What Does It Mean When a Lion Appears In Your Dream?

The lion dream symbol carries a lot of meaning, though the symbolism behind this powerful animal isn’t always what it might seem at first glance.

The lion can inspire awe, fear, terror, courage, and a myriad of other emotions in us when we see one in waking life. But what about our dreams?

Well, in dreams, lions symbolize how your strength of will and fortitude are aligning with the path the universe has in store for you, and perhaps divine support, too.

Lions also symbolize a time when you need to assert yourself or take greater control over your life or a situation which calls for your talent and skills in waking life, where you will feel more empowered, confident, and stronger than ever.

How the lion appeared to you in your dream, what it was doing, and how you felt all points to the meaning behind your dream.

A lion in a dream can represent different aspects of yourself or your life, so let’s get into it.

What Do Lions Mean In Dreams?

Lions in dreams can represent many things, and the appearance of these majestic animals (see also article titled ‘17 Meanings And Symbolism When You Dream About Horses‘) can be a message from your subconscious, as well as a mirror of your spiritual energies.

In dreams, lions serve to offer revelations about your own spirit or psyche, as well as the path ahead.

They mean to connect you with your bravest self, your deepest wishes, and how you might move towards these dreams in waking life.

Lions in dreams also reveal what is holding you back from the path you should walk in life, and what might be preventing you from accomplishing your biggest goals.

These animals lead you to clarity in waking life, and things you might only be subconsciously aware of.

But while the lion in your dream is a large symbol, easy enough to recognize, it’s worth pointing out that the smallest details can also inform the symbolism behind the dream.

The lion represents your bravery and inner power, but other details or symbols within the dream demonstrate your relationship with your innermost power and intuition, and exactly how well you use it.

For instance, a lion in a cage reveals a problem which is stopping you from fully using your inner power or something which is blinding your intuition.

This particular big cat (see also article titled ‘What Do Cats Mean In Your Dreams?‘) in your dream is a match to the tinder that is your confidence, to bolster your spirit for the path ahead.

Dreams involving lions may signal a tricky time ahead where you will need all your strength to carry on, but you have everything you need in order to do so.

While the situation will be difficult, you will come out of it stronger, and in the right direction to attain your goals, with the experience and the wisdom you’ll need to achieve. 

If you’re currently going through a difficult period in your life where you doubt your own abilities and resilience, a dream of a lion is a reassuring sign.

The lion tells you that you do have everything you need in order to get past this situation or problem, just as you’ve done many times before. 

As long as you remember to trust yourself, drawing from your inner power to focus on what you want, you will get there. This may be a long process, but success will be yours.

Lions also relate to any shifts in your energetic system, where these changes come about when you gain more experience, allowing you to trust your gut and experience to guide you forward.

What’s The Spiritual Symbolism Of A Lion?

In spiritual terms, a lion appearing in your dream represents the third chakra, which is the solar plexus chakra. 

This particular chakra embodies creativity, how you express yourself, your confidence in your own abilities, and how you manifest your dreams.

The lion is also linked to astrology and the Leo sign, which is associated with fire, passion, bravery, leadership, and charisma.

When lions appear in your dreams, these animals call on you to bring your fire for life to the table in trying to achieve a long-term project or goal.

You may have a certain image of how you want your life to look like, and the lion calls on you to make that vision a reality. 

The lion’s appearance in your dream means to inspire you, and to hold your ground against any who would threaten or seek to harm you. Don’t fold when obstacles come your way.

Lions call on the bravest, fiercest part of your being to rise up and push past any fears that you may have. 

Picture a lion. It’s very rare that you’ll see them back down from something, and their powerful presence is almost a magnetism.

So dreaming of a lion can be a recognition of your own power, and your subconscious is calling on you to use it in some form in waking life.

More often than not, the appearance of a lion in a dream urges you to form new relationships, to grow your ‘pride’ and offer strength to those you love, while also helping to strengthen your support system.

It is worth pointing out that lions can also be rash, rushing into action without thinking about risks or consequences. 

If you dream of an angry lion, beware.

