the corner. This is one of the most positive dreams involving eggs, and it denotes an improvement in most areas of your life.

Someone Throws Eggs At You, Your Door, Or Your Car

It’s important to look at who was throwing eggs in a dream like this, as the meaning changes depending on who was the culprit.

Someone you know throwing eggs at you, your door, or your car suggests you should be more mindful of how your choices or words affect other people.

A stranger egging you or something or yours implies that you’re angry or frustrated at yourself. This might be over a dumb mistake, or not seeing what was possible before it happened. This dream urges you to find a new equilibrium, where you’re not holding onto negativity.

If you dream of throwing eggs at someone or their property, this reflects how you are driven by the anger and frustration you can’t seem to let go of. 

Different Type Of Eggs And What They Mean In Dreams

Breakfast Eggs

Scrambled eggs in a dream point to peace, satisfaction, and unexpected success or productivity.

Boiled eggs imply that you need to harden your resolve in waking life.

Bird Eggs

Bird eggs are a negative sign, indicating that someone is creating bad rumors about you. It also points to arguments and hurtful words.

Dragon Eggs

Dragon eggs in a dream represent the way you’re getting more resilient, and tricky problems are bothering you much less than they used to.

Reptile Eggs

Reptile eggs are a symbol of wisdom, trusting your instincts, and staying present in the moment. It can also denote progress along your spiritual path.

Final Thoughts

As a dream symbol, an egg is less complicated than other signifiers, such as the ocean (see also article titled ‘Dreaming Of Big Waves Meaning And Interpretation‘) or a house. 

Largely, dreams about eggs are usually a good sign, where they represent a new path in life.

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