Squirrel Dream Meaning: Top 30 Dream Meanings Of Squirrels

Squirrels are clever little things, industrious, bright, but often forgetful.

When they appear in your dreams, the overarching symbolism is that you’re heaping too many things onto your plate, or you’re refusing to let go of something. 

Exactly how the squirrel appeared in your dream, its appearance and its behavior all point to the meaning behind this dream symbol, which can be more complicated than you might think.

Let’s take a look.

Dreaming Of Different Colored Squirrels In Your Dream

It’s worth looking at the different ways a squirrel’s appearance in your dream might influence the interpretation, as it can change it completely.

An Albino Squirrel In Your Dream

Dreaming of a white or an albino squirrel  reveals the need to persevere.

Whatever you might be going through in waking life, this is your sign to keep going.

A Gray Squirrel In Your Dream

A gray squirrel points to success. Your hard work in waking life will soon pay off. 

If you’re worried about not seeing any results for all your efforts, remember to keep an upbeat attitude and outlook, and this will take you further than you might think.

Dreaming Of A Red Squirrel

A red squirrel in your dream is a warning against getting swept away by your passions or desires.

However interesting or satisfying they may be, you may be turning to them for distraction rather than fulfillment and progress.

Dreaming Of A Black Squirrel

A black squirrel relates to how you trust people. It warns against trusting new people and relationships too soon, and be careful of any financial advice that seems too good to be true.

A Flying Squirrel In Your Dream

Dreaming of a flying squirrel points to the need to look before you leap.

You may have vague ideas about what you want your future to look like, but without a concrete or realistic plan in place, you’ll find it difficult to make your dreams a reality.

Ensure that you make allowances for the things that may go wrong, and then jump in with both feet.

A Giant Squirrel In Your Dream

Dreaming of a giant squirrel reveals that now is the time to go after what you want.

Specifically, those huge dreams you have, which are still abstract because you were unaware that they could be so within your reach right now.

Use your talents to your advantage, and chase after your dreams.

Dreaming Of A Squirrel’s Face

Dreaming of a person with a squirrel’s face can be quite alarming! Usually, this dream is a warning sign against someone in your life, or someone who you will meet soon.

They may try to trip you up somewhere in life, or perhaps they’re not quite as trustworthy as you first thought.

Seeing A Squirrel Tail In Your Dream

If your squirrel dream focuses on the tail, this implies that you will be easily swayed by things that aren’t important, like instant gratification instead of looking ahead at the bigger picture, and your long-term goals.

Common Squirrel Dreams And What They Mean

Here are a few of the most common squirrel dreams, and the meanings behind them, which should give you a starting point to find the meaning behind your own dream. 

A Squirrel Staring At You In A Dream

Dreaming of a squirrel staring at you indicates that some part of your life is stagnating. 

This may be in terms of a relationship that is going nowhere, and the only thing left to do is admit it.

Perhaps you feel you’re repeating the same day over and over, or work feels like a flat line. This dream calls on you to change your life, or to expect change elsewhere.

Seeing A Running Squirrel In Your Dream

Dreaming of a squirrel running reveals the need to practice gratitude as much as you can, and by the law of attraction, similar good things will be on their way to you.

It can imply that something you greatly value could be at risk of falling away from you in some way, and you need to protect it.

Try to remember why the squirrel was running in your dream, and what that could mean for the dream’s interpretation.

A Squirrel Swimming In Water In Your Dream

If you dream of a squirrel swimming, this reflects how you are only adapting to change because you have to. This is a necessity, but one you begrudge completely.

A Squirrel Following Or Chasing You In A Dream

Dreaming of squirrels following or chasing you reveals the curiosity other people hold towards you. They long to know why you make the decisions that you do, or why you act in a certain way.

This dream tells you that it’s time to come to an understanding with them, and this will serve you in the future. 

Dreaming Of A Squirrel Biting Or Attacking You

Dreaming of a squirrel biting or otherwise attacking (see also article on dreaming about a dog attack) you implies that you are unable to let something go.

More specifically, this is in terms of other people’s business. Maybe you feel that someone has wronged someone close to you, or that they don’t deserve their current set of circumstances.

Or, you have taken something that doesn’t belong to you. Maybe it was an instinctual thing, and you’re not sure why you took it, but you’re finding it difficult to replace it before you are discovered.

This dream is urging you to replace it before your actions are discovered, avoiding a needless conflict.

A Rabid Squirrel In Your Dream

This probably won’t come as a surprise. Dreaming of a rabid squirrel is a warning against doing something for the sake of it, especially when it comes to relationships.

In particular, this dream warns against starting a turbulent and fast-paced relationship, as you will get burned.

