What Does It Mean To Dream Of Money?

Money dreams can be very satisfying, or very worrying, and there’s usually no in-between. Money dictates so many aspects of our life and can make life a whole lot easier, so no wonder it creeps into our dreams.

Dreaming of money is generally considered to be a positive sign, which can point to our own sense of power, control, self-assurance, progression, and wellbeing.

Let’s take a closer look. 

Why Am I Dreaming Of Money?

There are many reasons why you might be dreaming of money (see also article titled ‘What Does It Mean To Dream Of Finding Money?‘). The most obvious one is that money is already on your mind, whether that’s planning for future expenses or worrying about how much you haven’t got, and wishing you had more.

But these dreams aren’t always reflective of your thoughts. Sometimes, they can point to future prosperity, your health, but it also draws  your attention to the power of your own thoughts.

You can manifest great things as long as you focus on exactly what you want, taking the required steps to move toward the life that you want, and by the law of attraction, it will come to you.

What it doesn’t mean, unfortunately, is coming into some money. In dreams, money rarely points to your financial affairs, but it signifies your spiritual wealth, and what makes you happy.

If you dream of a lack of money, this relates to things that are draining you of your energy, and those problems which are distracting you from living in the present moment.

The Detailed Interpretation Behind Dreaming Of Money

Money is an unavoidable part of our everyday lives. Similarly, so is your subconscious, which affects you more than you might realize in waking life, and this is what money in a dream tries to draw your attention to.

Naturally, your dream state is populated with what’s lurking in your subconscious, whether that’s good or bad. They can also represent our worries and difficulties stemming from waking life.

One of the things you should do after you have a dream of money is to check the health of your finances.

While it’s not usually the main interpretation of a dream like this, sometimes the dream world gives you something as simple as it sounds.

In which case, it might be an idea to set some money aside if you can.

Dreaming of money can point to changes coming in waking life.

If you have recurring dreams of money, this can represent how you are constantly taking stock of how you are doing in waking life, and your progress towards your goals.

The Psychologist’s Perspective On Money Dreams

While Freud and Jung don’t agree on much when it comes to dreams, they theorized that money dreams relate to the value you place on yourself, and how that relates to your progress in life.

Freud thought that money in dreams was also associated with sexuality, and the authority or influence you have over other people.

On a more negative note, money can represent events in waking life which are testing you to your very limit, and future transformation as well as spiritual growth.

If you dream of money negatively, this may indicate that you need to set some money aside, or it can demonstrate that you’re at a spiritual crossroads, where indecision is your biggest enemy.

Dreaming of being robbed (see also article about being kidnapped in a dream), running out of money, or stealing money suggests that you’ve strayed from the path that is meant for you, and you need to find your way back.

Common Dreams About Money And What They Mean

Essentially, the amount of money that you have in a dream illustrates your view of your own capabilities. 

The more money you have in a dream, the better your opportunities will be in waking life, simply because you believe in yourself more.

It also points to how much enjoyment you’re getting out of waking life, and how many chances you jump at.

The systematic nature of money can be a sign that you need to learn to switch off once in a while.

If you dream of someone giving you money, this points to how you’re focusing too much on your problems or money worries, and that your appetite for material gain and your happiness are deeply linked.

Dreaming of holding money points to wanting a sign from the universe that says you’re on the right track. This dream urges you to take a step back and look at where you are, and where your choices are leading you.

A dream like this often occurs when you doubt your own ability to the point where it becomes paralytic. 

Dreaming of becoming rich or seeing more digits in your bank account refers to spiritually fulfilling events and relationships that are ahead of you. 

If you dream of being in debt or owing someone you love money, this indicates that you have so many interests and potential hobbies that you haven’t even started to explore.

Dreaming of being unable to pay your debts suggests a great offense. Someone has hurt you deeply, or you have wounded their pride, and this unspoken thing between you is causing a great rift.

A dream where you feel stressed about money mirrors waking life’s anxieties, and how your to-do list is looking much longer than you hoped it would at this point. 

