What Do Cats Mean In Your Dreams?

Cats are fairly common in our dreams. If you think about it, there’s already a lot of symbolism surrounding these curious animals, and this can influence your dreams more than you might think.

To see a cat in a dream reveals a spiritual message that you’d do well to internalize.

Cats in dreams are linked to protectiveness, rest, working smarter rather than harder, luxury, spiritual sensitivity, and affection.

Some cat dreams are related to people in your life that are mysterious, elegant, affectionate, or aloof.

Other cat dreams may refer to your shadow self, the repressed part of you that you’re hiding from.

Cats are one of the most adaptable creatures on earth: just look at how they’ve adapted to live as pets, assimilating themselves into our homes, benefitting from domestic comfort and companionship, while keeping their independence to a large extent.

In dreams, this can point to needing to adapt to changing circumstances to move forward in life.

But these are just a snapshot of the potential meaning behind cat dreams, so let’s take a closer look.

Is It A Good Thing To Dream Of Cats?

Like most dream symbols, cats are a mixed bag of positive and negative signals.

Simply seeing a cat in a dream can reveal a problematic situation with someone you’re close to.

They can appear in your dreams as a reflection of how well you’re in tune with your intuition, and how well you trust your instincts to help guide your decisions.

An alley cat, for example, can imply that you need to look elsewhere for a solution. Your current ideas are not working.

A pet cat in your dream points to strong emotions you are either in touch with or ones you are completely ignoring.

A friendly or lazy cat reveals how you’ll enjoy a time soon where everything will feel perfect, or as good as life gets for a while.

Exactly how you react to the cat in your dream, and the context of the dream will give you a good idea of whether your cat dream is good, or bad.

As with any dream interpretation, always use your own emotions and associations as your guide.

After all, a dream is a very personal experience, and the only one who can ultimately decide on what your dream means is you.

The Cat As A Dream Symbol

Cats are entrenched in folklore and mythology and have remained a popular part of many cultures for centuries.

This means that the cat as a dream symbol is just as old, but the interpretations can change over time.

Exactly what a dream of a cat means depends on the cultural lens you’re viewing it through, drawing on the opinions and biases you’ve been raised with, or formed through experience.

The cat dream symbol is associated with good luck, misfortune, spirituality, inner strength, individuality, and sexuality. 

Consider What The Cat Was Doing In Your Dream

One of the most important aspects to look at when determining the meaning behind your cat dream is to look at the context of the dream.

What was the cat doing? If it acted playful, happy, or cuddled up to you, this is a good sign for the near future. It alludes to good luck, prosperity, and joy.

Similarly, if the cat acts feral, tries to attack you, or wants nothing to do with you, this can be a warning from your subconscious.

You may have picked up on tiny signals in waking life that something won’t turn out as you hope. 

If you’re feeling worried in waking life, and you have a dream of a cat prowling through your home, or you follow a cat in your dream, take this as a sign of reassurance. Everything will be fine.

The Spiritual Message From Cat Dreams

For some people, cats in dreams are associated with being connected to a higher power, and they can also act as spiritual messengers or guides.

A cat in a dream may be a call to search for a deeper meaning or purpose in your life. What do you want out of life, when you’ve had your time? What do you want your life to mean?

It can also be a call to focus your inner power or strength and adopt qualities that the dream symbol of a cat embodies, such as individuality, self-assurance, and adaptability.

A cat dream can also be a sign to recognize what’s stopping you from making more progress in your life’s journey.

Maybe you’re happy with your progress so far, but your dream might be telling you that you’re capable of much more than you’re currently happy with.

From a spiritual perspective, cats in dreams may suggest that you need to be more independent in some aspects of waking life.

Perhaps there’s an issue that only you can solve, but this is dependent on you coming to a unique solution. 

A cat in a dream can be a warning, too. You may not be making the right decisions, and if you don’t change something now, it could cost you dearly in the future. 

Or, the cat in your dream may warn of future conflict with someone close to you, where you will clash over a decision you make, or how you want your life to look.

Cats can also be a signal of misfortune or very good luck, depending on the context of the dream.

The Dream Psychology Interpretation Of Cat Dreams

Carl Jung theorized that a cat in a dream acted as a dream archetype, while Sigmund Freud suggested that when these animals appeared in dreams, they would embody stress and tension in waking life.

Cats in dreams can reveal a desire to be more affectionate to the people you love, but you’re afraid this affection may be misinterpreted.

Dreaming of cats urges you to free yourself from other people’s expectations or worries about what people will think of you, as your decisions are your own.

