What Do Many Snakes Mean In Your Dream?

A dream where you see many snakes can be unnerving at best, and at worst, it can be a complete nightmare that stays with you for weeks or even months afterward. 

The good news is that no matter how bad your dream gets, there is always some meaning behind it. When you find what your dream is trying to tell you, the fear tends to dissipate pretty quickly, though the image may stay with you for a little longer.

So let’s find out, shall we?

Why Am I Dreaming Of Snakes?

Snakes in a dream (see also article titled ‘The Biblical Meaning Of Snakes In Dreams‘) have a multitude of meanings. When you dream of many snakes, this meaning can have more weight than just dreaming of a single snake.

Snakes can indicate that you’re tired, there may be betrayal in your future, you’re not listening to your intuition, you’re about to become wiser, or a relationship will change in a way you won’t see coming. 

It’s also worth mentioning that snakes have a lot of spiritual symbolism. A dream where you see many snakes can imply you’re about to enjoy a period of freedom and tranquility after a troubling time.

You will also make some great progress along your spiritual path, too, enjoying an increased sense of purpose and well-being. 

Some dreams where you see many snakes imply that you have a wealth of potential you haven’t yet explored. If you dream of many black snakes (see also article titled ‘What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Black Snake?‘), this implies that you’re surrounded by lies.

Snakes being intertwined means that someone you are incredibly close to won’t be there for you when you’d hope they would. It will sting more because you’ve been there for them when they’ve needed you the most.

Are Snakes A Bad Sign In A Dream?

No dream symbol is wholly good or bad. There are always elements of the two, even in the most horrible of nightmares. For example, a snake in a dream can come as a warning, but this is actually a good thing.

It means you are more prepared to face the risk of whatever your subconscious is on alert for. So, when you see the threat in waking life, you’re more likely to be able to prevent it entirely.

Is Dreaming Of Many Snakes A Bad Sign?

You might instantly assume that dreaming of many snakes is a bad omen, and you’d be half right. 

It is a very powerful image, which can come as a warning in the right context.

If it is a warning, it implies that you’ve put your trust in people you shouldn’t have, and this will be used against you in the future.

It also reveals negativity which has the potential to damage your life in some way, but this in itself is no bad thing. It means that you can now be on the watch for risks or danger, and thwart them before they have a chance to get worse.

Many snakes in dreams point to a significant transition in waking life, where your life will never be the same. You’ll shed your current lifestyle or self-image for a better, healthier one.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Many Snakes?

A single snake featuring in your dreams reveals knowledge that comes from your intuition, so seeing a few snakes points to a higher knowledge that will help you grow in waking life.

Even when they come as a warning – usually of someone being dishonest in waking life – this is a good sign. You’ll be better prepared to deal with any fallout, and the betrayal may sting a bit less, too. 

A dream of many snakes urges you to listen to your intuition and not just your hope for the future. If you think someone is acting weird, or a situation doesn’t seem right, walk away.

There are some things that we do well to accept without questioning them for too long, and listening to your gut is one of them.


A dream of many snakes implies that you don’t feel accepted in waking life. Maybe you’re having a lot of arguments with someone close to you, or you’re trying to get accepted into a new group, but you feel things aren’t going well.

A dream of many snakes mirrors the lack of power you have to change this situation. This feeling may bleed into other areas of your life, where you no longer believe you can control any situation.

It may be that you stop trying new things because you don’t want to be rejected, but a dream like this warns you against this, as things will only seem worse.


Just picture your dream of many snakes. A dream like this is bound to cause you some anxiety, and it reflects waking life, where you feel vulnerable, defenseless, or something is creeping into all areas of your life. 

Maybe an aspect of your personal life is starting to affect your performance at work, where you can’t stop thinking about something so much that you’re just not meeting your targets.

Or maybe your work life is the culprit. You can’t get anything done because you are working all the time, or you can’t leave your work problems in work hours, and they constantly follow you home, causing you to have zero downtime. Your relationships are likely to suffer as a result. 

Consider where you saw the snakes, as this can add to the meaning behind your dream. Dreaming of many snakes in your bedroom suggests you don’t trust your partner in some form, but it can denote trust and intimacy issues in general.

Many snakes in a garden refers to someone whose words will cut you, and this conflict cannot be avoided. However, just because you’ve taken something one way does not mean that they meant it that way.

Dreaming of many snakes on a road implies that you feel violated or betrayed. Someone will do something you will hate, and this will stay with you long after the situation is past.


If you dream of many snakes shedding their skins, this refers to a period of transition and significant change. Just as the act of a snake shedding its skin is a natural cycle, so is change within the universe.