Let’s take a look at other common money dreams and what they mean.

Finding Money In A Dream Meaning

Dreaming of finding money is a very positive omen. Just think of when you find money on the floor in waking life which no one has claimed – you feel happy.

In a dream like this, it points to future happiness, as well as increased spirituality, success, and even wealth, too.

Money refers to your wealth, power, prosperity, and happiness in life, as well as your self-worth and confidence.

Dreaming of finding money on the floor refers to an increase in power in waking life, where things will change for the better.

If you find a lot of money on the floor, you are searching for a deeper meaning in your life, perhaps in one of your relationships, or a new purpose to move toward.

The act of finding this money on the floor indicates that you will be successful, and this new meaning will help you find satisfaction in life.

A dream where you find someone else’s money implies that you won’t notice something important in life, and this could cost your happiness to an extent.

Dreaming of finding stolen money suggests that you need to work on your self-worth, and what you want your future to look like. 

Alternatively, finding money in a dream points to overcoming tough challenges and choices soon, which will help prepare you for the next stage of your life. 

Picking Up Money From The Ground In A Dream

Dreaming of picking up money from the ground is a good sign, and reflects how life will throw you a bone soon.

You may have some unexpected good news, or you’ll stumble across a great solution to a long-standing problem. You may also have a run of good luck, which you should take advantage of.

Or, dreaming of finding money on the ground suggests that you’re content with the way life is.

You’re happy with the way your work life is going, and you’re settled in your relationships with others, where you get a lot of joy out of spending time with the people you love.

Receiving Money In A Dream

Dreaming of being given money reflects your accomplishments, the inner values that guide you, your level of positivity, and confidence in waking life.

Consider who was giving you the money in this dream. If it was a stranger, the universe has a great gift in store for you.

If it was someone you know, you may be feeling as though you’re the last to know something, or you feel undervalued.

Dreaming of receiving a considerable sum of money in your dream indicates recognition for all your hard work.

Gold suggests that you’ll have a great victory soon, while being handed coins implies that you need to be grateful for what you have.

Older interpretations of receiving money in a dream suggests that someone will soon come into your life who will care for you deeply, and help you along the path you are meant to take.

Dreaming Of Someone Giving You Money

Similarly, dreaming of someone physically giving you money is a good sign, where it signifies that there’s a fresh start ahead of you, as well as a path leading to success.

It may also indicate that you long for an adventure or a break in your routine. 

Alternatively, dreaming of someone giving you money represents the challenges that life will present you with shortly.

The act of someone giving you money indicates that you have enough confidence and self-reliance to get through anything that life throws at you.

Consider the person who is giving you money in your dream. It may point to their skewed views on relationships, or towards money.

If your mother gave you money in a dream, this refers to an immature impulse you’re acting on in waking life, where you’re running from your responsibilities, or putting them on the backburner in favor of instant gratification.

Dreaming of your father giving you money relates to taking the advice of others, rather than stubbornly sticking to your path, and not promising anything you don’t aim to deliver on. 

Sometimes a dream like this can signal that you need to learn to trust others more, and put more trust in your own talents, too. 

A friend giving you money in a dream suggests your life is about to take a strange or unexpected turn soon.

Dreaming of a relative giving you money indicates you will enjoy spending more time with them soon.

Winning Money In A Dream

What a positive dream! Winning money in a dream points to a wealth of optimism and happiness in the near future.

If you dream of gambling and then winning money, this reveals the importance of other people’s advice that you should listen to. Sometimes the wealth is not in what we have, but who we have in our lives to guide us.

Dreaming of winning a lottery or a scratch card suggests very good luck is on the way.

Paying Someone In A Dream

Dreaming of paying someone indicates you’re surrounded by challenges right now in all forms of life. The action of paying someone in a dream speaks of your desire to be done with the problems plaguing you.

Or, you’re in a space where you don’t want any more problems than you already have, but you know that this is the opportune time where life will hand them out to you anyway.

