What Does It Mean To Dream Of An Old Friend?

Even if you don’t remember someone for long in waking life, it’s said that your subconscious stores every face you see and files it away for later use in your dreams, if nothing else.

But what does it mean to dream of someone you once had a great connection with? Someone who defined a certain time of your life? 

Is this a message from the universe that you should reconnect with them? Is your subconscious trying to tell you something you’ve missed?

Let’s find out.

Why Am I Dreaming Of An Old Friend?

A dream involving an old friend suggests you’re confused or tired by events in waking life. You’re drained to the point where you want to shove aside any responsibilities and just have some fun, and enjoy being a little irresponsible for a while.

You might feel that everything was better when you were in touch with the old friend you are dreaming of. Your subconscious is giving you a reprieve, allowing you to ‘return’ to this time in a small way, alleviating some of the negativity waking life is causing you.

A dream of an old friend is common when you’re looking back on the time in your life when you had them with you, and thinking of the good or bad times you had with them. A dream like this can happen because you miss them, but that’s not the only other reason.

Dreaming of someone who used to be your friend can signal that you’re lacking something in waking life. Think of the traits that your old friend was known for, and consider how this might apply to your own life.

Dream Scenarios Involving An Old Friend And Their Meanings

It’s worth noting that if you feel nervous when you see an old friend, shocked, or even disgusted, this may point to aspects of your psyche that you are trying your best to reject. 

Reconnecting With An Old Friend In A Dream

A dream where you reconnect with an old friend is a very good sign. You’re going to celebrate something fantastic soon.

Hugging An Old Friend In Your Dream

Dreaming of hugging an old friend refers to how you miss your relationship with them. Maybe you’re just not that close to the people in your present, not in the way you were with your old friend.

Old friends in dreams can also represent a return to old habits, ways of thinking, and a lifestyle that no longer serves you. Your nostalgia is holding you back. 

However, this might be a good thing, if you’re returning to a way of life where you’re enjoying every moment. Maybe stress has gotten the better of you, and you’re finding a way to drop your worries for a little while. 

Dreaming Of Fighting With An Old Friend

Fighting with an old friend implies that you’re not being fair to someone in waking life. You’re not considering their opinion or their feelings. This dream suggests there’s something you cannot see, something crucial.

Shouting At An Old Friend

If you find yourself yelling at your old friend, this can imply that you haven’t forgiven yourself for something which happened at the time your old friend was in your life. You need to come to terms with this.

Alternatively, a dream where an old friend shouts at you, or you shout at them implies that you’ll hear from an old friend soon.

Dreaming Of An Old Acquaintance 

A dream of an old acquaintance suggests that your life is about to get very busy socially. You may have a new circle of friends, or you’ll spend more time with the ones you love.

Positive Change Is Coming, If:

  • You reunited with your old friend
  • You enjoyed their company again
  • You talked with an old friend

A Summary Of The Reasons Why You’re Dreaming Of An Old Friend

  • You’re reflecting on past times
  • You’re stressed by waking life, and you want to return to an easier period in life
  • Feeling lonely or disconnected from waking life
  • You want to reconnect with an old friend
  • You’re seeking advice or support, but you’re not sure who to turn to for this

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