Listening to your ego over your experiences can be very foolish, and any impulsive decisions based on indulging or defending your ego are likely to end in regret.

Common Lion Dreams And What They Mean

A Lion Attacking You In A Dream

Lions are widely known for their power and ferocity, and their sheer presence can instill an instinctual terror or wariness like you’ve never known. 

A lion attacking you in a dream is a warning.

It draws your attention to how you’re neglecting to use your inner power in a time of great need, where circumstances are making you doubt or even forget about your capabilities.

Maybe the situation looked easy at first, and you thought it wouldn’t be long until it was over.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case, and the lion in your dream urges you to look again: something is holding you back.

It may be that you’ve run into complications which are difficult to untangle, or your own thoughts or approach are getting in the way of your success.

In which case, it’s a good idea to look at the situation from a different angle, and examine why you want this.

What goal did you set out with, and why has it become so hard? Is there someone urging you to change your opinion? Is there some truth to their view? Do you need to adjust your course?

Are you letting fear make your decisions for you? Or is there something going on beneath the surface?

Lions can symbolize exactly what is standing in your way, and here are just a few of the reasons why they may appear.

Outside Forces Working Against You

The lion in your dream can be warning you that the seeming impasse standing between you and your goals is not an inner conflict, but outside forces.

There may be someone acting against you, or the circumstances are getting too complicated for you to unravel.

The lion in your dream calls upon you to strengthen your boundaries, and the baseline you work from. Strengthen your energy, and reapply yourself even more fully, if you can.

But maybe you’re feeling that things are stacking up against you, and you don’t know where to begin.

In which case, it’s worth trying to look at the situation from a different perspective, and whether you need to distance yourself from someone who may be preventing you from realizing your goals.

Maybe they see something that you are unable to. Or perhaps you’ve become distracted from the real goal, or the true reason why you wanted it in the first place.

Don’t try to win just to prove yourself right, and direct your attention and willpower to those battles worth winning, those which are on the way to the dreams you’re chasing.

Inner Conflict

As the lion symbolizes your innermost power and strength of will, it may symbolize inner conflict which is tearing you apart.

Your inner power is being used against you. Perhaps you’re feeding your own doubt or fear without realizing it, and you’re directing your inner strength into the wrong place.

Maybe you think the best way of achieving your dreams is to put as much work in as you possibly can, but if you channel it into the wrong area or direction, you won’t get very far no matter how much you try.

Out of wishful thinking or stubbornness, you may be silencing your intuition, and this won’t help you achieve your dreams.

You’re Trying To Control Things That Cannot Be Changed By You

A lion in your dream can symbolize how you’re approaching things in the wrong way.

You’re trying to control every aspect of a situation or your waking life, and this approach is burning through your resolve.

You’re feeling as though every small snag is a huge hurdle, which costs you more energy and time you feel you don’t have.

Remember that trying to dictate every detail of your life is not power. While control may give you this illusion, this is borne out of fear, uncertainty, and pride.

In order to connect to your inner power, you must have trust and faith, and pick and choose what you move to alter in your life.

In order to understand what the lion in your dream means, let’s take a look at the most common lion dreams, and what they symbolize.

A Lion Chasing You In A Dream

If you dream of a lion chasing you, you’re experiencing some anxiety around how things would change if you tapped into your inner strength or power.

You may be worried about change, where success would leave you, or you’re concerned about extra responsibilities and if you could meet them.

If you have a dream like this, it’s worth exploring why you are so worried about success. Maybe you’re holding onto a lot of doubt, where you’re ignoring the truth of your own capabilities.

The lion is forcing you to confront the truth inside you, and to practice using your inner power in order to strengthen it, and go after what you’ve been dreaming of.

A Lion Biting You In A Dream

Dreaming of a lion biting you reveals that your actions have a ripple effect, and sooner or later they will come back to you.

This dream is telling you that using your inner power for the wrong reasons – like bringing someone else down – will always have negative consequences.

If you have great sway or power in a situation, you may have this dream when you’re concerned about doing the wrong thing, or you’re tempted to act against your morals.

