Tarantula Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Tarantulas are very interesting dream symbols and can have a myriad of meanings, depending on the context of the dream, your own associations with these arachnids, and your unique situation in waking life.

In waking life, tarantulas are a common fear, so dreaming of these creatures can be the worst nightmare.

But tarantulas in your dream have something important to say in your dream, your subconscious chooses this particular dream symbol for a reason.

What Do Tarantulas Mean In Dreams?

There are several elements worth considering when you think about why a tarantula might appear in your dreams, as the meaning hinges on the context of your life and your associations with this arachnid.

If you suffer from a phobia of tarantulas, your dream relates to stressful circumstances in waking life, as well as challenging times ahead of you. 

For your subconscious to choose a creature that you’re so afraid of, this is a warning you should not ignore.

But it’s also a call to find an unconventional solution to these troubles, which will see you further than you might think.

Typically, tarantulas appear in dreams when you are going through a tough situation in waking life, and you don’t know what to do next. 

For some, the tarantula is a reassuring message. You have all the tools and the knowledge you need to get through this problem.

For others, the tarantula in a dream urges you to trust your intuition, as this will provide you with a greater understanding of what is going on, allowing you to move forward a little easier. 

In dreams, tarantulas serve to widen your perception, allowing you to see opportunities and vital details you would have missed otherwise.

These clues will be vital in making a big choice in waking life, so trying to find the meaning behind a tarantula dream is beneficial, to say the least.

It may mean that you’ll need to adjust your approach to a situation or take a chance in life. 

Dreams of tarantulas also remind you of your commitments and responsibilities, especially if you’ve been ignoring them lately.

The Spiritual Meaning Behind Tarantula Dreams

From a spiritual perspective, tarantula dreams have some interesting significance, and it’s worth exploring.

The tarantula dream calls on you to improve your self-awareness and cast aside any doubts about your capabilities.

It encourages you to view your skills as they are, your shortcomings as they are, and to move forward with a clear perspective.

This will help you along your spiritual path and encourage you to make the choices that are the best for you.

This particular arachnid reveals the need to confront your biggest fears, otherwise, you might end up manifesting them anyway by focusing on them so much.

The tarantula also urges you to stick to your core values, using your principles as a guide through life.

When everything seems to be shifting and changing beyond recognition, your innermost strength and truth will guide you forward.

Dreams of tarantulas are also a reassuring sign that no matter how out of step you feel in the universe, you belong here.

Regardless of problems plaguing you or how you feel when you’re among other people, you belong here.

Common Tarantula Dreams And What They Mean

It’s worth looking at the most common ways tarantulas can appear in dreams, to find the symbolism behind your dream of a tarantula, as many of them have recurring themes.

Seeing A Tarantula In Your Dream

Simply seeing a tarantula in your dream reveals the possibility of someone changing your life for the better. This may be someone you already know, or once knew, or someone completely new.

You may not be able to recognize this chance at the first glance, so make sure you stay open to new possibilities and opportunities.

After having a dream like this, it is worth doing some life admin, reorganizing your priorities, and clearing your plate to be in the best place to recognize these great chances in life.

A Huge Tarantula In Your Dream

A huge tarantula appearing in your dream indicates that you need to practice a more positive approach in life. 

You’re focusing on the wrong things, and by looking for problems, you are pretty much guaranteed to find them. 

Dreaming of a giant tarantula also points to the vast amount of potential you have within you. You are capable of anything, provided that you work towards what you want.

Seeing A Tiny Tarantula In Your Dream

A tiny tarantula in your dream is an interesting dream symbol. Usually, a dream like this will come after you have made a large mistake, or waking life seems only full of troubles.

This particular arachnid calls on you to learn from your mistakes. Otherwise, what is the point of them?

Sometimes we don’t learn the lessons we need until we blunder. These mistakes are what help guide us through life.

A tiny tarantula is a reassurance, a reminder that not all negative things are bad all the way through. Sometimes, it’s the only way good can come through. 

You might decide after a particularly tricky period in life that you want to shake things up, and go in a different direction entirely.

Without that turbulent period, for example, you may never have wanted to change your life at all, content with the way things have always been.

