What Does It Mean To Dream Of Urine Or Peeing?

You’re likely to dream of peeing at least once in your life since it’s a big part of your daily life. But what happens when you dream of peeing? Does it just mean that you need to go, or is there more to it than that?

What about when your dream of peeing gets really weird? Do you dream of peeing in strange places? On people? On command? 

There are so many strange things in our dreams that it can be hard to tell what’s actually a message from your subconscious and what’s just surreal beyond belief.

So let’s take a look.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Urine?

Dreaming of urine (see also article on penis dream meanings), or peeing in your dream has multiple meanings. 

One of the most common reasons is that your subconscious is telling you that you should allow yourself to recognize whatever it is you’re feeling right now, and be a bit kinder to yourself.

There are also a lot of spiritual links to a dream like this, where the universe is telling you to let go of the stranglehold you’ve got on your life and how you want to control everything. 

You may be trying to influence every aspect of your waking life where this just simply isn’t possible, causing you to be much more stressed than you should ever be. 

Dreaming of peeing in a dirty restroom or toilet points to the need to work through your emotions, and clear your plate in waking life. Give yourself a break.

It’s worth pointing out that the meaning can change depending on your gender, which we’ll cover a little later on.

Dreams involving urine usually reference your feelings, and the vision you have for the future, and they are also connected to your state of mind, psyche, and how others see you. 

But these dreams are also connected to a level of social anxiety, and worries about the image you project to other people, too. 

Specifically, dreams of needing to pee but being unable to find an appropriate place to go refers to how you feel you don’t quite belong, or something doesn’t feel right in a situation in waking life.

Of course, dreaming of needing to pee can simply reflect how you actually need to go while you’re having your dream. 

If you dream of your own urine, this points to waking life getting the better of you, where you feel you don’t have a say in how things are going.

Dreaming of watching someone peeing implies that you need to work on your communication skills, or you need to be more honest with others. 

You may want to reflect on a failing relationship and ask yourself if it’s worth the effort of trying to repair things. 

A dream like this also denotes that you shouldn’t act just on the advice of other people. You should always make sure that every decision you make is your choice. Ensure you consider all of your options before you act.

Common Urine Dreams And Their Symbolism

Dreaming Of Urinating In A Toilet

A dream where you pee into a toilet signifies any emotions you’ve been repressing or ignoring lately.

You may find yourself ‘curating’ an edited version of yourself for other people. You act in a way that you want others to see you, not how you are. 

Over time, the gap between who you feel you are and who you want to be may get wider as you focus on this to the point where you can’t stop. This will only cause you pain. 

It can also cause a terrible vicious cycle that is difficult to break at best.

Alternatively, dreaming of peeing into a toilet is a good omen. After all, that’s where you should go. It implies that everything in your life will find its proper place soon, and anything causing you stress or worry will soon resolve. 

However, there is still a negative element to this dream interpretation. Like most dreams of urinating, it relates to issues of control. 

You may feel as though you’re in a great place with a handle on everything, but there’s a risk that you’re becoming too controlling over every tiny detail in your life. There has to be a balance. 

Wetting Yourself In A Dream Meaning

Dreams of wetting yourself are linked to your financial health, and how it might be ‘leaking’ in some way. 

If you dream of wetting yourself, it’s a good idea to take a look at your finances, and set aside a little money for emergencies. 

A dream like this is common when you feel you have less security than normal, and you keep having to make unexpected payments, and each one makes you wince. 

You might watch your bank balance with increasing nervousness, so try to save now where you can, and this will help when you need it the most.

However, a dream like this is not wholly negative. It also implies that you have a lot of sway over others, and you should be careful how you use this. Maybe someone will ease the financial trouble for you.

Consider also what you were wearing in this dream, as different clothes have different symbolism in dreams, and this can add to the meaning.

If you dream of wetting yourself while waiting for the toilet or being in a public restroom that’s so dirty you try to clean it, but it’s too late, this dream reflects how you feel time is slipping away from you. 

You feel anxious, and you don’t know how to claw back some more time for yourself, as things are just too hectic right now. Maybe there’s no way to do this, and your dream reflects the powerlessness of your current circumstances.

A bathroom or restroom completely drenched in urine implies that you have to let go of the negativity plaguing you in waking life, or you won’t be able to see the good opportunities coming your way.