This dream tells you that your intent, and the outcome reflects back at you eventually.

If you use your inner strength to help people, you’ll find that you’re helped in the future, perhaps not in the ways you might expect.

If you utilize your strength to hurt others, this negativity will rebound on you.

Seeing A Running Lion In Your Dream

If you dream that a lion runs towards you, and you don’t run away, this is a very positive sign.

While you are experiencing some fear or uncertainty, it is not stopping you completely, and you are still free to move toward your goal.

The act of the lion running towards you indicates that these anxieties or doubts are centered towards what it means to fully exert your inner power, and the responsibilities that come with it.

This also draws your attention to a shift in your spiritual energies. By realizing the full extent of your power, you create an energetic shift, creating a new alignment that you will settle into with time.

This dream tells you not to be afraid, and don’t run from your inner strength. Allow it to make you into a better version of yourself.

A Lion Attacking Someone In Your Dream

Dreaming of a lion attacking someone indicates feelings of powerlessness. A terrible situation has found you or a loved one in waking life, and you feel you cannot act.

You may also have this dream if your solar plexus chakra needs some attention.

When energy cannot move through this chakra, the blocked energy can make you feel restless, full of doubt, unable to change your life or help those around you.

This dream can also occur as a result of a loss of power. Perhaps you’ve given your own power to someone else, in which case you need to draw new boundaries.

Dreaming Of A Lion Attacking A Child

If you dream of a lion attacking a child, this indicates that past regrets, mistakes, events, or hurts are still affecting your ability to manifest your goals. 

These events or thoughts may stem from your childhood or your past in general, but the point is you’re still carrying these hurts around with you.

In which case, you are focused on the wrong things. Until you deal and confront these past issues, you will always believe that you are worth less than you are, and they will continue to inhibit your inner strength and spirit. 

Dreaming Of Fighting A Lion

Fighting a lion within your dream indicates an inner struggle,  where you are hiding from your inner truth, and it is out of balance with your pride and sense of self on the surface.

This imbalance is causing you a lot of stress, perhaps motivating you to act impulsively or make the wrong decisions. 

Your first instinct may be to stay still in a troubling situation, and hope that your problems go away on their own. 

But sometimes, inner strength comes from knowing when to recognize when you should move away from a situation completely.

Maybe you’ve worked so hard for so long, and you cannot get any further along a path you’ve been dreaming of, and you’re reluctant to abandon all the work you’ve been putting in.

Here’s the thing: you still have all of your power, and all the knowledge your experiences have carved.

If you don’t alter something, you’re always going to feel unfulfilled to an extent, and part of you will always wonder what would have happened if you had taken a different path somewhere in your life.

Killing A Lion In Your Dream

Dreaming of killing a lion is an interesting one.

It points to anything standing in the way of achieving your dreams, and what might be preventing you from using your power to get the success you dream of.

You may come up with many plans and concepts that you want to run with, but every one has one thing in common: you never get far enough with them that they become a reality.

Dreaming of killing a lion focuses your attention on the stumbling blocks you keep encountering. They may look completely different for each concept or idea, but they all boil down to the same thing.

You have the energy in place, and the will to get somewhere, but you can’t see the path ahead.

This can manifest in jumping from one task to another, engaging in self-sabotage, refusing to see the truth or lying to yourself and others.

The act of slaying a lion in your dream – regardless of the reason behind the act – demonstrates your struggle to focus your attention on one place in life, in deciding what your purpose will be, and how to direct your energy.

While you have all the energy you need to manifest your desires into reality, not knowing where to channel it means that you are essentially directionless, and your energy is just going to waste.

This dream calls on you to figure out exactly what it is you really want out of life, and how you want to live.

If this sounds like a frightening and endless task, meditate on the values that drive you, and aspects of life which make you want to step out of your comfort zone, and into what waits beyond.

Figure out the smallest step that you can take in this direction, towards the life that you want. And then keep going. 

Seeing A Dead Lion In Your Dream

A dead lion in your dream refers to a gravitational shift in your priorities in the near future, or a huge change which will transform your life.