Dreaming Of Being Scared Of A Tarantula

If you dream of a tarantula and this experience is soaked in terror, your dream is drawing your attention to something you regret in waking life.

Your subconscious is urging you to reconcile with these regrets, whether that happens to be in your spirit, or acknowledging your mistakes and apologizing to others if you need to.

After this, you can finally move on.

Feeding A Tarantula In Your Dream

Dreaming of feeding a tarantula is common when you’re on the edge or in the middle of a conflict in waking life.

You may not be directly involved, but it is affecting you enough for this discord to appear in your dreams, and this dream reveals the need to do something about it.

It may be difficult to persuade the people involved to make peace, but it will be worth it.

Dreaming Of Taming A Tarantula

If you dream of taming a wild tarantula, this is a good sign for the future. It indicates that an opportunity will come along to change your life, or you’re already on the right path.

If you’ve been considering whether you should start something new, like a new job, relationship, or hobby, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

Dreaming Of A Tarantula Tickling You

This dream reveals that you have everything you need to go after your long-term dreams.

It’s also a reassurance that you are protected from harm.

Dreaming Of Many Tarantulas

While this might seem like a terrifying dream, this actually has a positive meaning.

Dreaming of many tarantulas is a sign of the wealth of support you have in waking life.

It also indicates that you should seek the advice or help of your support network to get through a problem, as they have the answers you need.

Seeing An Aggressive Tarantula In Your Dream

A tarantula acting aggressively in your dream mirrors waking life, where unhealthy competition, or comparing yourself to others is affecting your life’s progress.

This dream warns you not to stray from your principles or guiding morality, where you might be caught up in other people’s wrongdoing.

Dreaming Of Being Bitten By A Tarantula

A dream where you are bitten by a tarantula implies that your actions or words are abrasive, and you’re in danger of making a very bad impression or hurting someone you care about.

Try to treat people exactly how you want to be treated, and this approach will ripple back to you.

Being Chased By A Tarantula In Your Dream

A dream like this indicates you’re being immature or selfish in waking life, and this is stopping you from forming or maintaining meaningful connections.

Killing A Tarantula In Your Dream

In a dream, killing a tarantula is a positive sign. It reveals that your hard work, perseverance, and resilience is starting to pay off, and you’ll soon see the results.

Seeing Dead Tarantulas In Your Dream

Dead tarantulas in your dream urge you to find a way past issues and unexpected problems in waking life, as you’re closer than you think to achieve your goals.

Dreaming Of A Tarantula In Your Backyard

Seeing a tarantula in your backyard in a dream suggests that you’re not using your talents to your full advantage. While you have a wealth of potential, you haven’t much to show for it so far.

This dream urges you to acknowledge and put away any reservations you have about trying to achieve your dreams. Go for it anyway.

Seeing A Tarantula In A Jar In Your Dream

While tarantula dreams are largely positive, unfortunately, this has very negative symbolism.

Dreaming of a tarantula in a jar reveals that a person or several people want to see you fail. This may be out of jealousy, but whatever the reason, this dream urges you to be careful.

Decide very carefully who you trust, and how far you trust them. Keep an optimistic attitude – after all, not everyone is out to get you – but make sure you stay vigilant, too.

A White Tarantula In Your Dream

Seeing a white tarantula suggests that you need to tend to your spiritual wellbeing to move forward in waking life.

Dreaming Of A Black Tarantula

A black tarantula suggests a potential breakdown in one of your relationships, which may be completely out of your control, or entirely your own doing.

A Yellow Tarantula In Your Dream

A yellow tarantula is a great sign. It indicates prosperity, and an improved sense of physical and mental wellbeing soon.

A Red Tarantula In Your Dream

A red tarantula in your dream is a reassurance. You have made the right decision, and you’re on the right path to being successful.

Final Thoughts

Tarantula dreams are a way of taking stock of where you are in life and the state of your relationships and attitude to life in general.

While dreams of tarantulas can be frightening, especially if you’re afraid of arachnids or tarantulas in waking life, these are actually positive dream symbols.

These arachnids may act as reassurance, or warning signs, calling you to adjust your life where necessary to get where you want to be.

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