Welcome to the world of Dreams

Dreams are interesting for people from the time of immemorial. Dreaming the truth is also not a recent discovery. It can be assumed that it always existed. The oldest written evidence of special Dreams are about from 3,000 years before Christ, of Babylon time specified in the Epic of Gilgamesh or according to other sources from 26-27 centuries BC.

In the past Dreams were taken as a step towards the afterlife, or of divine providence. Today they continue to be questioned of their mystery and mystique, despite the achievements of science in this area.

Most Egyptian deities churches have came from a dream. In Ancient Egypt the Egyptians and later the Greeks, built thousands of temples specifically for the incubation of Dreams. Seekers have visited the temples, and usually perform a ritual for purification and preparation and have remained for at least one night to get a dream for to treatment, guidance for important steps in life and others.

The ancient Egyptian word for dreaming is associated with the etymological word meaning being awake. It is interesting to note that the ancient Egyptians dream is recorded with a symbol representing an open eye. They are aware that Dreams can touch the knowledge that they owned prior to entering into this life.

A person spends one third of their life sleeping, a quarter of that time is inhabited by Dreams. So is the fact that they have always excited mankind with uniqueness and difficult to capture essences.

The meaning of each dream (dream dictionary)can be divided into several levels. For example a man Dreams that he is trying to quell the fire. Explanations as the levels are:

On the lower level the dream can be interpreted, the more deeper the subconscious the more there is to include in the interpretation which, selects the appropriate symbols to warn consciousness for upcoming events. Subconscious has information on the physical and mental condition of the individual and according to them, seeks to establish a prognosis for the development of future situations to suggest, the most favorable outcome.

On the one hand, we should not exaggerate the role of sleep as it is considered that it is the only key to self-discovery and the only way for the realization of our hidden capabilities. On the other hand, Dreams are necessary for mental and psychological balance of mankind.

What people dream?

One of the most common images and symbols in Dreams are: sexuality, teeth, death, water, house, friends, cars, hair, dogs babies. They can mean different feelings, each person can create their own symbols, according to domicile objects with which one is surrounded.

When we dream?

There is a fast and slow sleep, which in turn is divided into superficial and deep sleep. On the basis of brain activity we differ in different phases of sleep. After falling asleep, when one no longer hears, sees and feels the outside world, it deepens the sleep and brain activity is characterized by increasingly slow waves. From the surface goes into a deep sleep, and when the brain begins to become active it has the same pattern in order to wake. During this phase (rapid eye movement) eyes start to move around, like the state of alertness. It is believed that the eyes follow the pictures in this sleep stage.

Dream Facts

Colorful Dreams are prevalent. Even if you do not remember, practically every story whose characters are based on information are obtained through touch, smell and sound. In ancient Rome there was a tradition of dream notables to be discussed in the Senate.

Conscious dreaming is a state of consciousness during which a person sleeps at the same time realizing that they are dreaming. The term consciously dreaming or clearly dreaming was introduced by the Dutch scientist Frederick Williams Van Eden in the year of 1913. He was one of the first scientists who conducted a serious scientific observation on the matter.

Advanced Dreams are consciously practiced through telepathy, time travel, exploration of reality beyond death, clairvoyance, remote sensing and mental communication with other temples and administrative centers.

According to the ancient Chinese in order to prevent a startled sleep it is good to sleep mostly on the left side. The reason is that the energy of the sun during the day is collected on the right side of the body. So when it turns to night the energy released through our left side is believed to be solar energy which aids our sleep to be more relaxed.

Less than 6 hours of sleep reduces the intellectual level of 20-30%, scientists have calculated. Their conclusion is that we have to go to bed on time.