Cat Dreams And Magic

Whatever your beliefs happen to be when it comes to magic, it’s worth exploring this side of dream interpretation, as it crops up frequently.

Cats have been associated with magic and magical practices for thousands of years.

Some depict cats as familiars that are impossible to separate from magical forces, helping to protect their owners from harm and evil spirits. 

The ancient Egyptians revered cats and these animals would feature in religious practices for thousands of years.

Mafdet is the oldest of the cat-headed gods, and in the First Dynasty, she was the protector of the pharaoh, who would ward off evil, along with scorpions and snakes. 

In some periods of Egypt, cats were raised to be sacrificed and mummified as offerings to the gods.

In others, it was a grave offense to kill a cat. Between 60 and 56BC, a Roman killed a cat, and while Ptolemy XII Auletes tried to save the man, the offender was ultimately lynched by an angry mob.

In contrast, some cultures regarded cats as dangerous creatures that only served their own interests. To see a cat in your dreams meant that someone in your life was about to betray you.

Cat Dreams And Mythology

Just as there is a connection with cats and magic, they are also inextricably linked to mythology, too.

In Aesop’s fables, cats are associated with clever plans, cunning, and trickery.

If you see a cat in your dream, this can suggest that you need to be careful about others, or that you need to use your logic in a situation in waking life.

In Norse mythology, Freyja was linked to cats. One way that farmers would safeguard their crops was to leave gifts of milk for the goddess’s two cats who pulled her chariot.

The Greek goddess Artemis was associated with cats, which was derived from the Egyptian goddess Bastet, the cat goddess.

This, in turn, was part of the inspiration for the association between the Virgin Mary and cats.

In folklore dating back to the 17th century, cats were considered bad luck as it was believed that they would suffocate newborns by stealing their breath.

In dreams, cats may mean a new perspective, a loss of innocence, or naivety.

Black cats are either regarded as very good luck or very bad luck, depending on geography. People in the US, for example, believe that black cats are very bad luck, while in the UK, black cats entering a home or a ship is considered good fortune.

Spiritually speaking, cats are regarded as the duality of wild instinct and comfort, so seeing one in a dream means that you need to balance your emotions between being comfortable and being active.

You may have gotten too comfortable in your current routine, or perhaps you’re trying too hard or trying to get too far too quickly. Some things will only come with time.

It can also suggest that you have a change in your fortunes, soon, for good or bad, or maybe a bit of both.

As cats are hunters that often hunt their prey for sport, dreaming of a cat can be a sign that you’ll suffer from some misfortune soon, and it will feel like fate itself is singling you out, seeing exactly how far it will be before you break.

Cats in dreams can also represent a discord in time, as they are active both in the day and at night. You may be focusing too much on the future or the past, instead of the present.

Seeing a cat in your dreams can also be a warning that something is going wrong in your social circle. 

The Biblical Interpretation Of Cat Dreams

From a biblical point of view, cat dreams can be equally as positive as they can be negative.

When the Bible mentions cats, they usually refer to big cats such as lions (see also article titled ‘What Does It Mean When a Lion Appears In Your Dream?‘) or leopards, depicting them as powerful predators, which are thought to be brave and immensely strong.

The lion is described as the “king of beasts”. If we look at the story of Daniel in the lion’s den, who found himself in terrible danger, did not lose faith, and the lions did not harm him.

In this way, cats can reveal danger or risk ahead of you. But you also have the potential to do something about it, too.

These animals are often linked to men in the bible who are immensely wise and powerful, such as Jesus.

But they also have negative connotations, too. A cat – whether big or small – will always act according to its nature, and some are known to hunt purely for sport, having no mercy when it comes to creatures smaller than them.

This trait is associated with the Devil and those that do not believe in kindness.

The Spiritual Interpretation Of Cat Dreams

While we have mentioned spirituality in terms of cat dreams, it’s worth looking at it in a little more detail. 

Cars have long been associated with hidden aspects of the universe, and the things we feel we can sense but know nothing of. 

This probably comes from a mixture of the fact that cats have excellent night vision, and they also have a habit of staring at seemingly nothing.

Cats are also connected to inner wisdom and bravery, the kind that is only available during the worst of times.

This is a reassurance that no matter how bad things get, there is still hope, and you can draw on your strength when you need it the most.

If you see a cat in your dreams, and you’ve been trying to make a difficult decision in waking life, then it could mean that you should take a leap of faith and trust yourself.

You don’t always need certainty to act, but faith is essential. Your intuition is telling you that everything will turn out alright in the end.

As a cat can see much better than we can, seeing a cat in your dreams indicates that you need to look at your current situation from a different perspective. 

