Symbolisms Interpreted

Dog Attack Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a dog attack is nearly as bad as being unlucky enough to be the victim of one in waking life.  It’s not something anyone wants a part in. No matter if that’s being bitten by a dog, being chased by many dogs, or fighting with a dog in your dream. A dream like …

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8 Characteristics Of Visitation Dreams

Dreams are one of the most magical elements of life. Sometimes they can feel completely random, with odd events and no link between them besides they happened one after another. Other dreams are so realistic, so real, that we have to stop and question them. Especially those that feature someone who has died.  But how …

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Demon Dream Meaning And Symbolism

Are demons real? Can they visit you in your dreams? Do these dreams have any power over us? A dream involving a demon can cause a lot of confusion, fear, and worry. Why they appear in our dreams is hotly debated, and has been for hundreds of years, all around the world.  As every single …

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