In spiritual terms, death is symbolic of great change. Something that ends, which then allows for new beginnings and fresh opportunities.

It points to a period of transformation, where you become a better version of yourself. But you cannot evolve without the ‘death’ taking place, so expect something to change state in your waking life.

The dead lion in your dream represents something in your current life that you’re ready to let go of, and once you are free of it, this will power your self-confidence and your trust in yourself.

Perhaps a role you’ve always played will come to a close. If you’ve been in a position of power where people look to you to lead, you may find your role changing into something else.

While the transition may be rocky, and full of uncertainty, this dream urges you to call upon your power to strengthen your will, and push through to the other side.

Whatever this change might be, it indicates that you’ll be a better and stronger person for it.

A Calm Lion In Your Dream

Dreaming of a calm lion that doesn’t move to attack you is a very good omen for the future.

It suggests that all your energies are in perfect harmony, and in this space, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Your chakras are all balanced, and energy moves freely through your spirit, allowing you to keep a balanced perception, and move toward your goals.

This dream is telling you to maintain your harmony for as long as you can.

Of course, it is impossible to keep in a constant state of balance forever, as you wouldn’t learn anything or feel compelled to grow spiritually.

You do also have to balance this out with avoiding complete stasis, and continue to move forward.

But within this balance, this is the optimum time when you can face problems with a balanced pride and self-awareness, confident of your abilities.

A calm lion reveals your intuition, which, right now, you can trust implicitly.

It also demonstrates your control over your own emotions, thoughts, and past issues.

This lion’s power refers to your self-discipline and inner strength, rather than control over external situations or people.

It will also mean that others will gravitate towards you, compelled by your self-assurance, gravity of presence, and charisma.

They may look to you for advice, so choose your words carefully, and make sure your actions reflect them closely. 

If you have a dream of a calm lion when it feels like waking life is falling apart around you, take this dream as a sign of encouragement. 

While you may forget the power you have to change your own life, it is always there. Just waiting for you to call upon it, and use it to the best of your abilities.

When doubt comes calling, try to remember a situation or event where your intuition and inner power led you clear of trouble. You’ve faced worse before, and got through it.

Dreaming Of A Pet Lion

If you dream of keeping a lion as a pet, this dream urges you to accept your whole self as you are. 

Remember that pets offer unconditional love and affection, as well as responsibility, and a way of grounding us.

All of what we give emotionally to our pets comes back a thousand times.

A dream of keeping a lion as a pet tells you to recall those parts of you which enjoy rising to a challenge, as you may need your greatest inner strength, soon.

This dream also draws your attention to the futility of the feelings of guilt when you feel powerful and in control.

There’s no shame in standing up for yourself, and shaping your life into a way you want to live.

Dreaming Of Hugging Or Petting A Lion

If you dream of being affectionate towards a lion, your dream reveals the need to align with the innermost part of you that is wise and confident.

You need to pay attention to your instincts, and trust your knowledge to guide you, especially if you feel doubt is holding you back.

Don’t be afraid to take up space, and make sure that your opinion is heard. It might be time to call upon your inner strength in order to move forward.

Playing With A Lion In Your Dream

Dreaming of playing with a lion indicates that you need to put all of your priorities and serious goals aside, just for a while.

Remember that life should be enjoyed, so go have fun. Direct your energy and that drive of a lion towards something fun, and enjoy yourself.

You’ll come back to your task refreshed and re-focused.

Seeing A Lion In A Cage In Your Dream

This is a fairly common dream. Dreaming of a lion in a cage suggests that your own sense of inner power or energy feels trapped or constrained.

You may feel as though you’re not using your skills, but you have no idea how to apply them. Maybe you’re stuck in a job that doesn’t give you anything back, not seven a sense of security or purpose.

One of your relationships may have broken down, and you feel overwhelmed without the stability it provides.

Or, you feel as though you’re living the same day, over and over and over.

This dream has an important message, and you will need to remind yourself of it occasionally: you have all the power you need to change anything you want, as long as you believe you do.