Try to see all facets of your situation, as there may be something obvious that you’re missing.

A cat in your dream can also symbolize a profound spiritual connection between you and someone else, and how this has or will shape your life to a great degree.

If you dream of a child hugging a cat or petting one, this reveals the need to be in touch with your most vulnerable spirit, where you hold your most fragile hopes and dreams.

Maybe it’s time to try some of those in waking life.

Different Cats And What They Mean In Dreams

The meaning of your cat dream can hinge on the appearance or type of cat you see in a dream, as they all have different symbolism attached to them.

Dreaming Of A Black Cat

Black cats in your dreams are very interesting, and usually suggest that good luck is on its way to you.

This may manifest as an unexpected windfall, a promotion, enjoying a deeper connection with someone you love, or being content in waking life generally.

Black cats can also represent new opportunities in the future, and the trouble will be in struggling to choose between them. 

We tend to think of Halloween when we see black cats, as well as the unknown, and magic. Dreaming of a black cat can represent something magical happening in waking life, that almost seems too good to be true.

You may find yourself waiting for the sarcastic punchline when the good manifests itself, and this dream tells you to focus on the positive.

It’s interesting to note that when it comes to symbolism, our memories can either be very short, or very long. For instance, in the Middle Ages, black cats were thought to be very unlucky and had links to witches (see also article titled ‘15 Meanings Of Dreams About Witches‘), devils, and demons.

These associations were very unfortunate for these poor cats, and many of them were slaughtered. This association still carries on today in some parts of the world, where shelters refuse to rehome black cats near Halloween.

Some believe that a black cat in your dream foretells a meeting with your soulmate, should you happen to be single in waking life.

Dreams of black cats in general point to positive change in waking life, where you’ll be able to draw a clear line between before and after the good fortune found you, or you found it.

Seeing A Black And White Cat In Your Dream

When it comes to color symbolism, when you’re trying to interpret more than one color at a time it is useful to incorporate both meanings.

White cats in dreams suggest that you need to put the work in, otherwise you won’t see the positive change you’re longing for.

Combine this with a black cat dream, meaning good luck, and a dream of a black and white cat reveals that your future is very lucky, as long as you’re prepared to work for it.

A Gray Cat In Your Dream

A gray cat appearing in your dream indicates spiritual growth and a twist in your spiritual life path.

This particular cat can also act as reassurance when you feel that your life is directionless, or your sense of purpose doesn’t seem enough anymore.

A White Cat In Your Dream

A white cat appearing in your dream can indicate a great struggle or conflict ahead of you. But this is not necessarily a bad thing – conflict can teach us a lot about ourselves, and what we want from life.

A white cat also reveals the necessity for honesty in waking life. There’s no point dancing around something when it feels as though the truth is eating away at you.

Dreaming Of A Ginger Cat

A ginger cat is an interesting dream symbol. It’s also a very positive sign, hinting at a spiritual journey that will leave a lot of happiness in its wake. 

This particular cat is also a sign that all your hard work will pay off shortly. If you’ve been finding waking life and its challenges difficult, the ginger cat reveals that things will soon ease up, and you’ll enjoy some time to regroup.

A ginger cat in your dream is also a representation of your faith in yourself and your guiding beliefs.

If you follow a ginger cat in your dream, this means that you’ll need to guide others into believing in themselves once more.

However, ginger cats aren’t always such a positive omen in dreams. If you feel any negative energy attached to this dream symbol, the ginger cat denotes that you need to watch your words and actions.

You may be in danger of damaging one of the most important relationships in your life, and you should take care to avoid this as much as possible.

Sometimes, a ginger cat appearing in your dream implies that you need to find a greater balance in your own life.

When things are difficult, you assume you can’t cope without trying, and this points to a lack of self-esteem, which will not serve you.

Dreaming Of A Ginger And Black And White Cat

A ginger, black and white cat is a relatively rare dream symbol. It embodies your innermost wise self.

Its appearance may mean that there are difficult times ahead, in which you’ll need all of your wit to overcome these challenges.

A dream of a cat of this type urges you to take stock of your life and how it is, right now. There may be something that needs your attention, or you might need to adjust your course as a whole.

If you only glimpsed this cat briefly in your dream, this represents how you are driven by the idea of your own image and reputation.

You don’t necessarily do things just because you want to, but you think they’ll be good for your image.

This slim appearance of this cat can also suggest that you like to control as much of your life as you possibly can, and circumstances in life are stressing you out because this just isn’t possible.