It speaks of trouble where things won’t exactly turn out how you hope, or how you planned a situation would unfold.

This dream indicates that you need to be able to adapt to circumstances as they change, and you will feel a lot happier for being able to do so without a fight. 

Consider also what you were paying for, as this can add to the dream’s meaning.

If you dream of paying a bill, this relates to the need to find a better perspective going forward. You may be missing the point of something, and this lesson will help you later on in life.

Dreaming of paying for a house (see also article titled ‘What Does It Mean To Dream Of A New House?‘) indicates that you’re going to deal with a problem that involves your home life or sense of security. Perhaps something you take for granted will be threatened in some way.

Paying a stranger in a dream indicates rising to a particularly difficult challenge in waking life.

Dreaming of paying someone you know relates to the relationship you have with this person, and how you may need to put some more effort into this connection.

Dreaming Of Borrowing Money

Dreaming of borrowing money from a stranger reflects how your own value is tied to your sense of achievement. Consider the amount of money you borrowed.

Dreaming of borrowing money from a parent implies future happiness and achieving your goals.

A dream where you borrow money from a friend (see also article on dreaming about an old friend) reflects your trusting relationship.

Dreaming of borrowing money from the bank indicates that someone will seek your advice soon, and it’s important that you do the best that you can for them, as this might have a ripple effect that will come back to you.

Dreaming of giving cash to someone else with the understanding that they will pay you back with interest is a warning to be wary of who and what you trust.

Like when you may lend some money to someone in waking life, lending money to someone in a dream speaks of risk, and potential disappointment or hardship, so be careful!

If you dream of lending someone money without expecting them to pay you back, despite what they may offer, this is a good sign. It signals an uptick in your financial health soon, and any favors you’ve done for people lately will soon be paid back in kind.

Spending Someone Else’s Cash In A Dream

Dreaming of spending money that doesn’t belong to you is an odd one, but it still has a positive meaning in general.

A dream like this signifies that you should start moving towards a goal you’ve had in your head for a while. Maybe you considered it to be too far away to be realistic right now. This dream urges you to ask: why not now?

When your hard work pays off, it will be a good idea to share what you’ve learned with others, as this kindness will come back to you.

If you felt good spending someone else’s money in this dream, this indicates that you’ll have a wealth of support going forward.

If you dream of spending someone else’s money without their knowledge, or spending their inheritance, you feel blocked somewhere in waking life. You need to find a way to move past whatever is making you feel stuck.

Dreaming of Paying With A Bank Card

If you dream of buying something with your bank card, this indicates that you need to put your faith in your wealth of creativity.

Maybe it’s time to let your creative side take the reins in one of the more mundane parts of your life for a while, and see where it takes you.

It also hints at a long-term creative project. If you’ve got one of those on the go already, this could just be a reflection of your journey along this path, and the lessons you are learning along the way.

Dreaming Of An Inheritance

Dreaming of inheritance money is not related to death, you’ll be glad to know. This dream references how you bounce ideas off other people, and relates to a group collaboration.

Not everything has to be done alone, and it’s not a sign of weakness to seek someone else’s advice or thoughts. It’s actually a sign of strength, and not letting your pride or your ego get the better of you.

Dreams of inheritance also reveal the importance of paying attention to the good things in life while they are here, and finding happiness in the smallest things.

Dreaming of receiving an inheritance from someone you don’t know points to an unexpected windfall soon, one you will be glad for.

If you dream that someone has died and you are the one sorting out the inheritance papers, this refers to how much faith you have in life, and how you think things will work out for the best.

It may also suggest you’ll have an unexpected responsibility soon. If you dream of handling this paperwork without any problem , you’ll rise to the challenge easily. 

Dreaming of struggling to deal with someone’s inheritance indicates how you fight change at every turn, and how this makes things much harder to deal with in the long run.

Giving Money Away In Your Dream

A dream where you give away money implies that your efforts will pay off in the near future, and you’re on the right path to achieve what you want in life.