Seeing Squirrels Fight Each Other In Your Dream

Dreaming of fighting squirrels points to money troubles, or worries cropping up in your professional life.

You may have an argument with a coworker or even your boss, where you disagree with how something will be handled.

Potentially, you’ll have to argue your case when it comes to money. This may be in terms of getting back something you’re owed, or making sure that things get back on track.

After a dream like this, it pays to look after your finances, making sure that your bank statements are in order, and that all your payments are what they should be.

Catching A Squirrel In Your Dream

Dreaming of catching a squirrel indicates future benefit through keeping a weather eye on current events, and continuing to work hard.

Both of these traits will mean that you’ll soon reach a very abstract goal that you previously thought was a long way off. 

This is a positive dream, and should serve as motivation to push toward your wildest dreams. It may also point to an unexpected uptick in your finances soon.

Hunting Squirrels In Your Dream

Dreaming of hunting squirrels mirrors your hard work in waking life, and how it’s finally starting to pay off. 

It also demonstrates the high value that you’re placing on the success of what you’re working towards.

Dreaming Of Chasing Squirrels

Dreaming of chasing squirrels suggests that you are running after things that you cannot accomplish right now, or in the future.

What you’re picturing in your head and what the reality is are two separate things, and you need to reconcile the two.

Perhaps you are drawn to someone who will only cause trouble in your life, but the experience will be a valuable lesson either way.

Killing A Squirrel In Your Dream

Killing a squirrel in your dream is a good sign. It indicates that you will stop any negative forces from affecting you further.

Unfortunately, you will still find yourself missing them. This will take time to get over.

Seeing A Dying Squirrel In Your Dream

Dreaming of a dying squirrel is a warning dream. It reveals that you need to keep up with anything you’ve let fall by the wayside recently, whether that’s a relationship, money ties, or other responsibilities with your name on.

Eating A Squirrel in Your Dream

Dreaming of a squirrel eating nuts means that you’ll soon be able to enjoy an uptick in your prosperity, sense of wellbeing, and good luck.

You may also come into some money soon, and this will take the pressure off somewhere in your life.

Rescuing A Squirrel In Your Dream

Dreaming of rescuing a squirrel indicates that someone will come to you for financial advice or help soon, and you will do everything you can to help them.

Dreaming Of Feeding Squirrels

Feeding squirrels in your dreams points to how you need to rely on yourself – only yourself – in situations where others will let you down.

If you’re facing a situation in waking life that you can’t deal with yourself, you may have to resort to bribery or trade to get someone to help you.

Playing With Squirrels In Your Dream

Dreaming of playing with squirrels indicates joy and happiness in the near future.

Holding A Squirrel On Your Hand In A Dream

Dreaming of holding a squirrel in your hand foretells that someone who grates on you will need your help soon.

A Talking Squirrel In Your Dream

Dreaming of a squirrel talking to you is an interesting one. The meaning depends on the nature and wording that you remember from the dream.

It may be a call to assert yourself in a certain situation or take control.

Dreaming Of A Sleeping Squirrel

A sleeping squirrel in your dream implies that you require a better work-life balance, and you need it now.

Find a way to take more breaks.

Seeing A Squirrel On Your Bed In A Dream

Dreaming of a squirrel on your bed mirrors relationship problems. Perhaps the love and affection has entirely fizzled out, or you just don’t feel the connection with your partner anymore.

Dreaming Of A Squirrel In Your Home

A squirrel in your home in a dream implies that you need to take care of your belongings more, and make sure that your financial health is as good as it can be.

Remember that squirrels save their nuts for winter, and you should consider having a rainy day fund, if you don’t already.

Finding A Squirrel In A Tree Or Under Rocks

Dreaming of a squirrel in a tree, or under rocks refers to distorted expectations. You will experience some disappointment soon.

Alternatively, this dream refers to someone who is naturally timid, and you’ll need to approach them carefully.

When you do get to know them, what you find probably won’t be what you expect.

A Baby Squirrel In Your Dream

A baby squirrel appearing in your dream points to trouble with the children in your life, or if this isn’t applicable, your own inner child.

This dream’s message is to pay attention to the present, and not the future, or past worries and regrets.

Three Squirrels In Your Dream

Dreaming of three squirrels or more points to an uptick in your social life, where you will have a great time, as long as you remember how to let go of your worries and recent encounters.

Keeping A Squirrel As A Pet

Dreaming of keeping a pet squirrel points to a joyful period in the future.

Seeing A Happy Squirrel In Your Dream

Happy squirrels in your dream indicate that you need to let go of things or people that no longer add meaning to your life. Learn to let go of anything that no longer serves you.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming of squirrels can be a mixed bag, sometimes with both positive and negative signs, so you need to look at all aspects of your dream in order to determine the meaning behind it.

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