A Brown Cat In A Dream

A dream of a brown cat reveals the need to be more grounded. In spiritual terms, grounding is the act of connecting yourself to the present, and the world around you, so that you may be fully present.

A brown cat in your dream can imply how you feel disconnected from your own life. You’re either too focused on the future or the past, to an extent that you have forgotten to concentrate on what you can change: the present.

There are several techniques to help ground you, such as meditation, yoga, and visualizing tree roots appearing where your feet touch the earth.

Sometimes, brown cats in dreams are harbingers of positive change, where your life will not be drastically different, but this shift will be very positive.

Dreaming Of A Tabby Cat

A tabby cat appearing in your dreams refers to your life’s directions, and all the good and bad experiences that have shaped you up until this point.

The tabby is a suggestion to look at how far you’ve come, what you’ve achieved, and how far you might go if you put your mind to it.

This particular cat reveals the need to look at where you’re spending all of your time and energy. You may have to adjust these soon and channel them into one specific task to move forward.

Try to see where your energy or time is going to waste and divert it into something more useful that will help you in the future.

Tabby cats in dreams can imply that you will soon have a glut of time, energy, or both, and the need to sink these into something positive.

A Tortoiseshell Cat In Your Dream

Dreaming of a tortoiseshell cat is a very positive sign. Typically, this dream symbol is regarded as a sign that you are protected, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Someone may come to your defense, without you even knowing it.

Seeing a tortoiseshell cat in your dream indicates that if you’re single, you’ll soon meet the partner for you, and if you’ve already found them, you’ll enjoy a greater connection with them soon.

A Blue Cat In Your Dream

A dream featuring a blue cat refers to your spiritual energies. Seeing a blue cat in a dream denotes a great spiritual connection, either to your sense of purpose or to someone important in your life.

If you feel afraid or annoyed when you see a blue cat in your dream, you need to tend to your spiritual side.

In some cases, seeing a blue cat in a dream means that you will receive a message about your spiritual self, which could be a warning or a blessing.

It may point to where you need to focus your energies.

Blue cats in dreams represent your spiritual path as a whole and urge you to find a way to move along it. 

Seeing A Cream Cat In A Dream

A cream cat appearing in your dream indicates progress along your spiritual path in waking life.

It also points to success in manifesting a long-term dream or goal, where you’ll get a lot of satisfaction from this victory.

This particular cat in a dream also warns you that you can manifest the bad things in your life if you’re not careful, so focus on what you want out of life, and try not to worry too much about the rest.

A Maine Coon Cat In Your Dream

A Maine coon cat appearing in your dreams suggests a voice of wisdom will try to guide you soon.

This may be your own inner intuition, or it may be someone you love, or someone completely unexpected.

A dream like this urges you to keep an open mind, as you may not recognize this wisdom for what it is when you first come across it. 

It may also inform your spiritual path, so keep a lookout.

Alternatively, a Maine coon in your dream denotes that you are searching for a close connection with someone else. You long for the comfort of connection.

A Persian Cat In Your Dream

Dreaming of a Persian cat suggests that you need to put your ego or pride aside.

These elements of your psyche may get in your way soon, where someone will offer you the exact advice you need to move forward, but you’ll be tempted not to take it.

Or, a Persian cat appearing in your dream implies that something strange or magical will appear in your life soon, and this will give you the courage you need to push forward in life.

Seeing A Ragdoll Cat In Your Dream

Dreaming of a ragdoll cat implies that you’ll soon enjoy a period of tranquility and luxury, removed from any current problems or emotionally-turbulent situations.

The luxurious coat of this particular cat implies that you will find a lot of comfort in the company of others, and this will improve your self-image.

A ragdoll cat typically appears in your dream when waking life threatens to overwhelm you when stress and responsibilities are taking over your life.

This particular cat is a reassuring sign that not everything is something that you have to endure. You will get to enjoy yourself, too.

Common Cat Dreams And What They Mean

Seeing Kittens In A Dream

A kitten is an interesting dream symbol. Kittens in dreams are related to naivety, innocence, and curiosity. 

A single kitten in your dream refers to the need to figure out what you want from life, not what other people want for you, or what you think they expect.

A sole kitten in your dream can also suggest that other people have been too protective of you, to the point where you feel you cannot decide without someone else’s opinion or advice.

This dream reminds you that you are in control of your own life, and only you are responsible for it. 

Seeing more than one kitten in a dream reveals a new start in waking life, an end to something which will mean the start of a new chapter. 

The age of the kittens refers to the uncertainty you may feel going forward, as this path won’t be something you’ll be experienced in.

