What Does It Mean To Dream Of Finding Money?

Nightmares can be difficult to move on from, even halfway through your day, you might still be wondering what your dream means. 

You might have woken up with an awful start, and found that you have a much shorter temper than usual. 

Even the slightest things that wouldn’t bother you normally can get on your nerves, and it’s a testament to how powerful a dream experience can be when it affects you deeply.

But this doesn’t just happen with bad dreams. You can also feel the aftereffects of any emotions brought on by your dream for the rest of your day, too.

Many people find that positive dreams have a significant impact on the rest of their day, too. Your subconscious can give you good dreams when you feel things are tough in waking life, to give your mind a break from the stress and concern.

Unfortunately, dreams of finding money don’t usually point to a life-changing sum coming your way in waking life. Even if it’s something that we all dream about sometimes. 

But what does finding money in a dream mean?

Why Am I Dreaming Of Finding Money?

Money in dreams doesn’t usually refer to anything of monetary value in waking life. Instead, it represents what you value the most, what you want the most, and what you only dream of having right now.

Dreams of finding money (see also article titled ‘What Does It Mean To Dream Of Money?‘) can also warn you of potential risks or changes which are coming your way soon, preparing you for when they arrive.

Consider the way the money manifests itself in your dream. Dreaming of a purse or a wallet, for example, points to changes in your identity, or personal life. After all, this is what we carry our important IDs in, and seeing any photo windows points to a transformation in your self-image.

Discovering money inside a wallet or a purse in your dream represents spiritual and metaphorical wealth, and what you consider important. As you find the money in your dream, so will these important things increase in waking life. 

Common Dreams Of Finding Money And Their Meanings

It’s natural to aspire to want more money. After all, it can solve so many of our problems in waking life that it seems like a magical solution for everything. 

Naturally, we make connections between money and solutions. Dreaming of wearing nice clothes, having someone do your chores, driving a beautiful car, and having other people taking care of your life-admin sounds like a dream. 

Money is also connected to power, self-confidence, and feeling in control. Here are just a few dream scenarios of finding money and what they mean.

Picking Up Money Off The Ground In A Dream

In dreams, if you dream of the earth or the ground, this implies that you need to focus on what’s happening around you, rather than what might happen, or what has happened. 

Your attention is not on what’s going on around you, which is the time you can actually alter things. 

The action of picking up money off the ground implies that once you begin to notice what’s going on around you, or within you, you’ll find a solution or a better equilibrium in waking life.

If the wind carries the money towards you, someone will ask for your help, and you’ll need to be fully aware or secure in your own mind and life in order to give them what they need.  

Picking Up Money From The Sidewalk

A dream where you pick up money off the sidewalk is an interesting one. It denotes your own positive attitude towards life in general. You do all you can, and you don’t worry about the rest.

You know that there’s no point in sweating the things that you have no say in, and you focus on what’s important to you. This dream can also be a reassurance that you’re doing the right thing. 

Dreaming of finding money on the ground can also imply that you might go after something that doesn’t make you content, though you think everything will be better or magically fixed when you do. 

A dream like this can also happen when you feel everything is against you, and it encourages you to alter your perspective. Maybe you’re not viewing things clearly.

Dreams that focus on the ground or the earth also point to the need to listen to your spiritual wisdom, and your instincts. If things start to overwhelm you, break your problems into their smallest pieces, and go from there.

Finding Money In Mud Or Soil

Discovering money in a pile of dirt, mud, or soil implies that you’ve lost sight of the things important to you. 

It could be that you’re devoting all your attention and energy into a single problem or goal, and other aspects of your life have fallen to the wayside. You need to learn to balance your time or priorities differently, as this isn’t working.

Your dream urges you to get organized, and figure out what’s really putting you under pressure, and how you can alleviate it.

Alternatively, finding money in mud, soil or dirt reflects how your relationship with someone close to you is suffering. Or, you may have a problem with someone who is trying to influence or overpower you in some form.

Finding Coins In A Dream

Dreaming of finding coins represents enjoying something unexpected. Maybe it’s something you’ve been longing for, and you haven’t had the means to get it, or you think it’s not something you deserve, or it’s impossible to get.

It might even be something that you’ve not even thought of, but you’ll soon enjoy the hell out of it. 

But the important thing to take from this dream message is that it’s not an absolute guarantee. In order to get this, you need to be open to opportunities that you might not ordinarily take.

Focus on the present, and enjoy what you have, right now. As it is. You’ll soon find that these good things will come to you. 

Dreaming of finding a whole stash of coins or a pirate’s treasure of coins indicates that your current choices will lead you to happiness. 

Dreaming Of Finding Gold Bars Or Paper Money

If you dream of finding paper money or gold bars, this is a very positive sign for the following days. It implies that you will have more of what you value, soon. 

This might be in terms of peace, money, family time, or success.

A Dream Where You Find Unknown Money Or Foreign Money

A dream where you find money in a foreign currency refers to an increase in how much work you get done, business relationships improving, or getting recognition for your success.

Alternatively, if you feel bad, frustrated, or confused during this dream, this denotes how you feel ignored, or your hard work isn’t going noticed, and you’re wondering why you bother at all.

Dreaming of antique notes or coins points to nostalgia, or something which is currently impossible to get. 

Winning Money In A Dream

Most of us have dreamed about winning money at one stage or another, and it’s a great feeling. However, it very rarely means that you’ll actually win some money.

Instead, a dream like this reflects a ‘win’ of some kind in waking life. Everything’s going perfectly right now, and you don’t feel stressed in any way. 

If you dream of winning a lottery, or you buy a winning scratchcard, this implies a new beginning, victory, and overcoming problems. In this case, maybe it couldn’t hurt to buy a ticket.