Overflowing toilets reveals pent-up emotion that is causing trouble in your subconscious, affecting your waking decisions and behavior. 

You have to recognize how you feel, and don’t judge yourself for it. What matters more is that you then move on to concentrate on your actions.

Alternatively, a dream where you wet yourself is connected to social anxiety, and problems with other people in general. It can warn you of upcoming arguments, so try to keep your head where you can.

Dreaming Of Wetting The Bed

A dream where you wet the bed implies that something traumatic from your past is still influencing your present, no matter how many years have gone by. 

Whether you know it or not, it’s still part of your experience, but it’s affecting you negatively. Your dream urges you to find a way past it. 

Alternatively, dreaming of wetting your bed mirrors waking life, where you just really need the toilet, and this urge has made it into your dream.

Dreaming Of Smelling Urine

A dream where you think you smell something is actually quite rare. Dreaming of smelling urine, or coming across urine that smells particularly bad usually points to being dehydrated. So make sure you have enough fluids during the day.

If you dream of walking into a dirty public restroom or a private bathroom that smells of urine, this is actually a good sign, believe it or not! 

There are two ways to take this dream: you need to have full control over a situation in waking life, or your intuition won’t lead you astray, as long as you keep true to it.

It’s a reassurance that you should make sure your say over your life is final, not anyone else’s.

A Dream Where You Urinate Blood

This is a nightmare of a dream to have, and you certainly don’t want this experience in waking life. The meaning behind this one isn’t great, either.

Dreaming of peeing blood implies that your motivation for life in general or passion for something you used to adore is failing. 

Maybe you’ve got too many problems to enjoy yourself right now, and you’re trying your best to focus on your responsibilities. 

Perhaps a hobby or way of life just doesn’t suit you anymore, and you’re searching for something else to add meaning to your life. 

Maybe you’ll return to what you used to love, or it could be that you’ll turn to something completely different, which will shape your life. 

Most dream interpreters agree that a dream of peeing blood reveals trouble ahead, and while it will be difficult and painful, you will find a way through it.

A Dream Where You Can’t Find Somewhere To Pee

Dreaming of struggling to find somewhere you can pee hygienically and without anyone seeing you is a sign of anxiety. 

However, it also denotes how you will finally come clean about how you feel, and this will give you the greatest sense of freedom you’ve had in a good long while. 

But it won’t be easy. Your insecurities are getting in the way, and it will take some time for you to push past them. 

Dreaming of searching for a place to urinate can reflect how you need to pee when you’re having this dream, and rarely, a dream like this can make you pee, so make sure you go before you go to sleep!

Dreaming Of Urinating On The Floor

If you dream of peeing on the floor, this signifies how you feel powerless in waking life. You suspect that someone in your life doesn’t want you to succeed for one reason or another. On a spiritual level, you know who this person is.

Your dream urges you to find a way to regain control over your waking life, and if people come to you for help, try the best you can.

Urinating In Public In A Dream

Peeing in public in a dream reveals that someone is shirking their responsibilities, and you’re having to do theirs for them, on top of the ones you already have. 

All your energy is being channeled into things that are unavoidable, but aren’t what you planned for.

A dream of urinating in public can also imply that you desperately need some time to yourself, but you can’t find any spare minutes to set aside unless it’s late at night when things are quiet. 

As urinating is something we normally do in private, dreams of peeing in public relate to the need for privacy, especially if you feel watched during a dream like this. 

If you dream of someone else urinating in public, this points to problems ahead of you which are out of your control. Someone else will be the source of stress or annoyance, and this will be difficult to move past.

A Dream Where You Urinate In A Strange Place

Peeing in a strange place in your dream suggests that you need to use your hidden talents and creativity in order to solve a problem in waking life. 

It can also point to how you’re underestimating your own abilities or letting your skills go to waste in an area of waking life.

Consider where you were peeing in your dream. Dreaming of urinating in your home or at work reflects problems with the people in your professional life or family, and the need to resolve these issues.

Dreaming of peeing in a public park reveals that you’ll shortly undertake a new personal project that will give your life a lot of meaning. 

Dreaming of peeing into a bottle, or a food dish reflects frustration with someone in waking life, but you’re not expressing how you feel. 