Dreaming Of Two Cats

Two cats in your dream refer to how you are seeking the wisdom that lies in your subconscious mind. It may also present duality in waking life which is confusing the hell out of you.

Two cats can also embody your worry about the future, and your faith that things will turn out fine. One must overtake the other, so make sure it’s the right one.

Seeing Many Cats In Your Dream

Many cats in your dream indicate that something feels wrong in waking life, but you are at a loss to explain where this feeling has come from.

This dream is a way of exploring this feeling further, where you try to uncover its source to move on in waking life.

Many cats in your dreams also refer to your spiritual journey, which isn’t going well right now.

The cats in your dream imply that you feel detached from the events or the people in waking life, meaning that you cannot learn and move forward.

It may be time to take some time out and focus on grounding yourself so that you can move past this.

Dreaming Of A Cat’s Eyes

The image of a cat’s eyes in a dream is an interesting one. In waking life, cats can see around 40% better than we can, and have much better night vision than us.

Effectively, in dreams, a pair of cat eyes indicate that there’s something you’re missing, and to move forward, you need to find a way of gaining new insight.

If you dream of darkness, and a single pair of eyes, this refers to needing a spiritual guide, or reassurance that you’re on the right path.

If you see two sets of cats’ eyes in your dream, then you are looking at things from different angles, allowing you to make better decisions.

The color of the cat’s eyes is also significant. 

If you dream of green cats’ eyes, this refers to how grounded you are, and you may need to do some work on this. It can also point to someone in your life who will help you along a spiritual path.

Yellow cats’ eyes denote that you need to look after your financial health, or examine what wealth means to you and seek more of it, outside of monetary gain.

Hazel cats eyes imply that you’re focusing on something with all your might, perhaps a relationship or a goal at work, but your hard work will not pay off.

Blue cats’ eyes in a dream are perhaps the most significant of all. To some, dreaming of a cat with blue eyes suggests that something unexpected will cause a twist in your life’s path.

For others, blue cats’ eyes in a dream represent your goals which you haven’t made any progress towards.

These long-term dreams would help you along your spiritual path if you could only find time to work towards them in waking life.

Alternatively, dreaming of blue cats’ eyes indicates the need to find more ways to be creative in waking life.

It may also suggest that you’ve strayed from your spiritual path and that you need to find a way back.

A solution will not come to you straight away, and it may take a good period before you feel you’re on the right path again.

A Stray Cat In Your Dream

Dreaming of a stray cat indicates that you need to be able to rely on yourself – and just yourself – for a while.

While you could seek other people’s advice for a problem in waking life, their assistance might not lead you to the path you need to be on, no matter how well-intentioned their input might be.

Dreaming of a single stray cat can point to loneliness, isolation, and feeling bitter that someone has not noticed your struggle, or they haven’t been considering your feelings.

If you dream of feeding a stray cat in your dream, this points to an event in waking life that will shake your routine and your way of life as you know it.

You’ll start a new chapter in your life, possibly through a single kind gesture, and you’ll be able to leave any bitterness or unresolved issues in the past.

Dreaming of taking a stray cat into your home implies that while logic has taken you far in life, it can only take you so far. You may need to listen to what your heart wants soon and act on that.

If you dream of the stray cat bringing fleas or another parasite into your home, you will try to rely on someone but you’ll be sorely disappointed at the support you receive.

Dreaming of trying to help a stray cat and subsequently attacking you implies that you should turn your attention to your finances, and try to make yourself as financially independent as you can.

A dream where you leave out water and food for a stray cat implies that you need to take some time for yourself and increase the distance between you and someone else to see things clearly.

Watching a stray cat go through trash in your dream implies a new chapter in your life, where your way of life will completely change. 

Dreaming of saving a stray cat from the streets implies that you’ll soon come across great wisdom which will help you move forward in waking life.

A Feral Cat In Your Dream

Feral or wildcats in your dream reveal a coming resolution to a long-standing problem or conflict. 

It can also suggest someone will be on hand to help you without you having to figure out how to ask them.

This is a testament to the strength of your support network, and how much value they add to your life.

A dream of seeing a feral cat in your house suggests that you are being too trusting of others, or you’re taking your situation in waking life for granted.

Dreaming of wild or untamed cats suggests that you’re affected by fear lurking in your subconscious, and while you’re unaware of this anxiety, it’s starting to bleed into other areas of your life.

A dream like this can also embody someone wild, unpleasant, free, or abrasive in waking life.

This individual doesn’t take other people’s opinions or feelings into account, and while this is a quick way of burning bridges, you might also envy the illusion of freedom they project.

Dreaming Of An Alley Cat

An alley cat in your dream is an interesting image. Consider the state of the cat, the color, and the type to determine its meaning within your dream.

