9 Meanings When You Dream About Shooting

A dream involving shooting is not the best experience, and most people regard it as a mixed sign, which isn’t overly optimistic. 

The emotions brought on by this dream can hang over you for the rest of the day if you let them, signaling some powerful symbolism behind a dream like this.

So let’s look at the potential meanings behind a dream of shooting.

The Meaning Behind Being Shot In A Dream

One dream scenario that involves shooting that is especially important to reflect on is where you are shot (see also article titled ‘17 Meanings When You Dream About Getting Shot‘) in your dream. Maybe it was an accident within your dream, or you were the target all along.

But even the most horrible of nightmares can be useful experiences. Usually, these dreams have something to tell you, and your subconscious makes it a nasty experience in order for you to pay attention.

One interpretation of being shot in a dream is that you feel you cannot trust those around you, or someone is trying to manipulate you on some level. 

Your subconscious mind can pick up on the smallest of negative signs which you’re not consciously aware of, and then explore these suspicions in a dream.

In some cases, a dream like this zeros in on the culprit, and calls on you to confront them or otherwise prevent them from controlling you or pushing you into a decision that you know you will regret.

Alternatively, awful circumstances in waking life have made you feel that you have no power over your situation. Perhaps it’s not something you can solve at all, and you need help to move on.

A dream of being shot and injured denotes emotional pain which needs a healthy outlet. Maybe you’re not completely over something like you thought you were, or troubling events in waking life are dredging up old issues.

Dreams of being injured call on you to find a way to reconcile with yourself, and move on.

If you dream of being shot and you die from your wounds, this is a good sign! It reveals a positive outcome, where the end of something will mark the start of something greater. Any present problems will soon resolve themselves.

Why Am I Dreaming Of Shooting?

There are many reasons why you might dream of shooting, and it depends on the context of the dream. You might be the one to shoot, whether your target is an object or a living thing, or you might dream of someone else shooting.

Essentially, dreams involving shooting reflect feelings of outrage, betrayal, unfairness, or a lack of trust in someone or a situation.

But there’s a little more to it than that. Let’s take a closer look at the potential meanings behind your dream. 

Pent-up Aggression, Rage, Or Frustration

Perhaps the most obvious cause of a shooting dream is a well of negative feelings, especially when your dream involves violence.  

Maybe you’re frustrated about the way waking life is turning out. It’s probably nothing like you pictured. A goal or a dream might not be possible now, and a dream of shooting mirrors your anger and frustration.

Alternatively, this dream can happen when you’re annoyed at someone and you don’t want a confrontation, but that doesn’t mean that your feelings have faded yet. 

It’s usually the case that you don’t know how they’ve upset you, and your dream can point to where they have caused a problem or inner conflict. You might not have thought about it much at the time, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t affected you.

Or maybe someone did something on purpose to annoy you. In which case, shooting them in a dream can be your outlet for this rage, but you also need to consider how you might reconcile with this person in waking life, so they can stop taking up space in your dreams.

People You Can’t Trust

If you shoot a gun (see also article titled ‘What Do Dreams Of Guns Mean?‘) in your dream but it makes no sound, this implies that your expectations or opinion of someone don’t match up to reality. You may assume that they have your best interests at heart, but it might be that their actions are wildly different from their words.

While someone you cannot trust may choose their words very carefully, take a careful look at their actions. If you find that they don’t seem to agree, it might be time to withdraw from them a little, so that you can protect yourself.

Someone Is Jealous Of You

If you’re unable to reload a gun in your dream, someone may be incredibly jealous of you in waking life. This person may make it very difficult to reach a goal, so take care. 


Dreaming of hearing a shooting, or watching someone else fire a gun in your dream reveals a generalized uncertainty or disappointment in waking life.

This dream usually refers to disappointment in your relationships, where you might be reeling from a conflict. You expected your loved one to back you up, but you found no support.

A dream like this calls on you to figure out why they didn’t support you. Is it possible that they were right? Or was it something else entirely?

You may also be feeling disappointed or disillusioned in terms of how you measure success. Something isn’t going well right now, and you wonder if you could have done anything differently and if that could have changed things.

Sometimes a dream like this can call on you to change how you measure success. Perhaps you hold your expectations too high, and when you get stressed, you miss out on great opportunities.

You Need A Plan

If you dream of trying to fire back at someone who wants to kill you, and you realize you’re holding a toy gun, or a gun that doesn’t work, this reveals how you need a plan.

Maybe you’re getting close to realizing a long-term dream or goal, but you don’t have any idea of what should come after, or what you’re going to do when you get there. 

A dream like this urges you to plan as meticulously as possible, not only to allow for different outcomes but also to help you feel more confident in your abilities.

Aiming For A Goal

Dreaming of shooting or aiming at an object relates to how you approach your goals in waking life. It may just reflect your hard-working attitude, but it can also indicate where you are going wrong.

For example, if you dream that something throws you off and you miss the target, this dream calls on you to develop a better focus, or a more specific plan to get where you want to be. It may also denote missed opportunities because your attention is elsewhere.

If you manage to shoot the target without a problem, this reveals coming success in waking life. Any complications will be relatively easy to smooth out.

Someone Close To You Needs Help

Oddly, dreaming of shooting someone you know can suggest that they need your assistance in some way. It might not be a good idea to wait until they come to you with a problem, instead, reach out.

The unnerving nature of this dream, however, can indicate that helping them will cause a new set of problems. You may need to think very carefully about how you might help them.


A dream of shooting can point to irreversible change in waking life. Something could come along that will transform your life dramatically, and this might be something that seems like the simplest of things at the time.

It may even be a person who will change the way you look at the world and your place within it.

If you dream of someone firing into a crowd of people, this implies that you need to look at your relationships closely. It may be time to choose a different path from the people around you.

A Positive Omen

Sometimes, a dream that involves shooting is a very positive sign. If you are shooting a target in your dream and you hit a bullseye, this implies that you’ll be very successful in some part of waking life.

This can also be true of shooting someone in a dream, where the person you shot was someone that had to be stopped, or they were causing misery to others in your dream.

Dreaming of killing someone with a firearm in a dream points to positive change in waking life, which might reveal a new career path, increased prosperity, productivity, or a source of negativity no longer able to affect you.

But the type of gun you use is also important. For example, a sniper rifle points to a balanced, calculated perspective and long-term vision. It also reveals your confidence in your abilities, which will take you further than you might imagine.

Something long range such as a sniper gun also indicates how preparing for a long-term goal and considering all of your options guides your way to success.

Alternatively, dreaming of being shot by a sniper suggests that you’re not looking far enough ahead. 

Things might be fine for now, but fine won’t win you happiness in the future. It can also indicate that you have a low level of confidence or self-esteem, and you feel you cannot overcome difficult obstacles.

Final Thoughts

A dream of shooting heavily depends on the context of the dream, as well as your memories or associations with guns. 

While they might not be a pleasant experience, these dreams can come as helpful warnings, or as positive omens for the future.

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