Counting Money In A Dream

Dreaming of counting money means that you’re after a new start in life. You’re sick of the way things are, or you’re taking another look at your priorities. 

A dream like this can come about when you’re comparing your life to that of the people you know to the point where it’s distracting you from the present. 

You can’t appreciate the good things that you have, because you’re focused on what other people have, and how this is different from your life. 

A dream like this can be a warning: you don’t actually want what you see in someone else’s life, it’s just a case of greener grass. 

If you dream of losing count when you’re counting money, you’re aching for something to be different in waking life. But you might not know exactly what is making you feel this way, or what would make you happy. 

Dreaming Of Someone Paying For Something

A dream where you see someone paying someone implies that you feel removed from waking life, or you’re lonely. You feel like a bystander in your own life. You might feel envious of how well someone else is doing, and you feel like your own life doesn’t match up.

Maybe you feel cut off from other people, or they’re not checking in with you as much as they used to. 

A dream like this is a good way for your subconscious to work through negativity, and doesn’t mean bad things for the future. 

Lending Money To Someone In A Dream

Dreaming of lending someone money mirrors how you’re concerned for someone in waking life. The way you feel during a dream like this dictates the meaning.

If you feel uncomfortable lending money, or you imagined this desire to help them would make things worse, you’re unsure how to help this person in waking life.

Lending someone your money without expecting them to pay you back in a dream implies that you trust them to work things out on their own, or you know they will take your guidance gladly, but they’ll come to their own conclusions. 

Giving Money Away In Your Dream

Giving money away in a dream is an interesting one. If you gave the money to someone you know, you want to reconnect with them in waking life.

If the person was a stranger, this means that you’re not fully over something. While the circumstances are long gone, the emotions are lingering. 

Alternatively, this dream implies that you need to take a different approach in waking life. Maybe you’re devoting too much time to other people, and you’re not looking after yourself as well as you should be.

Spending Money In A Dream

A dream where you spend money mirrors how you are investing time now to create something fantastic in your future. Fate seems to be on your side, and this dream is a way of looking at how you can get further with your goals.

If you dream of spending money you don’t have, this reflects money worries in waking life. You dread bills coming through the door or taking money from your account. A dream like this also urges you to look at where you’re spending, and try to be more frugal where you can.

Losing Money In A Dream

Just as finding money in a dream is a positive sign, dreaming of losing it denotes the opposite.

If you dream of finding and then losing money, this reflects how you had a great equilibrium or life balance, and then fate has come along and tipped the scales again, causing you some trouble. 

Things don’t seem great at the minute. Maybe you’ve lost something incredibly important in your daily life, such as your keys to your home, car (see also article titled ‘What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Stolen Car?‘), purse or wallet. 

It could also be more metaphorical, but it’s a similar feeling to doing something dumb on autopilot and then having that split-second horror as the realization sinks in.

It might be worth looking at your relationships, and making sure they aren’t suffering in some way.

Discovering Stolen Money In A Dream

A dream where you discover stolen money implies that you don’t want to make a choice in waking life. The options are too difficult to choose between – and this can be good or bad.

The confusion and the instability this is causing you is making an appearance in your dreams. It might be that your choice will have a great impact on someone else, and there are moral implications to think about. 

This is especially important if you dream of considering keeping the money or reporting it, and can also point to conflict or ignoring the situation entirely.

Dreaming of stolen money can happen when you are taking some chances in waking life. You want to see a bigger improvement in your life, and you might be gambling in some way to try and get there. 

If you dream that you are the thief (see also article titled ‘What Does It Mean To Dream Of Stealing Or Someone Being A Thief?‘), this implies that you are exhausted. Your physical, mental, or spiritual health is suffering, and you need to figure out how you can get things back on track.

It might be worth taking some time for yourself. Drop the problem completely for a little while, and when you pick it back up, you’ll find it easier to hold. 

A dream where you steal money implies that you feel very worried or under pressure, and you just want things to work out on their own.

Another thing to consider here is how you felt in the dream when you stole the money. Did it seem like you were taking what you were owed? Or did you have that sinking feeling? 

Think about who you were stealing from in this dream. If you were stealing from somewhere with no personal connection to you, like a bank or a stranger, your subconscious is giving you an outlet for your frustrations. 

This annoyance is likely to be aimed at yourself, where you’ve made the wrong choice, or you couldn’t see a different way. Don’t be too hard on yourself, as you don’t have a crystal ball. We rarely predict what’s coming. 

A dream where you steal money from someone you know mirrors your annoyance or frustration at this person. They’ve caused you some problems lately, and you’re not exactly feeling fond of them right now. 

The Islamic Interpretation Of Receiving Money In A Dream

Interestingly, the Islamic interpretation of finding money in a dream isn’t a good thing on the whole. 

If you dream of someone you know giving you money, or you find money somewhere you know in waking life, this represents a worry that you’ve been dragging around for a long time.

If the place no longer exists, or the person isn’t in your life anymore, it’s a sign to let go. Reconcile any past hurts which are still with you.

The Biblical Interpretation Of Receiving Money Dreams

The Bible has many things to say when it comes to money. A dream where you find money matches up with dream interpretation in general, where it denotes something other than material wealth.

Dreaming of finding money suggests that you’re doing a lot of self-improvement, or your path is teaching you a lot about yourself.

This experience will serve you greatly in the future when it comes to making your own way in a situation. Having a recurring dream of finding money in a dream implies that you’ve had a run of good luck or someone else has helped you greatly recently, and now it’s time to pay that forward. 

Final Thoughts

Dreams of finding money symbolizes what you value in your life. A dream of discovering or receiving money can help guide you to where things are going right in your life, and where you can adjust it as necessary in order to get what you want from life. 

A dream of finding money also acts as a sounding board for your decisions, allowing you to explore them without commitment for a while.

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