Seeing Cats Drink In A Dream

A cat drinking water in a dream denotes your sense of spiritual well being, as well as the emotions lurking in your subconscious.

If the water is clear, you’re in a great place right now. If the water is murky, your emotions threaten to overwhelm you, or you are out of touch with them.

A cat drinking from a sink, toilet, or bath implies that someone will try to emotionally manipulate you soon. They may not even have a reason for doing so, past the desire to see your reaction.

Giving a cat a drink in a dream indicates that kindness in waking life will soon be repaid.

Seeing a cat drink milk in a dream suggests that while you have all the ideas in the world you could act on, you need to do something with them to get anywhere in life.

Dreaming of a cat drinking with a collar on represents your desire to be more creative in waking life, and how your creativity ties into your own identity.

Finding a lost cat and giving it something to drink in your dream suggests that you had previously lost your way or purpose in life,  but you’ll regain it soon.

Cats Playing In Your Dream

Dreaming of cats playing implies that you have all the tools you need for great success.

You have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal – not just yours, but the experiences of those around you – but you’ve failed to do anything with it so far.

This dream urges you to start, no matter how ignorant you feel about a situation. Start, while you can.

Cats Jumping On You In Your Dream

A dream where cats jump on you represents your doubts and fears, which risk distracting you from an important opportunity in waking life.

They can also embody unexpected twists in a situation that you couldn’t plan for, which may throw you for a while.

An Aggressive Cat In Your Dream

Cats in dreams usually represent your individuality and inner wisdom, so seeing an angry or aggressive cat refers to one or both of these traits being affected in waking life.

You feel like your decisions are not your own, or you don’t have the freedom to do what you want, and you just end up fulfilling your obligations, instead.

Dreaming of a cat suddenly lashing out at you suggests that you are devoting too much time and energy to others, and some of this needs to be spent on yourself.

A cat scratching or clawing at you in a dream suggests trouble in your family life, and you’ll need to devote some time to them soon.

Dreaming Of Fighting Cats

Dreaming of cats fighting symbolizes the drive you have in waking life, and how your ambition will take you past any obstacles you may face.

Dreaming of cats scratching each other urges you to explore why you’re feeling so anxious in waking life, and how you might improve the situation.

Conflict in dreams often relates to conflict or trying to decide something in waking life and failing miserably.

If you try to separate the cats in your dream and they turn on you, this indicates that you have a lot of pent-up anger or frustration that you need to deal with, before it has a chance to explode.

Dreaming of a cat attacking someone you know implies that this person needs your help, or you’re struggling to resolve a long-standing problem.

However difficult this may be, this needs to come to a close, and soon.

A Cat Dying In Your Dream

A cat dying in your dream refers to a loss of freedom, or an important relationship suffering or coming to an end in waking life.

This dream suggests a point in time where you will feel directionless or purposeless, and it will take a while for you to find your feet again.

A dream focusing particularly on a cat dying suggests that someone will try to cause trouble through gossip and drama, playing with people’s emotions. 

Whether or not you see the cat die in the dream will tell you how successful this person’s attempts will be. If you don’t see the cat die, you will manage to put a stop to their games.

Dreaming of a dead cat is a manifestation of your anxiety, where you are questioning your abilities.

This may come to affect your sense of control over your own life, and this dream urges you to trust yourself to get through it.

A dream of a dying cat also demonstrates the need to push past your fear.

Sometimes, fear is just a sounding board of what you think may happen, and if you let it get louder, all it will do is stand in the way of your life’s progress.

Dreaming Of Seeing A Cat In A Dangerous Situation

If you dream of a cat crossing the road at the wrong time, a cat being chased by a dog, or having no way to climb down from a tree, this suggests that you feel left behind in some aspect of life.

This might be something as simple and as worrying as being behind on a deadline at work.

You keep returning to this worry, while you’re doing your best to rectify things, but life sometimes gets in the way, and there’s not always a solution.

Along similar lines, a dream like this can suggest that you’re not taking your professional life seriously enough, or you’re underestimating your abilities and holding yourself back.

Alternatively, dreaming of a cat in danger points to the need to reach higher in terms of your ambitions. You have it in you to do great things, but you haven’t challenged yourself very much.

Dreams like these usually occur when we are tempted to ignore our intuition for one reason or another.  The dream message is clear: listen to what your heart is telling you.

A Stolen Cat In Your Dream

Dreaming of your cat being stolen is a horrible experience, but it is a shadow of the real thing. A dream like this suggests that you are making a situation worse by worrying about the potential outcome.

