4 Hidden Meanings Behind Dreams Of Your Husband Dying Revealed

A dream where your partner dies is a horrible experience, and the one consolation after having a dream like this is the relief when you realize he’s still right there next to you.

But the next question on your mind will be why on earth did I dream he died? You might wonder if it’s a premonition if he might die, or that you secretly hate him, or something else you haven’t thought of at all.

Dreaming about someone you love dying (see also article titled ‘The Meaning And Interpretation Behind Dreams Of Parents Dying‘) is always an awful thing to go through, and sometimes the best way of alleviating the fear of someone dying after having a dream like this is to try and figure out what your dream is trying to tell you.

You might be surprised. Sometimes dreams of this nature can even improve your relationship, and warn you of potential arguments or anything else which you can prevent.

So let’s take a look.

Does Dreaming Of Your Husband Dying Mean You Want Him Dead?

No. A dream where your husband dies does not uncover a secret desire of actually wanting him dead. Most likely, this dream is your subconscious playing through your fears to get a better understanding of what you might do if the worst were to happen.

But there are other reasons you might have a dream like this, too.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Your Husband Dying?

Perhaps the easiest place to start in trying to find out why you dreamed of your husband dying is to look at his (fictional) cause of death. Was it an accident? His own fault? Yours? Or someone else’s?

This detail, as well as whatever else you can remember from your dream helps point to the meaning behind the dream scenario. 

Dreaming of an accidental death simply symbolizes your fear of him dying, and what that would mean for your own life.

Being anxious about someone you are close to dying is a very natural fear, and if you’ve been thinking  about it lately, it’s bound to come up as a dream scenario at some point. 

Similarly, you can also prevent yourself from having dreams like this, by measuring your fear against the reality, and how likely or not it is. 

The more you think about it and realize there’s nothing to be afraid of, the better you’ll sleep, and you’ll be unlikely to have a dream like this again for a while.

Here are some of the most likely reasons you’re dreaming of your husband dying.

You’re Scared Of Him Dying

Let’s start with the most obvious. You’re attached to this guy – you married him, after all – and you don’t want to lose him. The more you worry about this, the more likely it is to appear in your dreams. 

The fear of death is something that rules us all, and the more you let it play on your mind, the more stressed you will get, and the more likely you’ll dream of it happening.

This can turn into a vicious cycle. The more you think about it, the more you’ll dream of it, and you’ll start to think that this could be a prediction of the future. 

It’s not, but you do need to focus on things that are happening, not what might happen, and this dream will soon go away on its own.

Going To Bed Angry

Did you have a major argument before you went to bed? Going to bed angry, frustrated, and hating your partner’s guts will carry that aggression into your dreams. 

That doesn’t mean you want him to die, but it does denote that you don’t want things to carry on as they are. Most forms of death within your dream are a desire for change, for something to ‘die’ in order for something new to take its place.

And in the context of your dream, you want the angry situation or conflict to ‘die’ so you can get back to the way things normally are.

Dreams like this are very common, and it’s normal as well to feel guilty when you wake up. Just remember that you want things to go back to normal, and try to focus on making that happen.

Complete Relationship Breakdown

You might dream of your husband dying when your relationship is in dire straits. Maybe you’ve both agreed to end things, or you’re so done with your partner that you want the relationship over. 

This is a rare cause for a dream of your husband dying, but it does happen. Your anxiety, anger, and frustration is fuelling this dream. It can also be a way of your subconscious preparing you for life without him.

Subconsciously, you’re wondering what the future would look like without him in your life, and this is what your mind gave you. It’s a roundabout way of preparing you to live without him, even if the reason doesn’t match up with waking life. 

This dream is actually a good thing, as it can help you to realize that you are maybe not so attached to the idea of staying with him as you think. Instead, you’re reluctant to go through a period of uncertain change which will mean trying to find a new equilibrium.

You’re Worried About Losing Your Identity

Dreaming of your husband dying can refer to a fear of losing your own identity. After all, when you marry someone, and they become part of everyday life, being their counterpart and partner in crime attaches itself to your identity.

You’re still yourself, of course, but you are also something else. You are more than yourself. This experience will change you forever. And for some people, this change in identity is a frightening thing. 

So daunting, in fact, you might dream of an equally life-changing event, such as your husband dying. A dream like this is a way of giving a voice to your fear, allowing you to confront it safely. 

It’s also a way of your subconscious preparing you for the idea of a shifting identity, when great events come along, so that you’re able to adapt to them. 

Final Thoughts

Sometimes when you have a dream of something you’re afraid of, this can feel like your subconscious is attacking you. After all, it’s no fun to dream of your partner dying, especially if this is a repeating experience.

But the best way to break this dream’s hold over you is to figure out exactly why you’re dreaming of him dying. Consider waking life’s events and situations you may be in, and what state your relationship is in to find out what your dream is telling you.

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