Dreaming Of Peeing In A High Arc

If you dream of urinating in an arc, this references your belief in yourself, and even how you have refused the call of a certain responsibility that would have molded this part of your life.

Sigmund Freud has suggested that dreaming of urination refers to a desire for sexual freedom and a desire to have a deep connection with someone.

A Dream Where Someone Else Urinates

Dreaming of someone urinating has some interesting symbolism. Some dream interpreters believe that this dream is a way of a spirit telling you that the only way to reach your vision of the future is through self-belief and hard work.

Dreaming of someone peeing implies that the source of most of your problems is out of your control, as it is someone else.

A dream where you see a child peeing implies that you have a good grasp of other people’s motivations.

Seeing Someone’s Urine In A Dream

Dreaming of urine that belongs to someone else reflects problems in your professional life. As the problem is someone else in your dream, this also goes for waking life. 

Someone may not be recognizing how hard you’re working, or they are criticizing your methods when they do much worse.

If you dream of pee pooling all over the floor, you’re worried about losing your job or otherwise being in a position where you will struggle greatly financially. 

Dreams like this often occur when you are trying to dispel negativity in your work life, or there is such a big deadline that it’s creeping into other areas of your life. You know it won’t be forever, but this seems like a small consolation right now.  

A Man Peeing In A Dream

Seeing a man pee in a dream implies that you need to be more authoritative, protective, or proactive in your waking life. 

Make sure that you try to impact other people’s lives positively, as this will always come back to you.

Dreaming of several men peeing reveals that someone with some authority will come with words of wisdom, and you must take note.

A Woman Peeing In A Dream

Sigmund Freud theorized that to see a woman urinate in a dream implies sexual frustration. 

Others have suggested that this dream indicates that you need to be a little more sensitive about other people’s emotions, or practice more kindness in your life.

Dreaming of seeing another woman peeing can reveal a risky time for an important relationship. If you feel squeamish when you see anyone urinating in your dream, you feel as though you have no time to yourself in waking life.

Watching A Baby Urinate In A Dream

Babies (see also article on dreams about having twins) in dreams are linked with life-changing projects, opportunities, rebirth, and renewal. As you might imagine, this dream has some spiritual associations, too.

A dream like this suggests that to achieve some sort of renewal in waking life, you must be honest about how you feel, and shed what negativity you can in order to start afresh.

As this dream points to rebirth, it implies that you have all the tools you need to improve your life, you just need to make some room in order to get there.

Dreaming of a baby boy peeing into the air is a very good sign, revealing a time of peace and simple joy in the near future. 

If you dream of a toddler peeing, or you’re going through potty training, this indicates a spiritual cleansing, a new chapter in life, and a better harmony within the universe. 

Dreaming Of Being Urinated On Symbolism

Lovely. If you dream of someone peeing on you, this implies that you feel life is utterly out of your control.

A dream like this reflects waking life, where someone is trying to help you out of a tight spot, but you still feel things won’t turn out the way you hope, partly because you feel so powerless to change these circumstances on your own.

It also points to relationship problems, as another person is the problem in your dream. Is it time to be honest with yourself, or someone in your life? 

A dream like this is common when you have fallen out with someone, or someone close to you is dictating your life. These dreams urge you to take back control of your life, and if you feel it’s right, reconcile your connection with someone. Make sure your boundaries are clear.

A dream of this sort reflects arguments and conflicts with others, where you feel betrayed or hurt. Your subconscious urges you to find some positive change, and forget what you can’t influence. 

Dreaming of peeing in a urinal and finding someone peeing on you implies that you should take some time to consider your thoughts and actions. 

You may be too focused on yourself and your own problems to notice what’s going on around you, or someone else’s, to the point where your own wellbeing is suffering. 

If you dream of someone peeing on you because they simply cannot wait, and you happened to be in the firing line, this reveals that you feel your space is being invaded in waking life, and you want at least some time for yourself where you can get it.

In Greek folklore, to see pee in your dream implies that you’ll enjoy more prosperity and wealth soon.

A dog urinating on you in a dream implies that your loyalty to someone will be tested soon, or it will get stronger, depending on your reaction. 