This fear is ensuring that you are unable to think properly, and this may lead you to make the wrong decision. 

Dreaming of a cat being stolen implies that something is missing from your waking life. Consider how the cat was stolen, and what type it was for more insight into your dream.

If you dream of your own cat being stolen, your subconscious is trying to get you to recognize the thoughts and feelings that live within your unconscious mind.

It may even be that you need a clearer perspective on life, as a habit, impulse, or gratification is taking over other parts of your life.

A dream like this can also embody a growing disquiet in waking life. Something has you on edge, and it’s threatening your sense of security in waking life.

Dreaming Of Your Cat Being Missing

Dreaming of your cat going missing refers to having a very narrow perception of the events going on around you. You are in danger of missing the point of something.

This dream can also indicate that your fears of how life might play out are affecting your choices so much that you feel unable to make a decision.

The absence of the cat in your dream also refers to a loss of a spiritual path or perspective, too. You’ll need to do some spiritual work in order to get back on track.

Dreaming Of Cat Litter Or Cat Poop

A dream featuring cat litter, or cat poop, is a rather unusual cat dream!

Dreaming of unsoiled cat litter implies that you need to be prepared for something in waking life. Consider all possible outcomes of a situation, and plan for what you can.

If you have a horrible dream of eating cat litter or cat poop, you need to take steps to protect yourself or someone else in your waking life. 

As cat feces is unpleasant at the best of times, and potentially quite harmful, this dream indicates difficult times ahead, but it’s not all bad.

Eventually, you’ll have an “Aha!” moment, in which you’ll be able to sort things out.

If you’re pregnant (see also article about dreams of miscarriages) in waking life and have a dream of cat litter or poop, this is simply a manifestation of your worries about the next stage of your life, and how well you will cope.

Dreaming of cleaning out cat litter suggests that you have an unpleasant task ahead of you in waking life, or you’ll need to trust someone at the exact point you wish you could deal with something yourself.

A dream where you watch a cat go to the toilet implies a greater sense of spiritual freedom soon, and good fortune in waking life.

Recurring Dreams Of Cats

Recurring dreams are some of the most interesting ones you can have. Although the repeated experiences may seem boring to you, it’s worth pointing out that a repeating dream has a lesson to teach you.

As it repeats, your subconscious is letting you know that you still haven’t figured out what that is.

For those that believe in angels, recurring dreams can be a way of sending a spiritual message to you.

Cat dreams, in this context, can imply that you need some form of support to improve your life in some way.

Recurring cat dreams suggest that you need to regain your sense of identity, practice grounding techniques, and find a way to be mindful in everyday life.

While we may assume that looking ahead to the future and trying to constantly predict it is a good thing, there’s a lot to be said for remaining present in the waking moment.

You’ll feel calmer, and more self-assured, and you’ll also have a clearer picture of your own abilities and situation.

Older Interpretations Of Cat Dreams

It’s worth looking at some of the older dream dictionary interpretations of cat dreams, as these may apply better to your dreams than the modern ones.

Attacked By A Cat

Seeing an aggressive cat in your dreams denotes someone in your life who cannot be trusted.

You may have a heated argument with them soon, and the reason behind this conflict will demonstrate exactly why they are untrustworthy.

It may also embody part of your personality that you’d do well to ignore right now, such as a desire to hide from your problems when the best approach is to deal with them head-on.

If you’re attacked by a cat in a dream, this denotes difficult times ahead, which will challenge your resilience to the core. 

A cat that repeatedly attacks (see also article titled ‘Dog Attack Dream Meaning‘) you throughout your dream suggests that someone in waking life will be your downfall.

Dreaming of being scratched or bitten reveals coming arguments or even violence in waking life.

If you manage to chase the cat away, this implies that these problems are almost immediate in waking life.

Dreaming of being chased by a cat is a good sign. Someone will help you see the solution that you need.

A cat attacking you in dreams can indicate that a relationship in waking life is no longer worth it, as it is now. It’s been rocky for a while, but neither of you is enjoying each other’s company anymore.

This dream urges you to be honest, and get everything out in the open.

If you dream of cats fighting, this implies that one or more people want to see you fail in waking life, and they will go to great lengths to try and ensure that you do.

The Appearance Of The Cat

Dreaming of a long-haired or very fluffy cat suggests that you long for a more luxurious life. You’re tired of the rat race, and having nothing to show for your hard work.

A white cat mirrors a difficult situation in waking life, but it’s also a sign of good luck for the future.

A black cat appearing in your dreams implies you are uncertain where your life is going, or what it should look or feel like.

