True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams About Rape

A harrowing, cruel, and difficult topic in waking life, dreaming of rape can also be a traumatic experience. 

It can leave you wondering what’s wrong with you and why you’d dream of something like this but dreams involving rape hold significant meaning that you should pay attention to, although the meaning isn’t probably what you’d expect.

Why Am I Dreaming About Rape?

Dreams involving rape are not about sex. They are directly linked to control and power. Specifically, the lack of control, and the fear and uncertainty this brings.

Dreaming of rape may come about when you feel you’re losing control over events in waking life, or you’re already experiencing something terrible which is completely out of your power.

These dreams also have undertones of manipulation, frustration, violence, and humiliation. 

Recurring dreams of this type indicate that you’re being forced into a situation or a decision that goes against every cell of your being. They may also mirror the trauma and sexual assault you’ve suffered in your waking life.

Rape Dreams And Their Symbolism

Like with any dream, the symbolism behind rape dreams largely hinges on the context of the dream. Here are some examples which will help you find the meaning behind your dream of rape.

Dreaming Of Being Raped

Essentially, a dream where you are raped mirrors how you feel violated somewhere in waking life. 

It could be something as simple as someone prying too hard into your thought process or experiences, or you feel you’re being manipulated or attacked in some way. 

A dream of being raped can also happen when you feel the need to ‘edit’ your personality to be liked or admired by other people. This implies that you are the problem here, and you need to do some work on your self-esteem and confidence.

A Dream Of Being Kidnapped And Then Raped

A dream of being kidnapped (see also article titled ‘6 Meanings And Interpretations Of Being Kidnapped In A Dream‘) and then raped indicates that someone is successfully manipulating you in waking life. They may present themselves as a rock for you to lean on in difficult situations, but you’re enabling them to control you.

Or, dreaming of being kidnapped and then raped reveals a new start in your life, brought about by a situation you won’t be able to control. This may be good or bad.

Dreaming Of Gang Rape

Dreaming of gang rape embodies overwhelming negativity and emotional turmoil. While you’re trying to hide from it, it is controlling every aspect of your life. 

These powerful emotions are affecting your decision-making, as well as your mental resilience. You are weaker than you should be, and you’ll stay that way until you confront these feelings.

Seeing Someone Being Raped In Your Dream

Dreaming of seeing someone being raped reveals a situation in which someone will need your advice or help, and you could avert a potential disaster.

Alternatively, dreaming of witnessing rape suggests that you need to acknowledge something in waking life or the truth about yourself. Perhaps you don’t feel the way you think you do.

Dreaming of witnessing a rape but not being able to stop it implies that you lack the discipline or motivation to do something about a problem in waking life, though you have the tools you need to do so.

Saving Someone From Rape In Your Dream

Dreaming of saving someone from being raped is a very good sign. It suggests that you’ll soon enjoy a period of prosperity, good luck, and things working out better than you could hope.

A dream like this also speaks of your caring nature, your emotional maturity, and your generosity towards others. Someone will recognize these qualities in you and offer you an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up.

Dreaming Of Escaping Rape

A dream where you escape from rape reflects how a horrible situation will come up in waking life, but you’ll be able to avoid it entirely, or the worst of it.

Dreams like this encourage you to reflect on your choices, and who you might trust.

Dreaming Of Marital Rape

A dream involving marital rape implies that you feel you cannot influence or fix a situation in waking life. You fear losing all control over something.

Marital rape in a dream also points to pent-up aggression against a current partner, which is influencing your relationship with them.

A Dream Of Family Rape

A dream of being raped by a family member implies that your family holds all the power and control when it comes to your own life. This dream reflects your frustration and how you feel caged and urges you to do something about this.

Alternatively, a dream of being raped by family suggests that you should be cautious of other people’s motivations, even those closest to you. Their vision of your future will probably not match up with your own.

Dreaming Of Committing Rape

Dreaming of raping someone does not mean you mean to attack someone in waking life. It points to taking control over your own life and making sure the power to change your life is in your hands, not someone else’s.

A dream where you rape someone can also reveal your suppressed anger and aggression, which you need to unpack.

A Dream Where You’re Raped By The Same Sex

Dreaming of being raped by someone of the same sex as you reveal issues with control and authority. 

Dreaming Of Rapists

A dream involving rapists can be interpreted in two ways. If you saw the face of the rapist in your dream, this suggests a conflict in waking life within your social circle, or in a situation related to this person.

If you dreamed of a faceless rapist, or someone you don’t recognize, this dream warns you to be careful of who you trust, and be wary of unknown situations.

Dreaming Of Wanting To Be Raped

A dream of wanting to be raped reveals how you want to hand over control over your life to someone else. 

You’re sick of your problems, stress, and worries, and this dream denotes that you should take some time out for yourself. You are more tired than you think.

Final Thoughts

A dream of rape isn’t usually linked to sex as you might imagine. Instead, these dreams are all about power and control. They may point to how you’ve handed your control over your life to someone else, or how you wish someone else would swoop in and solve your problems.

Dreams like this draw your attention to any problems which are affecting your sense of control over your life, and how these influences affect your decision-making. 

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