What Does A Haunted House Mean In Your Dream?

Haunted houses are either a nightmare or an adrenaline rush, depending on whether fear and the thought of the supernatural is something you like to experience, or completely steer clear from. 

As haunted houses inspire nerves in the best of us, your subconscious throwing you into a dream of a haunted house is an interesting thing to think about. 

If you absolutely hate the thought of a haunted house, and it appears in your dreams, it’s worth taking a look at what your subconscious is trying to tell you. This will dampen the anxiety a dream like this causes, in any case.

Let’s take a look.

What Does A Haunted House Mean In A Dream?

A dream featuring a haunted house implies that you have unresolved emotions. As a haunted house is closely linked to ghosts (see also article titled ‘8 Different Meanings Behind Ghost Dreams‘) and the past, these feelings you’re ignoring are likely to come from your childhood or important memories that have shaped your personality.

A dream where you find yourself lost in a haunted house suggests that you feel similarly off-track or aimless somewhere in waking life. 

Dreaming of standing outside a haunted house implies that someone in your life is not who you think, or you can’t trust them.

A dream where you’re inside the haunted house implies that you are deprived of something you desperately need, and this is making everything else very difficult. Maybe you feel cut off from other people, or you’re struggling to pay your bills, and you’re not sure what the future holds.

A haunted house with monster-sized cobwebs or dust covering everything suggests that you need to focus on your spiritual path. You don’t have the experience you need yet.

A dream where you die in a haunted house signifies that someone in your life needs your help, or you could do with focusing on something outside yourself.  

Dreaming of living in a haunted house implies that opportunities are going to open up soon, and you’ll find life is less of a set routine.  

The Dream Symbol Of A Haunted House

Inevitably, aspects of your waking life will always appear in your dreams. This is a way of processing your experiences during the day, and acting as a reset button to allow you to rest, and be ready for the following day. 

As you might imagine, a haunted house in a dream is linked to anxiety, feeling as though you have no purpose, and feeling uncertain of what the future holds for you.

A dream like this is common when something’s made you question everything you know about yourself. After all, dreams of houses (even haunted inescapable ones) represent parts of your psyche.

Something being wrong with the house in your dream – it’s falling down, or occupied by ghosts and ghouls – points to difficulty with your self-image, confidence, or how you get through life in general.  

Maybe you’re in a tricky place in waking life, where there’s just no magic solution to the situation you’re in, and you just have to push through as best you can. 

But the negativity you’ve experienced doesn’t have to be recent for you to have a dream like this. A dream like this usually bases itself off lingering emotional problems, issues of trust, and memories that still ‘haunt’ you.

When your subconscious creates a haunted house in your dream, this is urging you to have a look at anything that might still be bothering you. 

In order to appreciate the present for what it is, and absolutely everything it can offer, you should reconcile anything that’s still bugging you from your past.

How To Find The Meaning Behind Your Dream Of A Haunted House

The State Of The House

This is one of the biggest indicators. Remembering the state of the house reflects your state of mind, as well as how easy you think it might be to resolve any problems you have. 

For example, a very tidy, clean house which is haunted suggests that while you’re putting off reconciling, it won’t take you very long. Is there a reason why you’re stalling?

On the other hand, a spooky, cob-webbed mansion full of ghosts denotes a complicated issue. You feel there’s no way you can confront it, or you just can’t imagine what that would look like. 

Seeing all the furniture covered in dust sheets in a dream of a haunted house, or not seeing any ghosts but knowing the house is haunted suggests that you don’t know what plagues you. You just know something is up.

Ghosts, Ghouls And Other Monsters

Consider the type of supernatural creatures haunting the house in your dream. Were they ghosts? Poltergeists? Specters? 

Were there any other monsters? Vampires? Werewolves? Anything else spooky?

The Part Of The House You Were In

The rooms themselves can offer further insight into your dream of a haunted house. For example, a cellar represents your shadow self, and the deepest parts of your unconscious mind, while an attic refers to your spiritual wisdom.


Consider if there were any people in your dream, or if you were all alone. If you were with someone you know in waking life, maybe your subconscious is urging you to adopt a trait of theirs in order to solve a problem in waking life.


Another thing to think about is whether you knew where you were going in the haunted house or not. Dreaming of being lost (see also article titled ‘Lost Dream Meaning: Dreams About Not Being Able To Get Home‘) in a haunted house, for instance, has a completely different meaning than one in which you know where you are and what you are there for.

Final Thoughts

Haunted house dreams are not that common, but they do serve a purpose. They let you know exactly where you feel stuck in life, and where things seem to linger past the point they should. 

Haunted house dreams represent things that you need to find a way to move on from, and often, they also offer you the solution, too. 

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