Dreaming of a black and white cat reveals regret or bitter nostalgia in your future.

A tabby cat appearing in your dream suggests that you’ll get some significant news shortly.

A dream featuring a multi-colored cat signifies the importance of collaboration and teamwork. You don’t have to do everything yourself.

A ginger cat in your dream implies a renewed faith in waking life that everything will turn out okay, and a new passion to achieve.

A small cat in your dream suggests that you need to slow down and consult your intuition.

Dreaming of a kitten implies that someone will take advantage of your good nature, and you’ll find yourself in a difficult problem.

If you own your own business and dream of a kitten, this implies that you need to put as much effort into your endeavor as you can right now.

An ill cat reveals how tired you are in waking life. You need to take some time out before things get worse. It also implies that you need to enjoy what you have, while you have it.

A cat without a tail in your dream implies that you’ve lost control over your life, or your impulses have gotten out of hand.

Other Cat Dream Interpretations Worth Mentioning

Dreaming of running after a cat implies that a long-term project you’ve been working on will soon create a new set of problems you’ll struggle with.

Dreaming of a hand petting a cat, but never seeing the person it is attached to suggests an unsettling development in waking life.

If you hear a cat meowing in your dream, but you don’t find the cat, this implies that someone in your social circle cannot be trusted.

A talking cat in a dream implies new authority in your professional life. It can also suggest that you need to reconcile something in your life.

If you hear a cat screaming in your dream, this denotes cutting words in waking life. How you react to these hurtful words may determine your social standing for a while, so be careful.

Dreaming of a cat that suddenly disappears reveals that you’ll lose something important to you, and you’ll need to seek the advice of others to get it back.

It may also suggest that what you will lose cannot be returned, and you’ll have to fill this hole in your life with something else.

Dreaming of a cat looking down at you from a tree implies that you need to be more grounded. You may also need to assess your ambitions, as they don’t match up with your capabilities.

Dreaming of cat scratch marks on something implies a crossroads in your life. Consider the object the cat had scratched.

Dreaming of a cat peeing (see also article about dreams of urine) reveals that a plan you’ve made in waking life isn’t as well-thought out as it seems. You need to come up with something else.

If you dream of changing into a cat, you have a lot of energy going to waste in waking life, and you feel anxious or restless. Find a way to channel it instead.

Alternatively, dreaming of changing into a cat reveals your shadow self and those things which you are aware of in your dream, but not in waking life.

A dream where you are a cat reveals an increased level of self-confidence and belief in your abilities.

If you dream of your pet cat, this is a very good sign for the future. It reveals success in waking life, and an uptick in your social circle, where you’ll enjoy a greater connection with those you love.

Domestic cats in your dream relate to the power you have over your own life and the ease in which you can adapt to changing situations.

Seeing a cat in your house in a dream suggests you’re longing for time for yourself. You long to have more control over your life.

Dreaming of a cat that had died in waking life reveals the need to acknowledge your emotions, thoughts, and revelations hiding away in your subconscious.

Seeing a cat’s collar in your dream implies that circumstances in waking life along with your responsibilities will feel like they are suffocating you for a while.

Cat food in your dream suggests that everything you want is ahead of you. You just need to take it.

A dream of a cat on a farm implies that you need to reconnect with nature and the world around you, especially if you haven’t been sleeping lately, or you’ve been spending a lot of time on screens. 

Playing with a cat in a dream denotes that you are currently driven by the need to be accepted by others, especially if you’ve just moved to a new place or job.

Cats following you in a dream imply that you need to take control of a situation for things to get done. Don’t rely on others to do it for you, or it may take three times as long.

If you dream of cooking a cat, this is a bad sign. It suggests that you will not be able to handle new problems by yourself, and you’ll have to seek the help of others.

This dream stresses the need to choose who you go to carefully.

Cat Dreams: A Summary

  • Adopting A Cat: hidden wisdom, working with others
  • A Cat Attacking You: difficult times ahead
  • A White Cat: bad luck
  • A Black Cat: unsure of what you want from life
  • A Stray Cat: a need for self-reliance
  • Kittens: inner peace and comfort
  • A Stolen Cat: lost purpose or an unreachable goal
  • A Dying Cat: an end to a relationship, anxiety
  • A Cat In Danger: feeling powerless, looming deadlines

Final Thoughts

Cats appearing within your dreams have many different interpretations, though the overarching symbolism includes intuition, wisdom, faith, power, and perception.

Cats in dreams can be a message of where your life is leading if you carry on your current path.

They can embody your current hopes and fears, and they may even point to what’s happening around you, too.

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