Dreaming of giving money to someone who is homeless indicates that you’re worried about your own financial security or position in life. 

Counting Money In A Dream

Dreaming of counting money suggests that you have a lot of creativity you’ve not yet put to use in waking life. 

You may have lots of ideas, but you are yet to do anything with them.

Counting money is generally regarded as a positive sign. It suggests that there is a lot of potential in the future, and the biggest difficulty you will have is choosing between different paths.

If you dream of counting your own money, this speaks of future success, victory, and a new-found sense of prosperity.

Dreaming of counting someone else’s wealth indicates that you’re deliberating about taking a chance in waking life, but this opportunity is the best you’ve got right now.

Dreaming of using a money counter indicates there are a lot of things to enjoy in the near future.

Shredding Or Burning Money In A Dream

Dreaming of burning or shredding money can suggest self-sabotage in some way, and points to concentrating on the negative aspects of life instead of the good things.

The dream may reveal that you’ve been slipping back into bad habits or the start of a vicious cycle, and it calls on you to change things now while it’s easier to do so. 

It may also reflect money worries in waking life, in which case your dream is asking you what you might do about it.

Earning Money In Your Dream

A dream of earning money points to facing new problems in life as they appear, dealing with them the best way that you can. 

This dream urges you to use your knowledge and logic in order to move forward, and trust that you are capable of making the right decision at the right time.

Dreaming of other people earning money while you are unable to do so implies that a long-term dream is unrealistic right now, and you may need to focus on something else.

Dreaming Of Saving Money

Saving money in a dream is a very good sign. Saving money in a dream points to being perfectly capable of achieving what you want in life, as long as you do actually believe in yourself.

This dream urges you to think about what you’ve achieved in the past, and how much you’ve learned. It also calls on you to think of how far you might go if you dare to believe.

Alternatively, dreaming of saving money may be a sign of a guilty conscience.

You know you’ve been doing something that you really shouldn’t, and your subconscious is calling on you to rectify your behavior before it becomes too late.

Maybe it’s quite literal, and you’ve been spending too much money lately, and need to reel yourself back in.

An older interpretation of a dream like this points to the need to consider other people’s feelings for a while, and make sure you aren’t hurting anyone with your choices.

Dreaming Of Lots Of Money

A dream where you see lots of money is one of the best money-related dreams you can have. It points to a rise in your material wealth, but also how your hard work is paying off in one or many parts of your life.

If you’ve been thinking about what to do next, dreaming of money indicates that you’ll be just as successful in your new endeavor, whatever you happen to choose.

Dreaming of a vast amount of wealth suggests you should look back on how far you’ve come, as it might give you some insight into the path ahead.

Lots of wealth in a dream points to prosperity, happiness, and love in waking life.

Dreaming Of Running Out Of Money

Dreaming of running out of money or having no money at all is a disturbing experience. Usually, it points to confusion in waking life, or focusing on the wrong things.

Dreaming of no money also points to the need to accept the way that things play out sometimes.

You cannot control or influence everything, but you can move past it in order to focus on what you can control, and start to make some of your dreams a reality.

Running out of money in a dream can also relate to money worries in waking life, or having to pay an unexpected bill in the near future.

A Redundancy Or Pay Rise In Your Dream

Dreaming of a pay rise is a very good sign. Any issues that you’ve been struggling to deal with will soon become much easier to solve.

If you dream of your normal paycheck, this can be a warning that you need to consider your actions carefully before making a decision, and what you might be spending your energy or your money on.

A dream of being made redundant implies there is someone in your life who isn’t being honest with you. Make sure people’s words match up with their actions.

Dreaming of your boss firing you and then you run out of money indicates that you may need to ignore responsibility for a while in order to solve something.

Dreaming Of A Bonus From Work

As you might imagine, dreaming of getting a work bonus is a positive one. This dream directly relates to your freedom to choose your own path, and your own success.