If you are understanding, a relationship will become even more resilient. Reacting angrily is a warning to control your emotions where other people are concerned, otherwise, you will find things more difficult than you think, and your connection with people will suffer.

An alternative meaning to an animal peeing on you in a dream is that you’re about to become more productive and successful, and it has links to fertility, too.

Dreams of being peed on have a lot of symbolism in common, where it’s a way of getting your attention. 

Your dream urges you to take stock of where you are and how you’re doing, and how you might adjust things in order to smooth over any problems and live as a better version of yourself.

It reminds you that you still have control over your life and any direction you take, especially if you’ve been feeling powerless. 

However, it warns you not to try and control everything, as some of the best things in life happen as accidents or through serendipity. Allow fate to decide some things for you, and you will find that there is less stress in your life overall.

Dreaming Of Drinking Urine

Yuck. That’s not exactly a nice experience, is it? Well, the good news is that a dream of drinking urine is actually a good omen. It implies you’ll enjoy good health, money, and prosperity soon.

You may find yourself with a new purpose and a better quality of life, enjoying every minute.

Seeing A Urinal In A Dream

While it might not look like anything at first glance, a dream of a urinal does have some important symbolism attached. Seeing a urinal in your dream reveals a blow to your pride, and you will also reel from the hit your ego will take, as well. 

At a time when everything seems possible, something just won’t cut it. You may stumble at the very last hurdle, and this will make things worse. You’ll be so close to something, but you, unfortunately, will not get what you want.

As urinals in dreams are connected to your ego, seeing more than one stresses that you need to make sure your pride doesn’t get in the way of something. 

Maybe you’re in a situation that requires you to ask someone else for advice or help, even though that’s the last thing you want to do. 

Consider why this might be. Are you on good terms with the person you need help from? Do you just hate asking for help? Or is it something else?

Dreaming of urinals in a line further than you can see implies an argument with someone of the opposite sex.

Other Interesting Urine Dream Meanings

Urinating With Someone Else In A Dream

A dream where you pee alongside someone else refers to a deepening connection with this person. 

Peeing with a stranger denotes a profound relationship with someone new. A dream with sexual undertones about peeing implies that any past relationship trauma will soon stop affecting your present.

Dreaming Of An Animal Peeing

An animal peeing in your dream is a warning dream. You should watch what you say and what you do. 

While a problem will come about because of someone else, it’s important to keep acting how you normally would. Don’t be tempted to sink to their level, as this will cause harm.

Feeling Sick Because Something Or Someone Peed In A Dream

Unfortunately, this dream is a sign of bad luck. You’ll be glad to know, however, that there is some good news. 

This misfortune will be short-lived, as you’ll use your intuition to guide you through the difficulty. This may also solve something for others around you, too.

The Spiritual Message Behind Dreams Of Urinating

Peeing in dreams has some spiritual messages, so make sure you pay attention to the details of your dream.

Dreaming of seeing urine but not the person who peed implies that problems are coming for you, but you won’t see them coming until they have already arrived. 

As urine has been used for thousands of years across different cultures for healing, to cure disease and spiritual afflictions, a dream of peeing refers to spiritual healing, and a new chapter in life.

You will encounter some difficulties at the start of this path, but as long as you keep going, you will achieve a period of transformation and subsequent peace soon after. 

As many cultures have employed urine to drive away ghosts (see also article titled ‘8 Different Meanings Behind Ghost Dreams‘), spirits, and evil entities, a dream involving pee indicates that you need to rid yourself of any overwhelming negativity. Maybe you’re not able to see the full picture of something until you do. 

Final Thoughts

While dreaming of pee can seem a very strange thing for your subconscious to focus on, dreams of this type are fairly spiritual in nature, so it can benefit you greatly when you manage to decode a dream like this.

As dreams with heavy spiritual undertones can be a little complicated to unravel to say the least, it’s worth keeping some notes on your dreams, so that you can refer to the details later. 

Often, the message becomes clearer with time, as you’ll remember the emotions clearly, but not the details as much. 

This is a great practice to get into, and it’s fun to look back on old dreams and match them up to what happened in waking life. 

It also helps you to understand your own subconscious’s ‘dream language’, as recurring symbols (see also article titled ‘8 Meanings When You Keep Dreaming About The Same Person‘) and events will become clearer. These are unique to each dreamer.

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