If you feel as though you’re repeating the same situation over and over, ask yourself what you can change. More importantly, why you haven’t done something about it. 

Nine times out of ten, the reason will be doubt, or fear that when you do change things, they will become worse than when they started. 

It’s normal to doubt, of course. But if doubt and uncertainty rule your life, you need to do something about it. 

You may have some repressed unresolved insecurities or hang-ups that are holding you back.

A discord exists between your conscious self, and your innermost sense of intuition and self-reliance.

As long as this continues, you might look to others to solve your problems, but you won’t solve them yourself.

But here’s the thing: the caged lion in your dream is telling you what you already know. You’re stuck in this situation, feeling trapped and powerless.

So dare to ask: what if? What if you tried anyway? Let yourself out of the cage.

The lion tells you what you already know: you have everything you need in order to change your life.

No matter how bad a situation is, or your background, your potential is bigger than you can envision, and you can shape your life into something better.

After dreaming of a caged lion, it’s helpful to pay attention to how you feel.

If your energy levels are low, and you feel annoyed, frustrated, depressed, or in a cloud of despair, it shows your energies aren’t in alignment.

Ask yourself what you usually do to bring tranquility and balance back into your life. Maybe this is reaching out to your support network, asking for advice and guidance.

Or it could be taking time for yourself, to replenish and rebalance your energies, in order to use your power to the best of your ability.

Seeing A Lion In Your House In A Dream

A lion appearing in your home in a dream represents your inner self, and the security that you build your life from.

Dreaming of a lion in your home reflects how you are trying to build a better future in order to gain more security in life.

You know you have the power and the tools you need, and you’re trying to figure out where exactly you should point your efforts first. 

This dream reveals the need to have a clear and detailed plan in place, which considers any risks or as many potential problems as you can imagine, and when you should walk away if you need to.

The lion in your house is a positive sign, as it reveals potential victory and tranquility.

But the key word there is potential. As with any plan, there is a lot to go wrong if you don’t consider things properly, so make sure you spend enough time planning things before you make any big decisions.

Dreaming Of A Roaring Lion

A roaring lion in your dream points to the need to assert yourself in waking life. Don’t be afraid to take up space, and lead others to success while you’re going that way yourself.

People are starting to take note of your skills, and unflappable manner when unexpected issues arise. They gravitate towards your self-assurance, and because you believe in yourself, they will, too.

The roar mirrors how you are taking steps to move toward a life you dream of, and how the vibrations you’re sending out into the universe will reflect back at you.

What Should You Do After A Negative Lion Dream?

If you feel troubled or afraid after a dream of a lion, there are things you can do to make sure you find your sense of direction and love for life again.

Meditate On Your Dream

One of the best ways to do this is to meditate on your dream, and figure out what it was trying to tell you.

Adjust your course or current approach as necessary, and you’ll soon find a renewed sense of energy and purpose, as well as higher vibrations once you make these changes.

Strengthen Your Solar Plexus Chakra

When you dream of a lion, and it leaves you feeling disheartened or uncertain, it may be time to work on your solar plexus chakra. 

This is the chakra that deals with manifestation, and your strongest self-awareness. 

When it becomes out of balance, you may doubt yourself or feel completely stuck in a situation, unable to remember your own power or inner strength.

Working to restore the energy of your solar plexus chakra will help fix this.

You may use meditation, yoga, crystals, or essential oils which are tailored to this purpose, whichever speaks to you more.

Final Thoughts

Dreams of lions are very memorable, and often provoke a lot of emotion which lurks in the subconscious. 

These dreams help clarify these feelings and bring them to your attention, so that you may adjust your choices or course as necessary. 

A lion in a dream draws your attention to your own control and power, your manifestation and creativity.

Dreams about lions, even negative ones, are a good sign overall. They point to exactly what you need to look at in life in order to be the best version of yourself that you can be, in accordance with your deepest desires.

If you heed the lion in your dream, your potential grows boundless, allowing you to seek out exactly what you want from life, and a clear path on how to get there.

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