It points to personal and spiritual growth, as well as progress in your professional life, too.

Dreaming Of Your Mortgage

Dreaming of your mortgage implies that you haven’t been making an effort to move toward your goals, and you need to change this.

While things might have been hectic for you lately, it’s important that you concentrate on what you want, and devote some time to it, otherwise it will never happen.

Mortgage dreams also urge you to think about money and the future. Do you have enough for emergencies? What if you want a change of pace or life? 

These dreams call on you to make a plan B, whatever that might be to you.

Dreaming of struggling to pay your mortgage isn’t a bad dream like it might sound.

It indicates that you’re about to take on a new goal or challenge in order to enjoy your life more.

Seeing Torn Money In A Dream

Torn money appearing in your dream reveals the plot twists in waking life. You won’t see them coming, and it’s equally likely that they could be good or bad.

Dreaming of torn money is likely to happen when you are worried in waking life, as it reflects your anxieties which are dampening any sources of happiness in waking life.

Money which looks more like confetti in a dream suggests that there is a lot of work to do before you see any progress towards a goal you’ve been trying to move towards for a while.

Dreaming Of Banknotes

Dreaming of banknotes suggests that you are lucky enough to have enough money in waking life that gives you both security and freedom.

If you see yourself counting banknotes in your dream, this points to an unexpected twist in an ongoing situation in waking life.

Dreaming of pound notes reveals the need to know where your money is going in waking life, and what you are spending your spiritual energy on. 

A dream of American dollars is a warning to spend your time and money carefully. Australian dollars reveal that someone will reach out to you from a long distance.

Paper money in your dream points to support in your waking life. Through it, you will regain your joy for everyday things.

It also points to wanting something different and unexpected from life, such as a new relationship, friendship group, or taking a leap of faith and seeing where you land.

Paper money can also point to the need to discover more about yourself, which will lead to a shift in your priorities and perhaps a different path in life entirely.

Coins In Your Dream

If you see coins in your dream, this directly relates to how you measure your own financial health, and how you may be thinking about your position in the material world.

Coins also indicate that something you’ve been dreaming of is close at hand. They also signify new opportunities, authority, and a better sense of your own abilities.

Seeing Dollars In Your Dream

Dollars appearing in your dream reveal your attitude towards money, and how much you feel you have or haven’t got.

It also points to your own level of self-reliance, and whether you think you can handle life’s problems alone or not.

This dream draws your attention to the need to think positively, as this can help a great deal when making big decisions.

Dreaming Of Silver Money

Silver in dreams is usually regarded as a positive sign. Silver coins appearing in your dream can indicate that you always trust your own gut above anyone else’s advice or intuition.

If you count silver coins in your dream, this points to how other people value you, and the feelings you provoke in them. It advises to tread carefully, and listen to other people, as they will have some advice that you should take.

Nickels Appearing In Your Dream

Dreaming of nickels can indicate that you’re spending too much of something, whether that’s your energy, efforts, or what money you;ve got in waking life.

A silver nickel in your dream reflects your own financial independence, and to receive a nickel in a dream indicates an increase in wealth in waking life.

If you dream of counting nickels, this signifies happiness and joy.

Dreaming Of Foreign Money

Foreign currency in your dream points to a new journey in life, or dwelling on how quickly or slowly life seems to be going right now.

Dreaming of foreign money can suggest that you’re not taking enough time for yourself, or you’re not trying to bring your dreams to fruition.

Counterfeit Cash In Your Dream

Dreaming of fake or counterfeit money is linked to deceit or dishonesty in waking life, funnily enough. 

This might be where you are lying to yourself, pretending that you aren’t actually capable of something when you fear change, or, more likely, this refers to your workplace.

Perhaps you want to get noticed or push forward to a promotion, but you don’t know all the facts, and this lack of knowledge has the potential to bite you.

It may also suggest that there is a change of heart or direction in your future.

If you dream of being given fake money, this is a testament to your willingness to trust people, which will take you further than you think.