Don’t be tempted to fight change. Instead, figure out a way it can help you grow. 

As snakes are associated with healing, this change will ultimately be a great thing for you, and the less you stress about it, the better the outcome will be. 

Buried Fears

A dream of many snakes can embody a deeply suppressed fear or phobia that you’re unaware of in waking life. You feel every aspect of life is completely out of your control, and when change comes, it’s only something else to cause you more anxiety.

You may have a generalized fear in waking life, where you think everything new is a potential danger or risk rather than an opportunity. 

Your dream urges you to trust in your intuition, and find a way to feel more free in waking life. Until you get past your fears, you’ll always feel trapped.

Repressed Sexuality

If you know anything about dream interpretation, chances are you’ve come across Sigmund Freud and his wild dream psychology theories before. He believed that most dreams represent sexual repression, frustration, or a problem you need to deal with.

Maybe you feel you cannot trust your partner. Perhaps you’ve been cheated on in the past, and you don’t know how to build that trust again.

Dreaming Of Snakes Surrounding You

You might have noticed that on ambulances across the world, there is a snake coiled around a staff. This is the rod of Asclepius, which in Greek mythology, belongs to the Greek god of the same name, the patron of healing and medicine.

So if you see many snakes in your dream, one interpretation is that you need to take some time for yourself, in order to heal. Maybe you’re just overworked, you’re recovering from an illness, or a stressful period in waking life.

If you dream of piles of snakes writhing on top of each other, this reveals that other people’s expectations of you are utterly impossible. 

Dreaming of many snakes surrounding and then attacking (see also article titled ‘Dreaming Of Snakes Attacking You Or Someone You Know‘) you denotes a spiritual cleansing in some way. You will shed old hurts.

If you’ve been dwelling on the past and your past mistakes, the snakes surrounding you embody your regret, and how this is clouding your judgment. You may be at risk of making the same mistake again.

If all you can see in your dream are snakes, this reveals someone who has cheated you, or hurt you deeply. You may feel trapped in a relationship.

In waking life, if you’ve been trying to change your ways, being surrounded by snakes is a positive sign, as this dream represents the many avenues of potential you have ahead of you.

Although some people may have a phobia of snakes, and automatically assume because of their fear these reptiles (see also article about dreams of alligators) must be a bad sign, that’s not the case. 

The more snakes in your dream relates to a bigger transformation or potential just waiting for you to make it happen. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of something but for whatever reason, you’ve never tried to act on it. 

A Dream Of Many Colorful Snakes

Many colorful snakes in a dream are an interesting image. If you think of brightly colored snakes in general, you’re likely to associate them with danger, as usually their markings are a warning sign.

A dream like this implies there is some risk or danger in waking life, so be very careful who you trust, and take a second look at any situation you find yourself in.

The Biblical Meaning Behind A Dream Of Many Snakes

Snakes in the Bible represent fear, sin, temptation, and deception. Just look at the Garden of Eden, where the snake was the downfall of all humanity.

Carl Jung’s Theory On Dreaming Of Many Snakes

Carl Jung had a lot to say about why we dream, including the theory of a collective unconscious. This is an inherited knowledge and history that every person has, including that of snakes and danger.

According to Jung, a snake in your dream symbolizes your nervous system, as well as your instincts. So seeing a multitude of snakes in a dream indicates that you will ignore your intuition at your peril. 

The Spiritual Message Behind A Dream Of Many Snakes

As snakes in dreams are associated with feeling grounded, your subconscious draws your attention to your spiritual path through life. 

You may dream of many snakes when you feel lonely, disconnected, or otherwise cut off from other people and the belief that you can change your life.

In many cultures, snakes appearing in your dream implies that a person’s betrayal will cut you deeply, and it will take a long time to recover from it. 

In some parts of the world, many snakes in a dream is a sign of something coming to a close, something that has defined part of your life. 

Final Thoughts

Many snakes in your dream can seem like a nightmare to begin with, but this particular incarnation of the snake dream symbol can be incredibly useful. 

It can offer some insight into your unconscious mind, where, deep down, you don’t trust someone, or you know you need to listen to your instincts, and find a better path. 

The easiest way to interpret your dream of many snakes is to pay attention to the emotions you had during the dream. 

If you feel happy when you see many snakes, the snakes have a positive meaning, and can point to spiritual fulfillment, happier times ahead, and a wiser version of you manifesting.

Feeling terrified when you see snakes in your dream points to a lack of trust, future betrayal, or needing to adjust your approach or life course, and listening to your subconscious will help guide you to where you are meant to be.

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