What Does Your Dream Of Vomiting Mean? Dream Interpretation And Symbolism

Ah, a dream like this can make you feel sick when you wake up. It’s a powerful image that your subconscious has chosen specifically, so you wouldn’t forget it the second you wake up.

After all, it’s difficult to forget when you throw up. It’s such a horrible experience where it overshadows any good that’s happened to you that day, where all your focus is on how uncomfortable you feel, and it ruins your day completely.

But what does it mean to dream of vomiting?

What Does A Dream Of Vomiting Mean?

A dream of throwing up relates to a constant state of being uncomfortable in waking life. Like your stomach churning up, something isn’t sitting right with you. 

This could be a recent decision you’ve come to regret, or how you’re uncomfortable with a choice someone close to you has made. It could be that this decision affects you directly, but they’ve failed to ask your opinion on it.

You might be wondering how you can trust them after something like this, or where this leaves your relationship.

A generalized uncomfortable feeling in waking life can point to anxiety, but it can also suggest that you’re exhausted, and you need a break. Maybe you’re surrounded by negativity, or you’re trapped in a vicious cycle that you need to tear yourself from.

It might also suggest that a situation has knocked your confidence back, or it’s affecting your ability to see things clearly. 

The action of throwing up in your dream represents a lack of control, or a powerlessness to change your situation, just as it can be difficult not to throw up when your body insists that you should.

It’s also a call to change something in waking life. Maybe you’ve been hoping that things will just change on their own, but sometimes this won’t happen without a little work from you.

Why Am I Dreaming Of Throwing Up?

There are several reasons why you might dream of throwing up, and hardly any of them are pleasant, unfortunately. Let’s take a look.

Emotional Turmoil And Stress

A dream of throwing up is quite common when you feel emotionally overwhelmed and unable to deal with the curveballs that life throws at you. 

While it can be a reflection of the stress you’re under, this dream can actually make you feel slightly better, by providing an outlet for all this pent-up negativity.

Fear Of Rejection

A dream of vomiting can be caused by your anxiety of not being good enough for people. It may suggest that you’re pushing yourself too hard in order to keep hitting or smashing people’s expectations of you.

Your dream is calling on you to recognize that you cannot please everyone. It’s not a healthy attitude to take, and it’s certainly not something that’s humanly possible 100% of the time.

Sick Of Life’s Problems

A dream like this can occur when you literally feel sick of life’s problems. This dream is especially common when you feel downtrodden, where bad luck, misfortune, or fate seems to be picking on you in particular.


A dream of throwing up implies that you feel vulnerable or a lack of security in waking life. Maybe a goal hasn’t turned out the way you wanted, or a relationship that was incredibly important to you has ended. 

Feeling Unappreciated

Maybe you’ve tried your absolute hardest to please everyone, or turn in a work or school project on time to the best of your ability, and your hard work isn’t getting noticed.

The emotional upset and frustration this can cause can result in a dream of vomiting, helping you to dispel some of this negativity.

Long-term Illness

If you’re ill in waking life and vomiting is unfortunately something that happens to you quite a lot, it can also follow you into your dreams. 

After all, some dreams are based on the reality of your waking life, so feeling sick during the day, or before you sleep can result in a dream where you throw up. 

A dream like this can also suggest that if you carry on overworking yourself or refusing to take breaks, you might get ill, and it will take longer for you to recover than if you just took small breaks to begin with.

The Spiritual Significance Of Throwing Up In Dreams

A dream about vomiting doesn’t necessarily reflect feeling sick in waking life. Sometimes, it’s your subconscious pointing out that something feels very wrong. 

The action of throwing up in a dream indicates that on some level, your spirituality is suffering from a terrible imbalance. 

Something terrible in waking life might be calling on you to question your beliefs, your life purpose, or how your choices might be affecting your spiritual well being.

The good news is that a dream like this can sometimes point to the cause of the imbalance. Consider why you might have been throwing up in your dream for further insight. 

A dream of vomiting can also imply that you refuse to accept something for what it is. Maybe a long-term plan or commitment just hasn’t gone the way you hoped. 

While there’s nothing you can do about – or maybe because there’s nothing you can do about it, you’re pretending this situation doesn’t exist. Spiritually speaking, a dream like this can imply that you’re neglecting your spirituality in waking life.

Perhaps you feel you don’t have enough time to tend to your spirit, or go on experiences that feed your soul.

The Biblical Meaning Of Throwing Up In A Dream

The Biblical interpretation of throwing up has a more positive meaning. It suggests that you are purging yourself of negativity, sin, and anything holding you back from a chance at salvation. 

You’ve dedicated yourself to good deeds and let bad habits fall away to the point where they can no longer tempt you from your path.

A dream like this can also happen when the influence of negative people lessens to the point where they no longer have any power over your life. Anyone you cannot trust or view as enemies will soon be caught when their guards are completely down, and others will see their true nature.

Alternatively, a dream of vomiting indicates you’re overindulging in something. Just like eating too much can cause you to be ill, repeating something over and over will lead to you getting sick of it, and this imbalance can cause your spirit to suffer.

A Dream Where You Throw Up Fish

If you dream of throwing up fish, this is a call to pay attention to your spiritual well being. It urges you to stay devoted to your spiritual path, and continue growing and gaining new experiences. 

A dream like this also implies you will overcome difficulties without much effort, allowing you to move to a more secure position to live from.

Dreaming Of Throwing Up Raw Eggs

A dream of throwing up something as odd as raw eggs indicates that you’re carrying around a lot of tension. This stress is caused by ventures you always had in your mind but never got to try, and those missed opportunities are eating away at you.

They may even affect how you react to future opportunities, too. You may second guess yourself or your abilities, or feel you’re not worthy of these chances because you ‘wasted’ some in the past. 

A dream like this is connected to anxiety, where you doubt your own ability to handle stress or complications when it comes to a long-term goal. It may also point to self-sabotage, where you feel you’re unworthy of success, or that you won’t succeed, so you actually get in your own way and hold up your own progress in life.

Dreaming Of Throwing Up Blood

What a horrible dream. A dream where you throw up blood suggests there is something you really shouldn’t ignore. This may be a conflict with someone you love, a coming illness, or a sign that something won’t turn out the way you hope.

Dreaming Of Throwing Up Teeth

What a scary dream. If you dream of throwing up teeth, this suggests an emotional fallout in response to a problem in waking life. 

You fear the outcome of something, but also what impact it will have on your emotions.

Throwing Up Worms In A Dream

Ugh! A dream where you throw up worms, believe it or not, is actually a positive dream. Although the thought of it may actually make you want to throw up, this dream means the start of a journey of self-discovery, a more positive attitude, or good luck in the future.

Alternatively, this dream can point to a negative thought that has turned into a downward spiral somewhere in your life. Maybe you’re questioning your confidence in your ability to succeed or help others. 

After a dream like this, it’s worth taking some time to figure out what the negativity in your dream might mean for waking life, and how you might turn it around.

Final Thoughts

Some dreams are just horrible no matter what the symbolism is, and this is very true of a dream that focuses on vomiting. 

Dreams that literally and metaphorically turn your stomach like this are not a good sign, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn a thing or two from this horrible experience.

In a way, it’s worth looking at the symbolism behind a disturbing dream like this just to shake off the horror and any leftover queasiness. 

You’d be surprised at just how much finding the meaning behind a dream can get rid of any lingering emotions it causes.

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