Dreaming of being given counterfeit money only to discover it’s fake at the last minute suggests there’s something in your subconscious that you could do with recognizing.

Dreaming Of Money And Criminals

Dreaming of money connected to criminals sounds bad. Usually, if you dream of being robbed, or someone stealing (see also article about dreams of stealing) money, this points to anxiety and the fear of change.

How you react to this dream scenario is directly reflective of how you react to changing circumstances and unexpected issues.

It also urges you to embrace what comes in life, and adapt to it so that you can live your life as best you can.

Sometimes, the worst things in life can offer us a better perspective, or they can change your life for the better.

Stealing Money In A Dream

Dreams that involve stealing money usually indicate a change in your waking life circumstances.

It suggests a period of transition or transformation, and if you dream of stealing money yourself, you should remove yourself from a difficult problem in waking life, at least for a while.

If you dream of stealing money, this reflects your stifled or blocked creativity which is causing you problems in waking life.

Dreaming of other people stealing money reflects your uncertainty about circumstances in waking life, and money problems that you don’t know how to solve.

Dreams of this nature also signify new beginnings or opportunities, but they won’t appear in the way you hope.

Dreaming of someone stealing from a shop or a bank reflects how you feel you’re on shaky ground in waking life. Something is affecting you deeply.

If you dream of a relative stealing, this points to problems in your relationship with them, which may even be money related.

Dreaming of a parent stealing money suggests that the present has a lesson to teach you, and it’s vital that you listen. This has a mostly positive meaning, as long as you take note of what the message might be.

A stranger stealing in your dream indicates how you are purposeless, or you don’t know where to go next in life. This presents some opportunities for spiritual growth.

Dreaming Of Investing Money

Dreaming of investing money implies that you should reflect on how you are spending your time or money.

You may benefit greatly from ‘saving’ one or the other and putting it to better use instead of instant gratification.

Dreaming of investing money can mirror waking life’s uncertainties, and how you want a clearer answer or direction to go in. 

A dream where you invest in property reveals your great approach to setting yourself up for a good future, and living how you want to.

Dreaming of investing into a start-up business is a call to look back on what you’ve achieved, and what you’re capable of when you put your mind to it.

Dreaming Of The Stock Market

A dream involving the stock market refers to the risks we take in life. It also refers to how we think, and the choices we make based on our own perceptions and expectations.

It can indicate that you need to gain more knowledge in a situation before you act, and remember that people don’t always behave in the way that we expect them to.

Dreaming of the stock market can suggest you can’t always play things safe, as there are no guarantees in life.

Donating Money In A Dream

Dreaming of donating money or giving money to charity suggests that you have a lot of decisions to make in waking life, and there’s some uncertainty surrounding which path you should take.

This dream urges you to consider what would make you the happiest, and work towards that.

If you dream of donating everything you can, you are longing for a fresh start in life. You want to dismantle what you have and start something completely new.

Maybe you are dreaming of a life in a new place or country, and this can also suggest you’re bored or trying to avoid your problems.

Dreaming of donating to a cause you believe in within waking life reflects how your kindness will come back to you in waking life, so always choose your words and consider your actions carefully.

Positive Changes Are Coming If:

You are happy when you dream of money

You see a lot of money in your dream

You give money away and you feel joy

You have no money but you’re not worried in your dream

You dream of having a lot of money

Feeling confident or upbeat when you dream of money

Final Thoughts

There are many ways that money can appear in dreams, and more ways that these dreams can be interpreted.

Money dreams can be positive, negative, or even a mixture of both. Just like money can help, hinder, or distract us in waking life.

It’s worth looking at the smallest details of your money-related dream in order to work out its significance, as you might be surprised at just how much the small things can influence the meaning.

Exactly how the money appears, and how you felt when you saw it in your dream are the two biggest indicators to help you with the interpretation.

To remember the details, it’s worth keeping a dream journal or dream diary by your bed so you can record your dreams and refer to them later. It also makes for some interesting reading!

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